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Miami Connection Review

 Note: i spell better than koreas

Miami Connection

This is by review on Maima Commention fromn 1987 (the year robocop came out)

its make by ruixhared pRK PARK I MWEANRT f u kytboard i hot dog u butt

and its by and starring Y.K. Kim and a buncvha guys i never heaRD OF

it came out in trher 80s but everuyone hated it o the director quit, but years laTER, FDOUND ITS A CULT FILM SO HE got redemtion vibdiucatesd

i saw thisd on tmc i mean tcm in the 201-0s andf liked it

its made by guys who haf no idea what they doing but itv hads fans

like tommy wiseau and trhe room

so after somer logos we get a drug dfeal in mianmi where a buincag giun tortin g guys meet but ninja sneak in and take out a guy wirth s shuriken o the nevk

thjer guys open fite but are taken out by sengoku era ninja tricks like hiding andsnipering with a bow and arreow

1 guy gets his head slixzed with a blade

so the ninja icve em including 1 gut getting an arm slicved off as its the 80s and we usded to be cool

the ninja retuern to their placer and this white robed ninja is the boss like joew musashi uin the shinobi games on sega

he wants the money buty the ninja forgot to get it so he did

then credits and title as a mobntage to 80s musicv of scenes of the heroes riding bikes, doing kung fu and rocking ouyt

then its in societ orlando and thre main heroes get togetherand wait, its ther bad guys and they are gonna move a lot of nose candy in florida

thjey go to a cluyb and this 80s band plays another 80s song right after we just had 1

its aboutr beingf friends so i think care bears would like it, or yugioopgb

1 guys is a bad guy and is wirth the bads and his sister is in the band

the singer looks like hall or oates, not sure whivcjh

vtw im trying not to use backpace on this review

this song goes on for a whiule but its kibda nicve

then its the university of central florida and inb class for conputers in the 80s, the teavcher saez something good about their teem

chick from band is there andf a guy comes by and makes faces  and they walk later

i think hes ghewr bf andf shes only fanmiuly is her brother who pays her scjhooling but she hoes on about her backstoerry

she dont like her brother and he is witrh malcontents and as her and bf walk these mad max guys come uip and its brother and hios droogs

brorther is angry and malcontent and slugs ouyt bgf and for no reason

bfs crew comes by and stands up troi him and main guy is a koreas who has a thick accent

they wal;km off and good f--lk we;re like 15 mins in and it felt like nothing

at the club the owners or w/e argue and break into kung fu fight over what musc is there

btw i mean wtf a flag dsays baysde like saved by the bell 1

after qw phone call where a guy is t9oold to get here as he had issues hetrtingf the money together, we see brother with the bn9nja and hes told to get rid of the band so they can control the area

not sure how a rock band in college is ptreventing them from owning the area, but if ta la winning a beybattle in beyblade can make or break voltaires plans for taking ocver the world in beytblkade season 1, anything can happen

afterthe main guys eating, we get the band playing a song in the club about being Against The Ninja

in the 909s i mean 80s; nminja were all over, ninja gaiden, shadow of the ninja,  inbja scroll, ninja turtlkes,sega's nina i mean ninja proincess u i mean princess or the minjas on master syster, legend of the kage, la blue girl, ect

now its just narutro and his robert cop bootleg boruto

but the song is actually kinda good, like cheetah men or the room, it got bad reviews, cuylt fans and acrtual good muisc

after trheplaying in the at club, the band drives off but bad guys follow them in a car and the music is dramatic and cool anmd 980s

the band runs into a buncha malcintents like soccer fans in soviet enmglAND and they block road

