Monday, September 2, 2019

Game Reviews Volume 1 From 2017 And 2018

A bunch of thoughts and ideas of games I beat or played over the years.

This edition goes from 2017 to halfway through 2018.

I just played the worst game ever
fighting simulator 2 in 1 flying warriors on Gameboy
its a game with 2 segments.
a side scrolling beat em up thing
and a 1 on 1 fighting thing
the fighting this is cr-p
it just doesn't respond
a circle shows up on u or ur foe
and ur supposed to hit it
but you don't respond
often I'm spazzing on the controls and the guy just stands there
eventually he does a move I didn't mean
the foe jumps back and jump kicks ja for massive damage
and I flail on the buttons and nothing happens as I stand there and get hit
to add insult to injury, this ryuken looking c-cksucker stops the fight and sez
this is no good. read the instruction booklet
good advice,
but I bought this game used and cartridge only
and no site online has scans of the manual
might as well say
to play this game you gotta 1st see London after midnight
it just p-sses me off when people don't understand me
and when I see an attack coming and seizure the controls, only to stand still and get KO'ed is just gay
after like an hour of this cr-p I turned it off and slammed it on the ground
the cartridge had a cunk come off and I taped it back on
playing this game is like trying to tell someone who doesnt speak English how b0ne
and you cant use visual aids

I played double dragon advance and my gba l and r buttons are kinda cr-ppy. so i went through the whole game unable to jump and i had to do a running kick to get over jump things. i also had to drop my items in the jump. but i still beat it

I Beat Mega Man Zero. Good Game. Got Some Difficulty. The Characters Have Angel Blade Helmets.

I beat devil hunter Yohko on sega. good 80s/90s game. some parts are kinda cheap but you get like 40 guys and theres plenty of checkpoints and theres only 5 levels. good graphics, kinda ok controls and nice music. Sorta like Valis but different balancing

I beat Mega Man Zero 4. Thats all the Zero games. Good series. Good way to end it off. Had feelz

I beat Garfield labyrinth on Gameboy. In America its a Ghost busters game. In japan its Mickey Mouse. But I prefer Garfield. Good puzzle/Platformer. Like the Password System. Level 39 was a pain though.

I beat Bonk's Adventure on Gameboy. Its good. The final boss was a worthy challenge. Takes like 33 hits. That's over 4 Robotnik's! Or 11 Koopa Kids!

so I got and beat kof 99 for xmas
its bootleg
I fought
andy terry joe ryo Robert, bison guile ryu and cyclops from xmen
I used a eam of 3 andy boards cuz I played him in the abridged series

I beat WeaponLord on Sega. Good game. Full of big buff barbarians chopping each other. Good combat system. Graphics are well colored. Art is good and fitting. Nice dark yet colorful atmosphere (like Violence Jack Evil Town). Controls pretty well. Each character is designed different and has their own style. Like Fatal Fury 2 the game boss gave me less issue than most of the fighters (I beat him my 1st attempt). It has passwords to resume after certain points. I beat it my 1st day of playing it with Jen-Tai who fights more defensively after several hours of fighting.  It came out in 95 when the Saturn and PS1 were out so it was overlooked. But its worthy. Sorta like Conan or Berserk but 16 bit.

I beat the 1st Klonoa game on gba. I liked it. good light puzzle platformer. very satisfying. wish they made a sega genesis version.

So I finally beat Ranger X on Sega Genesis. Its really good. Simple controls, Great 80s style music and amazing graphics. It came out in 1993 but has an almost Playstation look. Its got strategy and isn't just running in and blasting everything. It takes evasion and skill and tactical retreats to get by. Plus there's hidden weapons that can be unlocked by finding them. There's only 3 lives to start with but you get more by getting points. Plus you play as a cool blue flying mech with a cyber cycle that you can lock into.

I beat bonk 2 on gb. it was pretty good. kinda simple but enjoyable. the game boss put up a good fight though. in the 1st bonk you gotta hit his face. here you gotta hit his crown (the opposite of game 1). plus I kinda forgot to do the flip to headbutt him in his final form so it took a while. good thing I had 15 lives. its got a password system too but I never used it as I never game overed.

I beat astro boy omega factor on gba. really great game by treasure (alien soldier, gunstar heroes, dynamite heady). good messages about not treating others like cr-p cuz we disagree with em or they hate us. if ever rereleased it might change hearts and minds in malcontent America and Canada.

I beat chiki chiki boys on sega genesis
its colorful and fun
I beat it in around 2 hours after several game overs
its not long
but its fun and cool.

I beat pirates of dark water on sega genesis. its pretty good. I faintly recall the tv show from the 90s and thought it was cool. Unlike the cancelled show and snes game, this tells how the story ends. My copy was microwaved or something as the sticker looks like cr-p and the game goes colorless or color f'd on certain levels.

