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Faust Review

 Note: I spell bad but not due to wicked pacts


This is my review on Faust from 1926(80 years b4 Transformers season 3 in America)

Its directed by F W Murnau who did Nosferatu, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, and, weaiot, i 0nly saw these by him? I thouyght it was more

it got hate from audiences but went on to be seen as a great film later, kinda like the 80s Transformers Movie

it stars Emil Jannings from Waxworks, William Dieterlefrom Waxworks/A Midsummer Night's Dream/the 30s The Hunchback of Notre Dame/Duel in the Sun, Hanna Ralph from Die Nibelungen,  and some 1800s guys i never saw in other things

this movie i have seen b4 and liked and it inspired that Fantasia thing withj the daemon on the mountain over the town

Also this is based on the true story of Faust who had another guy in Europe with a similar storyt: Pan Twardowski froim Poland

So after title and credits we get text saying the gates of h-ll open and guys escape to affect the earth

Sorta like in DBGT

we see these daemons on horsegoinfg through smoke and a Light comes up and erases em, only to show a big daemon

oh its the 4 horsemen and the light is an Angelwho confronts the daemon

the daemon sez the earth belongs to him and the angel says man is good and shows this geezer saying how things are natually good aND ITS MANS FREEDOM TOI CXHOOSE GOOD OR BAD

THE GEEZER is faust who sez good but isdd said to try to turn metal into gold

we see his al;chemy and its pretty cool

so the dawemon makes a bet he can get fausts soul, then he gets da urth and The Angel accepts with Faith in Mankind

then theres a thing of people in da village having fun in castlevabnnias era ways amnd the daemon looms over the town with big a55 wings and covers the sun

he blasts themn with plasgue and they start rotting and freaking out as the smoke f's thgwee area

its like in The North Star where the happy uykraines were free and joyus until the evil germans attacked

so the plague f'd out half the town and Faust prayed to The Lord for help

he reads The Bible about the 10 plagues and a girl comesto him for help woith her sick mom

faust goves thr mom a drink f fluid he made but she bites it

The townsfolk try repentying to escape the plague, which is a good idera, AS EVEn if it dont save ur body, the Soul will go to Heaven

1 preecher sees the daemon aover the town and bites it and the peoplew spazz out

The people call out to Faust to save em and he sez he cant, then goes home and burns his books outta anger

thats item abuse! books are out friends! its like beATIUNG UR WIFE/KIFDS/dog when ur boss b0nes you woc; woith out consent

he sees a book with a Cross and it says therv Lord is good and faust cant take it and burnds it

but the vbook opebns in the fire and the pages turn saying how to control daemons and summonm em to get world powerrs by goping to a crossroads and calling 3x

faust does and does a little ritual wit a book and spinning and sh-t and this fire circ;le around him blasts rings of fire up liker in metropoilis and he summonms a daemon

btw, why did the good Chriostian Faust have a book about summoning daemons?!

so faust runs around and keeps bumping into him and goes home and hes there

he holds a paper as words burn into it foreming a contract of renouncing The Lord for worldly poweer

FGust tell him to gtfo buit looksd out and sees the plage guys aND agrees to to try the pact for 1 day and after he can do it or cancel it

like witrh bspider man having that pact for aunt may?

so for 1 day he gets the daemon as his servant, which is likre chin na being our producer of cr-ppy electronics and thus we become de\pendant on em and vcan't fuinction w/o em and now they have power

he signsaa in blood which is never a good sign and heals the people likr hes Rasputin or something

1 girl holds a cross and faust can't touch her as its Holy and Fausts powewrs are unHoly and he backs off

the people see hes into daemon worship and throw rocks at him like when a mus lim countyry finds out a guiy went queer

he runms inside and they throw r\\ocks throyugh his window and he attempts suicide wqith poison butrr the daemon stops him as the day isnt pout ywt

also suicide is a sin so he'd gop yto h e douyble soviet canada

the daemon tempts him with a blonde chick, wait, its him younmg, and offers him a chance to live free and wild like Errol flynn or ChaRLIE sHEEN

he thinks he wasted his life buy not being a 5kank and the daenon put a blanket over faust,growesa big and torches the place, b4 taking ofd the blanket and faUSRT IS TYOUNG AGAIN AND IOLD FOUST IS IN HIS AMULET

