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The Golem How He Came Into The World Review

 Notye: I spell El Hebrew Senior

The Golem How He Came Into The World

This is my review on The Golem How He Came Into The World from 1920 (a cerntuery beforeTransformers SDuper God Masterforce)

Its based oin a true story about eastern europe and is actually the 3rd movie in the Golem Triilogy, but takes place before the 1st 2

Sorta like with Castlevania how 1 started it,m 2 was different and 3 was a prequel

also this is the only one we know survioved 

its directal by Paul Wegener who did The Yogi, The Galley Slave and The Pied Piper of Hamelin

its also direcxted by Carl Boese who did nothing i saw, but iu didnt see anty of pauls other fulm,s either

It stars Paul Wegener from nothing ive seen, Ernst Deutsch from The Third Man, Greta Schroder from Nosgfeartu, and pretty much every one else i never saw in anuything else

So after title and xcredits with nice font, we get a Rabbi reading omens in the stars (which is actually evil if you read the Bible) he sees an omen that his people have danger comming

he lives in this crazy tim burton meets dr seuss doing drugs home with twisted and weird style

i love it and its awesome

so he goes to see anothert Rabbi and tells him to summon the elders to pray to The Lord all night to prevent a disaster

they do AND WE SEE EM PRAYING And doing theior p[trptoculture

but the gov proclaims they are tiored of their kind as they use black magic, lust forn property and killed Therr Savior

Spoiler: Jesus was Jewish and was the fulfilment of Jewish prophecies

Also it was the Romans and Pharasies who had Him iced, andd His 11st followers were Jewish like the 1st Pope Peter

however; a Rabbi sees that Venus is in the right place and he can do a Life Giving Word ffrom a daemon to save his people

Is this where Go Nagai got Devilman? A guy getting ddaemon powers to save his fam?

So this squire with the eedicts to send em out comes to the ghetto and the rabbni busts a cap in his a55

jk really he lets him in and the Rabbi starts f ing with clay in the shape of a man in his back room

The guy with the mresssage shows it to the leader oof the group who wwants him to meet the Rabbi with the powers

So after more clay grabbing, the messager gets to the Rabbi's place after going through this crazy european town with thast German Expressionist coolness

btw this is the 1500s aROUND THE CAstlevania days

so rabbi comes out of his man cave and meets the messenger and RABBI sez he did the Emperotrs Horrorscope and 2x warmed him of danger and now has a secret mezxsage for him

spoiler; horrorscopersd are black magiuc and are not to be used

son Rabbi's daughter comes in and messeger likes her

later its time to do thespell and rabbi moves this human sized pile of clay like hes Pan from DBGT

he comesa out andgets his slave or w/. to help him with his ritual while the messebger is coming onto the rabbi'sd daiughter

they put their hands on each orthers chests to feel the hneartbeat and nort her b00bs

i thiunk in the real versionm they were b0ning

sorabbi and slave bring der golem up and when he comes down they jump up so he dont knowe they were hearting

messernger hasca mesasage saying the emperor will see him as he helped the emperor and wants to see his magic

after mesenger leavers, rabbi strangles his daughjter a bit and sez she'll have a guardian as i guess he caught em j-rkin off

then we ghet an overview of the Golem how its made 1st by a thesselonian sorcerer with a life word o its chest in an amulet

they read of a daemon that guards the life giving word that awakens corpses or man creation with a Solomonb Key and can make the daemon do it with the great spell during the comstellation

so Rabbi puts a paper in this 5 pointed star then uses a rod to draw in the air and a circle around him summons steam

he uses a wood pentagram and fireballs move around and he asks the daemon to name the worfd

we see this floatiing head with smokew comingh out of its mouth and looks like an al ien and he has it say the word

after some lightening and the smoke ritual ends and hes back outta h-ll and has the word

he writes it on paper and puts it in the star and puts it on the golem

it comes to life and walks kinda goofy and has bnig white eyes that stand out and the Rbbi turns it off by remoivingh the star

Hih, in Power Rangers cLighhtspeed Rescue, the daemopns have the Star Power as a 5 point star on the chest\

so der golem is chopping wood like an indentured saervant in thjis f--k town and dresses a bit like Count Orlock

rabbi tells his daughyter its his new servant and he sendsx it out wioth his slave or aSSIstan por ww/e for an errand

it walks through town and the people dfreak out and it goes grocery shopping

its like in the simpsobnsd with krustys golem in that halloween thing

assistant slkavesez its the rabbis servant whos mute and will help him

so messenger gets some gold from, some hole in a doors a55 and back holm the assistant has some fun with the golem

imagine if he made the golem suck his d0ng?

btw the rabbi and emperor wewre real people and the emperor was intoi the occult and trying to fined the philosoiphers stone like f==kjin edward elric

huh, the Rabbi who made Der Golem was a real guy and was into wicked teachings from fallen angels as well as splicing them into regular Torah things

so assistasnmt slAVE GETS the golem to pill a lever to fan the fire anmd it does it too much as its made yesterday

rabbi tells them the emperer invoted him and hes bringinmg der golem

after rabbi goes, his daughter is seeing a guy andf then its the festival of roses and messenger sneaks out and sends a letter to daughter

hes gonna run off with her and tells her to have a lamp in her window

so rabbi meets emperwer and shows his big hard golem  thats not missing anyt pieces and the peoople fear it

the chicks seem into him and givbe him flowers but when he touches 1 chicks hair they al flee

