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The Rainmaker Review

note; I never saw this b4 and have little info on it. so theres typoes
the rainmaker
this is my review on the rain maker from 1956 and not the john grissom one
ooh its full screen
it starts with a guy talking about a tornado
oh its a traveling salesman like in the music man
lol his story has a dog named bowser
he;s trying to sell em tornado rods to protect em from tornadoes
but the town never had tornadoes
he gives 1 free to a little girl and sez his name is starbuck like the battlestar galactica guy who they made a chick in the reboot
the sheriff goes after him but he sneaks out through a hidden trap door and skips toewn as the little girl chases after him
if this were made in a few years they'd be an inter generational couple
then credits and its burt Lancaster and Kathrine Hepburn and Lloyd bridges
after opening credits starbuk gets to this similar looking town and theres a car there
I thought this was the 1800s
the town has a drought as I think this is after the nucular holocost and the seas dried up
wait that's fist of the north star
then this blonde hits on this tall teen
oh f her name is snookie
like that 5kank on jersey shore
he triggers her about her red hat and they bicker but she seducexs him with her car and they drive off
she likes tall guys
probably cuz they got bigger hot dogs
assuming everything proportionate
guys go after him and later 1 guy brings tall guy back for making out with her
they don't want him b0ning her
oh its his dad
and they say she's a bleach blonde
then lizzie comes over played by Hepburn
oh she was their relative or w/e and was out on a trip
they talk and catch up and I think they want her to marr the fam she went to live with dat week
1 asked but she didn't consent as he's 9
man this is a pedo movie
and the kids are making the 1st moves
se didn't like being sent over to getta husband
man up b--ch!
also she got triggered when someone asked her weight
yet she still answered
better than most chicks now
dad sez shes afraid of looking good
sounds like a feminist
later the drought is wacking steers and starbick offers to help
later hepbern had a dream of rain and dad wants to set her up with some guy she don't wanna be with
she ants to marry someone who really cares for her
for ponce I like her thinking
later some geezer tries to give this guy a dog but the guy don't want it
the snookie comes onto another tall guy
maybe its the same one
oh and dog hater is sharrif
later the lizzie Hepburn fam chats with sheriff and tries to set em up
then sherrif gets word tornado guy is coming up
tall guy (named jimmy like in double dragon) gets p-ssed at sheriff for not coming to dinner rto meet hepnpin and fights but gets slugged out
dad or uncle or w/e sez shrrifs wife is still alive but ditched him for some other guy
later snookie calls jimmy on the 1800s telephone and invites him to a date
but dad makes him not go
Hepburn comes down but gets p-ssed when finding out they fought sherrif and hes not coming
jimmy goes on about how girlier girls get guys and Hepburn goes mental
then astarbuck comes in and sez he can make rain
the guy who plays him does well
got that game show host/huckster/infomercial guy
she knows he's full of cr-p
but dad wants to give him a chance
he does and they have dinner
dad pays 100 $$ and thinks its a waste
he sez he can bring any kinda ran and if they doubt him it makes it harder to make rain
sounds like mystery men with the invisible guy
he gets the guys to do jacka55 things
she confronts him but he reads her and points out her issues
then gives her h-ll over doubting him
he sez she dont believe anything
and don't believe shes a woman
she gets f'd over it and has an autism attack
then starbuck chats with jimmy about him looking jacka55ish beating the drum cuz starbuck told him to
jimmy has no issue with it
elsewhere guys think the drum is thunder but not exactly
later jimmy is p-ssed that talking to his uncle makes him feel like a dumba55
also he wants to call snookie
starbuck sez to do so and uncle does somethin I wasn't looking at that offended jimmy so he runs upstairs
then Hepburn goes on like she's gonna be a bimbo
but sherrif sees and comes in
dad goes off and hempburn chats with sherrif
he admits hes divorced which was a big deal in whenever this takes place
they grow closer
after a buncha chatter she gets nervous and girly and he don't like it and leaves
starbuck sticks up for the jimmy who was called a dumba55 and hempburen who was called not hot
uncle sez hepbuns gonna be an old maid and dad tries to comfort her but she's accepted it
she goes mental and runs to the barn or outhouse or w/e and findfs starbuck
she thanks him for being nice and sez his  name sounds made up
he sez it is but he was called smith b4
theres back and forth on choosing ur own name and living as yourself instead of how ur told
sounds like gender stuff today
he offers her a name melisande after the wife of king hamlet who got her the golden fleece
he recognizes this is made of several true storys made into one
she gets bummed out but he gives her a confoidence boost
he gets her to see herself as pretty
later jimmy comes back with a cigar and is happy and has snookies hat
I think b0ned her
but its a 50s movie and he sez he kissed her
he saved his virginity all on his own
also he gave her an elk tooth and got her hat cuz they engaged
later a guy comes saying to look out for tornado Johnson(which sounds like a p0rn0 name)
he sold anti tornado poles to a place that had every kinda wind storm except tornadoes
after sherrif goes uncle sez he didn't wanna out starbuck but wants to take him down now for some reason
dad tells him not to f up hrempburns good time or he'd whip his a55
hempbuin chats with starbuck about dreams and life and such and he admits hes a con man
she don't mind and sez she believes in him
he decides to stay longer
dad and uncle say the sheriff is here for starbuck and they try sticking up for him and protecting him
huh, this was based on a lay and set in the 30s according to wikipedea
starbuck comes out and gets arrested but hempinin stands up for him and the fam want sheriff to let him go
sheriff lets him go and he invites hempinin
uncle sez to not go and she eventually she chooses to be lizzie not melisande and not go with him
he gives back their 100 bones and books it
then it rains, starbucvk comes backhappy he made it rain and gets paid 100$
they cheer
the end
that was long but didn't feel draggy
it had powerful themes and ideas that hold true today
great acting and music
and a good story
I liked it
I recall seeing a thing on t on I think wned pbs about plays or w/e and I think it mentioned this
great movie
great ideas
I liked it
for the rainmaker 2 I want starbuck and lizzue to be going from town to town in 1930s America as he discovers his powers to make wishes come true like violence jack. also the law is after him and he's gotta fight em off with his growing powers. Its also an action game on sega genesis and super Nintendo where you play as starbuck and fight your way across wasteland levels in a horse cart and fighting/platform/beat em up/run n gun levels in towns.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Toy Story Review

Note: i spell like cgi nowadays looks. like a55!!
