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Killer Klowns From Outer Space Review

Note: I Spel Krazy

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

this is my reviuew on nkiller klowns from outer spacve from a 1988(the ytewar we got the Robotech Comics of The Sentinels)

I nerver ssaw this b4 but hear its fun

its directed by The Chiodo Brothers who did effects for the mr piotato head sdhow, ermnmest scared stupidf, and a few critters movies

iit stars no one i know of except chris titus who had that Fox show years ago

justr looked up the show as i never watched it, man, that was f'd!


then people going around town at night as its not soviet new yuork and theres not much crime

a cop goes to da park and at a make out placeis teens drinking boioze and a comet goes by

ooh, its fullscreen, no black bars edating half the picture

some wanna see where it landed including an 80s couple and a geezer redneck

rtedneck finds a circus tent and thertes no one around and a hole oopens and a net catches his ndog

he trys tearing down the circus tent and gets shocked

then a big f'd clown shows up and zaps him with a raygun

this is on comet so its edited for content so i assume he asploded

meanewhile da cops bring in some punks and are distrusting of em for drinking

head cop wants the kids put to sleep or w/e and younger cop wants to go easy on em

being soft on crime lets good people get chopped up

so couple is going there and bf makes indian quotes that would be triggering to losers today and they find the tent

bf wants to czech it oot but gf is freaked out nby it

On Degrassi Next Gen: Spinner watches Clown Academy II and loved it as it had Sexy Clowns. Me: Spinner has a Clown Fetish! More diversity of orientation for the Malcontent Teens of Degrassi!

so they go in and he jokes aroound and deep in he finds this star wars looking placewith a plasma ball

she realises its the shooting star (dragon in attack mode) they went to see and they try to escape

wait, they just wander around and find a some kinda lab like in double dragon neon

she dont believe in aliens but sez if they exist, they in 1 now

also is a thing of cotton candy that has a corpse in it

they hiude as a clown comes by and strings up some candy with a corpse in it

the clown notices em and they try to escape as a klown fired a pop corn gun at erm

they get out and run and the klowns make a balloon anim al dog to track em

open the matrix rodimus!

the couple escape in a car but a clown jumps em so they shke it odff and getta weay

gf ants to tell da cops but bf sez they wont buy it

da cl,lowsn start walking to da city and it plays funimation style dbgt styyle music

gf tells young cop and da klownz are in town

1 fakes being a store decoration as teens go by

so the coupole go in da STATION andtell their talle and head cop dont buy it

but, space circus tent that comes down and f--ks things up? is this wwhere saiilor moon season 4 got it from??

later a guy seewz a hand pupper sshow where 1 pupper nukes another with a raygun

then the clown comes up and zaps him into cotton candy

1 clown is in a convienence sstore anmdturns people intop cottin candy aND LOOKS THROUGH DA STORE


DA CLOWSN SHOW UP TO A CHICK WHOS NIPS ARE BLURRED OUT ANS PLACE AND bring pizza, then zap her to corron candy

then zap manother chick using a candy gram

so gf is dropped off home amnd bf and young cop go to the cirvus but the tente is gone so cop arrests bf

then a clown goes to some bikers on a small a55 bike and 1 biker trashes the clown bike and mocks hhim

so the clown punches his head off like hes riki-oh or kenshiro

at a restaurantthis clown nearly weacks a little giurl but the mom brings her back as she hasnt finished her food

later young coip finds more cotton candy coccoons and lets bf out as now he sees its true

people call in the clipons and the head cop dont buy it

then a clown goes mad max and uses a mototcycle to ice a guy by ramming his carr off the rtoad witrh it

a chick takes a shower(is that gf?) and popcorn on her starts moving around after falling off her

1 clkown puts something in a dumpster and when a guy b goes to put stuff in it hes eated

1 clown makes shadow puppets and does impossible things with it to impress geezers

bf and cop come by and clwon uses a shadow of a dinopsaur to eat the geezers

they try tyo run him over but he jumps away like freekin superman

young cop calls in the clown and hgead cop dont buy it and thinks everyone is all prianking

bf goes off and cop goes to get the state cops and bf meets some guys and tells em of the clowns

the guys are ice cream guys and only go with him after hearing gf has big b00b room mates

a clown comes into the startion and head cop thinks its a joke

clown swquitrs him with a flower and head coop arrests him and puts him in jail

cllown reached out with some kinda tentacle and grabs his throat and slams him out on the bars

so young cop returns to statruion and finds cottom candy conncoons

he finds head cop held by clown who iced him and cop opens fired on the clopwn to no effect

cop blows off clowns noze and he speciasl ewffects out into glitter or w/e

so the clows f the town and in gf fights clown things thsat greww outta the popcorn

she puts a shower head in its mouth and inflates it

she gets caughtr bby the clowns and trapped in as sphere

coop and ice crteam guys and bfchase the clowms

thery unite and head for the amussement park

so da clowns come to the carenival and holy cr-p is this movie almosat over?!

that felt like nothinbg!

so they dissolve a guard with acid pies and go in and the good guys ;later come in

they talk theories about why the spasce clowns came

in there is a wird dark area with fog and traps

the ice cream guys fall into a ballpit and find sexy female clolwns

imagine if the clowns b0ned peoople with inflatable man things?

cop and bfg find THE SCIENCE ROOM ANND THERES panorama COTTON candy cocoons

thery hide and fat clown(like batmaan returns on snes?) comes in and drinks outta a straw outta 1

after he goes they gedt gf outta sphere and try to escape as clowns chase em

they go through this neon and black nightmare like some kinda 80s drug fantasy and get trapped on a pile of blocks as a wswarm of clowsn comes for em

then the ice cream truck come in and they ice cream dinks use the clown on top of the truck and the speraker to order the clowns toi stand down

1st; how do space clowns know english?@!

2nd; i'm sprporisd the clown on the truck didnt get damaghed busting through the wall

so then this big a55 clown the size of mighty joe young come in and throws the truck which blows and cooks the dinks

if only tyhey styayed virgins

1st; aleins are actually daemons

2nd; daemons/fallen angels whgo bred with huamns made ghiants like in robotech or ancient lore

so klown kong grabs cop and the tent starts taking off as the state coops arrive

cop- uses his badghe to pop king klowns knose and he spazzes out and he returns ion a clown car that falls like 200 feet

also the dinks survived by hiding in the freezer with the ice cream

i wanna say that wont work, but after mythj busters, manswers and 1000 ways to die, i dont know whats real

they ask if its over and glitter falls and credits to cool music

jimmy locust?

1 guy called thanos

candy lewis, whicyhn sounds like a p0rn0 name

wtf, fred fuchs was thanked in this!!

the end

tyhat was pretty fun

nice 80s movie with goodf 80s evffects and looks and style and fun

it goes by fast and has good flow and never drags

its entertaining and has good nhorror comedy and acting and style

nowadays the clowns would be cg and it would be super pc and cringe

i liked this and its a good time

and the nose as the 1 hit kill point was later used in skeleton warriors with the heart stone

for killer klowns from outer space 2 i want the clowns to return but use sexy female clowns to try to seduce the people tro let their guard down with inflatable body parts and skimpy sexy outfits. also its a 16 bit platformer on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you pplay as a clown and lure men to alleys and zap them with silly string from ur b00bs to catch em and use different fetish things to seduce different guys

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