Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman Review

note; if you have a giantess fetish; this is for you!
attack of the 50 foot woman
this is my review on attack of the 50 food woman (50s version)
I saw a few mins of da 90s one years ago
but I haven't seen this 1
but I saw the dexters lab ep attack of the 50 footed woman or w/e
after some credits, the news sez a fireball was seen in the sky
in various places
news guy calculates the fireball being over California in minutes
this sphere lands in front of a car and this space this freaks her out and she runs
we just see a alien hand
meanwhile this couple talks about icing the guys wife to get her cash
the wife had headaches and took to booze
the gf wants the husband to lock the wife up
the wife returns to town (she was da 1 who saw the sphere) and everyone thinks shes drunk
a cop contacts the husband but he bribes him to lie about not finding him
the cops go to investigate the wifes claims of a 30 foot giant
its like Robotech but the Zentraedi were 50 feet
they find her car but no alien
btw its hand looked kinda evangelion
she sez it was after her diamond necklace
the cop sez it might've been a hobo
she returns home and has a drink
she tells off her husband for b0ning that gf
he sez she PULLED A B0NER by claiming she saw something
dat 50s slang
she tells him off for only being into her cash
but she still loves him and sez sorry
I just noticed its widescreen
she tells of her encounter with the space demon
she also sez she wasn't drinking
nowadays we'd know as she was driving
but this is da 50z
later he undresses her and puts her to bed talking about her staying in the nuthouse and them separating
he gives her a sleep pill and goes out
at the bar the gf dances with her big hips and showing off her pits
husband comes in and gf b--ches at him
he tells her the wife is going nuts and seeing spaceships
also hes gonna give her his wifes diamond
the dr sez the wife has exhaustion and needs rest
and no booze
also he sez it might ice her to go back to da nut house
after dr leaves wife comes down and questions him
she knows about him b0ning the gf and anting her committed
he is a d-ck and she drinks again
then the news sez she saw the alien and space thing
news guy is a d-ck and she smashes the tv with a booze glass
she and husband drive out to find the alien again
yeah like its gonna stay in the area when it can circle the globe
they find nothing
then they find it
a giant man comes out and after emptying his gun into it, husband drives off
oh and the giant grabbed her
at home husband tries to pack but butler confronts him
so they kung fu fight
punch him in da hot dog!
husband wins but butler calls da cops
husband goes to his gf's place but as he leaves the cops get him
he tries a bribe but its refused
the director of this also did The Deadly Mantis,  20 Million Miles to Earth, The Brain from Planet Arous, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad and First Men in the Moon
at the station its found the wife was on top of the pool house
oh and there were scratches on her neck
and radiation on her
the cops ask what he did with her but the gf alibies him
later the gf tries to get the husband to ice the wife with a drug overdose injection
he goes to inject her but the nurse turns on a light and finds shes huge
later they bring in much chains, plasma and an elephant syringe
the dr suspects its cuz of radiation
shes in a coma and they want husbands permission to operate
later they find a huge footprint on da ground
later the head cop and butler find the alien ship and realize the alien put her on the pool house roof
they go in the ship and find diamonds in glass
the alien returns and they try to drive away and shoot at it
it looks kinda like Dolza from Robotech
the alien smashes their car and goes off
later the wife wakes up and wants her husband
they drug her with morphine but she wanes up
she busts out of the house
holy cr-p its nearly an hour in
but nothing happened!
she comes out in a 50s bikini or dress or w/e and goes to get her husband for cheeting on her
there are several shots of her walking in front of a green screen and edited over the area to look bigger
wtf shes around the size of a 2 story house
yet b4 she was as big as a power lines thing
theres no scale!
and its always the same green screen footage
so she goes to the hotel and reaches in to the bed room
but hes not there
then to the bar or club or w/e and tears it open
she picks him up and I think the debris crushes the gf
the cop shoots a power thing, it blows and takes her out
oh and her husband bit it somehow
the end
that was pretty good
most of the movie was build up to the final few mins of her walking around
its sorta like dbz how they power up for 15 mins then blast ki for 2
but its a good 50s sci fi film
and it started the giantess fetish
I'm not into it though
but its got that 50s charm and fun
and it flows well and doesn't drag or feel long
for attack of the 50 foot woman 2 I want the alien to go to japan and get a diamond from a ninja clan. but the ninja's fight back against it using ninja magic. its a remote part pf japan with a ninja village in the forest training for years isolated. also they have a huge karakuri golem they can drive to fight the alien when things get too tough. its also a 16 bit sega genesis, super nintendo and Atari jaguar game where you play as the ninja and go through forests, temples beaches, volcanoes and other places to find the hidden karakuri gears to revive the golem to fight the alien. oh and the karakuri golem is designed like a bikini chick so its the 50 foot woman here.

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