Toy Story
This is my review on Toy Story 1 from 1995
It was the 1st CGI movie and it held up well
Its G rated and cool and had a good Genesis game that i beat
Its got good songs and music too
Its by Pixar and Disney back when they did good stuff
it starts with a kid playing a cowboy phantasy with his toys
why does he have a little bo peep toy??
then he plays cowboy with woody and his many toys
all to the loving song "you gotta friend in me"
its really beautiful
nowadays a cowboy is seen as offensive to Indians who are of mostly white ancestry
then its andy's birthday and hes getting a buncha new toys
and when andy's away the toys are alive
it never explains why
also don rickles is mr potato head
jim varney is slinkey dog
woofy tells an etch a sketch to "draw" and they turn and etch makles a revolver
nowadays some malcontent would get triggered by that
in soviet Canada this kid drew a picture of her daddy shooting a bad guy and the cops were called and the dad's home searched w/o a warrant
andy I mean woody ells da toys andy's b day is today and they wanna have it b4 he moves
r lee ermy is the toy soldier sergent and he and his men go on a mission to put a baby minoter there and report what they see
toy soldiers are triggering to foreigners nowadays
also a jump rope goes from the top floor to the ground with room to wrap around the moniter
most of andy's gifts s-ck like a lunch box and bedsheets but he gets battleship and theres 1 gift left that came out of the closet
the kids run upstairs and the toys scramble to hide
they run in, chatter, put da toy down, and run down for cake and ice cream
man this was well animated
alao they ditch this awesome toy for cake?
better be made outta pure icing to get em away from this mondo cool toy homie
blicketee black!!
so the toy is buzz lightyear as I think a reference to that joke in I think eek the cat or w/e where all astronaughts are named buzz
buzz dot know he's a toy and thinks hes a real space ranger
also its p-ssing woody off
woddy sez buzz cant fly so he jumps, bounces off a ball, rides a hit wheels through a loop, catches a plane on the ceiling and lands
woody sez its falling with style
that's zero g in orbit
also he calls him light beer
cant do that nowadays
also over the next while buzz becomes the number 01 toy
all to a catchy song
also andy wrote his name on buzzs foot like andy did to woodfy
woody tells off buzz and shoves him, hitting his helmet release
buzz nearly bites it but its ok
he sez his eyes could've been sucked out
pretty graphic for a g rating
also next door is sid, a degenerate who f's up toys for fun
buzz anted to save combat carl but sid straps a firecracker to it an blows it
pretty hardcore for a g rated movie\
they establish these things have feelings and show one executed
at least he's not b0ning em
also toy story 3 is based on the holocost
that's not a joke
look it up
man we're like half an hour in with adds
that felt like nothing
later mom takes andy to pizza planet and gets to bring a 1 toy
woody trys to knock woody behind the desk but accidentaly knocks him out da window
the toys think he did it on purpose and are gonna string him up
but andy comes up and cant find buzz so andy takes woody
andy stops at the gas station but buzz snuck on the car and fights woody
they fight under da car and andy and mom drive away
woody whines about it being buzzs fault but buzz sez he has to stop zurg rom making an weapon that can destroy a planet
and only he has the info to stop it
I think star wars is gonna sue
they ride in a pizza planet truck and woofy gets busted up in a back
at pizza planet they hide in food contaners and sneak around
so its a sci fi chucky cheeze
woody nearly gets em into ansy's thing but buzz jumps into a space ship looking alien crane game
then sid is there and catches an alien and seez buzz
despite knowing hes not a toy buzz freezes up when humans r around
this is never explained
sid gets em and takes em home and gives the alien to his dog
then takes his sisters doll and f's ith it to swap its head for a Pteranodon head
also therres mutant toys made by sids experiments
is this a thing on ww2 stuff done to p o w's?
they swarm the toys sid just f'd and buzz thinks theyre cannibals
pretty bad a55 for  tv g
the next day sid tortures woody by magnifying glass burning his head
then uses buzz's karate chop action to scare away the mutant toys
he gets to the ground floor but the dog is there
they try to escape but woody's pull string gets caught and he don't feel it and his voice goes off
they escape the dog but bus light year sees a commercial for his tory
its in ur face and extreme all 90s
this shatters his world and he trys to fly to epic music
but falls and loses an arm
pretty powerful
I mean its kinda what he needed as he was living a lie
but its still rough
but sometimes we need to be slapped awake
like if you got anorexia or other similar issues
the sid sister gets buzz
she has a tea party and when woody gets him he acts drunk
woody gets the idea to use the window to get home
woody throws a xmas lights thing across the house gap somehow
but they don't trust him after taking out buzz
he uses buzz's arm to fake buzz being there and its pretty funny
but then they see his arm and drop the lights
then the cannibal toys get buzz light year
but fix his arm removal
then sid comes in with a probably illegal firework he ordered
he want to blow woody but gets buzz
then it starts raining and he cant do it today
later woody is stuck under a bin under a tool box and buzz is too bummed to help
he gives a good speech and it moves buzz to eventually move da tool box off woody
wtf the moving truck for andy is called eggman
woody gets out but buzz pushes the tool box on him
whats woody made of?!
so sid wakes up after sleeping with his butt in da air and takes buzz to bust him
woody gets the mutant toys to help him and he sez hes gotta break a few rules
what rules?!
who ,makes em?!
Who enforces em?!
its never explained
so the mutants ring the door bell and the toys fire out a toy car
sister opens it and the doorbell toys catch and save it as the dog runs after it and is locked out
woody and mutants go to da back yard
sid is gonna bbq woody later but when he goes to light buzz, woody talks to him and tells him toys don't like being blown or busted
the toy mutants come at him and sid runs in fear
sister torments sid with her toy doll as he runs in fear saying da toys r alive
then andy leaves and woody and buss go after em
btw is the toys having feelings a thing on animal rights?