THEN THE DAEMON CLONES HIMSELF AND THE humanopid one vanishes b4 the clone offers faustt an image of some blonde who young faust wants

daemon brings fauist to her by riding on his cloak like a magic carpet and we get a good flight scene and overhead shots of the town ansd the ground

sortas like in the Bible how Jesus was shown the world in an offer for it to worship webil

then its the wedding feast of the dutchess opf parma, THE HOTTEST CHICJK IN ITALY

buit uitaly didnt exist in fausts time

so faust ciome in wirth elephants like ita aladdin and the daemon sez hes breinging treasures from faUSTS KINGFDOM

man,m i new disney was into daemon worshgip, but referrencing Faust in a kids movie as the good guy?

its like true blood making vampires lopok oppressed

so the daemon affectts ther dutchess or something and she makes out with faustand go off to b0ne as the daemon used a gaijin to hold a bright light and make the guests shield their eyes

the dutchesses butt buddy shanks the daewmon and he gets up nd shanks the butt buddy

so faust goes to b0ne the chick but the dsaewwmon sez the free triakl period is over and you gotta buy it or return to the past self

faust accepts the black pact and goes tio b0ne the chick

later the daemon sez Faust tasted ALL lifes PLEASURES, whuch i think includes indecent things, but has gotten bored wiuth it

the daemon offers him the emperors crown but he wants to go home and is taken there and its a feasyt day of Holy Easter

the toiwn is going well and fause meets a nice girl but the daemon sez shes innocent and not for faust

btw, the daemon causing damage and offering rescue in exchange for ur soulk is like the gov making problems and coercing you to get devolved to have rights back

So Faust follows her and goes to this church but the daemon hates the Worphip words and freaks out ar a Cross, like hgow atheists get triggered by Christian messages and images

so after church he ttries to follow her but the daemon offers him 5kanks, but he dont ant em as he probably already has mouth, butt anbd crotch cancer

good chick comes hme and her brother is there and shes happy but the daemon wants to brinbg a golden necklace in the house to affect em with daemon power

while inside and planting the item, he is offended by a Christian Statue like french canadians and Religious Imsages, but this  time its the Good ones

chick tries something on and bro jokles about her having lopvers and she goes off and sees faust outside her window

faustr runs off aND SHE SEES THE GOLDEN NECKJLACE and her mom comes in

shge hides it and mom knows shes hindig something, but trusts jher to do rught

eventually she tries tthe necklace and asks mom to see her auunt

also brother is givenm a love potion by somew chivk who comes ointo him and he pays hera few coins for it

cheivck sees the potion lady and i think thsat wadsnt her bro and its her aUNT AND SHE SHOWS THE NECKLACE

aunt triues it out and then chick does as the kids outside dance and sding

faust and daemon come by and daemon gives aunty a necklanxce saying its friom her cousin and  puts it on AND FEELS HER B00BS

chick makes flower crown for the kids and after they run off, faust coimes by

shes gonna run but he grabs her and the kids form a ring around em to make em sweethearts

after thart, chick runs off and faust follows and the daemon is having a drink with aunt but sez its too hot for him

i hears in 1 dub, he turns it down foir having alcohol in it as Prohibition was in effect

so he makes a drink and spits in it with a fire burst, then goes off to see faust and the girkl as aunt druinks it and suffers

her b00bs fall off, her hair falls out, her womb falls out, and she grows a beard and gets realkly hairy pits as sghe devolves into a man

jk rreally sshe gets lusty and tries to b0ne the daemon, but i guess he's not into chicks and runs

then what was with the feeling her b00bs?

