Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Inside Kenk Review

note; i spell better than theives
inside kenk
this is my review on inside kenk from the 2010s
its a doc on this slavic guy who steals bikes in soview canada
so after a montage of newspaper cr-p of this bike theif we get the director telling the backstory of igor
he owned a shop that the hood it was in was de-slummed and he stayed
like most eastern europeans, he was a genious and good at chess
holy f--k this guy's slovenian!!
he was a cop and buys stolen bikes and is kind of a commie who supports his own business
i thought he was smart
so people often buy back their stolen bikes from him
so the people whos bikes were jacked are p-ssed at him for his acts
also he picks scrap off the geound snd cares for the environment
the doc people followed him for 001 years to make a 300 page comic book
in soviet canada people throw away cr-p he'd love in soviet yugoslavia and he wants to save it
i used to go out on garbage day and save cr-p from the trash
btw i never saw this b4 as i'm watching the premier on ontario quadrants public broadcastor TVO
so the toronto sun did a story on bike theft and later da cops got him
he had hundreds of bikes and several storage areas and blow and chronic
eventually he pled out and did 15 months in jail
he sold his shop and left soviet canada
10 years later, dbgt happened, i meanthey found him in switzerland and its expensive there where a bagel and cream cheese is 20$
i blame big gov and high taxes
also he got beat up in jail and didnt feed him sometimes
so he wants to stay in shape and start over and reopen a shop
is he a gypsy??
so he takes ungarded bikes, moves em to another place, and claims em when no one gets em
thats awful
he only takes bikes that he thinks r not in use
he seems like tommy wiseau a bit not not as moral or ethical
later they chat with his gf who dont wanna be on camera
back in slovenia he had 2 garages full of cr-p
also he eats food outta green bins
he eats garbage
i did that too
he knows iys not good to be with bikes but hes bored
gacy was bored too
and he was doing well b4 the camera guys came as he was walking in mountains
but now hes back to j-rkin off on the floor
in grade 3 we had these red plastic things witn 1 10 and 100 squares in em.
once i found one missing the back
later i found the other half and showed the teacher and she said she threw the 1st one out
that always f'd me as i was sad it would never be whole
so gf wants to dump him over his f'd ness
so later the camra giys go home and gf sends them photoes
biy igore dont and isnt gonna send em pix of his secret bunker he's been building in the mountains
sounds like some kinda hokuto no ken/violence jack stuff
the end
that was it?!
i thought this would be like an hour!
it was 30 mins
no adds
i try to review things that are at least 50ish mins
then again i plan on doing the reconstruction of london after midnight which is 45ish
but overall, i didsnt hate this
i like him being slovenian andhave a lot in common with him
but hes stll a theif
then agaun, hes crazy so it may not be his fault
like ed gein
i use to be big on the environment and still recycle only to keep paper from being forever berried in landfills
i was actually conflicted if i should post this on my blog as its not long enough for a real review
the recalled my 1st review and didnt wanna waste my work i just did
i see igor as kind of a soviet kramer from seinfeld
hes not evil, but hes kinda f'd up
but i'mm glad i saw this and found it interesting
for inside kenk 2 i want it to be after a nucular holocost has burned away much of the earth and igor is living in his secret bunker with supplies. eventually he starts a town with all the cr-p hes built up and uses scrap to make battle armor. also are mutant cannibals which are often 2 or more people fused together by radiation of the nukes like the elephants melding glitch in life of black tiger who keep trying to break in his walled foreteress mountain town and its up to him and his warrior homies who fight em off. Also its a 16 bit fighting game like weapon lord on sega genesis, snes, atari jaguar, tg16 and gba where you play as 1 of the vaious fighters and battle your way to the top.

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