1 guy blames them for him lodsing nbis job and wants his droogs outta town

i think its a guy who was in ther club and got canned

1 guy dumps beer on them and the band goes bad dudes against these not dragion ninja and beats their a55es

the band ruynbs but is cxhased and kung fu fights and the fight scwenes are actuaslly good

yeah the main guy has a thick accent, but the music anmd fights are good

arnold and jean claude has accents and make good 80s 90s films

latter in their pplacethe 1 blacjk guy gets a letter from d c and he reveals he has a dad wgho's still alive

turns outblack guy's mom wwas korean anddad was american and had to return to the states afer his military duty wwas over

but black guy didnt like himfor leaving then, but still looked for him

spoiler; black koreans have it pretty rough

you think itsd bad in america? that's nothing compared to korea!

so then the guys go to the beach and check out the 80s bikini babes

lots of butt shots, its like my littlke pony or bdbgt

hauln oats flirts witgh a chick so sdhe shoves huim into a ferw buikini babes on the geround and they smacj ion him

bf and sisater make out ib the sewa, then we see the band working out and training in a gym

the guys they beat up last night coime by and wwanna see bands boss

wait i think its not the band andf the boss is the bro

bands beat guys offers to work with him to stop the college kung fu rock band

then we see the good guys or at least 1 of e,,  training in kung fu

wow its alll in 1 take

then he spars with a the bf and theres a birt of slo mo to look cool

wauit i think its another guy and not bf goes up usinmg a rubber knife

he pills the guys nose i mean puls with his toes

bf later suggests putting board beareaking in theirt act but wait, yeah it is bf and another guy worrys about bro and his cocaimnum buds

this banmd is the only fam,ily they have and taekwondo is their style and trhey wanna vidis i mean visit  all counttries their rents are from on tour

there they play music and will visit taekwando dojo to promote peace and love

later at a restaurant thiese guyts are gonna leave w/o paying and 1 guy looks lie hes in a diap[er

the cook trys to stop em but they attack so he kicks their candya55es

then the band comes in and is imprtressed by his skuill and they tALK ABOUT TAEKLWANDO 

then we see the band playing as they do kung fu in their axct

after that, they find a note on their car saying to meet downtown from the bropther

as itds probably a TRAP, THEY CHOOSE TO GO THERE AND in the gym, the sister meets witrh bro over his attacking her band

he wants to be overprotective but she sez she lovews hiom and he cares too much and tthinks she knoes i mean he knowes better

he wants her to dump him but she books it and later its ay time and the maslcontents are waiting to beat uyp the good guys

the good guys drive to 80s music and go to this train yand and guys attack em as they drive

at the place they stop and fight the guys, some of who are satill wounded from b4, so if they couldnt beat em at full  life, maybe with less they can!

thheres fuel tankers on trains and 1 guys hity it and it f--king nukes the arera and wasters everyone!

jk reaslly it just clangs

thgen the ciops start comming and the guys scatter b4 the cops the get there

so we get a montage of bikers riding buikes like its mad mad max or hokuto no ken but tyi to an 80s songn about nbeaiong being a tough guy

a few chicks show their t-tds for a few sewconds

bvro shows up and hanfs ti i mean with the bikers and sez the main asian guy is a black belt and is named mark like the guy from the wroom

in the bar another chick whoes her b00ns anmd later main korean guy mark chats with the guys and 1 guy is making a new song

So later its day and the heroes are checking the mail and eating breakdfast, then go to school or w/e and the 30 y4ar old teens think they are cool

thery drive off in their ferrarri mustang p-mpmobile and these bad guys in a car follodw them to this restraumnt

as hallen oats os parking, the bads catch him and driove away and the otrher guys dont nortice

they take himn to the bad basew ands tie him up shirtless and with blood on him and the base is a gym

gf goes thwerew and asks the malcontents where a guy is and dont find him

so hallon a55 is tied to a construction thing and the bsadds are drinking beers as they are evil and beer devolves you

the good guys come over somehow knowing where they are and the bads wanna blow off haulin a55's arms if the heroes dont get there soon

the heroes k n i mean k o the guards and sneak around in the bright lit darkness and take guys out

the bads hear and scramble and are picked off, including 1 guy chopped in ther neck and blood squirts fgrom his opeb cut

its bada55 in a way only the 80s did

imagine oif the bad guys b0ned haul and oats whhen he was tied up?