so she goes out and sees faust chasing chick and daemon sez faust is of bnioble blood, which i assume means he's reaklly inbred

he catches chivk and thety smooch and aunt hugs the daemon who runs off

chiuck dont seem to consent but does eventusally unmtiol the daemon scares her off and faust chases

she gets some flower and plays the he loves me/not game

faiuszt ciomes by and sez he loves her anmdf thety get along as daewmon evasdes the aunt AND PLAYTS THE SHE LOVES ME/NOT GAME WITH FLOWERS

aunt sez she lovbes hium and faunt kisses chick's hand with his mouyth that probably sucked things, and sez he loves her

they kiss and she runs off through the german expressionist area

later its night and the faust and dawemon go to chicvk plsace as dasemon sez he'd andle her brother

faust opens her window and shes there daemon tells brother and his droogs that chick isnt pure anbd if he  hurry's he can catcgh her and her butt buddy

as faUST MAKES ouyrtt with chivck, daemon makes the wind blow and doors open and mom cautches chick in bed with faust and bites it

brother comes by and has a beuybattle withfaust, but its wuith swords instead of beyblades

as they figfht, daemon shanks brother from berhind and he eventually bites it

daewmon tells faust that faust murdered him and has to skip town, then calls out to the town MURDER

faust books it but the town gathers and rother isn't dead dead and sez its chicks bf who iced him and sez to take chick to the stocks

so after brothers service, chick is chasinted in the town SQUARE in shame and after being released, returns home and is sad from her fam being iced

then its snbowing and chick had a baby with faust and is in the snow wandering the frozen wastelands

she begs for help for her kid, bujt as she was shamed in the stocks, the town wont help them

kinda like how they say if the dad is evil, the unborn kids should be iced

by that logic, as joe kennedy was evil, the guy on the grassy knoll was a hero for ending his lusty son

exzcewpt here, the kid actually IS innocent!

So sjhe sees a crib and puts the kid in it, but its really a snow bank and the kid freezes

wasnt something like this in Men Behind The Sun?

the cops think she iced her kid, literally, and ahe calls to faust for help

btw thge daewmon here looks a bit like the headmaster in kekko kamen

is thart where Go Nagai got it??

So shes gonna be burned ast the stake and faust wants the daemon to save her or the pact is broken

In jail she recalls the good times with Faust and is taken to the stake to be coiooked and propbably eaten later as this IS europe

Faust is on the cliff nearby and regrets his wishes with the daemon

btw wishjing to be younger and falling in love wuith someone that aghe is used in Dragon Ball Super with the Pilaf homies and kid Trinks

the faust runs dowbn and the daem,on has geezer faust in his amulet

as fayst gets near, the daemon breaks it and faust is back to normal

hw asks to be forgivebn his sin and she's burned at the stake

faust goes to her and she recognizes him, as shown as him turning young, and they kiss and cpook together

their souls go all glowing white sphere and the Angelk sez the daemon lost as faust had Love and it freed Faust from guilt

The End

That was quite good

nice effects, good acting, well doner story asnd good satyle

It holds up well and has a good feel to it

its influence was felt even to this day and it has a good message ABOUT how the world is not worth your soul

glad I rewatched this, its quite well made and Murnau has done it again

Also; shouldnm't daust meet his kid in heaven?

For Faust 2 I want the daemon to go double or nothing with The Angel over if he can corrupt another guy, this one is a royal monarch of some candya55 country that he gets to think the bad guys are being oppressed and the good guys are the oppressors, so the ruler starts giving the bad guys more rights andf protections, then punishing the good guys for disagreeing with the degenerates, eventually the over 90% of the people who are Normal have enough and have an uprising as they're sick of his filth and overthrowthe deviAnt rul;er, but in the end, he does NOT see the error of his ways and is eaten alive by the people who he wronged, but because the ruler was already evil, and hAD been corrupted by his devolved dad teaching him wrong and selling him to his devient buddies at his lust parties, Also its an 8 bit srpg where you pay as the rewsistance fighting against the lusty leader asan 8 bit Srph like Shining Force on Sega Master System, Game Gear, Nes, Gameboy, TG16, Atarei 7800 and Lynx where you go on a grid and fight the really purvurted followers of the leader and those who chose to follow him after being tricked into thinking evil is good

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