they catch onto the truck but sids dog gets woody so buzz jumps on him to stop him
woody gets in and throws the rc car to save buzz but the toys beat his a55
they go through traffic and the dog gets splattered into a mush of bones and guts
really its harmlessly trapped in cars that gently bumped into eachother
they throw woody off da truck but rc and buzz save him
the strong toy pulls the truck thing and the metal thing falls on the road and sparks up
slinkey dog tries to hold em but rc runs outta juice and they're f'd
so they try lighting sids rocket but a car blows out da match
woody's hand cooks rom sun through buzz's helmet dome which is a safety hazard and he lights da rocket that way
they zoom, throw rc in the truck, cut the rocket tape with buzz's wings b4 it blows, and fly into the car sunroof
andy notices nothing wrong with them appearing in his box in his lap
then its xmas and andy gets a mrs potato head and a puppy
oh and bo pep makes out with woody
peep is played by the chick from the 80s ghostbusters and woody is forrest gump and the aids carrier in philedelphia
now she has aids
the end
I loved it
its a great clean fun positive bada55 90s film
I recall crying when earing that u've gotta friend in me song on da radio as a kid thinking about how meaningful it is
sorta like minmei's love song in Robotech
great movie
its only like 80 mins
and hold up over 20 years later
although sid is kind of a metal/grunge punk tween that was popular in a 90s
for toy story 2 I want it to be about sid dealing with his feelings of fearing toys and is being treated for psychosis and paranoia over it. he eventually snaps and has an episode in  toy store and causes much damage. that, with his years of anti social issues cause him to be put on powerful drugs and he seems mentally f'd and starts b0ning his toys ad sticking em up his a55! also its a game gear game and game boy where you play as sid and gotta fight toys,

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Jane Review

note; chimps are daemons. so I don't spell right
this is my review on jane from 2017
its about that chick who wasted her life with a bunch of sub human apes
I once wrote a story about kung fu fighters taking on apes in post apocalyptic florida
also I hear chimps can be vicious and savage
so it starts with text saying its made from over 100 hours of  footage from the 60s found in 2014
then text saying they chose 26 year old jane goodall who had no experience to go on an ape mission
then bugs
then burds
then other critters
then a voicve over of jane being interviewed
she wanted to go on adventures like men did
she went out in 57 as she loved animals
she got close to chimps and lived with em and got accepted
and she anted to communicate with em like dr Doolittle and live with em like tarzan
she wanted to live in Africa with animals since she was like 8
now she lives her dream
yet kids don't get how dangerous wild creatures can be
then we see her at like 90 and talking about her 1st trip
cuz there was no data on chimps no one knew how they were in the wild
not knowing its dangerous doesn't make it less dangerous
look at drinking and smoking in the 50s
she watched em eating in a tree from a distance like a peeper looking at chicks showering
then she spent a buncha days with the apes
but they fled from her
she cleans her hair in the river and sez her mom came with her so she'd have someone
she sez her dad didn't care about her and was in the war
no wonder she gave up on humanity
also her mom pretty much raised her
as a kid she played outside and daydreamed of tarzan boy
also she didn't wanna have a family or marry
that's a shame
same with Lillian gish
so the chimps don't like her
that means they'll later fall in love in the movie
so she looks for chimps 1 day and finds jack sh-t
but then finds a white chin haired ape who didn't run
is this gonna be like digit and that gorilla b--ch?
she follows it to its base with more apes
the accepted her now
so she watching them doing cr-p like eating bugs out of eachothers a55es and names em
and she finds they have some semi human abilities
me; yeah but they are still vastly inferior
you know, a spider is smarter than an earwig yet its still a spider
and pigs are smarter than dogs yet we eat em
h-ll, crows and octopi are smarter than apes
don't mean we don't eat em
to quote dbz; he was just... a mon key!!
so janes is watching da apes wAlk on all 4s and its like those guys from return to oz which I never saw but saw clips of
also apes use tools
spoiler; so do crows!
then a chimps strip a twig of leafs and ue em to get out termites
1 guy she told sed "we gotta redefine man, or, count chimps as human"
spoiler; humans have souls
so people think shes full of cr-p and they send a cameraman
she tells about him and how he smoked a lot
later at night a chimp broke in and entered her tent and stole bananas
they set up a camera and find its one she named
then more chimps got close to camp
also they chew on cardboard boxes
and f sh-t up
they're getting more riled up and malcontent
I blame violent cartoons like dbz and power rangers
good f--k these beasts are outta control
hope they got a firearm
so they try reasoning with the apes by making a feeding station
they use steel boxes on switches to see em up close and safe
1 ape was the dominate female but the males were higher level
later she's got a swelling on her a55 and the apes start b0ning her
1 at a time and everyone gets a turn
like 5kanks today
then jane gets a telegram and a guy loves her
she marrys him
we see footage of her happy
they go back to soviet Africa and the chimps have ape babies
eventually she becomes famous for her ape studies
after a montage of her fame the funding ended but she didn't wanna get a real job so her and husband wrote books and made films about africa
eventualy she poops out a baby and takes video of it
we see the kids parts
good thing she didn't circismise it
also she kept him in a cage to keep the apes from b0ning him dead and eating the parts the shred off it
she spent more and more time with her kid and husband
I should've said diss b4 but I never really saw this b4
it was on but I wasn't paying attention
wtf the kids name is grub
is that like scorpion in mortal kombat??
then the chimps get some virus, probably aids or w/e, and start decroding
she sees no difference between helping a human or animal
also I think she had 1 shot for being a carrier
its ok when its an animal but I think she's ok executing sick people
oh and I think its polio
look at those aids monkeys
making those mental faces
oh and they cant touch chimps anymore
and her son hated the apes
then we see a lion biting a bison's a55 and bringing it down
eventually son goes back to soviet England and she visits him at times in some months
later the ape who got b0ned a lot bites it
and its kid goes emo and gives up on life and goes to monkey h-ll
eventually the pack breaks up and seperates into separate gangs like in mad max or the warriors or something
and if they meet again on rival turf they ice eachother
then we see photos of dead apes
she had no idea how brutal these wild apes can be
spoiler; they tear off faces, hands, feet and groins of ape and man
and it aint just apes
ants have colony wars
as do wasps and bees
also she breaks up with her husband as she didn't wanna leave soviet Africa
Africa doesn't love you
he does
man they show a lot of phallllic worms and caterpillars
she went to Africa to see humans past by looking at wild animals
spoiler; creation science disproves man came from a lower animal
then she jabbers on about evolution
I got a cosmic feeling looking at that galaxy as she talks about our purpose or w/e
like some h p lovecraft brief glimpse into eternity
then she sez the chimps are going extinct in africqa and is trying to save em
then we get text saying where everyone wound up
grub became a boat builder
husband became a great photographer
and bit it in 2002
and janes study on chimps is the longest continuous study on any wild animal
the end
that was not bad
it tried to paint a light look at chimps and only made their violent tendincys seem rare or brief
yet I know they are vicious daemons and should be purged from our blue and pure world
that CosMc feeling though
this was a good film and i'm glad she wasn't mutilated dead by apes
for jane 2 I want it o be a mystery movie where someone is taking out all chimps and they keep finding them chopped up. after investigating they find a masked warrior with a bad a55 sword and body armor that ca withstand chimp blows. he's trying to rid the world of the apes that wronged him. jane investigates but finds its her on wo blames the apes for ruining his childhood and wants revenge. also its a 16 bit hack and slash game here you play as grub and take out al the chimps in the area on sega genesis, super Nintendo and Atari jaguar.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Wizard Review

note; sonic is better than Mario! somehow this makes me spell bad
the wizard
this is my review on the wizard from 1989
its got fred savage, Christian slater and the debut of tobey McGuire
its directed by todd Holland who did a buncha Malcom in the middle eps
its also got beau bridges
its often bashed for being a feature length video game commercial
but batman beyond was made to sell toys and was really good
so it starts with this kid walking on a road with a lunch box
a plane spots him and tells a car where he is
the car is then in front of the plane somehow and is at the kid
that don't add up
the cop gets out and gets the kid who sez he wants to go to CALIFORNIA!! and cop drives in the same direction the kid was walking
that don't add up
also they were standing in the car for several hours as the sky is orange now and was blue in the previous shot
then a shrink sez the kid hasn't seen his real dad or brorthers in a while
and da kid keeps wandering off
shrink sez he's traumatized and new dad wants to put him in a home
btw they don't say it in the film
but hes got autism
they didn't want it seen as ripping off rain man
later baoh bridges with his kids fred savage and cristin slater are having a cr-ppy meal
slater took the car w/o consent as he was somehow gonna keep kid from being sent to a home or something
the 2 are unrelated
savage goes mental and storms off over it
slater tries to help but savage sez slater don't care and storms off
later savage throws darts at a board and goes off with a backpack and skateboard to 80s music
he sneaks into the nut house (which is unlocked and unguarded) and easily gets his auristic kid bro out
they hide in a hostess truck and t drives down the mad max wasteland road
after all the kids parents get together at the nut house and 1 says "he was seen getting in a truck"
by who?!
