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Astro Boy Review

 Note: I spell Fturie

Astro Boy

This ids my revierw on Astro Boy from the distant future year of 2009 (The year of the 1st Robotech War and a Year before Transformers Season 3 in Japan)

Its based on a Comic Manga by Osamu Tezuka kinda invented Maanga and inspired Go Nagai to do his weird sexy violent sh-t we love

It was directed by David Bowers who did Flushed Awau and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies

This was the last film by Imagi Animation Studios as this film didn't do well and they f--ked out

I saw this before and thought it was a decent TVPG American movie that gets some of what Astro Boy made

I watched a few eps of the 2003 series, Read a few volumes of the Manga, and played the Treaure and Sega GBA game that is really great

It stars Freddie HighMore before he killed those guys at Bates Motel and got devolved by a flu shot in The Good Doctor, Nicholas Cage from Valley Girl, Kristen Bell from The Disaster Artist, Samuel L Jackson(who sez under a dozen woprds in here) from Snakes on a Plane, Matt Luicas from Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland, Eugene Levy from American Pie, Bill Nighy from Pirates of tyhe Carribean, Donald Sutherland from those Keifer Sutherland Movies, Nathan Lane from Titan A E, Charlize Theron from Mad Max 4, Moises Arias from the 2016 Ben Hur, Alan Tudyk from Wreck-It Ralph, David Alan Grier from Jumanji and the 2000 Rocky and Bullwinkle and Little Man, Madeline Carroll from Resident Evil: Extinction, Dee Bradley Baker from a bunch of 90s and 00s toons, Elle Fanning from that SVU eop with the psycho kids, and a bunch of other guys i never heard of.

so after a few logoes, we get the title, then nasmes of the actors in an energy thing to epic music

a narrator sez they live in metro city that flies in the sky as a century ago the founders lifted it to the sky to avoidthe cr-ppy earth

now they got robots caring for people like 1800s slaves and apartgently there are nanomachines they put into peole to tune em up

its like wall e but less hippie

so dr tenma is the main robot doing guy and his son toby and his class watch this intro video as a school thing

after robots are busted they throw em off the city to the cursed earth, and somehow make more out of metal that i guess is made of the air like in FMA or Cutey Honey

its not really explained

so they have a pop quiz and tobyu finishes fast as hes the good dr and his x men power lets him see beyond

teacher lets him go home as hes a genious and aced his test and wtf hes in high school?! wasn't astro boy like a kid?

so he goes in da car and holo skypes his dad who wants him to not get lazy just cuz hres the best in class

wtf, moustachio is the teacher?!

well, better than him not being in the movie at all

btw, i like how they went with moustachio like the dark horse translated manga, as his japanese name is a face hair pun and they just adapted it instead of leaving it a blank for americanoes

also tenma(like yakko tnema in yugioh R who had the wicked gods?!) can't take toby to the science thing as the president needs him for the unveiling of "the peacekeeper" (like fascape?!)

toby rewires the driver robo to take him to the ministy of science and tenma says to the president (who looks like a general, is this a dictatorship? is he saddam?) that dr elephun dont want his invention used for military cr-p but prez don't care

toby comes in and the guards catch him, and prez sez to let toby come in, but has him takes away when he reveals hes a smarta55

elephun(don't yuo mean oshay/ochanomizu?) gives a presentation of this star piece that came from space and it makes blue core energy(;like ssblue?!) thats stronger than nucular power

if used well, it can change the world(jonetsu taua sazu ni) and fix the f'd up world

prez dont like dr elephun and dr e sez when they got the positive blue energy, it left negative red energy(like the dragonballs in dbgt!?) that they need to find a way to fafely get rid of

the troopps come in and nearly bring the blue/red cores together (a good and evil force split apart, like piccolo and kami in dbz?!) or it'll waste everyone

prez comes in and wants to give the people a reason to re elect him and elephun don't like it

tobyis thrown in a room but fakes being freaked out of small places like storm in x emn to swipe his key card

tenma sez they can't do research w/o military funding, whiuch makes me wonder, what are they defending against? They seem to be the only city and have a utopia, is it like how the Swiss have a high trained army but haven't fouyght in generations?

