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The God Committee Review

 Note: I spell better than most committees run

The God Committee

This is my Review on The God Comittee from 2021(The year before the Pioneer Expedition in Robotech and after the events of Transformers Super God MNasterforce)

Its directed by Austin Stark(Tony's Nephew?) who did The Runner and stars Kelsey Grammer, Julias Stiles, Janeane Garofalo, Dan Hedaya and somne guys i never heard of

I never saw this before but is watching on Kanopy

After 4 lopgoswe get credits over b/w medical photoes

then teens talking about going to canus in 900 million years even though ther Universe is only 6000 Years as PROVEMN by Creration Science

The teens kiss and when boy teen goes on his bike, he dont look and gets run over

Then the hospital looks at him and finds he's an organ foner


its soviet new york in 2014(The year of the malcontent uprisings in Robotech) and Fraiser gets a call they got an organ doner from soviet bufalo

A chick makes him eggs but gets yolk in it and they talk about how the heart eater has 7 grandkids and she don't think she matters

I loved my grandma and still dream of her house to this day

friaser drop[s chick off and she gets b--chy over not walking her to da door like shes some kind of cripple

she walks over and sees the teen and his dad and lawyer

chick talks with a fata55 and he needs heart work and he wants to go home if he's rtejected again

she meets a priest who was a lawyer and is here for the heart committee

chick's mom was a make up chick and after chick's college homie bit it from 2 heart denials, she want into the heart thing

in a 1 hour is a heart comittee and she's now on it

grammer tells a guy his patient needs a transplant and the guy wants the patient moved up the list

then its 7 years later and and grammer is working with na pig and a babboonin december 2021 and makes a discovery

he goes out for a smoke but its not chronic and then meets a group where he says the pig organs can work with humans as they f'd its dna

that's kinda sick

btw, in 2021 they actually did a kidney from pig to human test and it worked

but this film was made in 2019

fraiser tested it in a monkey and it worked

back in 2014; khyron attcks the sdfg 1 with zentraedi ship andf the teen gets his organs removed and sent off to be fed to another guy

kelsey tells mrs vasquez, who is not mistaken for a man, unlike you! that they got her an organ for her

then sideshow bob talks with a woman about how budget cuts are gonna end his job and he ghoes to the committee

fraiser is gonna join the private sector after thius and they go over the possible recievers of the heart

fata55 lost 8 lbs in 3 months and hank mccoy dont think he should get it

but fata55 has 3 kids we know about and a good attitude and chick fights for him

the hospitals rating was devolved by a thing after 9 bit it

they vote and fata55 is upgraded to higher rank thanks to chick's vote

then vasquez bites it and they need to give the heart to someone in the hospital or its f'd

they break to get the facts togteher and on the roof; grammer chews nicotien gum

chick sez they gotta work tohgteher for a 1 month and they had some kid of failed relationship

shes bummed he dont think shes a good dr and he sez he thinks shes not cut out for the heart group

in 2021 this chick enfttened to 240lbs and chick votes to deny her an uipgraDE

now shes director of transport i mean plantand tells off guys for not getting protocall

grammer smokes and meets a guyabout the animal guts and he's not gonna last to finish the project from an f'd heart

and investor, the guy who wanted his patient moved up, wil give him funding if kelsey gets a new heart

invester offer to get him a heart, which i think will be from a victim

back in 14 the teem unitews and priest arrives

invester's son had a heart thing and his gf was cut up and he's offering a load of dough if they save his son

the hospital thinks if they do; they'll help others, but if son is on drugs, they cant give him it, and he was OD on blow months ago

in 21 fraiser is with the pig and reading of the future of transplanty with his photographe on the article

in a barpriest meets chickwho's having issues with survival issuesand calculating who's life is worth what

priest mntions how fraiser's heart is f;d and chick goes hm wit her mom and son there

in 14 they look over the next candidate who dont got fam but better health, buit is kinda b--chy

1 guy sez fata55 ate a bottle of pills years ago and now is on meds, but can't evasluatefata55 as his kid OD'd

priest says evaluating people on their issues is Playing God and Grammer sez he aint seen God in the 10 years he's been medding

in 21 grammer pukes and and they do the pig to monkey heart transplant

grammer nearly f;d up the operation and a dr sez grammer shoulsdnt operate

the investers pulled out and in months they'll know if monkey works pig kidney

btw this is quite widescreen and in color

in 14 grammer sezpriends got disbarred for f--king evidencer and foubd The Lord to get off easy

grammer talks with dr about how priest might out him voting against incesters kid

sons gf is pregnant and peoplr come in to c her

so son tests positive for blow and they only do a 2ndtest if patient disputes it, and hes out

