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The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? Review

 Note: I sp[ell bad, but not aads bad as animation has devolved since thius film was made

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?

This is my revcireew on The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? from the distabnt future year of 1984 (20 years begfotre Robotech Return To Macross)

Its a condensed version of the shgow that is best known as Season 1 of Robotech

There were issues between the Japanese companies over who owned Macross so Harmony Gold whoi made Robotech had to stop any Macross things for legal issues

But out of f-=king nowhere; The Japanese companiesresolved their sh=-t in the 20s and agreed to let Macross happen outside Japan and Bootlegs

Soi this was dirrected by Shoji Kawamori who did mostly Macroiss things, and Noboru Ishiguro who did the 86 Robotech Movie/Megazone 23 and Locke the Superman

In the canon of Macross, this is actrually an In Universe Movie Retelling of the events of the war, kinda like how in Battletech, the 90s Saban Cartoon is Canonically a show in the BattleTech Universe

It stars Mika Moi from Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach and Angel Cop, Akira Kamiya from Hokuto No Ken and DBZ, Eiji Kanie from Hokuto No Ken, Hiromi Tsuru from DBGT aand Violence Jack, Hirotaka Suzuoki from Saint Seiya and Urotsukidoji, Run Sasaki from Sailor Moon, Ryusuke Obayashi from Jungle De Ikou, Sanae Miyuki from Transsformers Super God Masterforce, Sho Hayami from New Cutey Honey, Devilman and Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer, Ikuya Sawaki from Japanese 80s Transfprmers, Baoh, Saint Seiya and Sakuigake!! Otokojuku, Kenyu Horiuchi from Violence Jack and The R=pe Man, Nobuo Tobita rom G Gundam and Beyyblade Burst(More like,m BUTT BURST!!), Shigeru Nakahara from Gundam Wing and DBGT, Tomomichi Nishimura from Bleach, 80s Transformers and Genocyber, Yoshio Kawai from G Gundam and SentaI, and a buncha others in stuff I never saw

I saw thgis b4 and liked it and this got good reception

Its ALL animated by hand drawn work, frame by frame and looks epic

Nowadays animatyion is done on computer and look like a55!

So after the Toko Logo we get te Zentraedi looking At stuff from the humans and talking of how their troops who got near the humans sdtopped fighting

then we see the SDF1 appearing in the blacmness of spsace and title

its got amazing detailed art and animation and has true effort put into it

So this pilot goes off in a space fighter on recon and in the space ship is a city with robots abnd cxars in it 

btw this is widescreen but it hS GREAT COLOR

so this singer lynn minmei is singing an early 80s song in a concert and its her 1st

5 months ago the ship left the earty but shes trying to help by giving them fuin, kinda lie Stan Lee making comics insatead of a bummer novel like east of eden, aka caiin and abel gx

so minmei sings an 80s song with holograms but the ship gives a warning that the ship is gonna transform and theyt have 3 mins toio get to a shelter

hikaru is the leader of skull squad andis in a battle with the zentraedi with missiles taking out troops

hikaru is uneasy and their sips can transform too robot mode

max is the ace of the team and he kicks a55, so hikaru  and his homeboy ropy take on the foe

a ship has space folded in the area and wait, its several, annd the ship is gonnas nuke the areA

HIKARU defends the bridge of trhe sdf1 but gets b--ched at by misa for not being in the battle or w/e

HokAru goes after the enemies that got in the ship against misas orders and as the enemies who got in are shocked to see males and females together in the same place

a maN AND A wo man? is this protocunture?!

So Minmei and her manager/cousin/bf is split from her as a wall comes up between em  as the ship transforms

A Zentraedi trys to grab Minmei but Hikaru takes it out and the artificial gravity gets damaged so she fallsbut Hikaru saves her after an epic and well animated scene

he winds up caught in the ships inner area and it closes off and the ship fires its main cannon and takes out ther enemy ship

In the ship wall he fuinds he saved the poip star minmei and he's a fan of hers and she signs a thing for bim

they are sealed in and can't commumicate with the outside as his radio is f'd and the wall  is hyper carbon

minmei is glad she has some time off and the ship takes off from the moon titan;s orbit so grabity goes and hikaru accidentally grabs her left b00b like its a go nagai anime

he teaches her how toi fly in 0 g like with gohan and pans mom and she shows off her shiny dress

they go through and find food and a minemi doll and a coke machine and we getta montage to minmeis soing of them doung things like minmei taking a shower and them living together but not in sin

if go nagai or the berserk guy did this they'df be b0ning

meanwhile the zentraerdi see males and femalkes live in the same area and are diustrubed as their ancent rules say "don't f with small people"

also trhe zentrasdie find a minmei doll playing her love song and are soi unused to anything romantic or non warrior related, they freak lut

so on the ship the skiull squad wonder if hikaru is dead and you i mean roy listens to misa and his gf claudia talking about work and boys or something

misa remembers her bf from years ago when she was ike 12 or something and in the wallsl; mimnmehi tlels how she works hard cuz her fam told her to, then left home to come here and wonders if her  rents are ok as they are on earth

theres no word from earth as the official story is theres radio jamming but in reality; it got gang nuked

hiklaru asks if shes with her co star but she sez its just made up by publishers and the love scene was not real

so the gocv and the media tell lies? does the corporations kniow?!