toby gets out and prez puts the red core in the defence robo  as he likes its violence and the robot fights hover bots to show its power

toby gets in and sneaks around and the defecne robo equoips the drones to it and uses them as weapons like venom in the ultimate spider man cartoon

the robot charges at them but tenma seals the area with glass (or see through aluminum?)and it bounces off it and damagers the things holding it

toby is behind the glass and toby can't get out and tenmmy sez he's gonna save him

then the defence robo unleashes the red core power to try to break the gundam proof glass and vaporizes toby

he's dead and probaably went to h-ll as he wasn't baptized

robo absorbs the glass anmd the troops fire at it but it does diddly d0ng and dr e hero uses a cable oif blue power to stab it and stop it

tenma finds all he has left of his son is his hat and sees its all his fault

he pulls out a jack knife from his boot and plunges it into his gut, then twists it as a seppuku to atone for his sins

jk really he makes a new sopn outta robot things and uses a hair from toby's hat that somehow survived to get his memories into it

isnt this what happened in pet semetary?

dr e comes by and talks with a dr who's a cameo by Osamu Tezuka who sez tenma hasn''t eate or slept in days and went nuts, but dr e undersatands as he kinda iced his son and if ur sane after that; you have no soul

so tenma is going nick cage nuts and gives it a kind of skin, but no man parts, and dr e gives him the blue core and he puts it where the heart should be

then charges the robot with electricioty  and f's the lab and comes to life thinking its toby

he walks all f'd like Bambi and tenma takes him home to be his son

btw beyblade season 2 ripped it off with zeo

so later toby wakes up (did he dream of electric sheep?) and the robot he reprogrammed is surprised toby is alive and kinda freaked out (does a machine like you ever experience fear?!)

tenma sez hes teaching toby now and putting him 1st

btw that robot seems to have a personality and semi free will like in Mega Man X

toby does math and makes a cartoon of a cowboy singing of math which displeases tenmazinger(if they make a pegasus equip for Mazinger Z: that's its name)

so tenma shows toby these philosophy books that college nerds read that he read to toby as a kid like its big bang theory but not about poop and b0ning

tenma leaves and toby reads da vinci's art and makes flying machinesthat somehow work

also he puts his hat on the robo slave whos impressd but it knocks stuff a bit

tenma comes in and is p-sssed at toby for making the paper into origami da vinci and that robo slave wears tobys hat at a robot shouldnt be wearing it

tenma is unstable and tells toby to go to his room and calls dr e saying how he cant accept new toby as toby as it just reminds him of toby being dead

so what what tenma gonna do about all the people who saw toby die?

the prez sed toby could see the defence robot on the news like everyone else, so i assume it was filmed

plus if it was covered up, the scientists and soldiers would know and probably tell their fams

what if toby's school friends saw him?

was everyone gonna just pretend that this toby is the real one when they know the real one bit it?

so these cleaning robots joke about tony's hair and he hears them and goes out to confont em but falls

but he has rocket feet and kinda takes it well as he flys around town and bumps the city to get used to his powers like in nami sos how nami koishikawa learns to fly easy

he goes through the clouds like some kind of miyazaki thing and digs through this mountain and pops out the top

why is there a mountain in a flying city?!

so prez is not getting why his approval rating are low and hears theres an unknown thing that he hopes is the surface people he can go to war with

but its blue core energy that elephun said the blue core was destroyed an he sends his units after it

shin toby robo gets home and hears tenma telling dr e to deractivate new toby as he can't stand to look at him

toby asks wtf and after dr e sez tobys not human, toby sez he knows after digging through rock and asks why tenma dont love him anymore

tenma knows toby is just a copy and not his son and dont weant him anymore

is this a pro life thing about how chicks get pregnant and change their minds later?

dr e comforts him and sez everyone has a destiny and not toby flys off and looks at hsi hands with x ray eyes

then the gov finds him and he flees as they chase and try lime green goo to catch em

oh and moustachio proposes to his gf

toby bends their guns but is caught in the goo strands but flies off and drags em til they get stuck between 2 buoldings

1 guy falls and toby saves him and prez sez to send in the spirit of freedom to bust the bot and collect the core

the army guys run but this huge ship comes and blasts toby around until he falls off the city and to the surface

prez declares a state of emergency until they find tenma's boy bot

toby wakes up in the scrap heap and finds all these broken bots who invite him to join em as "one of us! one of us!"(no gooble gobble)

more scrap bots fall on him and he sees he's in this violence jack wasteland of dead robots

a dog garbage can bot comes out and he follows it to a big a55 hole thsat the dog pushes him into and it traps him in a net

these wasteland kids are gonna harvest him but think hes a fellow kid and dont but also dont like the sky city people for being wasteful

btw wasteland kids fighting to survive? is this violence jack?

and slum surface and sky paradice? like battle angel alita?

