Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My Man Godfrey Review

note; this movie is good but my spelling are not
my man godfrey
this is my review on my man godfrey
its got William powell who jean harlow was gay for
after credits that are done in neon signs on a city scape, we go to the dump
2 hobos whine about the cops hassling em
then a few rich humans come in
they talk to the hobo and offer him 5$
are they gonna b0ne him?
actually they want him for a scavenger hunt
he tells the woman off and she backs away in fear
is he gonna b0ne em?
the bad chicks sister sez he likes him disturbing her sister and falling into a pile of ashes
then explains what a scavenger hunt is and the winner gets honor and the cash goes to charity
when he hears the sister can win with him and beat the bad chick, he goes with her
at their place he tells em no one (not even da cops) wants him and they win
he tells the rich humans they are all j-rkoffs b he goes
sister wants to help him to return the favor and they get him as their butler
what is this? Seinfeld?
and bad chick comes in and finds she lost
her name is cornelia
imma call her corn
the next day hobo (named godfrey so imma call him g boy) comes in and finds the fam often goes through butlers like power rangers go through puddys
he goes up to give a drink to some chick and shes hung over
theres offbeat music and the chick sees pixies
this is turning into a horror movie
too bad this was made after lon chaney bit it
him as godfrey would be crazy casting
he brings corn her breakfast and she gets all b--chy at him
then brings main chick her breakfast(the sister) but she don't recognize him w/o minor face hair
she seems kinda ditzy
and chats a lot
she wants to sponser him and him be her protégé
then he meets the dad played by Eugene Pallette who was friar tuck in robin hood
hes got dat super frog a55 voice
and was in the 3 musketeers (20s ver(and NOT as porthos))
the maid from b4 informs the dad the main chick brought in a horse last night that's still in da library
corn is still p-ssed she fell a55 1st in an ash pile after insulting him and walking backwards whn he stood up for himself
then dad has a meeting with the fam about money or something
they accuse eachother of little things
theres this fruity guy named carlo whos the moms protégé
and corn keeps being a smug b--ch to try to get main chick in touble
main chick whines about mom having carlo to sponcer and cornelia implies g boy might ice em
mom has carlo act like an ape to cheer up main chick
but it freaks her out
man this is really going nuts
I love it
I thin shes having an episode
oh and dad takes a thing of booze to his study
g boy chats with a maid about how nuts the fam is
later main chick maybe flirts with g boy
he tries to explain how them being homies aint good
oh she was in his servent room
don't wanna look like their b0ning
later carlo is playing a Spanish song and it leads to mom saying she don't know the national anthem
she asks godfrey how long his family was here and when he says "always" she thinks hes an indian
main chick seems like shes against g boy for not hangin with her
this fees like Beetlejuice how winona rider was emo
oh she seems kinda bummed
ter at a party a guy recognizes g boy from college
but g boy says he was his vallit
then college homie tries to make up a story
btw the mom is a bimbo
also college homie reveals g boy has a wife and 5 kids
main chick is disgruntled and randomly announces shes gonna to marry a guy
but he don't know what its about
later g boy chats with dad who asks if g boy noticed anything queer about him
remember, this is the 30s
but he means that his fam is offbeat
man we're like an hour in
g boy meets his collige homie and chats
collige homie sez g boys fam sez g boys in south Africa or America in rubber tree cr-p
g boy sez he got bummed and went to the river to suicide
but the hobos there saved him
oh its his gf dumping him that bummed him
then corn comes in and asks about his past
she wants to know wat he thinks of her and he sez shes spoiled and cr-ppy
so she books it
the director Gregory la cava also did
Restless Wives (sounds like a p0rn0)
Womanhandled (feminist p0rn0)
Paradise for Two (more p0rn0)
The Gay Defender (law and order svu ep)
Half a Bride (midget p0rn0)
The Age of Consent (teen p0rn0)
The Half-Naked Truth (sounds like a Japanese rpg plot/costume)
Gabriel Over the White House (that ones good)
Bed of Roses (sounds like a... Yugioh card...yeah...Yugioh card. what were you expecting?)
What Every Woman Knows (ewwwww)
The Affairs of Cellini (ben venuto celini? the sodomizer?)
Private Worlds (dimensional p0rn0)
She Married Her Boss (what is it with this guy!?)
5th Ave Girl (sounds like slang for a h00ker)
Primrose Path (I heard that phrase in ferrous bueler)
Lady in a Jam (strawberry p0rn0)
so corn has a plan to get g boy in trouble
and he goes to some room
I don't know, i was writing p0rn0 j0kes about this guys films
oh and main chick don't wanna eat cuz shes bummed
corn cant find her necklace and calls da cops
when cop finds out g boy is from the dump they go to his slave room
main chick rushes over to warn him
g boys drunk
they look through g boys place and corn sez to check the mattress
she placed em there earlier
but they aint there
and dad tells her the necklace isn't insured
so g boy goes back to the dump and its being made into a park or something
he tells some guy (maybe the college homie) the only thing between a man and a bum is a job
also corn and main chick go to Europe for a while
ad she dumped the guy she randomly said she'd marry b4
corn and main chick argue over who can win g boy
main chick and g boy talk while doing dishes
he sez hes her friend and he wants to move on
she gets bummed but g boy sez the wife and 5 kids are made up
later corn asks g boy about the pearl necklace or w/e she said was stolen
also he sez it went missing last fall
I thought this took place over like a week
she agrees to meet g boy about em and main chick thinks theyre going to b0ne
so she blacks out
he is gonna use smelling salts but notices her move in the mirror
so he carrys her to the shower and hoses her off
she thinks he loves her as he got mad at her for the fake black out
she hugs him wearing a wet dress, her mom comes in, she sez g boy loves him
this sounds like a bad anime scene
then dad has a family thing meeting
they're broke
but g boy was in the market and made cash for him
also he used the pearls corn hid in his necklace make cash
and returns it to her
he tells the fam how they helped him improve himself
and how they all have good in em
then goes
oh and he says bye to the maid and tells her to say bye to main chick
later g boy is using his cash to fund a place to give men work in the summer and shelter in the winter
but main chick comes over and sees the dump is now a successful place
she wants to change the wallpaper and says she cant go home
she wants to marry g boy and brings in a priest
the end
that was pretty fun
nice light comedy
nothing heavy or srs
fun, silly and offbeat
good acting
nothing to hate about it
my fave part is carlo going ape
for my man godfrey 2 I want it to be the early 50s and a biker gang comes to town. they were malcontent ww2 vets who couldn't fit into society anymore and roam the roads looking for people to satisfy their bloodlust. godfrey's teen kids don't trust the bikers but godfrey thinks he can get em jobs. they go berserk and waste everyone in the factory the 1st day, as well as eating and b0ning the bodies, and take it over. now its up to godfrey's teen kids to fight their way through the factory and gain power ups to access other areas of it to clear it out of bikers. its also a Gameboy/game gear/ Atari lynx/ portable turbo grafix 16 thing(I don't remember what its called) game and is like Metroid 2 was on Gameboy but with 2 player co op by link cable.

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