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Bonnie And Clyde Review

note; you try spelling right on this cr-ppy keyboard. homie
bonnie and clyde
this is my review on bonmnie anf cklude(the 60s ver)
as a kid I thought they were both dudes
like brothers or homies
my dad said the only male bhonnie was bonnie prince Charles
I saw the 2010s remake which was more historically accurate
it also said clybe was b0ned in prison and wanted to break out the prisons to start a malcontent uprisings
in other words; what many protesters want
the credits have a 30s feel and plays a 30s song
we get title cards of the characters that gives their backstories
then bonnie goes around nude but not showing her nipples
she talks to a guy trying to jack her grammas car and they get along
she sez shes going to work and he eventually guesses shes a waitress
he sez hes does armed robbery
she shouldn't be with that crook
hes gonna turn her
he also sez he chopped up a foot to get off work detail in prison
self mutilation!
she questions his actually being in armed robbery and he pulls a gun
she sez hes too candy a55 to use it so he jacks a place and they book it
while driving away they make out or b0ne or w/e
but he pulls away
he claims hes not into b0ning and don't like dudes
she leaves and he sez shes worth more than just being normal
she stays with him and he reveals he figured out her life story
hes psychic!
he read her mind!
he knows she wants more to her life
like the little mermaid
spoiler; she bites it in the book
the disney version changed the ending so they could make cr-p sequels
like the hunchback of notre dame
she goes to live with him in a house and he sleeps in a car
he then shows off his gun skills and trains her to use a gun
a guy stops by and clyde aims at him
but the guy sez the bank took his house
he and his fam are leaving
so clyde shoots the bank sign
then the guy does
then a black guy comes by and shoots the windows
then they introduce themselves and say they rob banks
they try robbing a bank but the bank is broke
so they shoot the windows
1 guy they try robbing attacks clyde
hes surprised a guy he pulled a gun on wasn't nice to him
"ai never was gonna hurt him"
hows he supposed to know that?! ur holding him ay gunpoint
I missed a bit as I was editing my Go Nagai Wiki but b/c got more members to their gang
is this supposed to be like robin hood and his marry men?
after another bank robbery they watch gold diggers of 1933 (the part with "we're in the money")
its weird seeing a b/w film on screen in a widescreen color film
later clyde tells bonnie to leave as he just iced a guy and he's known by cops(but she aint)
she declines
then they b0ne
but he cant b0ne her as his parts don't work
later jean Hackman comes by and is bonnies dad
they take pictures
then gene Hackman talks to clyde about b0ning bonnie
I think gene Hackman isn't her dad
I hope not anyway
unless hes a millennial
clyde wants to have a vacation in mizuri(the confederate state)
I think jean Hackman is clydes prison homie
on the car ride jean khankman tells a joke about brandy in milk
they move into a house
bonnie wants to have some private time with clyde but theres always someone in the next room
later bonnie reads an article she wrote for the newspaper
then the cops open fire on the place and a gunfight breaks out
they get out and one guy capped a cop
he otta get the chair for that
bonnie and clyde argue over cutting some dead weight loose and bonnie insults clydes redneck ancestry
that's racist
call the racist police and have her arrested for being racist
then bonnie sez she is just stressed from being shot at
while driving 1 guy reads the paper and sez the b/c gang has a lot of wrong and vague info printed of them
a cop is caught by them and they hassle him
hes tied up and held at gunpoint
this is like what the malcontents today would want
1 guy suggests icing him
but they take pictures of him with the gang
I assume they were b0ning him in the real version
these guy are lolling and joking about torturing a guy who never wronged them
its like in the crow
the cop does something they don't like(I didn't see. I think he spat out bonnies aids kiss)
so they beat on him and send him in the river in a boat
that's sexual harassment
he didn't consent to being kissed
this IS like the crow
later they jack a bank
they announce who they are
oh, jean Hackman is ctyldes bro
as they escape they get attention from onlookers
we get a montage of citizens reacting to the b/c gang and a car chase
later jean hackmans woman isn't getting paid and she wants her share
bonnie don't wanna pay her as she wants the cash for her fam
later gene wilder is making out with a chick and the b/c gag jacked his car
send peter boyle or orange midgets after em!