the kids introduce themselfes to him, and thse robots capture him and take him to their base where they are a "liberation force" that saved him from the human enslavement

they referemce the azamov laws that a robot can't harm a perdson and wanna liberate robots by any means

he sez his name is toby and they wanna gove him a better one like astro

they wanna overthow this guy called hamegg  and use him as an example to make people free robots

but cant harm him as robot laws, so they are gonna feather tickle him, which is a fetish for some people

its like how kids shows cant have guns or characters getting iced or blood anymore

loook how they devolved dragon ball with super

then the chick who leads the wasteland kids (like Mitsuko Yagyu in that Harenchi Gakuen chapter of Violence Jack) busts in and pins a robot to get back toby

robot (named sparked like that guy in robotech) is gonna say yoby is a ropbot but toby pins him ona  wall and sez hes an undercover robot from the city

he sez they aint doing harm and lets em live and he sez his name is astro

meanwhile, the prez arrests dr e and wants the core back saying they are in an arms race with the surface

prez wants tenma to get the core and tenma agrees he's get the  the core

btw this is really widescreen and on a rral tv would have liek half the screen being black bard

the kids take astro back to their home which is kinda like the base in terminator 1 and has kids pplaying like in the 21st ninja turtles movie

they work fort hammegg who does things with robots and used to live in the city and sez he loves robots and fixing them

yoby asks if hes into enslaving robotds and he denies it and acts like a nice guy who cares for the kids and has them have thrown out pizza 

toby nearly admits to beign a robot when asked about his rents but they just think the emans they're ion h-ll and they are all like thast

later hamegg sez to toboi that he was up there with tenma in the minsitry of scinece and was throws away by those who feared him and is nice to tobio

the dog garbage bot wants toby to come out but he dont wanna

the next day or w/e the kids take him to this green hills zone and say hammegg takes robots for his games to put on a show and the dog writes "hes a robot" and an arrow to toby but the kid who sees it cant read

thats pretty good actually

oh and the whole "thwrown out robots helping the throw out robot bot" was used in A I Artificial Intelligence, which also had a robot trying to replace a son

tobi finds a century old construction robot that the kids think isn't any good and tobu goes in and knows it still finctions

he x ray eyes it and powers it with his blue core zapping ki into it

hamegg trains a robot to box and fight dirty with crotch shots and thumb digs

then the century bot crushed it and tobyu sez he kicked it like a vending machine

hamegg uses a power level reader to see the century bot called zog has enough power to run a city and the detector reads a lot near astro i mean toby

then a cleaning montage to"we are young, we are free"

why not use 50s or 60s music liek the time period the series is made?

the chick falls off and toby saves her but she is confused how he did

at night tobu throws the wrench to play fetch with garbage dog and it goes likesa  mile out

then he talks with chick about how she wants to call the city but her phone dont work

toby fixes it with his cyber ki andshe callsand sez to the machine she misses her parents who are up there

they have a moment and he almost tells her his secret about how hes a robot but dont

later the robot revolution guys sneak around inboxes, 1 with a 9000 on it, and hamegg and kids come by them on the zog

chick sez the robots fight til 1 bbreaks and tobny is shocked as he thought it was just a contest

hamegg sez they are just items and dont have real feelings so and he zaps toby with a lightening wand he jacked from tenma long ago

hamegg reveals toby is a robot and sends him into the ring as astro boy and sez its really a robot and lies that astro talked sh-t about the peoples robots

a saw hands robot comes out and astro dont fight but just dodges but hsi stunned by jhitting the forcefield ceiling

he carys the robot up and its head pops on the ceiling

then a small cutsey one comes out and transforms into 2 power bots but astro gets em to bust each other

so hamegg sends an army of sm dressed bots and the robot liberatin comies come in to help with their feather

its instantly burned and astro fights em off with punches and kicks and spinning around liek a whirlwind

the crowd loves him but the chick dont and the prez's group locates the blue core

hamegg brings out zog and astro dont wanna fight

zog pats his head and lifts him up and hameggs zaps em as he dont think robot rights matter and zog turns on hamegg

hameghg sez robot laws were around for 50 years but this robot sez he's oldschool and stomps on him

he splatters like a plate of cherry jellow hit the ground and the crowd runs to devour their 1st fresh meat they had in years

jk astro saves him by hlding the foot up

then the army comes in to get astro but zog trys to stop em by eating em with his hands

astro stops him and goes with them as he's given up on life

garbage dog boty bites a soldiers leg, which i guess dont hurt him as he dont seem to feel pain, and wont break the robot laws, but is shook off

a news thing says the prez's approval rating hit a new low as he missed a debate with the opposing side and prez is gonnma start a war with the surface to get reelected

prez wants to have dr e and tenma take apart astro and dr e trys comforting him, but toby sez he tried to fit in but didnt

prez dont care as tonbys a machine and tenma agrees but sez sorry as he takes out the core

