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Bullwhip Review

 Note: I spell like thart BatmAN  Beyond guy after the dr tortrured him with a power drill


This is myt revuew on bull whip from the distant future year of 1958(40 years after i meabn before brisbane got f';d up in the Global Civil War in Robotech)

it stars the mondo cool Rhonda Fleming from Abilene Town/A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court/Cry Danger, James Griffith from How the West Was Won/The 60s Batman, Don Beddoe from Texas Acrosss The River/The 50s A Star Is Born/ The Band Wagon/River of No Return/Cyrano de Bergerac, Hank Worden from Beyond Tomorrow/Duel in the Sun/One-Eyed Jacks, and some 1900s guys who many lived into the 90s or later i never saw of

i never saw this but its director by Harmon Jones who did nothing i saw

so it starts wiuth a song and a wagon convoy and its in f--kking widescreen, but color, and i spell without the erxtra u's

then we see some indians, then elsewhere this chick narraters over her life of hunting buffalo

as the gov wanted te indians to be depwendant on them so it wioped ourt their food source

so this chick is not welcome in the mans world and she sounds like a feminazio  about whining about love being "slavewry"

im sure the slaves in this era wouild agree, NOT

So shes gotta marry a guy whos gonna get the chair, and then we see the guy and hers in jail and gives a note to a guy to give to someone looking 4 him

this mmonopoly guy tells this preobasbly main guy that cuz he iced a guy hes gonna hang, but if he marries this chick, he gets the decision reversed as its reallly self defence

also this is abilene and the chick needs a man ort she loses her estate, and monopoly guy fixed the trial to help her

if he signs this blank thin that will be filled in later, they can be married anmdditch this canndy a55 town

he consents, but its not really fully consented, and molopoly guy sez chivk dont know about his scheme

this is a bit like Dynamite from 1929 from Cecil B DeMille with a  guy gonna be executed marrying a rtich chick

wait, itsa fullscreen and as main guy goes to his cell, chicvk comes in and has bright red haiir and blue eyes and has a face kinda like Viva La VALERIE

they marry using 1st names only and sign the thing and she smooches his cheek and sez she and her kids will pray for her

he smooches her mouth with huis mouth and she good oot as he is locked back up

this indian guy guiddes her out aND SHE GOOS OOF in a cart and main guy sez to forget the note and hes gonna stay around town

but the sherrif sez to get going and theres a cart for him

main guys homie comes by and dont think main guy is a killer

main guy isnt aLLOWED HIS GUN AND AS HE LEAVES GUYS TRY TO Jf k him and sherrif get it

later chick talks with mono guy about how he rigged the whole thing for her and she wants him let free even though mono guy wanted him iced for it

she feels for him and tells mono to keep it low and leaves

mono guy meets the sniper who wants the release paper of main guy as if it gets out he'sd f;d

also he paid sniper to pick off main guy  and will paAY HIM more to end him

the shewrif got it b4 sniper could get the paper and i think masin guys homie helped

so main guy and homie race off on a horses a55 and getta way, then main guy sez he got married

he don;'t know whjo he married and then some guys on horses come iin, catch emm and take emwith em

they aint the law or the order or the svu andvbring em to this home  thaats fancy and has a suit guy who has a company

suit knows everything that happened to him and tells him about the chick who lived with the shai anne maiun guy married

she actually dont have 2 kids and is a half indian half irish who  is an indian princess who wasnt marrried b4

her dad made buffalo hude money and had to wwed to keep her dads inheritance and now maiin guy can take in the business

suit guy wants tio help him so he can get safe passage through the indian turf and he wiill meet main guy in sheridan at a hotel

suit gives main guy a gun friom the gun room as its 1`800s america and ultra manly like andrew jackson or john wilkes booth

after main guy leaves, suit guy whos a fur trader, sends the  sniper after maiin guy to keep him alive and tail him like in Beverly Hill Ninja with Robin Shou

he sez if sniper keeps main guy alive, he'd pay 5000$, the same as the monopoly guy paid snipewr

elsewhere chicjk is on a trail and using a Whip for NON sm things as the wagoins continue, their journey to the west

1 guy asks the indian whats bugging chick aftetr leaving abiline and indiasn sez to ask her

she berried her dad in abiline and is bummed about him  getting it, but she tells indian she bought his fredom but was tricked

She drives the wagons onward and elsewhere, main guy and homie are cooking and sniper comes by and makes nice to him buit is known to be an allerged horse theif

homie doint triudst him but main guy does and sez hes looking for work in an area that mai guy has connectuons in