he and his woman chase em in some other car
but the b/c gang turns around and chases them
they both stop and the b/c gang harasses em
what were they gonna do when they caught em?
theres like 2x as many malcontents as them
they get captured by the b/c gang
they gon get b0ned!
this is like the crow
on the car ride jean hackmin tells the brandy milk joke and gene wilder laughs
they got stockholme syndrome
the chick he was b0ning reveals shes 33 and hes not pleased
they get burgers together
when gene wilder sez hes an undertaker the bonnie kicks em outta the car to be b0ned by wandering biker gangs
later bonnie runs away cuz she want to see her mom
but cluyde stops her
I missed a BIT BUT THEy have a picnic with the mom in this wasteland
I missed a bit but I think someone bit it
later clybe comforts bonnie
later jean hankcons woman tells her backstory
later the cops attack the b/c gangs home
they shred the place with gunfire
but the b/c gang fights back with machine guns and grenades
jean hackmon got his head blown open by gunfire
1 guy got shredded
the hacnkmans wife got an eye popped
this movie is bad a55
they drive away somehow and in the night field they regroup
the next day the wake up to gunfire and orders to surrender
so they run away
jean Hackman gets iced and his woman caught
b/c run but bonni gets shot in the shoulder
but they get away
I missed some cleaning my place up but clyde wants to do something big
later 1 gang member reunites with is
f butt
my comp broke while typing this and I had to wait til its on again to finish this
now I'm on a new computer and the keyboard isn't synchroed to me
k I'm watching it from the beginning again and found faye dunaway is bonnie
I hear shes Christian
also she was in that joan "crawl up my a55" Crawford film; mommie dearest
I was born the same day as Christina Crawford
just like a few decades later
back to where I left off
b c and the other guy they're with get water from some people living in the wasteland
I think that's the part I missed while cleaning
the other guy brings b/c to his dad and tells em its b/c
the papers are blaming b/c for things they wernt around for
the other guy I always referred to as "unidentified suspect"
while with b/c the dad is cheerful but when alone with his son hes a harda55
the cops have gene hackmans woman and here eyes are dead
they try to get info from her by being nice
the cop blames clyde for gene hackmins getting his head busted open
he lead him down the wrong path
she reveals the other guy's name
c w moss
later bonnie writes a poem about her and clyde
clyde wants to send it to the papers
bonnies poem makes them look like the good guys
and blames everyone else for them being seen as bad
I'm sure stalin and mao and mandela had similar views too
later, clyde has finally b0ned bonnie
but they arnt married!
LATER  they are in bed (they b0ned in a field b4) and think about going straight
the dad of c w sez for cw to not go back in the car with em
and he made a deal with the cops to keep c w safe
but c w thinks cylde cant be caught cuz he has "a sense"
spider sense?
the next day are out and cw is keeping em waiting
the cops go by and clyde has bonnie go home with him
while driving they plan to return in 20 mins to get him
but then they see a guy fixing a flat tire
they stop and the cops shred em with gunfire
they empty a lotta guns into em
I think the tire guy was c w 's dad
the end
that was pretty good
I liked it
would've been cool to use 80s special effects to show gene hackmans head busted open
like that guy in pet semetary
for bonnie and clyde 2 i'd like for c/b's getting iced to start a malcontent uprising wit their fans and they end up tearing apart cities in acts of demented lust for "justice". its being lead by c w as he's disgruntled with letting them get iced and has collected pieces of em that came off in the shooting and eaten em so they can live on as part of him. eventually he busts open a prison and starts a rampage as its something clyde wanted. but the inmates all start b0ning him as the are convicts and have no loyalty or respect for anyone besides their own desires. the scene of him getting gang b0ned lasts 6 minutes and he eventually explodes from getting b0ned too much(or ruptures and falls apart into mush) then in bonnie and clyde 3 the b0ned much they were becomes an abomination and starts attacking cities and America needs to work with Mussolini to stop it as he has fought this kind of thing b4 in his youth.

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