astro sez sorry for not being a better toby and powers off and tenmma gives the core to prez

donald sutherland is a cr-ppy president, but then again, kinda so was kiefer in desegnated survivor

tenma then sez if prez wants the core, they gotta ice him, takes it back but dfr e takes it saying he made it

but tenma somehow got it and closes the, aparently now fixed, glass wall and reinstals it into toby

prez takes dr e's card and opens it and tenma sez astro may nnot be toby, but he;s still his son, which never happened in the books and tenma was kind of the bad guy, or at least a magneto enemy

toby awakes and gluys through the ceiling and flies off and prez wants dr e and tenma shot for treason, but dont do it himself as he's a james bond bad guy now

prez gets the red core and sez in positive vs negative, the negative wins, as seen with human history, and puts it in the poeacekeeper defence robo

he tells it to ice astro and brign back the blue core, even thoguh he was pretty focus ed on the red one at the start and i'm not sure why he wants the blue one, and the robot sucks him in and his mind is in command of the robot not

it starts sucking metal to it and busts out of the buolding for his speech and everyone runs

the military attacks prez bot and astro meets the cleaning bots who ditched society as humans aint wortj it, like a lot of internet dinks

astro sees the ciuty attack and goes back and the cleaning bots return as robot laws dfo this

the prez bot has absorbed the ship that busted astro bf as its arm  and is giant and fights astro who has arms turn to guns

on the surface hamegg is skipping town but zog takes him off and the kids drive his car as they know how to drive

prezbot eats the city and gets bigger like blue fizz in contra and astro fight him but is grabbed

his buttcheeks have machiune guns that get him free by popoing an eye and prezbot nails him with a metal thing and is gonna stomp him

but the kids save him nd garbage can dog bot drivecs em away

tthe city is going down but astro slows it by flying unfder it and holding it up with his boosters like optimus priimal did in that ep of beast wars

the city lands and the robot liberation dinks say they can attack a monster like prezbot but run seeing its too much

astro attacks and beats on him kinda like bebi vegeta vs ss4 goku but prezbot trus to absorb astro into da core

it dont work and astro ejects and tenma sez the red and blue cores ant combine and if they get too close; both bite it

prezbot grabs the kids car and intterrogates em obn where astro is and astro sez bye to tenma as he has his destiny and flies into the red cora and has flashbacks of the movie we just saw

pprezbot drobs the car which flies off and asplodes as purple light streams out

prez comes out ok and acts like a kid firing lazers at the crowd, showimg he was gonna shoot up the place if he could, but is taken away arrested

the kids find astro anbndf hes rippec apart wit his circuits and gears hanging out like organs and purple fluid spilling out everywhere in a pool like blood

jk really he's a bit dirty and has arm joint damage

dr e sez astro had more humanity than any of em and he can't fix astro as his blue core was one of a kind and is outta juice

chick is bummed and zog comes over and gives astro the blue ki to rrevive him and somehow it fixes his arm damage

astro hugs temna and zog and the chick and dr e sez astro found his place in the world as a hero

chick's parents find her and are glad to have her and the robot revolution makers 1 appeaRENCE

tenma gives his slave bot the day off and says to call him bill(when it should be Umataro)

then this alien tentacle 1 eyed monster attacks and astro flies up and punches it

the end

wtf it sez tezuma osamu

thats the japanese way

but overall i liked this more than other films

its like an hour and a half and goes by at a good pace

it adapts the original character designs pretty well for 3d and has good animation

it kept in tobi getting ioced and never brings him back

the characters were adapted pretty well and it had some humor and political message like Tezuka often had

it even had a Tezuka Cameo

the acting and music were good and freddie highmore does pretty well in here as usual

good twists and message about robot slaves and friendship

good way of it comimngh together with the energy he gave zog reviving him, like in dbgt how goku helped the universe and they returned the favor in the end

he sewed good and reaped good

i don't see why this didn't do well, its a good movie

then again; john carpenters the thing didn't do well and that was epic

yeah the ending kinda came from nowhere, but the incredibles did that too, and mortal kombat, so it works

its pretty clean and wholesome and tells a nice tvy7 story

For Astro Boy 2 I want the space thing atttacking to beat astro and blows apart zog. then itcuts to years later where the aliens have taken over and enslaved the people, but a resistance is growing and hamegg works with elephun and tenma to upgrade astro to make him the ultimate robo.  astro wakes up years after beiing beat and has to take the fight to the aliens. also its a 32 bit sega saturn, n64, ps1, 3do and gba game where you play as astro and face the aliens in variopus game styles like beaty em up, 1 on 1 fightys, and shmups.

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