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The Lodger A Story Of The London Fog Review

 Note: I spell suspiciouisd

The lodger A Story Of The London Fog

this is my review on Thje Lodgher a storeey of the london fog fromn 1927

Its directed by Hitchcock and is based on a 1913 book and a play based on jack the ripper

i sdaw this b4 and liked it

it stars Malcolm Keen from ther disney rob roy, Reginald Gardiner from the great dictator and a buncha 1800s guys i never knew of

also this is the 1st film wheere huitchcock camneroes in

so it starts wioth a cool title card like in the 90s Batman and creedits to music

then a blonde screaming and then people finding whats left of her

bttw this is in proper fuiullscreen and hass kind ofg a goldish sepia tone

i ike

so da cops investiogate and i think they're unarmed as its soviet england and they fear the fireaRM

so the press gets worde of a suspect with a covered face and spreads it  like aids

the media reports the killer taking out a blonde and calls him "the avenger"

so i guess hes doing it for payback agassinst the 5kanks?

then we see somew dancers or shghowgirls or w//e reading da  newz and hearing how thge avenger blikes blondes and some are blondes

look out dana! the invid want your hair!

1 girlk called daisy like the mario chick does a fashion show or w/e  with other 1800s chix

people joke that she shouldnt bleach her fair and saome chix coiver theirs in hats

imagine if the avcenger went to Japan and went after all those blondes like sailopr venus or naruto or rangiku ornami koishikawa?

so daisay i think comes home and reads the paper and a guy sez her likes blondes 2

he ooks kinda gross weith those creepy teeth

also theryt are cookie cutting some ddough

so l8r a guy comes over and we get aa cool sjhot of him with hisd face scarfed and his hat

he wants tgo rentg a room and seems kinda offbeat like johnny depp or something

also he looks at paintingfs of blondes queerly

he pays for a 1 month in advance and wants only bread butter and milk

he puts his bag in a wood thing and turns around the paintings as he dont like emk

daisy comers in wityh a joker looking smile and laughs an her mom, removes the paintings

the teeth guy sez he's glad lodger aint keen on the girls

sounds like he's gonna be b0ned by him

then lodger walks around as the people under him hear it

da next day daisy gives him breaklfast and he acts weird with the butter knife

then its days later and lodger is platyiung chess with daisy

when she knox over a piece he reaches for the poker and later it shows him using it to poke the fireplace

also ther avegnder struck and teeth wantys to tell daisy

also lodger likes daisys hair

imagine if he had as hair fetish and was intoi hairt expansion?

i got a friend who likjes curvy blondes.  I showed him lilianj gish and he liked her, but when he saw Blanche Sweets he liked her more

so they go and daisys mom sees lodgers cash on a ledge and says he otta be more carewful

also teeth wants to take out avenger and marry daisy

teeh and daisy play around and he slips handcuffs on her as i guiess hes into S before M and lodger sees

the cuffs come off and rodger is disturbed but dasy and teeth are having fun

teeth suspects lodger might be up to something with daisyu

later its another fashion show and in moms room is a cool window light shadopw like in caligarfi

lodger goes around the house and mom hears and sees him gooing oot

later a chick gets it opfscreen and teh croiwd fiunds a card saying the evenger

as this is inspired byu actual events they otta put it on the history channel

they already had a few jack the ripper shows, so they could have this on easy

so mom goes into lodgers room when hes out and snoops throiugh his things (which isn't allowed nowadays) and finds the locked wood thing

heath lkewdger comes backj and she returnsd  to her room and lodger comes back

da nexte daye the papers say the avenger took out a chick near daisys place

teeth comes by andf they talk and susperxct lodgher of being the avenger

teeth goes up and sees him hugging daisy and gets b--chy buit she sez she was sacared by a mouse (candy a55)_

lodger sez if this happens agaiuin he's taking his business elsewhere

teeth sez theres something abnout lodger he cant stand aND MAKEES OUT WITHDAISYT

mom sez to dad that lodger went out last knight for half asn hour and came back but ttried toi do it quiet

she suspex heath legder of being the avenger and dont want daisay alone witrh him

later its a fashioon shhow ands logherr is there and lights a chicks cigarette

later da copz see the avenger is moving in a pattern and his next hit will be by the lodging houses

imaghine if its like the giant claw aand going in a spiral?

