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Scarface Review

note; my spelling is able to push it to the limit(wrong version)
scar face
this is my review on scarface ()the 30s ver)
its also called; the shame of the nation
sounds like a democrat movie lol
its produced by howard hughes and stArs paul ,muni
its based on al capone and a novel
ooh its wrote by ben Hecht
and boris Karloff has a part
and its directed by howard hawks
title text sez its an indictment on gang rule
and its based on actual cr-p
what r u gonna do about it?
some italianoes are talking about doing something at a restaurant only they ae in
the backgrounds look kinda german expressionist
then someone in silhouette caps the guy
later a newspaper guy sez theres gonna be a gang war
sounds like we need Edward g robinson as a hatchet man
muni has had a haircut or something
he lights a match on this guys sherrif badge
the guy slugs him
at the station they real a list of his crimes
they think he might've iced the guy b4
he was the guys bodyguard but sez he was sleeping during the icing
btw his name is tony
one time in grade school this kid in my bros class stood up, listed his shirt over his head and said; tony's on dope! tony's on dope!
so tony sez he saw and heard nothing
cop sez hes gonna get tony some day
i'll get u next time gadget! next time!!
later tony return tpo this place with a blonde and sez he got his face scar in the war
war with a blonde someone sez
tonys boss sez tony and him lead the guys
later tony has a dispute with his sister over her kissing guys
I think in the real version they were b0ning
he tells her; no more fellas
are hermaphrodites ok?
their mom b--ches about sister taking tonys money
later some more italianoes meet at a place
everyone wears stylish suits and hats
tonys boss sez rtheyre gonna run more beer and get more cash
and hes in charge
I think this is how j FK's dad made his cash
1 guy disagrees with tonys boss
most agree
and tony is the main enforcer
1 guy asks for a pencil
remember in the dark knight???
it fades to the next scene
I think they jokered him with it
later tony forces a guy to buy booze from him
later he drives by something and throws something in a building that blows it
later he shoots up an Irishman place
later we get a day calander and machine gun fire as the pages go by
tony is moving up
hes gay for the blonde from b4
he sez to her hes getting a new car
bulet proof glass and a steel body
tonys boss is worried people might ice him
tony aint worried
then theres a drive by
later a guy calls and don't give his name
tonys minion who answered cant write
later this irish guy was iced in his flowershop and tony's blonde asks him about it
he looks outside at a sign that sez; the world is yours
tony is making it big so hes gonna wear a new shirt every day
what a waste
hes about to make out with the blonde and his illiterate man comes in and the leave
he neets the sherrif and they go downtown
later boris Karloff is getting guns from crates
but hes brittish!
they fear guns!!
he still has that brittish accent even playing a mobster
after tony gets out on habius corpus he remeets the blonde at  restaurant
then theres a drive by and the place is shredded
man that's a lotta cars shredding it
tony is impressed they got portable machine gunz
toiny goes out and takes a few shots at em with his peashooter
tony's boss busts his a55 over icing the Irishman
tony gets drunk on power of his machine gun and goes to shred some guys
after a montage of wackings, the cops whine about trying to stop people rom owning guns
then theres more gun gang warfare montage
lotsa action and car crashes and wackings
then on valentines day a buncha guys get shredded in a silhouette room
Karloff goes there and sees his men iced
later he whines about being the only one left
the cops know tony did it but cant prove it
they otta use psychics
also some hopscotch playing kids (kids with scotch and hops???!) got shredded
a guy whines about the media ignoring all these killings as a way of trying to stop it by not talking about it
1 guy wants more deportation and anti gun laws
he also wants martial law
and compares guns to white slavery and drugs
but guns are tools, if you ban guns they use knives.
ban knives, they use hammers
ban hammers they just use kung fu
in an age of technology, the human body is the deadliest weapon(fatal fury)(I think I got it misquoted)
after a play or w/e tony gets word his men found a guy
they go to a boweling alley and Karloff is there
he rolls and gets capped as it gets a strike
later its a party and tonys there
someone complains and gets capped
his sister is there in a dress that's too hot for the 30s
but in sailor moon would be too covered up
it shows her arms and back and pits
she tries to seduce a guy
but he don't go for it
its the bosses sister!!
also tony and da blonde are there and the blonde is in a similar dress but white
nice pits
tony sees his sister and takes her out
as in outta da place
not wacked
at home he sez he'd ice her if he catches her in a lace like dat
she sez its her business what she does with men and he wails on her
come on girl. he just don't want you getting pregnant with a lotta babies at once
as he goes outside a cart opens fire on him but he dodges and drives away
good car chase
his bullet proof glass defends him
they both drive off a ledge and crash after tony swerves ahead of em
huh, according to wikipedea, this was filmed at Harold Lloyds studios and his bro Gaylord Lloyd (which now sounds like a p0rn0 name)got a popped eye from a gun accident
later tonys sister I think is dating some guy
tony somehow survived and got out and bribes a guy to lure his boss over
tony gets to the boss (wikipedea sez protégé) and has him iced
later tony stops by his blondes place
sister talks to her bf about tony
tony returns and his mom tells him his sister is b0ning a guy
sister plays piano and sings a song about a train wreck
tony comes by and wastes the bf
his sister sez they were just married
so it should be ok for them to b0ne
she calls him a mur diddly uderer and butcher and runs out
the cops somehow know tony iced the bf and all go after him
they open fire and I think the illiterate guy got it
he answers the phone and bites it
its the blonde on da phone
tony sez he didn't know
the sister comes in and pulls a gun on him
but cant do it
she changes her mind instantly and tells tony to gtfo as the cops are coming
and she sez she loves him
they try to book it but the cops are getting in
they decide to fight off the whole police squad
his place is coated in steel and he lols
but his sister got capped
for once tony is afraid
she bites it and the cops put in tear gas

the cops break in hes unarmed and begs for mercy
then runs out and gets capped
the camera shows the sign he liked saying; da whirled iz yoorz
the end
that was quite good
it seems longer than it is, but not in a bad way
muni is great in here and its got good action even by todays standards
I hear even capone liked it
i haven't really seen the 80s version but I work out to the song from it
also Brandon (a kid 5 years younger than but but was my bros friend in my 90s hood who got me into Yugioh and beyblade) showed me his scarface dvd where the guy gets chansawed
once we watched the crow and he went on a beyblade site swearing on the message boards
but this holds up and is still good
classy and cool
for scarface 2 I want tonys sister and gf to have been pregnant and their kids are 20somethings in the 50s. his sister survived and was only blacked out from stress but the dr saved her. they get into the supernatural and start going in search of cryptids in various places. also they go hunting these monsters with machine guns. in one psrt they go to Africa and find the Mokele-mbembe but its savage and tries to ice em. so they barely get out alive. they return with more armor and weapons and fight various animals in the jungle like hippoes and chimps and gorillas and try to get their revenge on the Mokele-mbembe that nearly got em. also its a 2 player run and gun like contra with 1 player as tonys son and 1 as his sisters daughter and they were funded by scarfaces fortune he had hid away in foreign banks with high interest.

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