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New Jack City Review

Note: my spelling is jacked

new jack city

this is my review on new jack city from 1991

i never saw this b4 but in earth worm jim is a level called new junk city

its directed by super mario van peeblres and stars westly snipes, ice t, Chris Rock, mario vvan peeles and judd nelson

ooh, flavor flav is in this

huh, this film did well according to wikepaedia(who says oj isnt a murderer and creation science and ki are psudo sciences)

i'm watching this on BET so its censored

so it starts with credits as the cam goes through soviet new york and the news says things s-ck

then this guy is being held over the bridge by homies over drugs

tthey drp him and he goes to h e double california

its da 80s and drugs are taking over

why not just make a drug zne where druggies can go to do drugs?

then gas it!!

so ice t is doing a drug deal (this is b4 he became a cop on svu) and has a backpack full of cash

tthen we see him chasing the guy who's on a bike who eventually hits a thing and flies off and ice tea chases him on foot and catchrs him

wait, he's a cop

btw, he chased a man on a bike all that distance?!

What is he? Akira Fudo?!

of cource, drugs et daemons affect you easier as it weakens ur spiritual defences, so maybe he is posessed!

so snipes is in a car with his homies and i think 1 has brain damage (probly from drugs) and sez they shouldsnt use drugs

they are dealers

they joke about b0ning chicks and each others parts

so they they atta club and in da back a banker who wants to work with em for a profit with crack

snipes i gonna reclutionize things by taking over the carter (i dont know what that is) and set up a drug lab

this is why we had robocop

then these homies go up to s guy, and blow a hole through his head

oh they're tgetting people outta their honesto take it over and set up their drug emmpire

why not call the cops?

i mean it'll take em 40 is to get there but after giving them the info, the can arrest the homies

so more drive bys and a montage of violence and drugs and we see a chick telling kids to say no to drugs

look at intervention! you want that to be your life?!

as a kid i saw power rangers addswhere they said to sa no to drugs smokes and booze

i never got into any of em

i mean i drink ppop, bu thats nothing coompared to crack!

so da cops are overwhelmed byy the drug epidemic and 1 guy wannts cops who know the streets to hlp em win

the high rank cop allows tis andice t gets a new partner and they go into a new drug foece

so snipes meets wiith some gaijin aboout theit agreemennr and this gaijin wantrs them to keep their 10% ed up

so then its christmas and snipes is giving food to needy guys and 1 guy who got some later spazzes out anf attacks a chick

then ice t gets him, beats on him, pulls a gun o him too shut him up and brings him in

i think he takes him to rehab as guys are talkimng of te damsge drugs did to em

affter he gets clean he helps ice t like a villager saved by a samurai to become his squire, and tells him of snipes drug empire

later at a meeting with some italiano guys, ice twa i mean snipes kills them all

thn they dance at a club and talk about a chick they wanna b0ne

later they watch scarface the remake and later watch this chick in red undies dance slowly

so later snipes bickers with his chick about her cr-p

later ice t and his cop droogs plan to get info on snipes with video cameras

they send a guy in with a feed and later ice t (ait, i thnk that as a test camming) tels the guy who he saved that a junkie iced his mom in 74

so they send e junkie in and he's spazzing out and they search him and find a wre

the cops rush in and the dealers set the building to blow

the cops bust in and cap the dealers in a gunfight and find the ex junkie with the charge and they defuse it

then snipes finds out the cops took out the carter (which i guess was their drug base) and he goees mental on is crew

so after a service for someone who got iced, ice t's boss sez the anti drug foece is over

so ice t tallks to a higher p wwho sez its not a black or white thinh, bt drugs get aannyone

so ice t goes to see snipes at the court and gets sent off as snipes dont kknow him

later snipes chats with ice t on a roof about how to jion a gang he had to ice someone

later at a place with kids, a bible guy tells snipes hes bad and ggets beat ep

snipes tells hi off and guy pulls a gun butsnipes homies take him away

so then thees a wedding and after it, snipes comes down some steps and some guys open fire on himin slo mo

then iits a big a55 gunfight and the gys drive off

the hit guys call him and tjey bicker

i think its the italiannoes

then theres a driveeby on a motorcycle and the italianoes got wacked

so good guys mee and find snipes wasnt in any footage they caught and tey got no vidence

later ice t dbrings cash to a drug deal but the guy he caught on the bike recognizes him and outs him

they open fire on him but he escapes

soo h-ll breaks loose and they waste each other and guys get stomped and thrown off high places and capped

oh and the ex crackhead was the guy they had the service for

so snipes meets with a guy on a rooftop about some cr-p about how iys alll f'd for him and his homies are in h-ll

snipes pulls a gun on the guyand eventuallly caps him for betraying him or w/e

later ice t finds a guy who outs where ssnipes lives as snipes cooked a guy with gasoline for being 5$ too few on his debt

like with the mandela necklace?

so snipes busts on and ait i mean ice t busts into snipes place and  beats o anipes aand reveals the woman he iced to join a gang was ice t's mom

after a through a55 beating, ice t pulls a gun on snnipes but the only white guy in the movie stops him

snipes sez he'd be out in a week and he'd ice ice t

knowing how soviet new york puts criminal lives 1st, i'd say thats plausible

thenits thee trial and a cchick testifies against hmand so does ice t

snipes blames the syatem for makking drugs illegal

imagine a chold mo lester blaming age of consent laws as discrminitory against his orientation

actually, that might happen!!

so snipes gets off easy and the bible guy goes up to him in the court place and blows a hole in his torso and snipes fa,lls down a hole in the spiral stairthing

then text sez this snipes guy is fiction but represents real drug guys

the end

that was pretty good

bada55, action, good message o how  aful druggies are

its got good acting and good lighting and color and good 90s style

its from around the turn of the decade where the 80s and 90s met like the 90s ninja tutles or edward scissorhands or shost

its well made and is cool and has good effort put in

i like it. it works

for new jack city 2 i want wesley snipes to have survived and was awarded by the city a high settlement for letting him get capped. he is now crippled but has an electric chair that has weapons in it like cesar in urotsukidoji iii and he uses legetimate businesses to fund his drug empire reborn. ice t has to figth hsi drug dealer waves and they are on roid drugs that make them stronger and harder and he gets  meta armor to boost his strength to fight em and has blads built in it to slice through with dancr fighting. also its a 16 bit beat em up on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you play as ice t or his new partlner, a blonde female bodybuilder cop, in these meta armor nd they slice through the burning streets of soviet new york in 199x and get through the drugged up homies and fight to get to snipes and his electric chair that transforms into battle armor and a big a55 mech.

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