she shows how good an asctor she is and does a lovey romance thiung talk and smooches him

btw; the wearth wrecked and people in space facing aliens by titan?

is this wherte Don Bluth got Titan AE?

so as they smooch, the wall opens and the paparazzi sees aema dn get photos

imagine if toshiuo maeda wrote this and they were 0 g b0ning?

Hikaru gets his a55 busted by Misa for insubbordination and if this were made by an H animne artist, she'd make him do SM

Hikarus Homies think he's b0ning minmei and go all 80s guy on him but he denies it

as they think a guy being in the same place with someone for 3 days means they must have been b0ning

like how yaoi fangirls pair F--KING EVERYONE up!

Roy and Ed in fma? Huck and Jim in Huckleberry Fuinn? Jack and Yusei and STardssucty DRagon in Yugioh 5Ds?

if anyone has anything in common; these nuts pair em up!

How about as Goku's rival floved his son and turned good, why not continue it and have Pan fall in love with GArlic Jr?!

so the people gossip about minmei abnnd hikaru and minmei dont like it

in a bar hokarui brings the charts for woprk to roy with his gf and misa and roydriinks and gives misa advice on being a woman and hgokaru mAN advise

thewm smooches his openmly black gf and is either making out or b0ning her as its offfscreen

nowadays they'ds call Roy "Toxic" and normal people would say in a devolved voice "TOXXXXXX ICCCCCCCC! TYOXXXXXXXX! IIIIIIIIIIIIC!" TO MOCK THEM

So Hokaru gets a call saying theres a sick family guy and he goos oof but really goes tio meet minmei in disguise

Thet go on a date night to hang out in town at night and 1 part is hologram outfits and thet are evbentuallly wearing wedding clothes

they almost go to a motel to b0nbe but dont

if this was tenjho tenge manga, they would

later they are looking at the space sky and see the saturn planet, so rick i mean hikaru sneaks out with her on an unreggulasted flight in his mech and he goes throuigh its ring and makes a rainbow ring from the dust

meanwhile, the zentraedi arte sent by their coimmander to catch some humans  and the females might try to get em 1st

meanwhile; hikaru is  going through saturns atmosphere  as a minmei siong plays in montage and it sounds kinda 70s/60s

but then minmeis bro/manager/cousin/bf comes on the skype and so does misa to say "come back! this is bad for ytour careers!"

hoikaru is gonna go back for his punishment, which in starshop trioopers is a whipping, but ebnemy mechs attack and hikaru is in a traiuning plane

hikARU HAS NO WQEAPONSD SO rOY COMES IN DRUNK AS A SKUNK  and fires missiles to tajke out enemy mecvhjs

3 mechs ggrabv hikarus jet and bruing him iun to their base but Roy coimes in and finds himself at gunpoint by a buncha zentraedi

he makes like Sheena in Contra Hard Corps and surrenders and Roy, Misa, Minmei, her bro, and Hokaru are caught and put in a glass gar

A big Zentraedi pulls out a magnifying glass and uses focused light to burn a light beam through minmeios bros torso as he screams and tries to esacape, but catches fire annd pops like corn!

jk really they are asked why men and women coexist anmd why they are small

misa sez thety are born small and the zentraedi dont now about breeding as they are geneytically enmgeneered and grown in labs

Roy sez males and females cooperate to make new life and the zenttraedi dont now why men and women dont fight

roy sahows them whaty a hig is bu hugging minmei and ;like grade school boys;l they find it gross

roy mentions kissing and they take minmei histage to make thenm kiss

minmeis bro volunteers and smooches minmei and its not consensual like luke and leia in star wars or the platinic twins in voltage fighter gowcaizer

so minewi and her bropther and taken away and the 3  militaruy guts are lead elsewhere and the zentraedi are shot iup by enemy females and take the trio

wait, they get away and get to their jets but a buncha enemies come for em

hikaru goes like drahgon ball with pulling off bulmas top to get roshi to nosebleed on the invisible guy, or mazinkaiser with koji shjowqing sayaka's nips to stun the guards, and snmooches misa to shock the zenttraedi and buy time for tthem to get in the mechs

then zentraedi chicks co,me in and wadte the sioldiers, obnly for a battle to brwak ouit

miriyA IS THE GEMALE ACE AND WASTES THEM EASY and stomps 1's head in a bloodspray they would never do today cuz anime is candyt a55 now

roy comes out ann his mechs head is busted but hikaru draws his attention sdo roy takes out his mech

roy gets shot up and the zentraedi comes out of his busted mech and beats in the mech to morrtallly wound roy, but roy uses his gun to take out the zewntraedi and let hikaru and misa go after minmei

