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Flight Of The Intruder Review

 notew; i spell nammy like nami sos

flight of tyhe intruder

this is my review on flight of the intruder from the distant futurte year of 1991 (The year the snes came out)

its directed by john milius who did Red Dawn Conan the Barbarian and The Wind and The Lion

it stars danny glover, willem dafoe, Brad Johnson from the Left Behind movies, the devolved rosanna artquette from Desperately Seeking Susan, tome sizemore, J. Kenneth Campbell from, Colatteral Damage with Arnold, Dann Florek from Law and Order, Ving Rhames from Dawn of the Dead, John Corbett from Raise Youir Voice wiith Hilary Duff, Cameos from Fred Dalton Thompson from Law and Order and David Schwimmer from The Wonder Years, and a few dudes i never saw in anything

its based on a book i never read thAT President Reagan liked

the movie didnt do well but it ghot an NES game

i nevewr saw it buit milinusd is usually great

after texct of a plane that has no defence weapons but drops sh-t on commies in nam; the interuder; we get audio of news guys rom the 60s as credits go on

then 78 years intro da war in 72 this plain goes in the sky and the pilots talk of the stars

if you see a star next to the big dipper, you have a year tyo live

so they get fired at by commies and evade and dodge a missile then drop cgi on the commies but there was nothing there

then 1 sniper j fks 1 of the pilotyds through the neck somehow and the ok pilot troubledly lands the jet on a carrier

the medics take the j fkk'd guy and the ok guy wipes the blood off his hand from hgolding  the wound

so capperd guy bit it and survivor is grilled on his actions and is found not bad but is taken off

he sez they hit the target but it wasnt woreth getting his homie wacked

dany glover sez toi write a lertter to wacked guys woman and later the green goblim in a moustache comes by and saez danny is a legend and looks up to him

man the cinematography and satyle looks like a 90s show

so theres a place in soviet hanoi that the Ameroicanos cant get to

then we see glover saying how hes black but has an italino name and his fam was in the ma fia

he offers anpther guy a igar (its like 5 cigarettes at once) then later its day and the jets flky off with a new coopilot

they talk about maos country having good food and go in to land as liberache boogie wooguie mosic plays and they f--k around in the sky doing tricks

they return to this base and main guy meetys the chick of the movie amnd findds iced pilots woman left after he got it

then its night and the solfiers go to a bar and smoke/drink/armwrestle other manly things

a guy is launched on this chair riude thing into the mud and 2 different classes of polits challenge each other to it tyo proove whos manluer

1 guy oh its main guy, succeeds in stopping before he falls in the mud and a guy at the bar loses money on it so they fight and its a bar brawl

btw this movie is anti widescreen with the pucture being taller than wide when shown on charge

the military cops come by and the soldiers scatter and at another bar, rosanna is druink and trys to seduice main guy

is she a h00ker in hwere too like in that 1 svu ep?

so instead of b0ning they dance and later he wakjes up in her place and finds she has a kid

i guess they b0ned and now he has hiv

her baby daddy is missing in nam and she thinks hes in h e double england

later main guy talks with green goblin about  taking out commies and going on missions in different areas  that green gob went

so ross from friends sez that main guy is sent as a decoy to draw fire and take out the enemy forces to clear the way for the big guys to take out the target

and green goblin is his partner

so they get missiles fired at em and wait til a 3rd is launched, then take em out but an enemy plain comes

they have no guns but have 1 missile they use to take out the radar guiding the baddz, thendrop heat things like in robvotech battlecry on gamecube to draw heat trackers

they'd plain f--ks outand threy go down but theyget it back and return to base

main guy goes to the library to ask about maps of north viet nasm and is given a geoggraphiches not meant to have

he asks goblin to go on a thing and goblin can have him court martialled for asking, but wont

main guy wants to do something that matters inatead ofg blowing apoart trees but goblin says no and he will ignore it

latyer he writes a letter to a womaan i tygink arquette that hes doing another useless mission and goblin ignored his plan

thgey drop cr-p on naM but missiles are fired at em and 1 plUIN GETS BLOWMN TO F--KS

then we get news footageww of the war not going well and goblin sez he;s gonna go on tyhe thing with main guy

but then gives his backstory that he and his partner got shot down and after wandering tyhe wildterness; his copilot got landmined and told him to go on

he went back but the viet kong got him and chopped him up or w/e but everypone thinks he left him

goblin knows theres a base with all the missiles and if they nail it; the missdiles would all go off and nail the bad guys hard

they meet a guy who tells em where but to say he never told em and they're nuts to try it