there was no one there!
and if he was, why didn't the witness do anything?!
was it an inmate looking out the window!?
if so, why would they believe him?!
this story has more holes than my a55!!
new dad hired a mercenary or w/e to bring back the kid
mercenary tells baoh and slater not to stop him from bringing back his kids so mercenary will get paid for bringing em in
later savage and kid get utta da car and kid wanders off so sabvage chases him
then theres a montage of them going somewhere
then its getting dark and they're at a rock thing with a roaring fire and a coyote houls
then cut to them I a town the next day
if this movie had a video game, there'd be a dog fight level
at an arcade he plays the nes double dragon which doesn't make sense as the nes ver was a port
savage talks to a guy for like 30 seconds and when he gets baxck kid has scored 50 000 on double dragon
that's impossible
also a girl notices em
she follows em to a basement and sez she noticed them fearing a cop and savage sez kids kicks a55 at double dragon
a Nintendo movie said a55
and its the wonder years kid saying it
she don't buy it and he bets her ticket she's wrong
she makes it to level 3 on double dragon and kid plays more of level 3 and kicks a55
but hey miss the bus
meanwhile dad and boo bridges drive to get da kids
also baoh reads a map while driving and nearly crashes into another car
then kid is kicking a55 as ninja gaiden
but not the arcade ninja gaiden released in the public areas
the nes home version
girl sez the kids a wizard
and wants to use him to win a video game contest so she gets a piece of the prize
then mercenary sees bouh and slaters car and stabs their tires
so baoh takes a shovel to mercenarys car
as mercenary drives off buoh throus his shovel
good role model for kids
meanwhile the trio is in a ruck next to a live cow getting a lift
also girl sez her mom was a showgirl who had great legs and she inherited her legs
they sold the bus ticket and pooled their cash
then the rednecks driving the truck find em and get em out
is this gonna be like in deliverance??
yu got a perdy mouth!!
meanwhile buu and slater are at a car shop and slater is playing Mario 2 usa
later the trio got a lift rom the side of the road but somehow used all their money
guess they got a game over and continued
like in Castlevania II simons quest with the hearts
that means the red necks b0ned em dead
also girl knows savage saved 4$ from b4 as she counted when he showed his money
maybe she's got some autism too
savage sez to some guys his bro could beat em at an arcade game
then cut to em walkin away saying they snaked em
good role model for the kids
swindling strangers outta cash
they spend the night in a dump in a f'd out car
girl keeps saying tall tales of being a bada55
she sez she's never scared  so savage puts on a skull mask I didnt know was around in da 80s and she slugs him
what a b--ch
shes kinda like Bulma from dragon ball
the next day she plans to triple their nearly 50$ on the way to the contest
and she got magazines to teach kid tricks in games
but he's already super expert
its like giving batman frisbee mags to teach him to throw batarangs!
then they see a biker gang and get a lift to 80s music
but the gang has helmets in kid size
it turns into a montage of them hitch hiking
good lesson for the kids
remember in degrassi high when wheels went to live with his birth dad and hitchhiked?
this gay guy picked him up and tried to b0ne him!
imagine if they edited scenes from degrassi into this!!
as the trio is in a pickup truck it whizzes by mercenary who dont notice em
later the trio gyps these 80s teens outta cash after a driving game I don't recognize as I grew up with a sega genesis
1 kid sez kid cant beat lucas
lucas is this bada55 who's basically kaiba from Yugioh
hes got all 97 nes games available in America at that time
and knows them all
also his last name is barton like trowa in Gundam wing
he then uses the power glove and kicks a55 at rad racer to 80s music
spoiler; the power glove s-cked!
he handicapped himself using it and still won
instead of facing lucas, kid walks out for no reason
and lucas hits on girl and sez hes headed for the championships
then its night and slater and bouh have a father/son moment in bed
then slater goes to the pickup truck and ets a Nintendo outta the back where anyone could steal it
he plays tnmt 1 on nes and then cut to him sleeping and boh is playin it and nearly beat level 3 and got the scrolls
then kid s building something outta blocks and it offends savage for some reason who knocks it over
savage sez kid lost 1 game and he can overcome it
how'd he lose?!
he didn't even face him!!
by that logic piccolo lost to vegeta!
the film tries to have a soft moment and girl sez kid is jealous of her as savage is all kid has
shes gonna book it but the teens they gypped are after em in a pickup truck like in forest gump
they want the cash back and kids lunch box opens up with photos
its revealed kid's twin sister bit it in a river and that traumatized kid into autism
I hear twins bond is deep
once you take twins outta the womb, they scream
but put em together and cuddle
memories from their creation to birth
and kid saw the twin bite it
and slater was supposed to be watching em
and kid is actually his half brother
man that's actually sad
these guys got damage
now sabage is quitting and they go off
but kid says he don't wanna quit and they reunite
mercenary is spotted by bou and slater and bouh plows his car into mercenarys car
mercenary sez he'd sue and dad sez mercenary  makes money off kids and should be shot
pretty bada55
them rams his car 2x more
but baohs car busts
oh and he yells chicken sh-t!!
this was rated pg
then its night and trio goes to vegas or w/e
at a casino girl yells advice at a dice game and it helps this trucker
how'd she know?
