Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tumbleweed Review

 Note; i still spel  bad


this is my review on tumblleweed from the distant future year of 1953

its got ayuudie murphy and Russell Johnson from Giigans island and Robotech II The Sentinels and lee van cleef

i never saw it b4 but aUDIE murphy is usually good

ooh, its got lyle talbot from 20 000 years in sing sing

its directed y nathan jaran who did 20 million miles to earth, attack of the 50 foortt woman and 1st men in da moon

sop after crdeits, audie rides his horse in a vioilene jack wasteland and finds a corpse

the body is indiann aND as akimg being dead to shabnk him but audie counters

he digs a bullet outta him and gives him water and indian wonders why a White man would help him

thats racist

he sez his dads is akila (akira?!) AND will be there soon

so audie goes to town and talks to chix he's guarding in the wasteland

he takes em the long way around in their coaches to avoid indians

audie goes up ahead and the chix talk about what guy the blond should marry

audie sees smoke signals and heads back and they prepart for battle by hiding the women

oh and blondes friend has a baby and audie hides em in a cave behind a tumbleweeed

later its dark and Audie decides to have em escape but the indiansd attck

they fight em off and Audie wants to try a peace meeting with Akila and goes with tghe indians carrying a White Flag

he sez to Akila he's sons friend and wants peaceful passage

Akira sez his son has no White friends (racist) and they beat him out, tie tim to the ground and leave him to cook in the sun

akila; white man have too little sun

me; imagine if i said my japanese cousin had too much for beign taned?

later akiras woman frees him for helping her son

he goes back too town and everyone there hates him cuz they think he deserted the party and the party got iced

the owman survuived though and the others were chopped up and probably b0ned

the town wants to string him up and he sez he helped thew akiras son and they think hes in league with em

they nealry lynch him but sherrif stops it and takes audie to jail so the guys dont waste him

later blonde visits audie in jail and sez she didn't know if it was true and sortry for not standing up for him

later, the indian comes in, shanks the guard and breaks out audie

also he sez a White man told akila about the wagons and they escape

indian gets capped in the escape and gives audie a necklace and audie takes a hit as he gets away

later its dfay and his horse has a bullet hole and he goes to take another one

the other ones run but a pale horse comes to him and is all crippled out from being raised on some animal milk as its momm got it from russlers

he ghoes back on his capped horse and rides on and sheriff comes following

audie goes to a farm and tells him da story and sez someone set up the wagon ambush

he blacks out and farmers woman treats him and the sherrif comes by with his crew

the farmers cover for him and say he's heading to indian turf and audie gets the pale horse saddled up and goes on

audie goes through the desert and goes up a tall thing on his cr-pmobile horse and the sheriff guys go on thinking he couldn';t make it up there

so audie goes on and after a rest, goes to a forest and finds a gold finding pan and ore

later farmer wife tells blonde she helped audie and that audie is in love with her

wife sez long ago this guy was gonna get lynched and she left her life to help him

now hes her husband and she never regretted it

so sherrif and crew are on his trail and audie runs into this fat guy

audie shares water with him and fatty sez he was nearly got by an indian force

audie goes on and the sheriff party isd running outta water but goes on like with Greed by Erich Von Stroheiuim

audie gives his cr-pmpobile horse water in his hat and heads for the springs

in town a guy left the sherrif party and sez many party guys dumped it

so professer narratrior from roboptech 2 wants to hunt down audie and blonde goes with him

sheriff goes around da desert following trax and goes back and auidioe finds the water hole dried out

global warming??

he decides to wait til tark and horse digs in da dust and finds watewr

after drinking they go off and audie covers da water with a tumbleweed

as he goes he sees sherrif co,e over and finding dry springs

he goes bacvk and saves him and gets his gun

he sez he didnt have a key or knife to ice the guard and if he goes bACK THE town will string him up

sheriff gets sick and talks to audie and his crew sneak attacks  audie

sherrif was faking and keeps the crew from lynching him

then the indians got em surrounded andis gonna wait em out in the heat

audie sez to fake being dead and he and his horse and the guys go out and fake biting it

the indians come down and the guys shred em with gunfiire and they catch akila whos got a few extra holes

more indians come and they fight em off and the indians run

the professor and blondeand friends come by and drive wem off

audie sez son bit it saving him and shows the beads

alika supports audie and finers professor and bites it

preofessor takes bloinde hostage and escapes on a big a55 horse and audie goes after him on the cr-pmobile horse

they fall off da horses after a chase and fight

use the ryu en bu!!

thery climb these star trek looking rocks and fight and audie kicks him off the cliff as professor was gonna mash him with a biog a55 rock

say hi to giligan for me, IN H-LL!!

audie gets da horse and the blonde and a good ending

the end

that was nice

kinda like lord of the rings with most of it being people travelinmg and a few fights

audie plays a good guy who's f'd but fights fore redemption

its kind of a theme he does

good twists and good musi and acting and story

nice pacing and it don't drag

a solid western and tells a goood tale

For Tumbleweed 2 I want them to get back to town but the members strtill think he's a traitor and akila lied for him. cuz they homies. Eventually a maLCONTENT GROUP TRIES TO string him up and he has to fight em off in his cabin. Also its a light gun game on sega saturn and playstation 1 aND PANASONIC 3DO WHERE YOU fight in several levels in the cabin and ranch and cap guys trying to cap you and player 2 is his woman.

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