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Mr. Mom Review

note; I spell like a man.
mr mom
this is my review on mr mom from 83
its got Michael Keaton, and jeffry tambor, martin mull and Christopher Lloyd in like 2 scenes each
its written by teen movie maker john hughes and produced by 90210 maker aaron spelling
so its set in soviet Detroit but its the 80s so its not as slummy and mad max as it is today
Ooh its by MGM
so after some credits to sitcom music we get normal family stuff of getting up and ready
The kids watch the 80s hulk during breakfast and dad calls it robots
then in da carpool they talk about splitting gas money
dad worx at the Detroit car plant and helps design or supervice car making
he tells the workers the plant job is like rocky where if ur down ur not out
then chritppher Lloyd tries to kill jeffry tambor cuz he was fired
as does keaten/dad after finding out he got it too
btw this is kinda like that other Michael Keaton 80s movie gung ho
also when 1 canned guy tries killing tambor it looks like hes b0ning him
later he comes home and his fam is nice
he's gonna have to sell one of his kids now
after dinner his wife wants to get work
dad bets mom he'd find a job b4 her
but they're married.
they share cash
so she gets da job and dad has to take care of the home
I like the look of this film
its got that haze feel to it
like not high def but a bit softer filmed
its widescreen
find da cure
but its got that early 80s late 70s feel
so he later drives da kids to school and dos it wrong
later mom goes to work and is told to be formal
she works in a smokey room of guys and martoin mull is her boss
he runs a tune fish place
you an tune a piano but you cant tuna fish
she sez theit marketing s-cked and they think she s-cked
then dad goes food shopping and knox sh-t over
also hew leaves his kids unattended and gets the wrong kid
one goes missing and he looks for her
he finds her being eaten by raccoons in the parking lot
a chick helps him find her and offers to b0ne
he gets outta there as hes a good husband
also; shes a 5kank
man we're like half an hour in
that felt like nothing
after work mom sez mull offered her a chance to go to the plant and cared for her thoughts
next day, mull comes in and dad comes in with a chainsaw
he carves off his legs and feeds e to him
he's just renovating
and he shows how cool he is
so mom goes with mull on a plane and I think he wants 2 b0ne her
the kids have racecar beds
bad a55
also they doo laundry
dad sez he was in da army
probably had viet nam flashbacks
imagine if he snapped and became like the joker in batman
also he has to clean up and finds mom called the vacuum jaws
a buncha maitnence men come by all on the same day
the kids make chilli and it burns
the washing machine breaks loose from da wall and its hoses f out
the cavuum goes after the kid and eats his woobie(blanket )
Keaton kills the vacuum (so I guess batman can beat jaws)
and the baby ate chilli and enstinkified the place bad
imagine if the baby took off its diaper and sh-tted all over the place
just walking on and blasting out the a55
maybe crawling on all 4's with slop shooting out
later Keaton goes 4 a jawb interview and later they go to mulls house party
they have a tournament and Keaton is told to not win so mull will
they parody chariots of fire as they run wearing swimming flippers and other events
Keaton does well
man he can run
well, he is batman
but falls at the end to throw it
I think the simpsons parodied this race with burns's thing where bart tried to win the sack race
later dad watches soap operas on tv and groes a beard
while ironing he irons a kids grill cheese
also his kid's woobie rips so he staples it
this is turning into the red green show
he also plays cards with other kids moms
his wife comes in and I missed a bit as I was makin a soup
hes getting fat and wife calls him orson wells
that's bodyshaming
he could get triggered
well apparently he does and he sleeps on da couch
btw its always guys getting fat in these movies and never chix
good thing for my 600lb life
later the 5kank from b4 comes over to seduce him
also she likes his fatness, flannel and facehair
then wife comes back and caps him
and tambor sez he was gonna rehire him
and mull is there too
but its a dream
or a phantasy while he watched tv
then 5kank comes by for the card game but he calls it off
then gets a montage to the rocky music of fixing up da place
even jaws listens to him
they mentioned rocky at the start and now its used
then dad gives woobie kid advice on how woobies lead to harder things
like its drugs or something
then has him try going w/o woobie and if he still needs it, he can have it back
in kindergarten I used to drink from a bottle
my rents said if I can go through junior kindergarten w/o it I can have it for seinor kindergarten
by s k I forgot about it
but in grade 7 or 8 I had a gatoraids bottle of cammomile tea
and today I had a 2liter bottle of brisk ice tea
later he makes a romant9c dinner for wife but she comes home late
the music is kinda like the secret of nimh
later wife suggests using emphathy over gimmicks to win sales
the ceo loves it
she is invited to film an add in soviet california
and its Halloween and keaten dresses up as a prison inmate
odd that hes batman later
he don't want her to go but she goes
lol 1 guy is ET
they try having a sad moment but its not so bad
latewr Keaton is in a meeting with tmbor and tambor sez he covered for em
turns out tambor was crooked
and things got worse after Keaton was canned so it wasn't his fault
Keaton tells off tambor and sez da other 2 guys said w/e tambor needed em to for their jobs back
oh and he sez it to tambors boss
so there was a scene of the Keaton going to a male strp club with speedo guys but its cut from the tv airings
it was cuz the chicks took him
I think they wanna turn him
later wife is taking a bath and mull tries to seduce her
keatin kalls but mull gets it and hangs up
mull comes too close and she slugs him
no Weinstein I don't consent!!
I think wife calls kearin but he throws the phone across da room
also he busts the tv
hes gonna go hulk and rip a55!
later 5kank comes by and keatens fixing the house
5kank sees keatns bed and lays in it
he weighs the options on b0ning her
as he thinks his wife is b0ning mul
then wife comes and Keaton realizes he loves his wife
tambor comes by and sez he needs Keaton
he yells at keratins kid and Keaton slugs his a55 out
mull comes by offering her flowers
wife quites mull and slugs his a55 out
Keaton gets his job back but has them higher his homies back
they see the tuna add which was filmed like hours ago but is now on tv and hey watch it
then credits to 80s sax music
the end
that was nice
mild, calm, fun, had heart
it has good pacing and never drags
its light and isn't dark or edgy
its a positive film with good stuff
also katon is a good actor
its just an enjoyable film
for mr mom 2 I want Keaton to be working at the plant and its the 90s. he has to develop a new battle armor for japan who is now the worlds biggest economic power And his plant is making em. but the soviets are onto em and sent spies in the plant. the spies attack and he has to use the prototype armor to fight em off and take em all out b4 they escape with the blueprints. its also a 16 bit sega genesis, snes and Atari jaguar game where you play as Keaton and gotta go around the metroidvania plant getting more power ups and equip abilities to clear out all the soviets.

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