maybe she has autism
they get kicked out for using kids to bet but keep the cash
well, she does
the trucker gets 10$
 then girl calls the Nintendo helpline and gets advice for Castlevania II
then an 80s montage f kid playing various nes games at an arcade and girl calling that 1 900 number
later mercenary is on da phone with mom and sees abobobo and slater park
he pays a toe truck to do something
slater recognizes kid's hat on a teen who took back his cash and gets it back
lucas is there and tells em the kid is going to L A
then toe trucvk takes their truck
why is lucas still there if L A is 500 miles away?
they just said 500 miles
wasn't the thing in a few days?
and that was several days ago??
this movie has ore holes than my a55!
oh and mercenary knows the kids are going to the tournament
bobo and slater find their truck and its scrapped
mercenary gets to the casino and finds savage
a chick sez kid is in the arcade and they run to find him
mercenary gets kid but girl screams and sez he touched her breast
false accusations?
good role model for kids
the guards carry him out
then girl takes em to her real home
later bohmander is playing Zelda 1 and slater pulls the game out
what a c-cksucker!
someone did that to my game, i'd bite off his parts.
then girl admits her storys of her awesome life were all cr-p
and her  mom was a gambling addict
and she wants the prize money to get a real house and not a trailer park
savage sez its like in Zelda how he has to find Zelda and girl needs to find a house
she finds it s-xist
only a feminist has that kinda twisted thinking
savage tries to smooch her but she don't wanna
then they smooch
later mercenary somehow knows girls full name and calls someone to track her down
next day mercenary finds her place and captures kid
girl gets her trucker homies to go stop mercenary by blocking the road with trucks
then 2 more trux come in
how'd they know where hes going?
and no one else would be there?
trucker who she helped with dice sez mercenary touched her brests and they beat the black off him offscreen
trucker takes em to universal studios for the video Armageddon tournament
the game is ninja gaiden
not gay den
guy den
and lucas is doing well in it
btw this movie was made when the sega genesis had come out
but Nintendo had 90% of the market
after sonic and sega's in yo face adds it got to over 50%
btw was this movie an inspiration for video and arcade top 10?
that show in soviet Canada ran for like 15 years on ytv
so the finalists are lucas, kid and a 3rd no one
so after 1 round of ninja gaiden hes in the finals??
then mom and new dad find mercenary and b--ch about him taking 9 days
then in 15 mins the tournament finals is gonna be a new game
lucas points out the kid to mercenary and theres a chase through universal studios theme park
also slater and badenov are there and follow
tour guide sez there they filmed mayhrem in montecarlo wher zsa zsa gabor and pee wee herman made it
trio walk over a metal connector between 2 carts o a moving vehicle
good role mode for kids
kids get off by king kong who universal sued Nintendo over donkey kong over and mercenary follows
they escape into a room and find they are right over the tournament
mercenary comes after em but the kids get in an elevator as time counts down to video Armageddon
the gates open up and kid is in there
the new game is revealed to be super Mario bros 3
when this movie was made there wasn't enough ROM chips to release all their games
so Nintendo turned super Mario 3 into a feature film to build hype
\I never had an NES but I did get the gba port of super mario Advance 4 and beat every level
I was never big on Mario
I like super Mario bros 01 which I played on my aunts nes in the 90s
I tried both japan and us Mario 2
us was kinda obnoxious with the later levels and japan was pretty insane hard
I eventually beat both
us on super Mario advance and jp on the gb color super Mario deluxe
Mario 3 I liked but Mario 4 super Mario world I didn't care for
you gotta hold down B to get any speed or momentum but that makes it hard to handle
plus having to keep going back to get Yoshi over and over if you take 1 hit
the moment Yoshi is touched he runs away like a maniac
straight off a cliff
I never had a snes but beat Mario world on the gba port
so the kids got 10 mins to get the most points
the fam gets there and watches kid kick a55 at Mario 3
also savage tells kid to find the warp
even though theres no way he'd now about that
kid gets iced and goes back
he keeps scrrweing up
also thre points aren't in game score
its a score based on how well they do
somehow kid finds the secret passage that hives him the flute warp
kid gets the star at the end of the level as time goes out and wins
lucas cant take it and pulls a gun and takes out the host then moves in on kid, who then grabs his arm, twists it toward Lucas's head and blows him out!
but that would be pretty f'd
so ten the fams drive back and kid has em stop by these dinosaur statues from pee wees big adventure
its the same ones
kid runs into one and goes to this curtain area
this place is the last place they were as a family
he wanted to put the photo's someplace where she was happy
also its implied mom gave blanka bridges custody of  the kids
how do baku have a truck back?
it was chop shopped!
they drive off to 80s music
the end
that was pretty good
nice 80s family movie
yeah it made no sense at times
but it had heart
they couldn't make this today
video games are all 17+ now
this was a reminder of an innocent time when kids had fun and rules were more lax
nowadays there'd be charges against half the characters for the sh-t they pulled
but this was a fun innocent positive light film and I enjoyed it
for the wizard 2 I want it to be the 90s and about the console war between sega and nintendo and the autistic kid needs to choose a side but struggles. also lucas has gotten into stimulants and caffeine injections to boost his skills and wants a rematch with the kid. also when the kid I asked which sstem he wants for Christmas he has a freak out and starts screaming and moaning.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Sleepless In Seattle Review

note; my dad likes this movie. will I? not enuff to spell well!
sleepless in seattle
this is my review on sleepless in eattle
its from 93 like Aero the Acro Bat and Awesome Possum /Kicjs Dr Machino's button sega genesis
I never saw it but it starts tom hanks meg ryan bill pullman rita Wilson and rob reiner
its directed by nora ephron who did you've got mail, bewitched and Julie and Julia
Speaking of tom hanks, I had a demented idea
a mash up where they edit tom hanks from big having fun then he goes in a room and its a clip of the da vinci code where ian McKellen pulls a gun and sez "on your knees"
It fades out. then shows the cops taking him away. then we get a law and order thing saying its a trial.
then it shows clips from Philadelphia and talking about him having aids.
he opens his shirt and has aids sores. then it shows him biting it from aids after another law and order title card.
pretty f'd huh?
so it starts in Chicago where him and his son remember his woman
sorta like in the late mathias pascal how it too starts bummer
a guy tries to offer help but hanks has had enough suggestions
so he moves to seattle so he wont keep being reminded of her
that'll be good for his son
losing all things familiar to him
then credits to a picture of America without Canada or mexico
I guess they got nuked
mean while, meg and bill go somehere as their relative lost all their cash in a pyramid scheme
her and bill are engaged and announce ity at a dinner party
bill has a sneezing attack  as he's allergic to everything
this is why people practice selective breeding
oh and fraisers tv brother is in here as megs brother
they met at a sandwtch shop and got eachothers orders as they ordered the same basic thing
she chats with her mom about their husbands
also its Christmas
she drives home and da radio plays cr-p
this kid calls and sez his dad needs a wife for xmas
radio lady asks to put tom hanks on and he does
its been 1.5 years since she bit it and tom hasn't been sleeping
he starts letting it out and she puts him on hold for other people to comment on him
she calls him... sleepless in seattle!!
they call me... murphy!!