it smells a flower and a bug lands on its hair

the emperer is impressed and wants more black magic and he is gonna show em his peoples protoculture, but they cant talk or laugh or danger will happen

so messenger comes to rabbis poolace and as assdistant slave s aslewep, he meets the giel and they goo in

raBBBI uses his yiddish majic to show a hologram of the history of his people crossing the desert and one of them is the Wandering Jew

the people laugh for some reason and wanderer comes toewward the people from the illusion and the illusion comes apart

the castlestarts comming apart and the people flee as they jump out windows

the emperer sez if rabbi saves them he'd pardon his people and rabbi summons gogogo golem who holds up the celing as it bends on him with perople hiding around it

later rabbi and golem come homne and i guess the emperor just lives down the street as his daughter is in bed with the messenger

they come through ther big a55 gate like king kong and its day now and trabbi sez to spread word they have been pardoned

so rabbi and golem come home to their beetlerjuice house and daughter and messenger try to get out

rabbi tries to take off the star to turn off der golem but it resists aND RAISES ITS HAND TO SMITE HIM\

rabbi quickly takes it andthe golenm fals ovver

then the Shofar is blown and the people gather to hear the rabbi got them pardoned for all the stuff that people hate em for

so did they really do all that stuf? is this like weinbstein and woody allen and roman polanski and the msajority of hollywood power players who do acts of sin?

rabbi then reads more about the golem from his spell book and finds when Uranus enters the other planets houses, the daemon he got the word from will reclaim the golem and turn on its master

probably shouldn't have made a pact with a daemon then

look at faust! or Sir Twardowski the Polish Faust

Note: uranus was not known to the people in the 1500s, but perhaps past civilizations did as stone henge has markings around it for the other planets in the solar system, including pluto so suck some d0ngs neil degrass tyson and soviet bill nye!

So rabnbi intendds to not turn the goilem back on and b4 he can take it apart, his slave comes in and sez the other Rabbi wants to take him to the Temple for thanks

ddaugter wants messenger to sneak away wghile hher dads at Temple and raBBI GOESA THROUGH THE TOWN IN A PARADE

A GUY THINks daughter hasnt heard the news and wait its slave and he wants to bring her roi Temple but he hears messengelato in there and spazzes out

he turns on der golemn whgo rises to life like count orlock and tells it to chase away the mabn in the chamber

btw this slave assisytant reminds of of the hunchback froim THE 30S frankenstein BUT A bity like cesaer from the cabinmet of dr caligari

it breaks in da door aND messenger trys shanking it but its clas and that has no effect

it grabs the girl but mesdsenger fights it and he runs off as it chases him after der golem dropsd her

slave gors back for der girl but she dont conszent and runs

dwer golem chasdes messenger to der roof and his knife got bent from the stabbing

on top of the building it throws him off and he bites it on ther ground i mean der groundon

so der goleme takes the girl and carrys her down like the creature from the blicketee blsack lagoon and the cabinet ofd dr caligari and seems to be into her

does der golem have der ding d0ng?

so slave tries to fight it but it grabs a flaming log and tris to club him like a seal

it drops the stick and the place goes up like its madxe of sawdust

meanwhile the people are in der Temple and praising The Lord but the slave comes inb and warns them the house burned down and the golem went nuts

its like ezra miller after years of chronic

so golem drags the daughter by her long braids and you cant spell brainds withot aids

the people want the rabbi to cast a fire spell which i assume means fire control spell

btw this is in fullscreen most of the time and has a tinting for the setting like blue for night or yellow ofr inside or red for fire

so the rabbis towewr goes down and the golem has the girl in a field and i think it wants to b0ne her with its play doh b0ner

it walks off and i think wants a c0nd0m and rabbi finds her and has saved the people somehow

so slave sez he wont tell of the messenger in her bed as the fire got rid of all the evidence and der golemn goes tyo der gate to get out of the ghetto

he looks out and sees kids playing and busts through the gate as the kids flee

he meets this little blonde girl who he picks up and smiles at it

the kid pulls off his star and the golem falls off and the kid goes out ands brings her friends back toi look at it

the kid has this star with the unholy word and throwsa it away and the people in therte see the gate is broken and come out

they kids scatter and the people see the golem is off so they Praise The Lord for saving them

the people lifty up this man sized mound of clay and bringh it back in their area with good german expressionuism and the door closes like in The Cabimnet Of Dr Caligari

then we see a Hexagram wehich was said to have been used by King solomon to control daemons to build his oricalcum palace

the ned

i mean

the end

that was quite good

great effects and story

good filming and design

nice acting

it tells a good story and is based on actual events

it inspired frankenstein in the 30sz and a bunch of other films in the 20s 30s and beyond

its sorta got som,e robot  themes in here but those sci fi stories got it from this

hay, we can put mega man on the history channel now! its based on the golem which was based on real people!

but i liked this and its quite well done

theres not much action until near the end but its got a good slow burnb, sorta like halloween 001 or x men 001

the german expressionism is great and its got a good style and design

plus its public domain so its free to watch

for der golem 4 i want it to be the 30s and the secret ti making golems has been discovered and now golems are mass produced as slaves for the people, but some think the golems should have rights and use spells to grant them  more free will, but some golems were made bad and have glitches and go wild, so they make a team of super golems to take out the wild ones. also its a 16 bit game on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you play as a super golem and fight the wild ones and go on missions to take em on in a game style similar to Rent A Hero with doing missions and 2D battle screens.

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