I beat mega man 4. it was pretty good. a few cheap areas. a few unfair parts. and the 2nd last wily machine was hard to hit. I perfered mega man 3 for gemini man's level as it has really good nostalgia but this was pretty decent. oh and I did it on the gamecube anniversary collection so A is shoot and B is jump like in Action 52.

I finally beat the sega genesis x men 1. it wasn't so bad on easy. but the game stops half way through. on normal the hits take too much life. plus theres many times I get hit, take damage, fall in a pit, and bite it. good thing for the code to choose what level you want. i'd hate to go for a whole hour playing only to lose night crawler and have to start over on the last level or fight unfair traps. but I only skipped levels I beat b4. didn't wanna be a full cheater.

I beat ducktales 2 on gb. good game. classic Capcom fun. too a bit to fully get hot to do but I had fun.

so I beat clay fighter on sega genesis using icky bod clay. simple game. not too challenging. the game boss was a fight. not bad. not long. its decent. the theme music is pretty 80s.

I beat bomberboy/atomic punk/dynablaster on Gameboy. you gotta earn then buy upgrades and abilities. and each level has its own gimmick. not bad. takes some getting used to but I liked it. good early Gameboy bomberman game

so I beat animaniacs on sega. pretty good. great 1994 konami game. several cameos to the show and other konami games like sunset riders and Castlevania. good animations and art. infinite continues and an easy password make it possible to beat even if some levels take some time to get. the wild west level gave m the most troub;le with the saloon and the train boss but it was still a good game.

I beat Lunar Legend on GBA. Great JRPG. I cared about the story. The characters were well written. It had some twists I didn't see. I leveled up a bit to get stronger before going on so I didn't really get a game over. Plus I only had characters bite it once, in the game boss, and I revived em right after. As I never had a Sega CD I never played the original but I think the GBA port is a good game.

So I beat Bleach, The Blade Of Fate, on DS. Its by Treasure and Sega. They did really well. There's different stories focusing on certain characters an each plays different. It covers the rescue Rukia arc and plays great. Too bad we never got Bleach Flame Bringer.

f it! I made it to shao khan on ultimate mortal kombat 3 and lost hard as u only get 4 credits and cant increase em and I used em up getting to him. I tried again and his time kABAL was impossible on the 4th last round. I easily beat him in my last playthrough but he kicked my a55 and countered all my plays this time. on the plus side, I easily beat motaro by jump kicking back and forth so I know hes not a threat.

so I beat megaman 06. pretty good. not the hardest, but it had its good moments. of the 1st 6 i'd say 3 is my fave for gemini man's level colors being nostalgic. but the NES megaman games were  pretty good.

I beat Syd Of Valis aka SD Valis. Its the cartoony chibi version of the 2nd Valis game. Now I beat all 3 of the original Valis trilogy. The game can be done in like 30 mins but is bright, colorful and fun. No continues though but its not that hard once you know how to get by some bosses. for the lv 4 one I stood in the corner and used the 3 way shot and fired endlessly while it fired and occasionally swooped into my line of fire. I was in the safe zone.

I beat Mega Man 07. Good game. With Rush Find its easy to max out on E Tanks. But you only get 04 of em max. pretty air game, although the final Wily Machine needed all my E Tanks. I liked it. Put it on the history channel as its set in around now.

it took like almost 4 hours but I beat puyo puyo 2 on Gameboy. I needed those unlimited continues and had to pause often to get out of tough spots. on the final round I was a few seconds away from losing but won when the opponent bit it. tough game at times, high speed puzzle action. and I liked it.

I beat Guilty Gear X: Advance Edition on GBA. I used the blonde with long attacking hair. the game was pretty easy as I just ran up to em and used my slash attacks to rapid fire attack em. I did not lose 1 fight on normal mode and got several flawless victories. even the game boss wasn't hard. testament put up a ok fight though. but besides that the game was well made and had good style, animation, grafix and music..

So I finally beat Super Thunder Blade on Sega Genesis. Its a chopper shooter game where you  move in circles to dodge endless fire. Level 1 is good. Lever 2 is in a cave and you gotta dodge shots and rock pillars. level 3 is good. and level 4 is unplayable. you gotta dodge buildings, limbo poles and endless enemies. and you gotta do each level in 1 go cuz if you run outta guys, you start over. and you only get 3 continues. the game can be beat in 20 mins, but you gotta get good at it. I spent 4 hours on it today to beat it, after a previous 2 a few days ago AND watching how to do it on youtube. even then I only learned how to go back by pressing b in the top down areas from bracy's review. after many attempts, I made it through level 4 only biting it once. and I needed to get good cuz that final boss is insane. good 80s 16 bit music though.

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