I wanna take his face... off!!
Call me jack... call me violence jack!
thanks to these... mystery men!!
also that name reminds me of desperately seeking susan
later meg goes to a diner and chats with some chix
meg drives more and tom talks more about his woman
the show finishes for da night  and a black guy sings over da rainbow
for a sec I thought that would be the movie and they'd meet at the end
just hik on the phone and her listening
later at megs work its revealed phone service was tied up when 2000 chix called in for tom hanks number
then its new years and they watch the light thing drop
tom has a vision  of his wife which I think is either his memory or a ghost
later he goes to see friends and they reveal they all know hes SIS
later tom hanx gets mail and items from the chix into him
1 of em is his 3rd grade teacher who sent him a love letter
what is this? that adam sandler movie where he gets his teacher pregnant?!
my internet explorer refreshed and I lost half da revirew
gotta redo it from memory
I cant remember it
gonna redo this when I get more time
nah i'll type the rest and go back and watch it later
k I found it online as youtube was full of spam vids that say its the movie but its just an hourlong add of "go to this site to see it"
those people should be b0ned dead
so tom talks to his kid about him b0ning his new gf and kid asks if she's gonna scratch up his back like they do on cable tv he sees at his homies place
dat kids gonna grow up to be a purvo
later the meg goes to listen to the radio about SIS
later she chats with her bro fraisers bro about if she loves bill pillomon
later rob reiner talks with tom about how women like guys with cute butts
then they go to a bar and chat about how dating is different in the 90s than the 70s when tom last dated.
also he gives thom the number of a girl he knows
later tom gets home and sees his kid with a girl and kid talks about a beatles album
tom calls the reiner girl as I assume his kid is b0ning that girl
he sets up a date with her
meanwhile, meg writes a letter to tom and watches a cary grant movie
her homie gives advice on the letter and meg writes to meet tom at the empire state building at valentines day n soviet new York
later kid had a nightmare and tom comforts him
to isn't sure if theres heaves but has been having dreams of her
kid is forgetting her
later meg investigates and finds out tms last name
then uses her 90s computer to find out his info
then contacts a detective agency to track hanks
later hanks is going on a date with that reiner chick but kid has him read the meg letter
they got cr-p in common but he don't wanna date her in Baltimore which is 26 states away
later he's dating the chick but kid calls and sez meg wants to meet in new York on valentines day
tom tell him to f--k off (my words, not his, but the intent is similar) and goes back tio his date
but a guy is taking photos of tom
later date gf comes by and make em dinner
but kid don't like her
he's probably gonna ice her
later its night and kid sneaks downstairs and sees em making out
he calls the radio show and tells everyone
also he calls her a h0
meg homie calls her and tells her to listen to the radio and she goes in the closet so her bill pullimn don't hear
kid hangs up and screams and meg sceams as her husband opened the closet
kid said he saw a spider and toms p-ssed at him
in the real version they were probably b0ning but they wanted it to be pg13
on  degrassi jr high; arthur walked in on his dad and his dads woman in bed. imagine; son, what you saw was not meant for young eyes. so im going to have to confiscate those eyes for a while.
also meg makes up cr-p to her bil pikmin about her homie hearing an ex on da radio
later kid's gf sez to write a letter to meg and they do and mail it
later meg flies to seattle and tom and kid and date gf are at the airport to see date gf off
also he sees the meg at there
kid sez tom and meg were meant for eachother and were meant to be together in another life
so meg looks for tom and doesn't find him
until she does at the beach with his kid
but don't meet him
the next day she goes to see him but date gf is there and hugs him
they see eachother and it cuts away to her b--ching to her homie about how she ran off
also she was in da road like in pet semetary when hankx saw her
later she gets a letter from kid saying its hanks and finds out homie sent her leter w/o consent
now she thinks hes mentally damaged in writing
later habnks tells his homies of meg wanting to meet at the epire state building and on homie goes on about dat carry grant movie
later bill Pullman gets meg his moms wedding ring
what is this? wedding peach??
k. here is where I pick up from the internet f--king out
later she is with bill pollmin to choose a ring
later kid and hanks fight over him not marrying meg
so kid runs away
kids gf sez hes going to new York
tom follows him and kid goes to the e s b
meanwhile, meg and bill millior are having dinner and she sees the e s b
she tells him everything and its night
bill  poulion don't wanna be a silver metal andf lets her go
at the building tom finds his kid and is worried his kid might've been f'd dead by some sodomingus(my words. not his. but I know what he meant)
meg aint there but runs girlishly to the building
but the trips up to the observation deck is closed
so she sez da carry grant ref and the guard lets her up
just after hanks goes down she gets up
she looks around and finds a bookbag
then kid and tom come up (is this like tommy and denny in the room??) to get da bookag and shes there
they meet and its got heartfelt music and they hold hands and walk to the elevator
they get in and it plays this song I think sung by jimmy durante
then we zoom out from the building anf see America lit up and lights fly in the sky
still no mexico or Canada
I assume they are still nuked
then light blue tim burton text credits
the end
that was nice
not much happened but its got a good feel and flow
sorta like the late Matthias pascal from the 20s
its fun and has heart
it pays tribute to classic films while being a good modern late 80s early 90s one
I liked it and had a good time and feeling watching it
it was a good flashback to my 90s youth
oh and tom hanks is an architect like Charles Bronson in death wish
for sleepless in seattle 2 I want it to be set right after they get back to seattle and the date gf is there and disgruntled he fel in love with another woman. she kidnaps his son and if he wants him back hes gotta ice meg ryan. so him and meg ryan follow clues she left behind to get to her flying castle base where she destroyed Canada and mexico with nuke beams (micro waves). also its a 2 player run and gun game like contra where 1 player is tom hanks and the other is met ryan and they gotta shoot their way through the date gf's men on sega genesis, super Nintendo and Atari jaguar.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Big Chill Review

Note; ur used toi my bad spelling by now right?