they can drop 2 on this plant and have 8 left to drop on the missile area

also they'll be 200-400 feet low

they go out and get fired on and go in and bust the plant then go on to the missile city

the enrmy firesd and they get a malfunction that f's the nav system or computer and they gotta do it manuel

a missile is fired at thema nd this reminds me of super thunder blade on genesis with em going through the city

thery go over and the weapons didn't drop as the jhet gotg f'd and they decide to try asgain as itys unexpected that they'd go back

thewy take some shells but nauil the missile city and the whole area blows like tyhat bill nye ep where he dropped a golf ball in a room of mousetraps

they get back and hear on the news that they nailed a childrens hospital and it ruined the peace talks

everyone knows it but the media takes the commies word for it

glover chews em out for going what was not an approved mission and they'll be court marshalled

they go to a gym and frewd dalton thompson sez they gotta tell the truth or will be in alaska for years waiting for resignation to process

but in 2011 ther alaska base gets busted byt the zentraedi attack with the grand cannon

they grill the duo and goblin jokes and sez they'll lose the war and main guy says they were attacking meaningless targets for years and he wantted to make a difference

he admits he f'd up and should hang but fred says they dont hang but they can dishonorable discharge him

later outside main guy sez sorry to willem but will e m sez he made his own choice and is glad he did it

they go back toi the court but wait, its just glover meeting them and telling him he dropped the charges and is gonna cover it up

turns out; American Prez Nixon is opening more attacks on nam and its wrong to punish guys for doing what they are gonna be doing now

at base glover sez main guy and willem are getting transfered out and at home in America; people are p-ssing on each other with malcontents being against the War and attacking returning soldiers

so then glover sez to the troops thattheir new mission is to take out missiles and defend the main plains to drop attacvks on em

the jets launch and je to je to je to man! lets go to bi da se! je to je to je to man! Cho jin sen tai! je to man!

the kongs attack and 1 jet is f'd and can't eject as his canopy is f'd so he goes down

willem and main guy are in tyhe base and the downed guy is found by the voet kong but fakes being dead and blwos one out with a hidden gun

the downed guy is glover and the guys wanna savber him but he orders them to return\

oh the guys whos were gonna save him was razor who he told of being italiano and is calling him straight razor as hes a weapon

the kongs are coming for him and back at the basewillem goblin and main guy are sent out as they need men

willem the green and main guy come in and take out a tanbk but get capped and eject and parachute down

they land in the jungle like jungle de ikou withouh the bikini babe and willem blacks his face so they think hes glover

main guuy makes it to glover on n64 and glpover b--ches at him for going against orders

willem comes across a kong and shankes him with a big a55 knife but nmight have been capped

the kongs are riught under hisd hill and a tanks commingbut american planes come by and fires on the commies

main guy wants to save willem but willem fires on him to make him go backl

willem sez the commies are using him for bait and he's f'd and fires a smoke thing and tells em to firte on hsi position

i just recalled that willem was in platoon and got it there too

he has 1 last smoke as hes already dead and gets blown apart by missiles

main guy and glover hoof it and the kongs are after em and open fire

maion guuy carrys glover and caps kongs and glover tells him to leave him

main guy drops a smoke thing and carry shim through the jumngle asnd straps golover in in the harness of the chopper then runs out at the enemy with guns blasting

they lopwer the harness and hes carried up and tyhey blow the pplace to burn it like sodom and gomorrah

at the carrierlater; glover is in a leg cast and main guy has a hand bandage and glover accepts him

glover is gonna become captain or maybe admiral and main guy hopes to be on his ship

the end

that was pretty good

kinda 90s looking and feeling, maybe like overdrawn at the memory bank

its well acted and has good action and effects

its manly and cool and has heart and isnt dragged down with a forced sad momenmt or tacked on love sideplot(they didn't waste time onm em here and kepty it low)

good music and filming and the storey goes in good places

it wouldsnt be made today as it makes America look not bad in Viet Nam Kong

ooh, basil poledouris did the music, he did robocop 1

its not super excellent bit its an above average movie andd holds up

glad i saw it

For Flight Of The Intruder 2 I want it to be the 80s and nam is nearing its end, but the viet kong have made a daemon pact with the sasquatch in the jungle who use their daemon tech gives em the power to fight back against the Americans. So America gets help from The Vatican rto supply them with holy armor froim bible times that allows trhem to fight on par with the viet nam sasquatches. Also its a 32/64 bit up to 4 player beart em up on Playstation 1, Sega Saturn, N64, DS and PSP where you are new commandoes who take on viet kong and their sasquatches and sometimes the sasquatches have devolved the viet kong to be more monstrous to fight stronger

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