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Prom Night 4 Deliver Us From Evil Review

 Notwe: I spell like a dumba55 teen on prom night

Prom Night 4 Deliver Usd From Evil

RTghius us my review on Prom Night 4 Deliver Us From Evil from 1991 (The year Sonic 1 Came out)

its the 4th in the prom night series and thre 3rd in ther Mary Lou alone Trilogy

From Night 1 hadf nothing to do with the others and was a normal slasher

Prom Night 2 was a psupernatural haunting moive aboiut mary lou coming back

prom night 3 was a horror comedy about mary lou going after this guy

and prom night 4 is a supernatural slasher

Itdts directed by Clay Borris who did eps of The Adventures of Sinbad

It stars Nicole de Boer from Metal Tornado, Joy Tanner who was Candy Kong in the 90s Donkey Kong show and was Fionas momm on Degrassi, Fab Filippo from the queer canadian show Sort Of and Buffy in the 90s, and some othewr guys i never saw

btw tyhis is fullscreen and in color

so after logos, we get credits over a chu8rch and this guy asking The Lord for help to save the sl-ts

then its hamilton huigh in 1957 and the prom night mary lou gets it and thiese whitye straight 18 or older living human teens flirt and gom off to b0ne and smoke

another  couple comes through after they b0ned and theww 1st couple goes to their car to b0ne

but then the priest comes by and wastes em, then puts nthe car on fire and it blows

then at this religious place; the priest is in a cave and whipping himself and spazzing out

anothe rpriest confronts him and he has stigmasta adn is mental and i thinbk was b09ned as a kid

so the psycho prest was taklen away and now is 1991 adn this new teen becomes a priest and he's assigned to look after the psycho priest whos kept in a coma and chained to a bed

They say he's beyond salvation, which is not what the Bible teaches

So at high school the main chick talks with her bf at lunch and then the head priest bites it and the youngere priest has to look after the psycho one

then this nun confronts this blonde and her bf over being in the backseat of a car and blonde sez "we were f--king sister"

Later she sez she's only gonna get 6 demerits for being out of uniforme

so at church the new piriest stops giving the psycho prtiest drughhs and cuts his extra hair so he looks like he did at the start

at this teens home, main chick and blonde chat about boys and back at the church; the new priest trys to help the psycho one but he gets out and new priest trys to book it

wait he gets the drugs and goes back to inject the psycho one but psychi  is back in bed and when her gets near, the psycho grabs his throat ands throws him on the stone wall

also he has stigmata and back at thwe teens place main chick is making out with bf and a bet male tyeen weatches

but she stops b4 they b0ne and bf smaks the beta malke whos his brotyherm i thiunk

at the church the new prist isnt dead and gets out of the basement  and calls the cardinel but is ised by psycho priest with a phone chjord

at teens place, the chicks wear sexy undies and blonde starts coming on to main chick like its a p0rn0

but shes just testing her as she read an article in a womans mag to see if her best friend is queer

so its prom night and the bfs are gonna leave tyhe beta male bro home alone to j-rk off all over the place so they can b0ne thewir gfs

the other priests fiund new priest and take him to his room to make it look like he suecided and 1 priest finds the new ones diary that says he didnt inject the psycho

so the teens are in a limo skipping their preom and say "to jamie lee cutris" who was in prom night 01 and psycho priest is picked up by a trucker

trucke=r wants to b0ne a chick and when he takes the Saviorts name in Vain, the prsycho says "Nopty Jesus" as he;'s frtom the 50s and they had more class back then

aslsdo this guy hasnt aged in like 30 years! Is he poilish or som ething?!

so psycho priest has iced the lusty trucker and the teens have told their rets they're going camping and go to their cottaGE OR W/E adn it used to be a church but was unused all winter so it smells

I thhink it was broke into b4 and they cant call the cops asa theiy aint supposed to be here so they decide to just make out and b0ne

theres someone outside looking in the window and sees the chicks going over what food is left and blonde dont like cooking cuz it makes her feel like shes married

good 1st person camerrA WOPRK like black chriostmas

in fact theres a lot of good moving camera shots and  lighting and scenary

so the chicks are eating and blonde goes out in her skimpy black dress in the snow and to a barn for fire wood

its got good atmosphere and style and lighting and darkenss

sher retuns but someones watchingn her and trhe guys have sexy black undiesd for the girl

oh its for main chick and shes not mad and goies to try em on

after puttinmmg em on, blonde comes up and they talk about guys and how main guy b0ning a lot of chicks and blonde sez "theres nothing worse than 2 virgins trying to f--k

does she suck her bfs d0ng witrh that mouth?1??