also he's in a triangular area like witrh borgslayer in big bad beetleborgs

later daiast gets a new dress for da shoiw from logger and her rentys aint pleased

dad takes it back to loghty and logher is a bit offbeat about it

then its night and lodgeris working on a triangle map ofg the avengers victims

also its raining cuz england has a55 wearther

daisy takes a bath anb roger ramjet almost coomes in but knox instead

nowadays he;dd coome in and we'df see her t-ts

they talk about the dress and he sez her dad dont wantt em together

she laughs with her joker mouth about it

later mom hears daisy and logher gooing oot and freaks out

they go to this park bench and teeth i think catches em smooching with consent

he tells off loger and sahe tells teeth to gtfo

teeth snaps and karate cjhhops her neck and her head flys off, thern b4 its fully dead, starts b0ning the neck hole


really they go off and he's bummed

but wheen looking at a footprint he puts topgerther the clues of lodger probasbly beuing avenger

so logder aND daisy come home and hasve a soft moment of light slow kissing

but later he pushes her off and they kiss again

are they b0ning?

then teeth brings da cops for the lodger and cateches em making out

teeth has a search warrent which im surprised ytou need in soviet england as i though the gov and ther regent owned the people

the cops find the bag in the locked wood thing and in it is a gun which is against the law in soviet england, and a map with the triangle of the avengers hits

also is newspaper things of the avenger and a photo of one of the avenbgers victims

logan paul says its his sister who was iced and they arrest him

he grabs teeth';sds neck and struggles but is pulled off and daisy sez hes innocent

he's cuffed and brought out but he escapes whern the mom faints by running out da door

he looks so sensitive and scared in most of this film

so he goes to the bench he was smooching daisy on and she goes out looking for him

they meet and he tells of how his sister got iced after they went dancing and the lights went out a ands when they went on she was iced with the avengers card

his mom bit it from the shock and made him swear to find the avenger

and now he's been tracking him and is gonna be by the place he rented

daisy gives him a coatr and they go to get him some brandy to warm him up

in da bar she feeds him brandy and after they go, teeth comes in and reveals to the people the perp is handcuffed

they spazz out and after the barflys boook it, teeth hears on da phone the REAL avenger was caught 10 mins ago

so  just like phantom of the opera, theres a huge a55 mob after the titlweguy who might be the bad guy

lodget runs but gets caught on the fence by his handcuffs and the mob gets him

hay its jjust like when a celeb is accused of something and the people want him strung up!

some things never change!

so teeth gets there and saves lodger and fights off thge mob as the papers reveal the avenger was arrestred

10 mins ago he wasn't there and now theyt got papers out for it?!

later in a hospital bed a dr sez lodger  is gonna be ok and had a severe nervous strain

well he was almost lynched

daisy is with him and later lodger (does he even have a name?!) comes down stairs and gets along with daisy nand her rents

they give back his toothbrush even though bnrits are known for really bad teeth and lodger and chick go to the other roo and make out

the end

that was pretty good

good camera work anmmd acting

good story that keeps you guessing

good characters

its not overcomplicated and tells the story right

althoguh in the book i think the lodger was the avenger but in here the studio didnt want the actor to be the bad guy

its well made and started a lot of things used in later hitchcock films

glad i saw it

this one is nice

good coloring and lighting and effects too

and its clean with no gore or b0ning

for The Lodger A Story Of The London Fog 2 I ant it to be about the trial of the caught guy who reveals the chicks he iced were to stop england from going down a wicked path and without him wacking em, england will hasve a great evil happen. so the trial goes on and just before the jury comes back, theres an earth quake and h-ll opens in england in the area where the avenger was icing chicks. daemons show up and it turns out he was right and now its up to the avenger to fight through the daemons that have taken over englasnd and take out the last few chicks to save it. Its also a 16 bit run n gun game on Sega genesis, snes, tg16, gba and atari jaguar that plays like ghouls n ghosts but set in a weird germasn expressionist meets la blue girl world.

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