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Red Dawn Review

Note; commies hate my spelling cuz its super american!

red dawn

this is my review on red dawn from 1984

its ditected by joghn millius and stars [patrick swayze, c thomas howel; lea thompson, charlie sheen, jennifer greey and powers boothe and harry ean stanton (maxfield stanton?!)

it was  remade later and i never saw that but heard it was a55

i saw this b4 but that was years ago

this was banned in soviet finland and was 18= in west germany and spain

buncha candya55es

it starts with text saying the countries are falling to communism and America stands alone

i guess canada queered out too

then ominous yet inspiring music as we see clouds and credits

then a peaceful look at small town america, sorta like in the fist of the north star movie with b4 the nucular holocost

teens go to school to learn history and military facts instead of gender cr-p and, oh its ghengis khan stuff

i'm surptized thr commies havint tried to cancel him

then the commies attack and parachute int the area and waste the teacher who went out to ask whats going on

in the chaos some teens escaper

commies attcking kids in school? its like a metaphor for today!

so the teens escape out the outlands and get supplies from one of their dads who tells em not to come back

i think the lion king ripped that off(but what didnt it rip off?!)

they get attacked by commies but a chopper of Amerian Virtue saves em

they fixx the car by whizzing in the radiator

so next day the teens hide in the hills and this is starting to seem like Robotech Season 3 where The Invid tok over earth and a group of heroes fight to savve it

some wanna surrender to da commies but 1 stands up to him

this seems to have been ripped off by the matrix how either you live under communism, or fight it from the wilds

but what Didnt it rip off?!

so thw wieners decide to stay and they figger they can stay up by fishing and hunting

oh and the soviets use a  list of gun purchases to see who has any firearmd so they know who to go after

so the guys bag a deer and drink its warm thick blood

later they go back to town and a cick at a store sz the commies know who they are and sent americans to reeducation camps for sensitivity training

the teensd go there and a man getz their dad who  sez he was tough on em to make em strong and theyhave a tender moment and as they go he yells to AVENGE hiim

then they meet a guy who sez they in ocupied territory asnd its ww3

if only we sided with zee kaiser

also the commies are icing people and blaming the teens and 1 guys dad goyt capped for siding wth america

also he has his grand daughters hidden here after dda commies tried to b0ne em

in ww2, when the soviets attacked germany, they raeped as many chicks as they could

thanks f d r

good of you to side with the greater of 2 evils

later some commies are taking photoes an encounteer the teens who runbut counterstrike and take em out

once a guy asked a Polish hero: What's it like to kill a human? and the Pole replied: I don'tt know, I only killed commies!

later the teens bicker from stress and the chicks get b--chy

the commies know of the teens andinteriew one of their dads who sez his son is a wiener

how modern; faking being a candya55 to avoid offending commies

the commies then shred americans with gunfire for not being soviets

so tthen the teens use as trap where the chick goes out, the soviets try to b0ne her, she runs, and the teens jump out and shred em

then a monttage of the teens taking out commies

the teens call themselves the wolerines after their school mascot

imagine if this made them go furry

later this chick comes by and joins em and they meet an army guy from the U S Forces

wait, i think the chick was 1  of the teens whho found him

so its revealed the commies got in and f'd the fores, then cities got nuked

also most of canada was taken over but thats not much different than it is now

but now with the commies in america, the good guys cant nuke em as its on their turf

sonow its winter andthe wolverines plan an attack

huh, real woklverines are scavengers

did marvel know? does logan eat corpses?

i had anidea where in the 1st  men movie where rogue is hungry, if wolverine slices off part of his arm and lets her eat it

it grows back so theres no reason he couldnt

so after more attacks its spring i think and the battle coontinues

wwait i think its still wiinter and am american fighter comes by and attacks

nowadays they'd make this look bad as its "attacking its own guys"

but they aint americans! they commies! enemy's of the peoplee!

then a tank comes by annd fires into the distance as they are right under it

1 guy goes up to it and shoots iinto it asv another tank fires on em

1 guy gets it and so does another

i think its the aemy guy who looks kinda like johnathan wiolfe from robotech

the the tank ggets hit and  blowws by another tank and the wolverines escape

later the commies are marching down the steet to commie music like its a commie pride parade and ten have a meeting about what to do about da wolverinees

so after a firefight, they capture a commie and they find out one of them was caught and forced him to swallow a tracking device after probably b0ning him a lot

turns out his dad turned him in

so they execute him for helping the enemy

they also waste the caught commie

latere they are in the hills and a chopper comes at em and picks a chick off

remember in the sega rambo game where you use a bow to take out a chopper?

i never played it but saw clips online

so 1 guy usess a rocket launcher and nails  it so it fleas

but another comees and shreds him

so later the chick is damaged and wants a guy to finish her so she's not b0ned dead by commies

so he gives her a grenade and she lays there to listen to the wind

so the teens regroup and there aint much left and they consider returning to the mountains

so the brother teens attack the commie base and f em up hard

1 bro gets capped and i think him takes out the leader but is capped cuz he said "you lose" and waited for him to turn around like a dumba55 instead of taking his head off from behind like a ninja

so 1 bro takes capped bro out and he bites it as they sit on a bench in the night

so later the surviving teens look at the town and then 1 narrates how the teens fighting made a difference

then we see a plaque in honor of the wolverines and the movie ends with credit showing who played who with images

the end

that was well done

good action

doesnt drag

good acting and messages against commies that still hold up

i didnt see much wrong with it and its goes into the ation pretty quick and keeps it up

good srs drame without being sappy or cr-ppy and its based on stuff that happened in ww2 and otehr comie things

i liked it and it was actually the 1st pg13 movie

heh, imagine a p0rn0 version called red d0ng where the viet kong take over anf start b0ning everyone?

for red dawn 2 i want it to be the 90s and the war continues. japan has teamed up with america to give them eosuits to fight the commies better and having mcrowave canons that cook them til they burst. also thr commies have a few prototypes of them made by reverse engeneering it. The americans fight and strike their plants to make em and the cities are burned out shells and the areas are wastelands and often on fire. also its a 16 bit action game like phantom 2040 in sega genesis, snes, gba, atari jaguar and tg16 where you play through levels taking out commies and their prototype mechs and half commie half dog hybrids made by a genetic program.

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