Hikarui gets to minmei but the sjjhip starts to space fold out, but an enemy female attack blows open the ship andand hikarus mech is sucked out as it folds off to another plasce

hikaru winds up on a desert planey with just misa and hikaru had given up after roy got it and minmei'ss gone

mina i mean misa takees coimntro, but is bad aat flying and they land in the sand

then they see it: a  ruined battleship!

This is earth!

at least they didn't have to deal with chimpeople and get lobotomized like with charlton heston

so the zentraedi have minmei and her brother and took them to their base and minmei sings as its all she can do

oh she sings of cinderella and the battleship is yhe aircraft carrier that was an arm on the SDF1 in the sdhow

Hikaru and Misa collect canned food from the ship and the zentraedio call the suinging protroculture that is creative activitry without fighting

but their creators told them to never deal with culture of protoculture as its  powerfuil and can unite males and females

so all the head zentraedi has left of the original culture that made them is a metal plaquiue that they want mimnmei to tell em of

imagine if this was done by masami ohbari and they made minmei show them how to breed with her brother?

What if in Robotech Season 2 when the Robotech Masters captured the 15th Squadron they force em to show them how breeding works as the Masters are all clones? Blonde curvy Dana has to breed with shy black guy Bowie and White Ladies man Sean. Dana: Who knew Bowie has a footlong! and Sean... No wonder he couldn't keep a gf. Tinky Winky!!

So misa and hikari go artound eearth and find no survivors and misa breaks down and being one of the last people on the planet like with Noah and his kids and their wifes

later in a tenty in ther rain, misa has given up as the earth is empty like in dbz after buu and she's getting sick and hikaru treats her

misa sez roy told her his fam is in h e double soviet england and she thought she'd be a brave soldier but now is bummed out

she realizes the cloth on her head is his minmeu autograph and she sees the error of her ways and eats

so later its day and trhey fluy over the sea and find this building in the sea likethe tower of babel in metropolis and its an alien space craft made for those human saized

its got a foild system commuinication and misa triss it but it dont work

then a ligh show a hologram anbd miusa understands it a buit and its a space emmigratiopn vessel central computer

she talks to it and it mentions genetic masnipulation and man aND WO MAN ZENTRAREDi images and human images

then turns off and uses its energy to raise the buolding

then we learn long ago was a glactic civilization (or confederacy?) called protoculture but they learned how to breed wiuth only 1 gender and split men from woman and war happened

So they made giant soldiers just to fight but things went too far and they started over with men/weomen together by going to Earth to make Human Amncestors

But 20 000 years ago the giants fighting reached this solar sysatem so the Protoculture sank the city to hide it, but now its up as the computer mistook the zentraedi attack as the protocultrure return

Btw: I watch nba lot of Bible Shows and Ancient Aliens, so this kinda checks out

In  Robotech II The Senmtinils: The Zentraedi were genetically engineered Giants made by the Masters to dig for Magnetic Monopole Ore on this giant planet

and there's legends of the Anunakki being Giants that made people to dig for Gold on Earth from Ancient Aliens.

Also. in 1 ep of Robotech: The Earth is gang attacked by Alien ships that wipe out much of the life on Earth, but later it grows back, similar to Noah's Flood.

In Robotech II The Sentinels: The Masters leave the planet to find the Protoculture Matrix and leave the old and sick behind on their home world, like when the Israelites were taken to Babylon and those left behind were old and not fit for battle.

