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The North Star Review

Note: Spelliong right is for commies!

the North Star

This is my review on The North Star from 1943

I saw this b4 and have boned up on history on the era since then so this time I'll point out the errors

its directed by Lewis Milestone who did The Racket, All Quiet on the Western Front, the 30s Of Mice and Men and other good stuff

It stars the ubermench Erich Von Stroheim who made Greed that got f'd by the studio, anne Baxter, Walter Huston, Dana Andrews, and a buncha 1800s guys i never heard of

it was made by hollywood to promote the war in favor of the commies of the ussr

spoiler; they were worse than the axis

they were aroiund longer, killed more, and were more ruthless

this film shows the ukraines looking happy and safe in the ussr in the 30s/40s, but in resal life, they welcomed the gremans as heroes and fought with them to save them from trhe commies

after the axis lost, many tries to escape but were rounded up and sent iun trains back to the ussr to be executed

this movie is like is sean penn made it like in team america how he describves a candyland paradide before america came to the 3rd world

now i'm not a nazi, i;m polish, but the commies were worse

its like how -20 isnt as cold as -50

also; this film was later re edited and called armored attack to seem less pro commie after it was relaized they were evil

however this is the uncut ver and its public domain so you can watch it online legal

so aftewr credits and nice msuic and horses i thought were elephants, we get a happy ukraine village with plenty of food and joy and clean living

in real life the soviets had starved the ukraines and had killed quite a lot of them for going against them

so a new baby was pooped out and walter huston looks kinda like joey stalin

he worked all night but everyone is happy in this smurf like village

oh and they have machines and its the last day of school and almost summer vacation

after my grandpa escaped yugoslavia,he came to canasda and as he got off the boat, saw all these guys going to the soviet uniot thinking its a workers paradice

the ones that livesd regretted it

and this movie probably turned a fewe to thinking it was goodf there

yet in real life, not many fought and dies escaping the berlin wall to west germany

also this ukraine fam has a big a55 dinner and pl;enty of food, despite the forced starvation done by stalin in real life

then its 41 and theres radio(they had radio?!) about the germans going at poland and howe the germans drained blood from pole kids to treat their soldiers

i question if that ever really happened

why not just have the germans eating the kids?

i mean with the uncut brothers grimm having all those cannibal stoprys, its more realistic, even if fake

lol 1 ukraine kid has a shaved head like cailou

so theres a graduation and they honmor the high acheivers

btwe, none of these ukraines are played by real uklraines

they aint even slavic! its all irishmen!

they sing a opeful song about hope and peace

so later its harvent time or w/e and evryone has an a55 load of food and town picnic and 1 says they have too many good things at once

they celebrate some ukraniano thing and 1 guy has an accordian like he's weird al as everyone sings like a freakin disney movie

this is ripping off gone wityh the wind about people being happy b4 the war f'd em

a boyvchick and girlo are in loves and think about how they gotta be apart for a 1 year for the future

when i was in high school, i changed schools to go to a slummy schopol and didnt see my fat gf for like a year

also in dbz goku was away from chichi for most of ther marriage

oh its cuz boychick is going to university and wants her to come with him

also she pplans their future of being married and having theatre every night

well, thats the end of them!!

btw this is in b/w and is proper fullscreen

later this chick is ona trip and 2 guys behind her in the cart play chess cuz its slavic to do so

a guy playing chess in a military uniforme sez shes olde fasshioned and don't belong in the new world

so 1 guy is in the guard or w/e and sez he's have to ice people jokingly

the kids walk with guard and sing about being the new genderation who is the future

tomorrow belongs to me?

so later the ukraines fall asleep and we see a sillowette of a bird of the sky on a branch like in alls quiert on the western front

later this chick goes on a cart to be with a guy or something and a feminist whines about her setting back women

then anotherr song buit stop when they hear planes coming

ther planes start attacking em and the ukraines run for cover

just like with president husein and his drones

so they surviuved but the kid not hit and a few others got it

they think about how things were good a day ago and now its f'd

then the planes come to the village and shoot up the place

but when the main guy7 did it in Wings in 27, it was shown as good

the most american voice says on the speakers; the axis attacks ther ussr! we are at war!

then it plays soviet music as people regoroup and unite

a soviet guy says 30 hurt 11 iced and they goptta fight the evil germans as gorillas

also the villagers gotta torch the place and destroy all their food and items so the germans dont get it

imagine if this wasin africa and a guy says "burn ur items and food"

the soviets make the ukraines swear an oath to fight the germans and give up their lives for the ussr

then a military song like in mulan as they ride out

so the germans are heading there and a guy risks the roads to get ammo

he drives an ammo truck but a plane comes down and caps it

he gets out and tells his boys to save the guns (which ain't allowed in germany or the ussr or england) and bites it