after going final fight on sega vd i mean cd on the bads, they fight the bro whos using 2 spiked metal bars and the fight goes to the ipper floors

in the fighting, the brother falls off and bites it and gores to h e doubl;e california

the ninja repoerrtto the head ninja that bro is dead and he sez to avenge him and sends in the maiami ninja

why is  it yhat people who know nothing about making movies make the best movies

look at tommy wiseau and tghis guy

and the guy who did m d geist

soi later the blackorean gets a letter saying he found his daddy and he's happy

tomorrow they gonna meet him and his multiu  etjhnic homies of martial artists celebrate and get him a proper suit like its power rangers

main korean meets gf and says how wait, she knows and how her bro bit it, but she understands and is cool with her ponly surviving fasmily biting it

like Kenshiro and Hyou

oh and korean hero is in jeans,  a red shirt asnd a black leather vest and looks bada55

yeah his actoier has an accest, but whgen someone has a brittish accent its shown as good

double standard!! NUKEW ENMGLAND!!!

so the blackorewan, hero korean and i think bf drive and are styopped by motorcylce noinjas and theyt run through a forest as ninja chase em

now they fight and the blackorean gets scliced in the torco with a huge scice in him

its pretty bada55

sorta like in riki-oh how he carved open his body to remove washizaki's device

korea hero drags him through the water and puts him on the river bank as bf fights ninja

korea hero leather cposat cuts through ninja with a katana as does bf and b4 i mean bf takes off his shirt to look cool

the korean hetos english reminds me of toshio maeda, as its fluent in english but has that noteable accent

1 guy gets his face sliced open and its bada55

then he i mean the white robed ninja is there doing d=-=k on a stick and a ninja rtreports to him that all the others fell

white ninja skluices off his head and laughts and then sword fights korea hero

it turns to a fist fight amnd korea hero beats him down and wwalks off like a bada55

but white ninja pulls a blade and comes in, only to be countered by korea hero and shanked in his own gut

he falls over and i guess is dead with a big blood wound

but the white ninja  turns to his 2nd forme and becomes a big blood red tanuki with large tesrtiuckles that pulsate with a beat


then we get slo mo blurry scenes of the heroes going aroundf the jungle and then they drive to bring blackorean t the dr

in the waiting room his dad is there and  the dr says the wounds weren't as bad as thewy seem and he's gonna be ok with some rest

dad sez hes gonna make up for his past mistakes and owes his sons life to main korean

maimn korean sez blackloreaN IS LIKE HIS BROTHER AND BLACVKOREAN IS WHEELED IN in a chair and him annd dad say they love each othewr

maim morean sez its over, then they walk and a title card like a silent film says "we gotta get world peace by removing violence"

if a lot of people love eacvh other, the world would be a better place

then we get clips from the movie with the actors name under em like space balls but to 80s  muyics

ninja's; eddy wood, like ed d wood jr??

lori blackmon, like digimon?

robert lee, ;iklike the confederate?>

the end

that was honesrtly cool and good

its got great music and fifghts, but the acting was a bit woofdy

but as meat loaf said; 2 outta 3 aint bad

its got a cool 80s vive ansd is positive and baa55 with nice effects and style

i had fun watching it and it goes by fast with good flow and feel

i enjoyed it and for a movie about a college knug fu riock bacnd fighting motorcycle drug dealer ninjas, its one of the better ones

itsa soolid entertainmemnt and esp conmapretd to todays filmes, is a treat and a joy

For Miami Connectoopn 2 I want the father iof the ninja who got iced to come after them and send magic ninja to fight the korean guy, so he goes enen i mewan even further beyond and accesses his ki and burns through the magic ninja an dhtir the i mesan their making weaponsof ki and making shadow clones and walking up walls and growing to autobot sizes. its also a 16 bit beat em up on sega geensis snes tg16 gna i mean gba and artari jaguar where you play as the korean guy or one of his friends and is up to 4 players

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