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Freedom Writers Review

 Note: I wrote free

freedom writers

this is my reviiew of freedom writers from the distant future year od 2007 (the years stuff happened in robotech and 2 years after the transformers movie)

itss dirrected by Richard LaGravenese aand produced by the penguin from batmman returns

it  stars hilary swannk, patrick dempsy scott gglenn and  pat carroll from the 80s garfield things

i saw some of this b4 but not the whhole thing

it made like 2x its budget and got like 70% likes

so it starts with the Soviet L A riots when the evil people of that cesspool state destroyed their own city cuz they didn't like 1 court case result

then this mexican girl writes about the aztecs who bbtw, rituak sacrificed cildren to their evil gods, amnd her dad gets arrested for being in a criminal gang who capped aa guy

then shee talks about how cr-ppy it is to be ethnic in soviat LA as  the democrats are in charge and rin things into tthe ground

then its  94 when sonic 3 came out and swank goes to work in a slum school and  after they started an integration tthing, the school went to h-ll

she wants to help these junkies and ganggsters and is ideallistic and naive

so later she starts work there and her classroom is kind of a  dump

so the teens come in and 1 hits on her and the rest dont care about her and 2 homies scuffle

on break she meets the honor students teacher who sez  her malcontents will envenntually drop out

btw  tthis is by mtv films like beavis and butt head do america and jacka55 number 2

the meico teen sez how the teens divide by race and its like tribal war or a prison gang

she trys teaching tthem homers odyssey and they dont ggive a sh-t

then 1  teen lets in some big ugly guys and the alar goes off

everyone scatters a55 and theres a gang rumble  outside as the kids go nuts

do we need armed guards packing heat like in detroit or apocalpypse zero?

if this is  like a prison they shhould have guard towers and snipers

so she goes home and mcdreamy coomforts her a55 as she''s f'd  up by it

latteershe  meets wth her dad who sez these malcontent teens are not like civil rights  guys of the 60s annd she could be doing someething worth while

at home she b--ches about her dad caring about  money even though it can be used for goods and services

so later ttheres an issue and she reassigns all the teens to different seats despite their objections as she dont gget how it works in  jail

1 seemmingly good kid is afraid of going back to homie turf as tthey'd probably b0ne him dead

at  night some mexican teens go out and at a convienince store, 1 guy wants his movie back from a machine and storms out but gets capped in a drive by and the mexican chick cant go against the hitman as they protect their kind in the slums and she lies about her witnessing

wait i think she fingered him for it

swanke is told not to talk aboit her teens capin eachotheer but in class 1 teen draws a characture of a  teenn and he sees it

she raises a stink about them making fun of 1  teens lips and has a  lesson about how drawing charactatures are  like the holocost

the teens never heard of it amd she''s shocked

Its like in Dumb and Dumber where Jim Carrey was shocked to find they landed on the moon when he saw that newspaper from the 60s in that place in the 90s

also oncce when I was in high school a teachwr said a teen haad audaciry and no one knew what it meant

i said it meant chutzpa aand no one knew that either

also; if drawing cartoons  of people is as bad as she says, should we jail all newspaper catrtooni8sts for drawing President Trump bad?

so the kids get b--chy annd mexican chick b--ches about why she hates White people for a few things cops did lke schooting a teen reaching in his pocet or arresting her dad for his crimes

also they say they otta take out the groups tthey dont like

and they think whhen they dead they get respect

these dinks are mental

btw, most people today dont know about tthe holocost

not due to denial, but from not being taught

kids dont care about history and if it werent for family gguy and memes, no one who know who hitler was

grade school only teaches history up to ww1 in soviet canada and most counttry's dont teach ww2  like indiia and south america and  most of africa

so i guess her dream went up

so swanke wants to teach the teens with books but the books are for good readers as they cant afford to replace em every year from teens raeping them

shhe goes to a tteaher bbut he mocks hher as these kids are violent aniacs and he remembers when the school was good b4 these homies came

man, muchh of this  film is people tellls  swake to give up annd you dont under stand

so she does the line game wwhere she puts a line on da floor and if you are yes to a qquestion, you go 1 way and if not, you go the other

soo tthe  teens see they have a lot in common wiith theiir lives and their homies being whhackked by gangz

man L A is a cesspoole

they otta nuke it

so se gives em journals to write their thoughts in and she keeps it safe i a cabinet w/o caligari

so at home, her husband mcdreamy is gay for her and they make out with his teacher fetsh fantasy (like that adam sandler movie?) and they cut away b4 it gets to b0ning as this is pg13

mcdreamy b0ning amelia earheart

so she has a parents knight at school and no one showsso she reads their journals

most of it is hard core p0rn0 and the teens talk bout their lusty deviant fantasies


really its them being beat as kids andtheir chilhood friends being iced next to em and being in kid jail or being in gangs

she shows her dad the journalls and sez the kids are 14 (bull sh-t!!! they are like in their 20s) and dad sez to gtfo after this year and get a better job