so the chicks come dowen in fphancy dresses and main gf likes her

at dinner they play a game wehere they tell each other their deepest darkest anus sectrets

main chick sez no matter how bad she did something, she'd confess to her priest

good for her. The only sin ur not forgiven for, is the one you dont confess

so we dont get the other guys secrets and the teens dance to saxophone music

main chick goies to get wine in the celler and finds some weird thign and drops a wine bottle and walks on it and bf comes to help her

so bvlonde is b0ning her bf i think and someones wandering the house and main bf treats chicks feet

then says "i';ll be righ back" and goes to get sh-t

didnt you see scream?!

psycho priest calls her and sez he knows shes a wh=re and when bf comes back she sez she got an obscene phone call

Whgatr is this? Black Christmas?!

So blonbde and her bf are b0ning and bwe dont see her nips or his hot dog but i think in the uncut ver we see butt crack

beta male bro is watching in the bushes and pasycho priest grabs him and crusahes his head with his bsare hands

later blonde gets outta bed and hears something but in bed the prist grabs her

turns out its her bf with wine glass in his mouth aas hes carrying too much making the sounds amnd he cxant get in

So they unlock the door and can't find da blonde and look around for her for a while

of cource they split up and 1 guy uses a candle as light and fginds an upside down cross (Which is not evil but was used by Saint Peter, the Jewish Pope when he was executed for not being PC)

1 guy, i cant tell who, is grabbed and his head slightlky ncrushed by the psycho priests are hands as he prays The Lords Prayer

the main chick and her bf cant find anyone and check the attic and find lots of candlles and blood around

theyt walk around and i guess shes over the stepping on brioken fglass anmd they go out and find the bodies of their droogs on crosses that catch fire for no reason

they run back inside and theres no places around for 20 miles and the phones ddont work

she gets the operator to call da cops and bf gets a gun and when he gets back hew seesmprist aboiut to shank her with a metgAL BLADE cross

he caps  priestr who walks it off and walks after him as he runs as she runs out and fginds bera brother in the snow

bf gets on da roof and prtiest stabs the ceiling to try to get him so bf shoots the roof

priest stabs bfs foot and he falls off buyt catches himself fdor a few seconds, only to fall and probably bite it

she freaks oput and priest is there somehow and she ruyns around da house and hides in the wiice celler

ppriest come in and stand around for a while and she sneaks out and locks him in

he gets out and looks for her and shes undder the sink and face sdprays him with cleaner and runs

she gets the gun and loads it and gets a call from the cops but psycho knows shes on the phone someghow and sez "its in the handss of The Lord" and eventually she runs out and fires at nothing

shge runs to the barn and when he comes in she caps huim

she says to the Lod sorry and priest comes back anbds sprays fire around her and she fight s him with a shovel as he burns in the burninfg barn

she gets out and traps him in with the shovle across the dfoor like in The Patriot with Mel Gibson and lays in the ground crying

then the next daY THE AMBILACNE COMES BYN AND A PRIEST DOES THE ASIGN OF NTHWE CROSS FOR PRIWST posychi and is eyesd open and the main chicks eyes open fiercely

the end

gaffer brad harder!? what is this?! gay xxx?~!

thaT WAS pretty good

the fiilm style reminds me of Black Robe which was also from Soviet Canada

Good flow and feel and it dont drag

Good pacing and style with nice camera and lighting

its omne of the better of these prom night movies

I DIDNT CARE MUCH FOR 1, BUT 2 ws good 80s supernatural horror and 3 had good horror comedy

plus 2 had the sailor moon cast swearing and getting nude

this was a good teen horror and has nice work on it

its not the nnumbewr one ultimate but its got some nice moments and thew chatacters are good

The Prom night series was a nice one and i saw thee 00s version but dont recall much of it

This is a good turn of the decade 90s film and its worth a watch

For Prom Night 5 I want the chick and the priest to get out of the hospital and go around iciing poeple and the church sends a bada55 holy warrior to take em on. also there are raging atheists attacking him as they dont like him wearing a cross and he has to beat the evil outt em. Its also a 16 bit 2 player beat em up on Sega Genesis, Snes, TG16, Atari Jaguar andf GBA where you play as these bada55 muscley holy warriuiors, who are a married couple who are super Catholic and dress like WWF Wrestlers. Alsoi after beating the evil out of the chick and the prist, they fight the daemon that had them and gotta kick it back to h e double california

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