The Big Chill
This is my review on a big chil fro  1983
Its got  Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, Kevin Kline, Mary Kay Place, Meg Tilly, and JoBeth Williams
I know a few of those
also kevin bacon plays the dead guy but his scenes were cut
Its directed by Lawrence Kasdan who did the 90s wyatt earp and dream catcher
I never saw diss b4 but herd its good
it starts with a guy giving his kid a bath
then theres a phone call and da title/credits start to a song
man this goes on for a while
then all these guys meet and its for a service for some dead guy
a confederate sounding guy gives a speech
a guy shows up late
then another guy comes up and speeches
then they leave to a song
this movie has a steady pace
we're 15 mins in and not much happened
as they drive its revealed the dead guy suicided
and the last time this chick talked with him she yelled he was wasting his life
goldbloom sez hes a journalist for people magazine
later they're having food and 1 guy is revealed to be an actor
and goldbloom has a story on a blind baton thing and wants to do a story on his homies here dealing with the dead guy
the gang spnds the night at one of their homes
this is how horror movies start
maybe kevin baxcon will revive and start picking em off 1 by 1
later 1 chick sez she's a lawyer defending guys who beat up and b0ned this couple and tried to blow the place
goldbloom sez his writing rule is not make it longer than it takes to readf while ur taking a dump
they chat more and have sort of a daria attitude
later 1 guy does blow and his woman comes up and they chat
cocainum was big in da 80s so they gotta have it in here
blow guy tells her of his time in viet nam and we cut to screaming
but its cuz theres a bat in the attic
too bad this was b4 tom burtons batman
they open da window to let it out nd more come in
get the bat spray
later a guy is watching a 30s film on tv and don't get it
blow guy has emotional issues and gf issues
he's gonna snap and take em all out
then eat em
1 guy chats about having sleeping issues and having issues
he too might go nuts
later its not quite sunrise and 2 guys go for a walk in this empty town
its got fog so I assume its silent hill
they chat and its revealed him and a girl he was b0ning had a fight and she married someone else
later 1 guy goes home but his wife stays
later blow guy is filming himself talking to himself
later these guys are driving and 1 girl sez she b0ned dead guy b4 he bit it
meanwhile this chick sez she wants to have a kid
meanwhile, the gang in da car have stopped and went on a walk in this wild area and goldbloom pooped in da woods
he sez the outdoors is like a giant toilet
meanwhile baby wanter wants to b0ne a guy and get pregnant
later they all watch a vhs of goldbloom talking to one of em
later they watch the show the actor is in
later they have dinner then dance while cleaning up
later they smoke either tobacco or chronic (I think chronic ) to the song "my girl"
baby wanter tries to get actor to b0ne her pregnant
but he doesn't consent
later the next day 3 guys walk and talk about j-rkin off and the dead guy
also 1 guy brings over a bunch of nike shoes
blow guy likes em
and 1 guy wants to get his homies in on his business idea
later actor whines about his cr-ppy show and sez he tries to put something worthwhile in every show
later they watch football (not soccer you europedoes)
later 1 gurl sez b0ning a guy ruined their friendship
later goldbloom is gonna b0ne the baby wanter but she ant sure she wants his kid
then the guys play footall to gimmie sum lovin
later a confederate cop catches blow guy thinking hes a yankee drug dealer but actor comes by and impresses him with his tar status
then jumps into a car like on the show but f's it up and busts his leg
confederate cop sez sorry and leaves
then 1 guy bashes blow guy over his dumba55 ways
also baby wanter cant b0ne goldbloom as she don't wanna
you gotta get married 1st or ur babies are cursed
later baby wanter does aerobic stretching in an 80s outfit as she';s interviewed by blow guy
later 1 chick sez her life with her husband s-cked and she wants actor now
then the actor and a guy go driving in a jeep
actor sez he cant handle living in da south al da time
later they eat a dinner meal
later actor I think makes out with the wife
but cant be with her as his past marriage f'd out and he got bored
then she gets b--chy about something and storms off
later the gang chats about why dead guy committed suicide
he was a scientific genius (like goku's dad with that fake moon thing in dbz) but did construction and welfare work
things get more heated and they get kinda b--chy
actor walks out saying he loved them all and don't believe in negative cr-p
a chick follows him
later 1 guy and the curly haired chick make out in a closet and we get the song "you make me feel"
actor and that guys wife b0ne while standing up
baby wanter b-0nes the guy who called out blow guy
the next day the wife decides to stay with her husband after cheeting on him
2 of em are staying to renovate the house and goldbloom finds an old article he wrote a while ago
they all laugh and credits roll to 60s music
the end
that was pretty good and I enjoyed it
its subtle and mild with no loud or hard moments
not much thrilling happens but its not that kinda movie
its a good look at how 60s kids turned out in da 80s
good exploration of relationships and other things
I liked it and its got a good flow and pacing
it don't feel like over 2 hours with adds
for the big chill 2 I want it to be the next week and the chick wgho b0ned that guy to get pregnant is having weird pregnancy symptoms. turns out, the dead guy entered her womb as the egg was fertilized and is gonna be reborn as her kid. but its not natural and she's having weird visions from his life and feelings. also other ghosts are going on at the house and its haunted now. its also an 8 bit Gameboy and game gear and Atari lynx game where you play as the pregnant chick and gotta get through a level without absorbing too many ghosts as they make you expand more pregnant and slow you down. also he committed seppuku after getting sick of his life and wanted to try again and orchestrated the whole get together as he knew they'd be thee and she'd b0ne dat guy and it would be his chance to be reborn.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Monster A Go Go Review

note; I hear this film s-xked. good thing my spelling doz
Monster a Go-Go!
this is my review on Monster a Go-Go! from 1965
I 1st heard of it when someone was bashing the 2004 Yugioh mobie
the film was half made in the earl 60s but they didn't finish it and later another guy needed another movie so he got the rights to it and finished it with different people
Its directged by hershal Gordon lewis who did Scum of the Earth!, Blood Feast  Two Thousand Maniacs! Moonshine Mountain,  Color Me Blood Red and A Taste of Blood
those sound like troy McClure films from the simpsons
its also directed by bill rebane who did Invasion from Inner Earth, The Giant Spider Invasion, The Capture of Bigfoot, The Game, Twister's Revenge! and Blood Harvest
those sound so bad theyre good
It stars people I never heard of and weren't in much
so it starts with a shot of space and a guys legs walking over it
seems kinda anime
then da title to what sounds like surfer or early rock music
maybe jerry lee lewis
then its urth and da narrator sez theres a space capsule in orbit to check for cr-p coming toward earth
but they lost contact with it
so these guys look for it in a forest as something fell near there
a chopper lands near it and the guys there get iced offscreen
so da cops in the area go there in an unmarked car
guess they couldn't afford a cop car
so the cops find the capsule and I guess it was manned as they keep taking about a guy calle douglas who went up in it but is gone now
hes batman
or beetle jouuice
also da chopper pilot is fd dead
meanwhile, in this 50s style home these white people talk about how they cant find frank after the capsule came back
who da f is frank?
