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White Zombie Review

 Note: I'm White but spell Zombie

White Zombie

This is my review on White Zonbie from the distant futture year of 1932

Its directed by Victor Halperin who didd Supernatuural and this movies sequell: Revolt of the Zombies

This was kinda the 1st Zombie Film and stara Bela Lugosi from Plan 9 from outer space, Madge Bellamy from the iron horse, ammd a buncha 1800s dudes i dont know

it starts with creditsover a riitual

ooh, its got Brandon Hurst from the 20ss hunchback of notre dame and the theif of bag dad

so this white couple goes by and itts a grave ritual to berry a guy

theres a good shot of eyes fading past the bg as the horse cart comes by and then we  see bela come by the cart and use his hypno stare to freeze em

bela used glare!

they see zombies and escape and after that,the driver tells em the zombies are slaves who are controled or something

the driver is played by Clarence Muse who was in scarlet street and black moon

so the couple goes to a building and its revealed that they are gonna get married soon but had to delay to come here

i like how this is in full screen and has good b/w filming

so the owner of the land is there and wants to marry the chick and will do anything for it

like shin with juria in hokuto no ken

and owner arranged for the bf to have work somewhere

so then we see the mill and its run by zombie slaves and owner meets bela lugosi and bl offers him zombie slaves

bela sez he saw the gf and owner wants bela to take out the bf for a month so h can seduce her

bela sez she lovees her bf and not owner and agrees to do something about it in exchange for anything from owner

btw theres some good crepy zombie shots

they look like corpses or like they doont have souls

like druggies or something

bela whispers to owner and hes freaked out as i think he wants to b0ne him but they caant say it cuz its the 30s

bela gives him a poison thing to use on the bf and owner wants to do something else as he wants to keep his butt virginity

so the living, same species, same family, opposite gendered, same age couple is gonna get married and as they do, bela makes something outta a candle as a big a55 bird watches

i saw this years ago and thought it was cool then

so at the dinner, bela uses the candle he whittled and a scarf from the girl and burns it and she seems to bite it

bela walks up to the camera with that crazed look and its bretty bada55

so they put her in the ground and bf is bummed and sees her in his mind and shes not there when he hugs her in a ghost double exposure or w/e effect tht 20s movies did thats pretty well done

so at night, bela, owner and their droogs go and dig up gf but bf comes by drunk and the droogs carry her out like its vampyr (that other 30s movie)

he finds her crypt empty and is told later that either her body was stoles for bone rituals, or shes still alive and she'd be used as a zombie

so this dr sez that stuff was thought to be iced but came alive and how we can do it too with drugs so theyd be bburried alive (like that pokemon legend in the tower in gen 01)

so later owner has gf as his zombie slaave but dont got her in a skimpy outfit as this is the 30s, and has her playing piano as shes all spazzed out

he's bummed hes got her body but not soul and wants bbela to restoe her

good camera work of showing the scenery and the cliff base and bela walking up as the camera looks in a keyhole

bela wont restoe her (wait, he used a needle on her and she lost her soul, is this where the flu shots thing comes from??)

bela has wine with owner but used his poison in the glass andhe's gonna demvolve as bela wanted tthe girl and owneer wwould get in his way

owner calls for his butler but bela used glare and stunned him

so belas zombies carry off butler and dump him in the ocean, which i thought this was on top of a cliff so this wont work

then outside, the big a55 bird comes by and owner freaks out saying "not that!" so I think he's gonna have the bird crawl uo his a55!

so main guy bf heads to da castle and gets a necklace from a local

so bf and dr go up and stop on the way tthere and bf rests as dr goes up

so these maids with souls can't tae being in this nut house annd 1 warns the other not to whine or she'd lovse her soul

why have maids with souls f you have an army of zombies?

so bela chats with owner as he devolves and uses his paycho powers to summon the gf

oh wait, the bf is there and backed out and bela wanted to make her ice him witn a knife lik shes a female OJ

she cant do it and breaks free of his  power kinda and bf revives

she runs andis gonna jump into da sea  but bf saves her

bela faces em and bela iused ninja hand signs to summon more  zombies

bf caps em but it dont stop em andthey try to wal him off the cliff like the power rangers movie

dr ko's the bela and the zombies walk off da cliff

but thenbela revives anduses a smoke thing to keep the good guys back

owner zombie uses his last bit of soul sto shove rla's a55 off da cliff, then jumps in, then the birf goes down

the chick gets her soul back and thats it

the end

that was pretty cool

good classic atmosphere

really cool bela lugosi feels

his epic look and gaaze and eyes

hes like a universal monster or something

sorta lon chaney but also his own thing

good creepy style and great backgrounds and locations that were used in other films of the era

it looks cool, its got class, no swearing or nude scenes or gore

just a good classic creepy time

easy to follow story aand its only like an hour long

it hoolds up today and seems sorta like a silent film as its mase just after talkies began

plus its public domain annd can be found easy

for white zombie 2 i want the vulture that was the bela lugosi's familliar to have been really carrying his soul and it goes to his hidden lair where an unnaturally made body made of the best parts of his zombie slaves and the bird equips itself into it to cotrol it. it then goes on an attck to take out the guys who beat him amd they gotta fight across the zombie areas to find the power source off the new body and take it on with machettes andhammers. Its also a 16 bit hack and slash game on sega genesis, snes, atari jaguar, tg16 and gba where you play as 1-3 players, bf, gf and dr, and fight off the artificial boddy for a 20 sec round to survive b4 escaping or using a trap to stop it.

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