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Rumor Has It Review

 note; i''m rumored to spell good

Rumor Has It

this is my review on roomer haz it from the distant future year of 2005 (When Transformers the movie happened and 4 years b4 Robotech Season 1 got going)

its directed by rob reinwr who does good sh-t like prooncess bride

it starz jrnnifer aniston, kevin ciostner (good! i get to spell his name bad again) shirly mcclane and dat commie mark ruffalo

i never saw it b4 but heard it s-cked hard

so it starts in 1963in soviet celifotrnia when this 21 year old guy b0ned a 42 year old 5kank and was dating her daughter and the daughter married another guy

then a book on the story o these lusty freaks was made by a classmate of the guy and people wonderd who it was as the names were changed to protect the lusty

it later becaome the dustin hoffman moive the graduate and in 1997 jenny the bat from friends and leperachaun 01is on a plane with gay hulk and worries about crashing

they are engeged and going to someones weeding and she sugggets b0ning in the bathroom

imagine him hulking out an b0ning her

rachell; no hulk! stop b00ning me with your big green d0ng!!

hulk; hulk kknow girl man likes hulks broccoli! now here comes the cheeze!!

rachel; hulk! nooooooooooo!! (asplodes in a spray of pale green goo)

so they try bathroom b0ning and f'd it up and she gets whiney about the wedding (peach angel blade) and how she dont fit in

so this movie is about losers?

so back on urth, she sez theres tunnels they hold their breath to drive through foor fun and she gives a list of things not to talk about with her fam

she meets jeeny's dad and go to societ pasadena and go to da home an meet da famm and sister is bubbly and her bf is her slave

so laater they have deener and jen-tai chats with her granny about how she fears marrage

so dadgives a speech and i went to get my mac and cheese so i think i missed soome

so jenner sees her grandma (the oother chick wasnt he i gess) and its revealed she b0ned some guys and grandma realizes her daughter did something

when driving, jenny callls hulk on a cellphone and tells him to get da graduate and when he brings it, she sees its by charlie webb, and puts together that tthe graduate is baed on her life and the beau or w/e guy is her real dad

maury; you are NOT da father!

black guys; ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

so after da weeding jenno tries to find the guy said to be her real dad and hulkmo joins her in her quest

hulkmo finds kevin costner (hay! I spelled it eigytt!!) annd sshe goes to c him in a speech thing he gives

hulk tal to keniv cotsnorr  about business and hes the beua guy she was loking 4

so she sez her mom is in h-ll and they go get drinks and talk aboit the graduate

kenij cotsitn sez the book changed sh-yt and hes a dropout boy

wtf, hulk called her and is somewhere else, i guess dat guy talking to him wasnt hlk

so she asks if he b0ned her mom b4 da weeding and he sez yes and she isnt like her birth dad

he sez he broke his b-lls in a soccer game in school

so she gets all whiny and scieiner kevin takes her drinking and tells his life story of drugs and b0ning

they dance and ashe axes about da weedend he b0ned her mom and he sez they hing out and one day she went to pasadena to get married

after she takes a whiz in the little grls room, she goes back and makes out with him

then wakes up in his bed after being b0ned by him a lot

she sees photoes of him with president clin ton (the raepist) and castro (the murder/commie/dictator) and goes to have coffee with him

he drivves heraround and takrs her on a plane flight and she's f'd that he b0ned her mom, her grandma and her

just like that spinger ep; grandma stole my boyfriend!!

so hulk aids calls around to find jenny the bat and shes in wine country with keeveen costrere who invites her to a charity ball like in the bodyguard with that AIDS spreader diner

at there he points out all the freaks he knows who own hunks opf soviet california

at da party they talk aboit movie and da graduste comes up bt they dont finger em

so waiit, is this the graduate gx?

maybe GT

maybe like that book by bram stokers great grand nephew where dracula the book is part of it

so nevik reosert goes to do business cr-p and a guy who looks like ryan from cinemassacre hits on her

hes reveaued to be kegin serters son and she worried she got b0ned by her dad like those woody allen asians

imagine art of kid chichi from dragon ball throwing her heead boomerang through his crotch and he sez "I always knew I'd lost the rest!!"

as he likes em young and asian

maybe have pan from gt burning em off with a ki blast

kefing destoin reveals he used someone elses j-zz tomake da son and she sez sorry for thinking he'd b0ne his daughter

shhe makes out with jevin dostien and hulkalo comees by and sees andgets mad at her cheeting on him with her dad

you know she's probably got aids now from all the chicks her dad was wirth

so hlk mo ditches her and she goes back to her fam and this chick who i thought was her mom and her spazz out over her b0ning keeveemo costmo

meanwhileher dad calls as her sister is --ching out and after yelling on da fone, jenmo comes to comfort her blonde possubly bimbo saster who can't recall her mom as she was 4 when she got it

also she had an autism attack thinking she f'd her life marryingher bf

jennu comforts her and reveals she got b0ned by the guy wh0 b0ned mom and grandma and sister thinks iys dad

is this the media's way of softening us up to accept inbreeding?

that and star wars wih luke making outy with leia

and voltage fighter gowcaizer with the twins who inbreed

weird how gowcaizer was made in 96 and set in 2017 and this movie was made in 2005 and set in 97

then we got rini having a weiird hing with darien in sailor moon

so not mom comes out and i finally figgered out she'ss the grand ma and she clashes with kebiin hostnot over b0ning them and the fam comes out

dad reveals hes the guy who neutered kegin gosting in the soccer game and grandma laffs

keegan michael key costnet reveals he was awake when mom left and was crying and jenny sez she outlived her mom by a year so far

so she sez bye to him and blnde sister goes off for her honney moone

rachel chats with dad and he sez he knew about her b0ning keffin coostnor and was ok with it as he got her in the end

thats how aids spreads dude

also he b0ned her the night she came back and made her

she whines about not being like him and goes off on a plane

it turns out j fk jr is fluying it and slams into the ocean as he knows he can't resist his demon blood from his grandps joey and knows his cursed bloodline must end

jk she goes to soviet new york and goes to see da hulk

wait, kevin freotst was supermans dad in the dcau and mark barfalo is the hulk in the mcu

jonny kent b0ned the chick bruce banner was b0ned

so hulkmo goes on a tirade about some cr-p i dont care about and she sez she wants to marry him

he gets b--chy and she sez she wants him and is gay for him and leaves

she takes da elevator and he is at da bottom of da stairs b4 her somehow as i guess hes the whizzer or the flash or quicksilver too

he sez if they have a daughter he d0nt want kevin justice in her and she sez it stops with her

then they get married as credits rool

the end

that wasnt so bad

wtf, barbara gordon?

batgirl/the 2nd commissioner in batman beyond/ the oracle in the bad timeline?!

over alll i thought it was good

a nice mild lite not  harsh 00s movie

the acting was good and the characters had good mements

a good GT kinda

for rumor has it 2 want it to be the 2010s and sshe has a daughter whos a yteen and woonders f kevin costner is her dad. she goes to se him and they b0ne, but, ten its revealled his parts weren't broken and jennifer aniston and her and his inbred kids and they take it to a maury/spiiringer show to deal with. aalso its a 32 bit gba, sega saturn ps1 dating sim wgere you play as the teen and choose whuch guy to be with and theres like 6 other guys you're dating at the same time cuz shes a 5kank

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