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The Lost World Review

 note; i spell lost

the lost worldf

this is my rebirw on the lost world from, 1925

is based on as book by Arthur Conan Doyle anfd has effectsd done by ray harryhausens mentor willis obrien

its directed by Harry O. Hoyt who did the 27 The Return of Boston Blackie, which i assume is a race film

its gopt lewis stone from the 20s Prisoner of Zenda, Lloyd Hughes from the 30s Moby Dick, tthe evil wallace beery, Arthur Hoyt from the 20s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Virginia Brown Faire from The Temptress (Did I see that?), the kindhearted Bull Montana from Gay and Devilish (Sounds like a demon p0rn0), Jules Cowles from 2 versuions of The Scarlet Letter, Margaret McWade from Mr Deeds Goes To Town, Chrispin Martin from The Ix Bow Incident and The Gay Desperado, and some 1800s dudes i never heard of

this film helped makee King Kong possible which lead to Japan making Kaiju films after they did 30s Kong films befoire the war

I dssaw this b4 and liked it

so after creditswe get the london record joyrnal in soviet england

so professor challenger (like the space ship that blew in the 80s?) is suiong a guy over dinosaus beiing real

1 reporter wants to go on a dangerous mission but is a clutz and spills ink on sh-t and slips on some floor thing and lands in the office

the head guys want him toi interview the challenger even though reporters are not allowed

probably cuz the press is the bad guys

so he goes to the zoological thing and theres a skeleton of a long neck dino

a hunter is gonna check out challengers story and students are gonna mock him for saying dinosaurts still live

spoiler; in the congo is tales of the mokele mbembe which the locals say is a dinosaur

plus ancient drawing on walls in America show dinosaurs

plus the natives of America say thunderbirds ate large lizard creatures in the past

plus asian ittems fromn thousands of years ago showe dimnosaurs that are quite accurate to hat scientists say dinosaursa looked like

and ancient greeks said dinosaurs were the naturall enemies of elephants in india

look it up

tthe evidence is there

so in here its said the dinosaurs are from the amazon in soouth america

so reporter has a guy bring him in and at the meeting the group sez they cant support challengers claims, but will give him a chance to explaim bimself

nowadays they'd kick him out fir going against the grain

challenger goes up and dinks dare him to show proof

he counters saying he wuill if they coime with him to the jugnle and wants a committee to return to the lost wortld with him

1 60 year old accepts as he thinksd challenger is fuill of sh-t

the hunter comes too and so does reporter who flees when admitting hes a reporter b4 the nerds get him

chakllenger goes home and erporter, edward e malone (like edie e from final fight) sneaks in challengers place

he sez his gf wont marry him until he nearlky died and must go and challenger fights him in a grapplinmg battle as they roll around to the outside

a cop pulls him off aND edie e doont press charges

edie e sez hunter is his  homioe and challenger takes him in and hunter comes in too

challenmger shows him the diary and this chick ciomes in as every movie needs a woman

the diary is hers and her dad was some guy who dud siomething

oh she was with him and found a plateau with dinosaurs in it

the crew got freaked and booked it aand she and dad were left there

and thats why chalenger is trying to have a expidition there, to save him

then how'd sghe get out and baclk??

edie e sez the papper would help if its a rescue story and had the rights to it

challenger accepts and i think hunter is gaty for chick and going for her

so news gets out and the parrty goes to the jungle in rivers

nowadays they'd have a long part of the trip to the jungle from theire homeland

maybe a thing of them boarding the boat to cross the sea

they see weird animals like the sloth and they make it to the plateau

some bears get in the supply's  and are full grown midgets

theres an ape man lurking around in good make up

chick sez her dad made a bridge across a cvhasm with a tree

they plan to c.imb it the next day and rocks fall from sasquyatcxh creatures up therre

a pteranodon flies around, which were mentioned by the greeks in the past

the next day they chop down a tree and use it as a bridge and a long neck notices

they cross the tree and this ape demon watches

chick nearly faints but makes it across

the long neck lifts and throws a tree with its mouth and neck, which I don't think works

it eventually knocks off the log bridge and now they cant get back

why not cut another tree and move it there?

thertes trees right next to it!

so they campo for da knight and the ape yokai is lurking around

chivck thinkks if her dad was alive, he'd have seen the fire and come

2 2 legged dinos fight annd 1 wins

some triceratioops are around and run as the carnivore attacks but the fight kinda peeders out and he leaves

later the carnivore attacks the humans and bites a flaming log and gets shot at by hu mans

thebn it fights a horned duino and gets it

chumpus attracks and runs and another carnivore takes out the horned dino

its pretty cool

this is before scientists started sayuing dinosaurs were devolved birds

spoiler; evolution s non canon!

