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Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland Review

 Note: I spell dream like

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

this is my review on Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland from the distant future year of 1989 (The year something anime happened b4 199X)

its based on a comic from the 1900s and was animated by TMS

after this came out it failed at the box office and TMS recouped its losses by doing work for Warner Bros and their great 90s stuff like Timy Tooons, Batman and Animaniacs

This movie had a long hard production and was worked on by a buncha guys like Hayao Miyazaki, Ray Bradburry and George Lucas before eventually being finished

it stars, the kid who was littlefoot in the land before time 1, mickey rooney, William E Martin from Baulders Gate and GoBots, Neil Ross, Alan oppenheimer, Michael Bell, Sherry Lynn, Nwncy Cartwright, Tress Macneille (Both from the simpsons), Michael McConnohie, Michael Gough, June Foray an Greg Berger

So after credits to a positive song about dreams and how there's all this magic and promise in it, we see Nemo in bed and it flies out

No its not Captain Nemo nor the Fish from that Disney movie

btw I regently beat the NES game of this and it was brutal.

so this has really good fluid animation and designs

nemo wakes up and id amwzed his bed is flying him around the town

he flies in the sky and has such fun to good usic and through the colouds that Aladdin totally didnt rip off

then he's in some cloud city nd his bed falls through some sorta water barrier and through a tnnel a train comes after him on

it goes into water but keeps going and busts his bed and he escapes hme as the train busts in

then he wakes up

then the title


its wodecreen!

so then its daytimee and heres a circus parade and nemoy and his flying squirrel whos not june foray go to see it

his squirle is named icarus like gohans pet in the garlic jr arc and sounds like guilomon from the bad digimon season

the ringmaster invites him on a  hore ride and tells everyone to get ticketas

at home,, nemo bugs his dad to take him to the circus but he has work to pay for foo so he sez maybe tomorrow

latwr nemo is sleep walking at nighte and icarus helps him down da stairs

he gors into the fridge aand tries to jack a pie but mom stops him and he returns to bed

da nexte daye the dead moon circus from sailor moon season 4 comes in, or is it the queen of hearts uys from alice in wonderbread? and this professor comes in to invite nemo to slumber land for king morpheus (not larry fishburn from the increasingly bad matrix moviees) to play with da princess

nemo dont wanna play with her cuz shes a girl but they briibe him with sweets and he change his toon

also there's an airship like in Steel Empire on Sega Genesis

so he leaves a note and they fly off to slumberland totally not like with Peper Pan which came out around the same time

they let Nemo drive the airship as its the 1900s and no one cares about grade schools smoking or driving

affter getting past da knightmare and clouds, they nake it to slumberland which looks like Hyrule in the Snes Zelda game map

they are met by flip who looks like a bum and flies a huge crow like the one in the secret on nimh wjo prossessor sez to stay away from

so in the kingsland the king is gone and everyone ditches nemo to look 4 him

flip comes by and has a map of nightmaareland and slumberland and nemo trusts hhim

flip knows secret passahes and finds an upsidedown area (this was in the nes game) and they crawl on ceiling furntiure until nemo falls and winds up in a train area

circus guy comes by and looks like santa (not pplayed by mickey rooney) or uyghur in hokuto no ken and nemo helps him fix his toy train

the train drive off and they head it off at the pass and ride it (this too was in the nes game)

after a  livley ride they crash into professor and its revealed santa here is king morpheus who wanys to be called morphy

morphinominal wants to make  neno his heir and gives him the golden key to open any door in slumberland, but don't open the dragon door.

what is this? The Garden of Eden?!

As this was paartly based on The Biible, can they putt it on the Histry Channel?

It worked for 2012!

so Nemo meets da princess wjo's on a harp singing a song and prfesser ditches em

after a bit of bickering over little things, she sez hes cute and shes gonna  shows him slumberland

also icatus is nemo'a best friend as i guess he dont get along with the kids at school

as a kid, my ca was my best friend as the kids at school were awful

after some action with icarus, princess shows him around slumberland with livley imagination and exotic animals for the 1800s like gaters and zebras and ostrich

then it rains and they fly on buterflly wings andwear dandylion fluff

then nmo has to get schooled in proiceness and he has a load of teachers and 1 is a  thicc fat chick who daces with nemowith his head in her  huge chest like  with lucoa from miss kobayashi's dragon maid

also he learns fencing and soup eating and horse riding

is he training to be a 30s movie star?

after dat flip gives him his hat and coat and theyescape to a police station andflip messes with the cops who beat on eacjj other thinking it was the otjer

after they chase flip and nemo through a scooby doo thing, they escape on his crow they see a dinosaur like gertie at a music thing thatthey make sneeze with a bird feather and drop a  tent its holding up

also flip has a high bounty on him like hes a one piece pirate

they trigger the fireworks and 1 pops a cloth on em that brings em down

after they escape undergrund like in beast machines, they face bats and find a  huge door that yugioh zeal totally didnt rip off

its got the dragon sign on it and neemo knows the king told him not to open it

flip eggs him on into opening it and inside is black goo like the organic stuff also in beast machines

flip bookss it and nemo goes after him w//o locking it and now its night and its time for nemo to be coronated

nwmo aand flip land on their crow and prosfeser has him dressed up as flip hides under the dress of a chick with a huge butt to get in

king sez now its nemos job to protect them from the knogtramees and uses a magic rod to fre a huge ki blast into space to demonstrate it

but nemo wont have to use it til he grows up more

nemo is crowned and everyone dances like its th 1800s but nemo feels bad about diching the key

flip wants to use the magic item but nemo keeps it from him and give ut to the pincess to run back and get back da key

why did it take til night to get here?