1 guy sez year ago they fought for the land and now they gotta ice those against em to keep it

which the democrats find damnngerous ideas of defending yourself

meanwhile, trhe germans, 1 plasyed by erich von stroheim, who's jewish, are driving to the north star village and talk about drs

he was trained by a jewish teacher or dr or w/e and didn't mind

so the ukrains are destroying their homes to own the right wingers cuz someone got shot

my dad, whos watching this with me, notes theres no Chriastian symbols anywhere

they see the smoke and erich notices the axis didnt see burning vollages in weest europe and these ukranianoes are strong

then the germans arrive and shjoot up the place and save the villazges from fire

they ask who;'s responsible and wheres the younger dudes but no one sez

they get the info on who's in charge from a book and are gonna punish the guys fam

the guys woman comes up and won't answerhis questions so they take her inside and probably b0ne her

erich sez her asrm,/leg are gonna be broken and tells the people to answer when spoken to

so laster the germans are in da woods and the couple and guys are thefe and he tells her to gtfo

grandad  sez its good hes scared as fools aint friengtened and he diont want a fool with a gun

boychick and grtandad eeventuaslly j fk the germans aas they were gonna sattack a thing

latewr these guys are in a plane flying over the area and i'm not sure if they are ukranianoes or americanoes

they get shot and the pilot gets it and the pplane goes down but the other guys replace him

oh its uknarinas and they ain't gonna make it so he goes kamikaze on a tank, which i guess its good when the soviets do it, as this was made 2 yewars after the alleged pearl harbor

oh i think it was the ammo truck guys sons

meanwhile, the ukraninao kids are being blood drained and john huston or walter or w/e comes in and see it

he gets a scalple and trys to shank the drs but is caught and erich saves him

he sez they do it to help their soldiers, which is kinda like the allies nuking japan to save their troops

oh erich worked for or listened to huston b4

erichh lets huston help a ukraniano kid and the kid biters it

erich sez the huston isn not a danger to em and huston goes offand brings the dead kid to his base

so later the ukanines see the germans trucks and bikes going by and counting its distance

boychick and girlo are heading for the cliffs and they talk about only knowing hunger recently

he kisses her on the mouth after getting consent(unlike most of california or new york)

boychik plans to open fire at the bikes and delay em to let rthe others get across

but girlo wants to fight with him but he ses he'df meet her on the hill latyer

well, thats the end of him!!

also another chick don't like seeing them togetehr

this reminds me of that other american movie about the chinese fighting japan in ww2

dragon seed or w/e

hollywood sure likes siding with the guys who turn out to be evil

so other chick is scared and wants to do something right and dont wasnna be scared

in the real verion she probably prayed to The Lord

but in the real ver she was also fighting the soviets

they fire off at the bikers and as the trucks stop the wagons of the ukrnauiens escape

the germans coem at em with better guns and theres a gunfight

she walks out in the openm like a dumba55 and gets capped

then both get it from a german grenade

at the hill the girl;o goes back and it turns out boychick survivced as he wakes up

he gets f'd by seeing the other gils body and goers one eay, buyt goes back

he blacks out and later the girlo and grandad find him and hes ook

btw, if they can goi back and get him, then why did they need to cause a disturbance to get by?!

later its revwealed he might be blind

they f--ked out his eyes!!

so the ukraninses go to free the kids being drained by the dr's 

yet if someone tries to save the unborn, they are called evil

they put gasoline in the water, which will f=--k their land, and toerch it and the germans blow

just like the dirty dozen where they put germans in a vault and pourt gas on em and roast em

so the ukrnaies come in on horseback liek in birth of a nation and theres a big shoot out

the ukraines find their fam and reunite and huston confornts erich over draining the kids dead

he regrest it but dont show must emotion and and huston goers on a tirade about those who do evil for others but don't mind are worse

then huston murders ewrich who was unarmed and was only doing his job

so the ukraines escape in carts and hope for a better future and a free world

spoiler; after the war the ussr kills more than the axis

the end

that was a load ofm commie propaganda

it gets history more wrong than my civil war movie sabout the confederates nuking california

but, it wasn't awful

its entertaining and tells the lie well

it was made to promote the soviet unuion and demonize the germans

its kind of a comedy with how much it gets wrong

but the mopvie is entertaining and has good acing and effects

i enjoyed watching it but i know its all fake

then agaiun, most movies screw up the real story

nowadays any movies sent in pre civil war americvas shows the evil slave owners and the oppressed slaves and no diviation from the norm

imagine a slavery movie about a cannibal owner who eats his slaves?

its not that much different than how moviers do it now

i like the 40s style and its a decent made film

for the north sttar 2 i want it to be ther 50s and the ussr has taken over and have run things intoi the ground. there's no food and people arer now eating each other. they roam the wastelands of the ussr and eat people when they get too close. also its a 32/64 bit playstation, sega saturn and n64 game where you are in a fps and go arounfd eating people instead of  guns and you finish em off by eating their screaming head.

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