the carvivore also takes out a pteranodon

so later challenger screws with flexible trees and is gonna make a catepult wuith it to throw rocks at the dinos

huinter finds a LOCKEET with a pictuire of a girl in it in a cave

he fires his gun tio waste bullets and get peoples attention and some guys bring a rope ladder

theyt use a monnkey to bring it up and hunter sez to chick her dad might still be out there

edie e seems to be i love with chick and he thinks he'd never see his fiancee again

hunter comes in and sees them smooching

in a  berserk fury, he aims his riufle at them and blows their heads open with 1 shot each, then puts the gun in his mouth and blows the back of his skull open

jk, really hes  kinda bummed and they tell him a prpofessor used tio be a minister

he sends edie e out to get the proff and theres a good shot of them in the foreground and dinoes in the background

challenger and a dude go after it to observe it and hunter showes chick the lovket and she figgers its her dads and he's in h e double england

challenger and I THINK 60 year old watch carnivore fuight longnexck and longneck bites its throat but falls ofgff a cliff into water

imagine if it fell into riovcks and splattered like butters in the ep with marjorine of south park?

so apington is moving around and hours lsater the guys watching the dinoes aree not back

a volcano is spaazzing out and the dinoes run as the toxic smnoke gooes on

they made these hugfe monsters look small compared to the didsaster

so the forest burns and afterwards the  guys out there are heading fior the cave hunter and chivk is ion

the monkey climbs up with a rope an they climb down

\how'd they get up there in the 1st place?!

so a longneck in in the mud and looks wounded and i think its the omne that fell

the ape man pulls up the  rope ladder and a guy is still on it

1 guy caps the ape man not tarzan and he gets down

they see the busted long neck stuucck in the mud and tjheres a gfood shot of itrt in the foireground and the humans behind and above  to show  how huge it is

then a guy from the brazil geoderttic survey sees the smoke and comes by and sees the dinosaur in da mud

hunter i think offers to get it to soviet london alive

didnt this happen in king kong?

so xhallenger sends for men to dregde out the strream, make a steel cage and raft that can hold it, then whjen the rains come newxt month, they float it out

how will it stay alive for a month in the mud? will they feed it?

And where will the steel come from??

then its soviert london under the rule of the evil king and challenger gives a speech to the nerds about eddie e getting the monster from the ship

edie e calls and sez the cables broke at da dock and the monster got out and is having a Rampage 64 on the town

1st; this is where kaiju films got it from

2nd: If its cage breaks, howe diid it survive? the metal can hold it but its stronger than metal?

so it goes through the town as people spazz out and challenmger sez the thing got out and he must recapture it

how?! Its te size of a whale!

people think challenger is faking it and there is no dino And go nuts

outside the monster knocks people over with its tail and knockds over a statue like a malcontent protester

1 guy is nearlty stepped on but he shoots it and escapes

it busts a building and goes on a bridge and with a stomp, busts it and falls in the water

really good editing and effects to synchro it

in the cold water of soviet london, this jungle creaturte swims off perfectly fine

edie e and chick reunite and hunter looks on with feelings

it ends with challenger looking over the bridge as the monster escapes

the end

that was pretty good

nice silent b/w or sepia style fullscreen film

clean and wholesome with action and ADVENTURE

great effects, esp for the 20s and it started things that weere used in lATER FILMS

this inspired jurassic park, godzilla, king kong, gamera and ray harryhausen

this is actually the consensed cut and there's a restored cut thats almost an hour longer

this holds up and is a well made film

its a cool movie that isnt a mile a minute speed fest that don't give time to breath\e

Plus I hewwar Arthur Conan Doyle and his fam liked it

For The Lost World 2 I want it to be about the dinoi that escaped tearing up ireland and the people fight in vain against ther monster, its also a 32/64 bit survival horroree game on playstation, sega saturn, 3d0 and n64 where you go through the villages and try to escape irerland and evade the monster and malcontent irishmen. And for The Lost World 3 I want iut to be the 40s and ww2 didn't happen cuz this is a 20s movie and people have went to the jungle and wiped out most of the dino's and a team is hunting for the last one to save but 1 guy is trying to ice it so there wqill be no more hunts. that's a 32/64 bit 3d platform action game on sega saturn, playstation, 3d0 and n64 where you go through the jun gle levelsd and fight ape men who are offspruing of humans and demons from the past.

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