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The Invisible Man Review

note; will my spelling improve? maybe some day
the invisible man
this is my review on the invisible man(1933 ver)
I saw hollow man(which is a title lie as he's not hollow)(if I have clear pepsi the bottle isn't "hollow") but its not the same
the book was written by h g wells
I think my dad read me the classics illustrated comic book of this story in the turn of the century
this movie has the delicious voiced claude rains as the hero/villain
kinda like lon chaney
the title character yet bad guy
I thought he was grand in angel on my shoulder
in later invisible man films Vincent price was the character
he's also got a great voice
after logos and an NRA thing, we get credits
ooh, james whale did this
it starts with a guy fully covered going through a snowstorm to an inn
sounds like an RPG
I think these guys are brits
everyones lolling until the covered man comes in
he wants a room and a fire
the inn owners woman has an awful brit voice
get henry Higgins to whip her a55 into shape
the covered man has goggles and don't wanna undress
he also wants his cr-p brought over from the station
she brings him diner and he lets her know he wants to be undisturbed
she goes down and brings the mustard but when she goes up he covers his mouth
when she leaves he shows he has no mouth
she tells the guys he's covered in bandages and assumes he was in an accident
meanwhile a blonde and her dad talk about a guy named jack
Violence jack???
\that would be bada55
him bustin up brits!
she's worried about where jack went off to
another dr sez him and jack worked on food preservation
\also jack isn't into her
the blonde goes mental
later the covered guy is working in a 30 style lab and the ownrs woman comes in
he gets her out and she goes mental
she b--ches at her husband over wanting money from the covered man
meanwhile the covered maN IS DISGRUNTLED HOW SHE Ruined his as work nd he needs a way back
the owner sez that the covered man has to go cuz of his throwing cr-p and swearing driving away business
also he sed his woman sed either the man or her goes
kick her a55 out
the owner tries to bust the mans cr-p so he throws him down the stairs
\then they get the cops
all the man wants is to be left alone
and these awful brits are f ing him up
hes had enough!
he takes his coverings and hes see through
really good effects for 1933
they book it
this ne cop who I think has autism is totally monotone and unstartled sez to get him b4 he GETS NUDE
they get there and he gets nude
he sez he njected cr-p under his arm every day 4 a month and can rule the world
he can rob r-pe and kill
didt he wanna be cured?
why'd he go nuts?
he gets out and rides a bike naked
then f's up the town
riding a bike nude?!
that's wrong!
in sailor moon S sailor venus rode a bike in a miniskirt
as did miko mido in one ep of la blue girl
the autistic cop calls for help
really good effects in here though
the dr;s from b4 look through a lab and find a chemical list
one thing on it is monocaine
its a bleaching plant from india that was late found to drive animals injected with it nuts
but many books on it were printed b4 the animal tests
proof that animal testing is good
the dr listens to the radio and it sez theres a disease that makes people think theres an invisible man with em
another cer up
then the invisible man reveals hmself and sez he needs a surgical bandage to cover himself
he also has a cig
its a well done effect of invisible smoking
he is later seen in jammies w/ gloves and no head
he sez hes strong and can strangle him
the dr is nervous and not sure if he can use the phone
he don't know where the man is
meanwhile the ten had bigger cops come by and bash them over a hoax as they cant find any invisible man
but hes in visible!
the invisible man is outside!
how'd u see him then??
he comes to the dr in bandages and tells the movie recap until now
also he's drunk on power
yeah he's invisible
but hes not stronger or faster
just get a blind kung fu guy and ur good
he wants to wreak havoc on the area and use the dr as a partner
so the joker now?
they go to the village in a car to get his notes
at the inn the villagers are giving stories of their encounters
but the big cop writes em off
btw, claude raines is deliciously evil as the invisible man
kinda like megatron or no heart from care bears
the invisible man sneaks in, gets his books and brings em out the window to the dr
btw he's fully nude during this
like in kekko kamen
or cutey honey
or devilman lady
or other go nagai comcs
the invisible man busts up the meeting an they all flee
if they teamed up they could take him
he busts the big cops head with a wood stool
in the real version I assume hs head splattered like a squash
they then drive home
the newspaper reports the head busting but the people deny it like when the qvveen wacked daiaina
while eating the invisible man tells of places he cant go or he'd be exposed
smoggy cities(NY/LA)
even dirt under his nails can expose him
as can undigested food
later the police force sends out heir whole forces to find him
the radio broadcasts the news to the public
they say to admit uniformed search parties to all property
couldn't crooks dress up and take advantage of this?
then as the invisible man sleeps, the dr calls the dad and tells him of the invisible man being there
people call in from all over and offer suggestions to catch him
the cops are sent to the dr's house
the invisible man comes in and talks to the dr but then the cops come
a car sows up and its the blonde and dad
the blonde tries to help the invisible man
he sez he loves her and only tried to use this cr-p to be rich to win her
also hes mad and she ells him that the monocaine drives him nuts
he don't care and wants power
he sez the moon is scared of him
yeah hes nuts
he hears cop dogs and sez hes gonna come back afyter defeating them
the whole world is his hiding place
the cops outside link hands and approach
he sez he gonna ice the dr at 10 pm and leaves
he f's with the cops and gets away
man brit cops s-ck
they don't even have guns
the invisible man jacks a cops pants and skips down the road skipping and singing
this is awesome
the dr tells the cops the invisible man wants to waste him
they try to protect him
the invisible man f's with cops searching for him and causes a train crash
why don't they just take a swing at him?
u got like 6 other senses besides sight
hearing, touch, smell, taste, ESP, and Ki sensing
oh and seeing auras
so 7 esides seeing
he steals cash from a bank and gives it away
the cops decide to disguise the dr and bring him to another location
why not just seal him in a locked thing?
well, he could just torch the place
they put dirt on top of a wall incase he climbs it and have sprayers to color him
but hes already inside!
the calls are comming from inside the house!
the maniac's INSIDE the mailbox!
the dr drives away and the cops blast a cat as they think its the invisible man on the wall
its 10 00 and the invisible man is IN the car with the dr
he rode the bac of the car and stayed with him the whole time
he easily overpowers the dr as the dr don't fight back
candy a55 brits!
he sends the dr on a car ride down a cliff
it blows up
later a farmer finds the invisible man sleeping in his barn by his snoring
its snowing and the farmer out him to the cops
the cops go there and set the ban on fire
that's private property!
or to Englishmen not have property rights?
like n soviet Canada!
they see his footprints sinking into the snow and they cap his a55
I thought brits couldn't have guns
the invisible man was shot through both lungs and a health dr sez the drugs should wear off as he bites it
the invisible man regrets his cr-p and talks with the blonde
then he cooley turns visible and the film ends
that as cool
hard to keep up with the action and type this at he same time
its got good speed and pacing
really good effects
how da f did they do em in 1933?
sound films were only out for like 7 years by then!
this film is awesome
for the invisible man 2 i'd like for the invisible treatment to have given him a new life by saving him by the invisibility dying instead of him. he tries to live a normal life with his busty blonde gf but the friends of those he iced in his cray days want revenge. they hunt him down and he and his gf have to keep running/ after they catch then they beat up and b0ne the gf for siding with him and his anger causes the invisibility to reawaken and with super strength. h goes around busting them apart and b0ning the with their own limbs and saves his gf. then he turns out he's growing really buff and strong and can turn visible or invisible at will and goes around fighting crime and eating people he ices as his buff muscles need a lot of protein

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