Soo then chick comes by a pack of indians on horses in war paint and use ninja hand signsa to communicate

chick comes by a geezer chick who needs help and she syternly gives her a fwew horses and men to take her back to abiline

main guy comes byand says as hes the husband, he gets a stake in the company, buyt she dont like taking orders so she whips him and tells him to gtfo

he catches the 2nd whip and pulls her off her horses a55 and sez now the cokmpany will help the geezer

later its night and the employees warn him about his womAn and he goes in to sleep in the same area as her

she dont like it as he takes off his shirt and boots and the employees laugh

they dont b0ne and he fakes being asleep and pins her under his left arm offereing

the next day she gets up and tellls the crew shes still the boss and gets bossy but not b--chy like they do nowadays

then fires a guy for joking, but main guy sez, you'll be paid for my orders

chick sends her indian to fight main guy as we havenmt had a fist fight yet

they roll around foir a biut and indsiasn tries tio bust his head on the wagon, then they reoll more b4 a grapple , but main guy breaks out and beats his a55

the guys cheer and celebrate and raise main guy up after he won the bet battle

they go on and chicvk is like a feminazi thinking marriage will make her a slave

so shes gonna have her indian homies back her up and she goes to a mereting dressed like them and tells her indian not to telll of her marrige

thats kinmda omitting an important detail

so they hit the pipe and indian telll she has a husband and they wanna see him

the chirfs say they''ll talk wiuth the men and she can go back, which triggers her

she goes back to her cart and takes off her milky white robes and we see her back skin and theres no bra!

chick writes a legter to some guy saying she has a fugetive with her and to be ready when she comes to sheridan

he didn't really do anything wrong to her and she's gonna haVE HIM ICED for going against her?

what a feminazi!

so she fakes being nice to him and being sorry and sez she'd be a normal woman now instead of a trail boss

he talks of how the indian or the other guiy told of hert growing up and she gives him a letter saying good things that things are good and she wants to send it

she gets indian to deliver a letter ahead of them and prepare the area for main guys arrival

they kiss a bit and he goes off and she's p-ssed for some reason

maioin guy talks to snjkper who is glad he didnt deal with love and later they go on

they stop and they are days from shreidan but not kelly shreidan from escaflowne and inuyasha and  main guy talks with sniper about stuff

chick wonders if hes gonna come to her party and  her homie who was there when she grew up and wait, its main guys homie

hew sez main guy has a lteer from fthe monopoly guy judge letting him free and its always on him and she plans something as she has forgot about it

the next day we wakes up on the field andgoos in too see her b4 going out to the creek to bathe

she goes to see his man thing as he jumps in the river and she tries to steal gusa leter of freedom, but snipewr sees

she hides it in her make up box in heer waGON and  sniper peeks inside and sees

after she goes, sniper goes in and gets it and the trtailer convoy goes on

main guy and homie are gonna GO TO HER PARTY AND at the chicks place, suit guy comes and asksto team up, wait, he dont, he sezhe dont gotta as her husband might influence it in his favor

he reveals he arranged for main guy to get to her and whebn the door knocks, she comes up stairs to come down again in her low cut bright blue dress

its main guy ands homies and she givbes him the surprise; the sherrif who's here to bring him to abiline fort the hanging

he reaches for the letter but its not there and homie comes in with a gun and saves main guy

they run and indian reeveals he knew andf couldnt let her have main guy iced

honorable like a SAMURAI

as he likes buffalo, he can ber yagyuu jyuubei

chick stortms out as indian comes in and sez theres no party now

main guy is gonna go back and chick changes clothes again and is now in virgin white

he operns thre door amd sees her in bed andasks where she put the paper and she wont tell so he searxches her room

main guy looks like joxer fropm xena and he opens the make up box and she freaks out

he looks in where she put it but its gone and shes suirpriosed too and feels bad as she didnt really wanna huret him and is gay for him

imaguine if he was diabeticc and she hid =his insuliun; same thing

so then main guy is in the woods and is gonna head to Texas to escape soviet uniuon vs americican confederate and tells sniper

so in her place, indian yagyuu jyuuibei gives her food and sez mIN GUYS GONE

sniper tells main guy he gave the freedom paper to suut guy for 10 000$ and suit will use itto get chick to consent to business to save main guy

main guy goes baCK TO SUIT BUT chick sighned sometjhing, so main guy gcerumplews it as hes the master of the house, kepper of trhe in, watcher and practicioner of every sin, master of the house, children of the corn, watcher and producer of the naecro p0rne

he takes back rthe paper as its hjis and fights suit guy who pulls a knife on him

they fight through this house that looks like it should be in a silent film, and the place gets f;'d

main guy winsand smooches his wo man and indian sees and closes the door and stands guard as rthewy p[robably b0ne with suit guy beat out and probably bleeding intrernally

the end

That was well done

good color and effects

good acting and filming

nice story and characvter developments

the writing is good and the femninists evolves intio a normal woman after meeting a good man

its only 80 mins but on tv they add 40 mins of adds, then cut the credits

i liked this one, its pretty cool, and Rhonda Fleming was likable in it

For Bullwhip 2 i want it to be about the guy who tried to have main guy iced being on the riun and he wanders into the cursed lands the indsians fear tyo go, while there, he finds a passage into the hollow earth and sees dinosaurs and daemons and the movie is his survival story of growing stronger in this la blue girl/urotsukidoji style daemon world. its also a 16 bit game like nightmare circus on genesis, but better and on Sega Genesis, Snes, TG16, Atari Jaguar and GBA where you play as the guy going through several chapters in this place and fighting monsters and making tools and eating them anmdtraining to gewt an epgrade every chapter.

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