they mean doglas?
oh and frank has a kid named jimmy who's this golly gee wiener kid like jimmy olsen in superman
the guy there gets a phone call saying they found da capsule and him and 1 of da chix goes with him
wait, I think both dames go
they drive there but after him driving em, the blonde wants to come with him and he sez no
then why'd u drive her there you dink?!
they meet da cop and they find da cop and pilot
pilot is sed to be shriveled up like a prune and be burned yet he looks ok
also theres burns on da grass
1 guy sez diuglass couldn't survive but another guy sez theres no proof he didn't
at da crime lab, they find the guy was cooked in seconds by radio active cr-p
but I think theres no sign of radio activity on the area
then then aruge over if duglis survived
they say not to tell someone
the youtube vid i'm watching this on is cr-ppy audio
then I think the main guy (he's got blonde hair) meets the head of the project chris manning
like craig manning from degrassi??
then we see cr-ppy 60s dancing by 30 year old teens
they dance so uninterested
maybe i'm spoiled by Michael Jackson and fred Astaire
a white straight same age opposite family same species couple goes out in a car to make out
after they make out for a while, she stops consenting and gets out
then she screams after seeing something and we cut to the cops finding em iced
but da girl is ok but in shock
we're 20 mins in
that felt like nothing
good pacing
even though not much happens in it
the next day logan the dr goes out to where the capsule went down and the narrator sez he bit it b4 writing down his crazy theory
so he goes out with a scan gun or w/e and theres no music or talk
just nature bird sounds
Its kinda relaxing
then this 10 foot tall abe lincon looking guy with herpys on his face grabs from from behind and I thin b0nes him dead
later chris is on a date with this blonde chick and se sez she sensed the capsule coming back and people biting it
does she has psychic abilities??
maybe it her ki?
then they get word of someone biting it and go to the site
they find the logan or w/e there with a f'd face look
so chis I think looks around and finds nothing
and cuz login never told anyone where he was going or his plans they gotta eat film to figure it out
if more people bite it, its kogans fault
then I think its 8 weeks later and nothing happened
the monster disappeared
these guys go see dr Kramer this chick and logans brother
she sez after they found the pilot his blood turned to powder
they now somehow know theres a 10 foot tall 400lb monster that's radio active
and its the guy who was went up
and they gave him a lot of radiation repellent
turns out he was using a new brand (brand x?? get joker brand) and its only in use or tests for 6 months
btw this lab scene is one long shot that just keeps going on
they put effort in this
also the chats saying how much they injected him with are inconsistent
they see the brother and he sez they gave him 2x as much
but the test animal injected with it grew 2x its normal size
but theres an antidote but it couldn't take the transformation and bit it
later the Kramer and brother r working in a lab and Kramer goes home
then narrator sez brother had the giant in a storeroom and kept it sedated
but tonight he's late for his dose
we get some cool 60s indie camera work as he goes to the monster
when he eventually gets there, the stuff hew used to make the antidote he sedated it with is f;d up
he calls some other dr and goes there and tells him what happened
other dr busts his a55 over not telling anyone of catching the monster and brother is like "I f'd up. but I just didn't think of it"
later some chix are sunbathing in bikini's and the monster finds em
they run away
then these guys get a all and hear where the thing is (near the blonde chick's place) and he tells brother a dozen people saw monster
he's the sheriff I think cuz he's got a hexagram on his shoulder and the gov puts him in charge
brother sez monster is getting worse and the antidote he gave him wore off in 5 days
and each injection wore off sooner
oh the hexagram guy is a colonel
also he took the remaining antidote and its running out and he's using it on himself
once its out and he devolves, he could infect everyone in 50 miles
so colonel decides to ice him
then its night and army guys look for him
1 soldier tries to help a 12 year old sneaking out, sees the monster, and fires
much of the battle is black screen night
also bullet's don't harm it
later this 50s dame's car f's out and a guy with a truck helps and fixes it
she tips him but he don't want her cash as hes a good guy and you shouldn't tip
then she smooches him
meanwhile the col and bro set radiation detectors everywhere but the thing still has antidote and oisnt radio active now
a radio broadcast warns of the monster and tells em to stay off da streets
but the thing was in the guys truck and got into Chicago
I always said we otta nuke the slums
and the monster has a radio active aura of 25 feet
what is this? dbgt where goku goes full power ss4 and his ki burns?
so brother sez to use detectiors in areas by where the driver was found to find the monster
and colonel wants to j fk the antidote into him
the soldiers set it up and clear da streets
eventually he monster shows up and the soldiers near it call for back up
but it drops off radar
they look for it with the camera speed meter gun the logan had and find hes in da sewer
1 guy suits up and goes in with another guy
but the radiation is spreading
but they have a decontamination spray
they eventually go in and find the monster but its suddenly gone and there's no trace of it
that's some twilight zone sh-t right there
then they get a note saying they found douglas 8 000 miles away in a life boat with no memory of the last few weeks
so its like with darien and tuxedo mask in sailor moon?
or limone and yanagiba in wedding peach?
or alice and maskerade in bakugan?
or yugi and the other yugi in Yugioh?
man japan uses that a lot
narrator goes on for a while about some attempt at being deep but it comes off more plan 9 from outer space than outer limits
then a bit of that go monster go song from b4 and feet walking in space
the end
that was interesting
yeah it kinda f'd out
but like sonic 06, they did the best they could at the time
its got a weird quirky atmosphere
long shots that have little dialogue to no
Its sort of a weird zen thing
the effects were minimalistic but it wasn't annoying or mean
it tried to be more artistic and twilight zone-y given the little budget it had
I didn't hate it and sorta enjoyed it
Its sorta like with mr rogers how he has long things of him doing normal stuff to soft piano
plus it sorta was a bit interesting
tried to have a big cosmic mystery twist and attempts at deepness
Its not as bad as everyone thinks
plus that whole "scientist becomes radioactive giant with no memory of his events" was sorta used by marvel with the hulk
and the lizard
and the alien costume
for monster a go go 2 I want it to be revealed that in the guy who was found had swapped places with an alternate dimension version of himself from the effects of the thing that caused it. so the army starts getting hobo's and experimenting on em to duplicate it. 1 hobo gets out and s able to swap with his 10 foot tall other self but retain a psychic contact with it and needs to escape the base. its also a Nintendo ds or game boy advance or play station portable game where you play as the hobo who at certain points to solve puzzles and use each characters abilities (monster strength or hobo smallness) to get past stuff and fight genetically engineered monsters to save ur hobo homies