Sunday, March 24, 2019

Let It Ride Review

note; Wanna bet on how well I spell?
let it ride
this is my review on let it ride from the 80s
its got Richard dreyfuss and Cynthia Nixon and other people
it starts with dreynfus promicing his wife he wont gamble and do other vices
then gets a hot tip this horse cant lose in a race
so he and his homie go to this place to bet on it
btw Jennifer tilly and the wife from mr mom are in this
they go to a bar and gambinoes are giving em advice
huh, the director of this also did space jam
dreyfis goes to the toilet and prays to God for a win
he hears people say let it ride and he takes it as a sign
also this italiano and his gf with f'd teeth braces come in
oh and this is based on a book called good vibes by some guy I never heard of
later dreynis bets 50$ on da horse
so the horses race and I think he loses
it was a photo phinish and he wins
but his homie didn't bet
he collex his money and hides it in his shoes
after a trip to the bar and his drogs riding his a55 over his past f ups, he gives the tape of the tip to the guys who made it
hes not made copys and wont turn em in
they say theres another race that they know the outcome (like football nfl)
later he meets a chick and she acts all mysterious
he places another bet and his homie suggests blackmailing the evidence guys
then bets on a cr-ppy horse that f's out
so dryinis wins 2450$ and its put in his shoes
man we're nearly an hour in
that felt like nothing
so deuouys goes to a high end place and has expensive food with jenifer tilly
also he flirts with ms mr mom
then he gets arrested by cops who think hes someone else
and a chum of his denies knowing him
he runs out in cuffs and busts through the wood door like hes the hulk
he rushes to place a bet but just misses the cut off
but the horse he wanted to bet on f'd out
so back at the rich place mrs mr mom and tilly are into him
then his wife calls whining about him not keeping his promicse
she might ditch his a55
then he finds out his homie is out a load of cash
homie is giving blood but if this keeps up hes gonna hafta start letting men b0ne him for money like zack morris's actor in svu after saved by the bell
so dexoys's wife comes by and wants his cash so he goes to thr toilet to get it from his shoes
he gets info from asking random people and come to the conclusion that number 7 will win
so he buys 48 50$ tickets on it
oh I think he blew his saving on it
his wife has enuff of his sh-t and dumps him
he and tilly win the race and shes kind of a bimbo here
guys like that
he tells off the snobs in the thing and he goes to collect his winnoings
but a guy who his homie owes 850 000 comes to collect
deyoins agrees to pay it
but his exprences add up to a net total of 000
he calls his wife and shes drunk
he sez he won and comes home and gives her a diamond necklace
but shes blackled out drunk
he goes back to the club and offers to work together on a bet
later tilly offers to b0ne him
but he turns her down as hes married
dryers bets on a horse whos name he saw on tape on the wall of a thing
he tells his homie not to bet on his guy
bet collector cant take his bet of thousands as that many 50$ slips will over do da machine
so he takes it to the counting room to bet
the horses race and everyone in the group says they want drying horse to win
its a photo phinish and dring sez he knew it
he wins and renites with his wife
the end
wtf Robert baron was in this
as in Robert v barron from Robotech?
also; Gladys t vega
like vega in street fighter?
so that was pretty good
it flows well
doesn't ever drag
has a good late 80s look and feel
not too srs
good fun
so tacked on sad moment or forced romance subplot
its got cool guys and the people don't give in or wiener out
good film
I liked
oh and I got Cynthia Nixon and mrs mr mom mixed up
just reread it with em swapped.
for let it ride 2 I want for word of his win to get out and all these gambling junkies come to him for cash. having enough of it, he builds a battle arena where the addicts fight to the death and people bet on it. the better you do, the more debt is paid. also its a fighting game where you play as various gambling addicts who have missing parts from loan sharks and blades in their places on sega genesis, snes, Atari jaguar, game gear and game boy.

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