So misqa finds a metal thing thar say Do You Rewmember somwething but its more complex than the zentraedi words she can somwehow read

Misa finds a sink and does dishes in sea water and hikaru looksa around and finmds nothing but busted machines

misa puts plates out fior dinner to loving musdic and its really nicre as thet pretebnd to have dinnwr

misa misses her droogsa and hikaru comforts her and they kiss to 80s heart music orchestral

in the real version thety b0ned

oh f, the next scene is misa zipping up her cxoat, thety DID b0ne!

so later the SDF1 is there as misAs message reacghed em and they tell the captain what they found on earth

also trhey tell roys gf he was brave and shes gglad

on the ship minme songs and videos playy and hikaru thinks on how its only been a 1 month since he took minmei ou but it feels like longer

also mstr of minmeis songs are fiull of englishg words

but the female aliens come and want the culkture i the protoculture ruins

hikaru and friends go out to fight em and his wingman gets taken out easy

max fight milia and its an epic battle over the cuity and into an enemy ship witgh a cxlose xombat fight that wiinds up in the dark

tthe female ship fires a blast and takes out the cannons on the SDF1 and things look f;';d

but then minmeis singing plays and the females stop fighting

max sees milia out of her armor and bnoth are too busted up to fight but max finds her hot as i guerss hes into giantress

the male zentraedi show  up and are playing minmeis song so tyhe females warp away with max on their ship

they want peace talks with the earth people and agree to a truce

the captauiin of the sdf 1 tells of thge protoculture abnd how huymans and zentraedi were both the product of ancient aliens genetic cr-p anbd the zentraedi can shrink ti human dsize with tech

Minmei taught the zentraedi more of her culture and minmei is on the sdf 1 and sings a song form the proityoculture plate with new words as tbney can't read the original language to make peace with the women

wait, they are still wrtitying the words and misa and hgikaru go out to greet minmei and minmei sheds a tear and runs to him with a hug

but thuis caiuses issues with misa and minbmei didnt knwo the month she spent with misa i i mean he spent

later misa reads the words on this plate they found on the ship and its the words to the song from the zentraeri plate

sher translates it but at himarus place; minmei comes onto hikaru ands sez she loves him 

misa comes to hikarus place and finds minmei huggeing him from behind, which isn't b0ning unless she has a ding s0ng

she gives them the words to tyhe song but is bummed thinking hikaru likes minmei more, but when hikaru sez its a misunderstanding, minmei runbs out

misa sez to go after her but hikaru sez when he saw minmei after returning he realized he wants misa

i mean i like misa more, but minmeis a bimbo and those are good

so they hug but the enemy attacks and hukaru goes to bring the words to minmei but shes not know where she is

the females are attacking and this huge enemy base space folds in so without minmei, they gotta fight

the enemy ships all blast the earth and it takes out the protoculture island as the sdf1 ghoes to space

hikaru runs around and fiunds minmei and wantrs her to sing the song but she dont wanna as its from misa

the head zentraedi fires his death ray and wipes out many of his fleet to take out the head female ship

minmei has given uip and sez if they are gonna bite it, they might as well stay here

hikaru sez to fight fort the other people on the ship and minmei dont care about them so hikaru slaps her and sez roy and the fat guy got it b4 doing theirt best ideas

the batttle goes on and minmei finallyt gets it and sez sorry and is cheerful after being slapped and agrees to sing\

wqe then get her singing this 80s song, as i guess ancient protoculture is into 80s music

tyhe aliens stop to listen to it and 1 says he fdfeel;s like he heard it long ago

his homie sez itys something priogrtammeed in their genes and the sdf 1 is taking hits, inclusding 1 guys head coming off

the main 2 zentraedi, who are totally not r2d2 and c3po, tyeram with the sdf1 and turn on their leader with their troops to protect the protoculture

also max was enbiggened and now drives an alisen mech

so the sdf1 plows through miles of metal and rock and gets to the leaders chamber\

hikaruy flies in on his mechna nd blasts him in the face a bunch and the enemy base ship starts spazzing out and blows

btw the sdf1 could totally beat the death star from star wars

so the battle is over and we get that 80s violin msuic

the zentraedi say theres 1000 fleets across the galaxy each withh a master ship like the one they just did

but as minmeis song solved this, maybe it will soove those

misa sez the song was just a popular song from thousands of years agothen minmei starts counting up to 4 and tapping her foot and then we get creditys to 80s music

the end

that was quite good

it had heart asnd life and feels

most movies todasy look like a55 but this was great

plus star trek beyond stone tthe idea of "use past music to f with the enemy fleet"

the story is good, the music is wobderful and the animation is epic

a true classic and can only be done in the 80s when people cared about quaoity

now its all done on computers and is without life or soul

the acting waS GREAT as in Japan they actually try and go all out for voice work

Plus the story is like something outta Ancient Aliens on The History Channel

For The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? 2 I want them tro make contaCT WITH a group arriving clsaiiming to be the Protoculture but it says it wants them to return to their past wars and that men/women were a mistake, wait, it really wants them to fuse men anbnd woimen together into a milti limbed hermaphrodite creature, but its revealed its actually a space daemon who goes around ruining planets by destroying the people with lies, and the unfused have to fight them. also its a 32//64 bit flying and shooting game on playstation 1, sega saturn, nb64 and 3ds where you play as eith a human or zentraedi ands fight the space enemy

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