1 member sez fata55 wants the heart and b--chy dont

1 med son is on canm test positive for blow and chick sez his woman is preggers

in 21 chick sees grammer and gives the finger to the camera to open the door

thats the password

grammer sez he aint gonna try to get on the doner list and she sez she wont try to get him to

he reveals he knew he's already dead and won't last 12 month with the new heart

she wants him to meet her son rick hunter as its fraisers son 2

dead beat dad!

in 14 they have 30 mins to use the heart and its not enuff to do another blow test

priest sez to ask sons gf to see if hes done drugs

chick asks her and gf is all f'd upand wont talk

chick sez shes maybe preggers too and tells her issues

gf wants a lawyer and sez son found out she was pregnant

he woke up with chest paiunds and as they went to the hospital she basrfed and hes germophobic

she sed hes pregnant and he threw her outta the car but her coat was in the car

he wasnt on drugs and did medication, and gf sez he loves her but shows it bad

in 21 grammer goes tosee his son and gives him a chemisty set

at the parkhunter draws himself as a hero and fraiser gets a call

turns out the monkey bit it and they gotta cut it up to see what appened

grammer sez to keep it quiet and dr sez to get a black market heart

grammer dopnt want it and d sez to tell the team or he will

in 14 grammer gets some records and tells the chick dr that son is afraid i mean allergic to the fake blow drug as he was sons dr for years

chick dr sez to go along with it or everything falls and she knows about grammers deal with gammer i mean invester

her life is f'd aND she wants to taske investers money

also she tells of how henry ford fought off unions and now his foundation hel;;ps people

but both those are good things

in 21 grammer reads a memorial for son who got it in 14 and priest gives a sermon about how The Lord grants us the virtue to find the light

in 14 the heart arrives by chopper and i just rewalized if we had flying cars; it would cause issues for organ trnasplant choppers

grammer shows priest the file saying son is allergic to it and tells him to have security get female dr out and vote w/p her

in the future;  invester founda heart in constantinople from a guy who stroked out and will be dead in a month

invester paid them for it as they were gonna donate it and kelsey is smoking and on oxygen

in 14 the team has 10 mins and pirest isnt there

female dr says she paiged sons dr and he didnt respond and someone found anitbiotics hes allegric to on him

chick sez son wanted to ice his son but wont speak about him throwing his pregnant gf outta a car

the people vote and it and priest is on the phone and goes somewhere with the file

chick se to vote for fata55 and guys whos dr seppuku'd votes for fata55

but grammer votes for the son with much disguntledness

btw the invester is named granger like tyson in beyblade

invester signs the 25 million to priest

in 21 grammer is eating cr-ppy food and smoking and has worked out more about the interspie=ces transplant

chick comes in and they talk about how after 6 months; son OD'd

she sezif he donty tske it, it might go to evil

like being eaten in some ritual?

kelsey sez he wont be a good dad to roy hunter

then in 14 grammer puts the heart in the junkie

priest sez the other 2 transplant needers lost and reveals he knows she soldf out, and now she needs to pay him off to keep it quiet

she's out and in 21 grammer is sent by plaine with chick to constantinople and he sees priest there

in 14 grammer smokes and chicm sez shes preggers and he has a moment with her

people complain about smoking in movies cuz its bad but are ok with b0ning

grammer sez he's gonna support the kid and she dont want it

in 21 21 they make it to constantinople and friaser's dead

see you in h-ll

so they fake him being alive by putting shades on him and moving him around

jk thats weekend at bernies

chick goes home and hugs her son and we get footage of grammer operating on animals as teens voices about the 900 million lighyears thng

chick now gives a pig heart to a human WHICH IS A F---KING ABOMINATION!!it beats

the end

then clips of scientists and drs who did medical advancements

that was a good one

somber and serious but not too horrible

good use of back and forth in time periods like D W Grifith did with Intolerance in 1916

good effects and twists

i kinda expected grammer to get the pig heart as a last ditch effort

shows what these people gotta go through to keep us alive

kinda like how in A Few Good Men how Jack Nicholson has to do hard things to keep us safe

its not a cherrful movie, but tells a serious story thats not all bad or good

its realistic and firm

glad i saw it

for The God Committee 2 I want it to be the 2040s and the line between Man and Beast has been blurred with screwing with their dna code and people being implanted with animal parts. some people chose extra enhancements like getting goat legs or horse man parts or ape arms or tails or moose antlers and have infested soviety/. Being stronger than humans, they oppress them and the humans fight back with exo armor tyhat lets them fight better. also its a 32 bit beat em up on Sega Saturn, PS1, N64 and 3D0 where you play as up to 4 players in exo armor and fight the animans to free the city from their black reign

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