was he wanderin thr underground all day and only got out now?

so the black ooze comes out and didnt tiny toons do thisblack slime thing a few years later?

nemo trys to warm the king but he dont listen an itenvelops him i really well doneanimation

nemo cant givve the king the item and hes captured

professer realizes someone opened the forbitten door and blames flip but flip blames nmo and everyone turns on him

he wakes up b4 they eat hi alive but  hes got the item annd hears the kings voice

as he che it out, the wood fridge bursts with water and floods the house and then hes in an ocean

nemo regrets listening to flip (whos kid of the bad guy here) and he finds professer on a box in the water

professer sez king is in nightmareland and no one knows where it is but as flip has the map, they gotta save him from being banished into space like dr weil in megaman zero

fli is loaded into a cannon and nemo stops em by revealin he has the map

dint they frisk him?

so flip gives em da map and its in code only he can read an he has to go with em or be fired outta da cannon

also princess slugs him foe poking fun at her an forbids him from his cigars

abuse of power by the regent!! he's gonna go into wihdrawl and spazz out!!

later flip falls asleep and the boat they in goes down a whirlpoole and onto an underwater air  area like something outta a video game

in a swamp these gblins try to grab the princess but they run seein the item

flips map is ruined by water so he fakes it as being honest istoo hard fo him

latr in da woods flp fakes em ou and redraws the map while having a smoke and some goblins appear and he fakes blacking out

nemo and friends show up and scare em off and they say they are good goblins

also flip blames em for forcing iim to smoke like hes a grade schoolwr caught with a buddy havig a drag

also thw goblins can fuse and change forme ans sing a song abot how they dont wanna be bad and fear da nightmare king(which sounds like a yugioh card) and they know the safe way

they make the goblins like in troll 2 the new guides and flip carrys the lluggage like a slave

later its night again and they talk about the agic words to uwse the item

moon! Scepter! Eliminatiob!

flip gets caught by bats and nemo trys using the scepter but doont lnow da words

the batligs captre the princess and guys like its the 39 wizard of oz and nemo waks up in his room again wotth te goblims amd sceptr

a big goblin comes in who's the goblims fruends and he's got a letter for nemo  from morphy withthe magic words for the scepter

but icarus sez if nemo uses it he'd bite it

so nemo sez it'll be ok and thats the end of that subplot

nemo's beds legs 3xtend and it walks through town like the comic scene everyone knoews and it flies off and through a portal in da sky to knightmare land

btw kirby ripped off nightmares, dreams, and the nes game of fuaing with stuff

so in nightmareland they escape the ooze and go through this dark rocky lord of the rings area aand go to the nightmare castle

its got a forcefield so they go through this underground like thing

then we see nightmare king looking epic and like something outta urotsukidoji and he gets mad hearing nemo and the sscpety is in the area and causes wimd like in disney's fantasia that blows all his demons around in the dark

then nightmare king is after em with an extendable arm lke piccolo in dbz and they escapeinto a hidden area

nightmare king reveals he has nemoes homies caufghtand sealed  in tubes and when nemo screams, he knows where nemo is

also he  has morphy trappedand when nemo goes out to save him, he's knowed away

the bed saves him and the good nilbogs tell him the words to charge the item and he uses it like zeroes z saber to slice through this manta thing

the bed shatters and kigntoghte king mocks nemo until nemo slices aparts his hand

then knightmare king starts black holing andis gonna suck nemo into himbut using icarus holding the note, he reads the words and nukes the nightmare king as his whole kingdom goes up in light

he even burns away like bebi in dbgt in the sun

or tthat makai with the eyes and trenchcoat from urotsukidoji

so nemo looks dead and his friends are freed and princess hugs him amd everyone crys like its the pokemon movie

morphie revies him with the scepter as it can do that (dragon ball super ripped this off)and nemo  sez sorry for pening the door

morphy sez the nightmare king is gone as is in kinggom and princess and nemo take off in an airship as flip flies by and has a huge cigar

nnowadays they'd whine about smoking in a kids movie

they got sword fights in eter pan, do we blame them for kids knifing each othr?

so nemo and princess ban flip from smoking forever (big gov over reach! oppression of the people! unamerican!)

nemo kisses princess and it fades to white totally not like total recall andhe wakes up

he sez dorry to mom for trying to take da pie and dad sez he can take em to da circus and nemo is happy

the end

then cedits to kind music

that was great

lite but with a hint of ominous and dark

safe but with a hint of danger

excellent animation and an overall positive feel

it brings you back to being an innocent kid and is clean and wholesome and pure

no heavy political or social message and just fun, livley cheer, heart and great visuals

its so nice and has creativity and the music is enjoyable

i'm glad i watched it and i enoyed this more than the game which was pretty angering with its high difficulty

but this is a positive movie and i watched it on youtube under TMS's official Anime Channel

now when things are dark and bitter and edgy and force messages into us, itss good to see something innocwnt and gentle wit a bit of toughness

its a bit like willow or krull with the forests and marshes and monsters and journey and has a nice soft fluid look

the animated characters pop out from from the background in ways modern shows dont and it has character and heart

I never saw this b4 and I'm glad I did

for Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland 2 i want the son of the nightmare king who was sealed away for being too malcontennt to have been freed from the destruction of the nightmare kingdom and wants evenge for his peoples ruin. he takes over slumberland and seals away the peole. flip escapes and goes to nemo in his dreams and has saves 2 magic jewels that allow them to transform into dream warriors to battle the nightare force away. its also a 16 bit beat em up game on sega genesis, snes gba tg16 and attari jaguar where you ply as nemo and flip in crazy dream armor and use dream beams from them to burn away the nightmare forces to save dream land.

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