shhe decides to get a side job to pay for more school supplys (get classcs illustrated comics) and gets new a55 books that impress the kids

she trys getting help from other school admins but he wont help

shhe sez its a catch 22 as they are told to get an eduucation but the school dont try to teach em as they never learned

so she gets a 3rd jjob to raise cash to get a field trip as iits not the magic school bus and they cant go on a field trip and turn into fish j-zz to learn about breeding salmon

mcdreemy dont like her taking all these jobs and 1 homie's brother is getting life and swankes dad pix him up to go somewhee

mexican chick sees a guy in jail and he tells her stuff aboiy keeping up da fight in their race war

so tthen its spring and they go to this holocost thing to learn about it

btw, chi na killed like 80 million under mao and pol pot did like 50ish million

plus therewas stalin taking out 55 millon or so of his people

no one talks about those victims

mght make communism look bad

so then they go to the hotel thhe tacher wprked at and meet holocost survivers and tell their part of the story

but mcdreamy is malcontent his woman is putting these malcontents above him

so then its a new schol year and 1 honor teen id tired of being asked the black perspetive on thing

in swankes class, she has a toaste to sparkling cider and sez the guys saying they cant are over

they say their hopes and 1guy says how things went bad for him but swank gae him hope

the honor teen wants to go to swanls class as the honors class was not super pc about her blackness aan the staff and honor teachr are disgruntleed by it

latr, mcdreamo asks if she can teach normal kids as shes not used to teaching smart pwople and she gets p-ssed

also hes displeased tthat her teaching thee maniacs are f ing his life plans

so the teen read anne franke and get it andd mexican chick wants her to ice hitler

spoilerr; he escapes to south america

see the history channel ffor more

later mexicano gets p-ssed rhat anne frannk gets it and 1 guy sez shhe lives on as a book and boned up on her other books at the library

for the class thing she wants emm to write a letter to a chick who helped anne with an e and they want to have the letters sent and to meet her

so she has a bg montage of rraising cash and trying to find the anne  friends info aand the kids getting along and thee papes weiting of swanke

so thry get the friend over and she tells of anne getting caught and sez anyone can turn on a small ligght in a dark room anndd they are real heroes

that was acctuallly good

soo meican chick sez  the man who fingered her dad for the crime was just protecting his own kind and shhe dontget what to do as i guess the guy she saw in jail was her dad

the guy who's brother got life reconsils with his mom

in court the mexican chick tellls the truth and outs her cousin or w/e ffor killing the guy

laterthe mexicans come forr her and say shhes a race traitor and cuz her dads a big shot sshe gets to live but one day, she goes to h e double mexico

she has to skip town and tallks to swakne who lets her stay late aand can drive her

then another cchick comes by and is nice to her

so getting 'd for doing the truth is like when someone says something thats factually correct but not politically correct and gets fired for it

so after a montage of teaching emm and ahowing em freedoom riders and the good kid says hes learned couragge and has it as he stayyed in class

soo swanke  comes home and finds mcdreamy is ditching her for not bbeing tthere for him or her putting him through so much

this mskrs him look bad but if he was a woman ditching her mann for not putting her 1st, she'd be the good guy

he dont wannna be the wiffe in the relationshiip and knows she'd choose hher work over him

so the brother guys bbrother ggets 15 years despite evidence

tthe class finds out she only teavhes thee 1st 2 years and they are moving to year 33 ad they get disgruntled

they hhave silly iideas  liike painting the admin building with A55 HOLES in various colors or going arounfd in a bus  beating people up

so she  meets with her dad who  gives advice  and at school the admminn sez theres union rules that say she cant move on with the kids

more proof unions f things up

so they have a meeting and none  of the teachers wanna bend

so she  dont get to advance with em

brother guy gave himself an F and she gives a tallk to get him back in the game

he cannt take it andpulls out a gun annd blows his head open after saying "1 way out!"


so she goes in and tellss em she cant move on wth em and they show respect

later the students stuuff iis sent tio someone in the board and theres another meetng and she gets to teach jr ans sr year

then text saying they graduated and other freedom writers programs started to help kids

then credits to hip hip thats not bad

the end

wtf, ted s kennedy?! the bro of the guy the gov iced?

bob baron? like robert v barron from robotech and bill/ted 1?

but that ws pretty good

it had good music and heart and a bit of 90s to it

it one of the later 00s movies that still felt good and i thought it told a good story while being a bit repetitive with everyone telling her to give up and she dont

i'm glad i saw it through

the europeann lady telling the kids they matter was pretty good

its got some heart and still shows the teens as malcontents

for freedom writers 2 i wwant it to be about the mexican chick as  she evads the gangs and goes from town to town while solving other peoples issues kinda like in highway to heaven. also its ann 8 bit mini game compilation whee you gotta beat all the mini games on sega master system and game gear, nes and gameboy, atari 7800 and lynx and tg16 where you play as her.

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