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The Conquering Power Review

 Note: I spell powerful bad

The Conquering Power

This ius my review on Thje Conquering Power from 1921 (99 years before Transformers Super God Masterforce and 1011 years before Robotech II The Sentinels)

It sdtars Alice Terry from The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Prisoner of Zenda and Scaramouche, Rudolph Valiontino from most of thoise I njust said, Ralph Lewis from The Avenging Conscience, he Birth of a Nation, Intolerance and the 20s Dante's Inferno, Carrie Daumery from He Who Gets Slapped, Ducvk Soup aND qUEEN cHRISTINA, Bridgetta Clark from The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Eric Mayne from The Prisoner of Zenda, Edward Connelly from the films i mentioned at the start plus the torrent and The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, asnd some 1800s guys io never heard of

its based on the 1800s novel Eugenie Grandet by Honoree de Balzac tthat I never read

Itsd directed by Rex Ingram who did The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Prisoner of Zenda and Scaramouche

i never saaw this b4 but its got Valentino and is based on a book so imma try it

after creits we get text saying its about love being an all conquering power and commercialism sez this is not cool but they'rew gonna show us

so this banjkers kid charles gradet (imma call him chuck cuz he likes to f--k) had a good life in soviet france and is 27

hes into annet whos the prettiest woman in paris, which i guess means she shaves her pits

at a party chicks dance and theres gaiujin and chucks dad com,es back on chucks burthday to see the party

they pill string in a fountain and 1 guy egts a biplane and the rest get boats

wasnt this in the 1800s?! the phoenix wright brothers weren't evenb born yet!

dad gets a banmk letter saying they can't advance the money he wanted cuz opf issues and chuick who i think is valentino kisses his dads cheecks cuz hes european and sez "i didnt expect you back so soon"

I assume in the book it was a secks party and they were all b0ning

dad isnt doing well and sez its been 25 years since he saw his brother charles(i thoughty valentimno was charles) and he wants to settle things b4 he bites it and goes to h-ll where the frenchies came from

dads bro has a daughter and then we arte shown the dad bro village where this super rich fam lives nand this rich guy is begged by a scuzzy frenchie for more time to pay back his loan as his woman is sick

rich guy sez he cant wait and the scuzz bucket goes off

dads bros daughter coemsa home and is happy qas its her b day so dadf bro gives her a gould louis for each year shes alive

dad bro is the rich guy and likes his daughters blonde goild hair like sailor venuis or rangiku matsumoto or Nami Koishikawa

dad bro weights a thing on a scale and this devolved frenchiue chicck maid looks on like she's autistixc or something

i think dad bro isn't rich but just works fdorf the rich guy as he sez hes gettign wine for daughters b day but will have to cheap out the rest of the week

wine actually is dangerous and causes cancer or the mouth and tongue and jaw and throat, as does getting f'd in the mouth

devolved frenchie chcik maid stumbles down the stairs and nearly breaks the bottle and these fancy guys dressed like the monopoly guy come by and are gay for the daughter

a guy comes by in a car(which they totally had in the 1800s) and it sold there's a huge castle owned by the rich guy but he lives in the village

at this gathering, oh its chicks birthday and dad bro sez they are after his gold as they wanna be with his daughter

1 frenchie looks slimy andss sneaky and kisses her had with a mouth that totally never sucked his own d0ng

valentino comes by and sez hes charlkes and is bro dads nephew

i think dad bro is the rich guy who owns the village

valentino kisses his cousins hand and totally isnt gonna inbreed with her, i mewan its not like theur're french!

dad bro gets a note from dad saying sdorry and he wants to reconsile but by the time dad bro rerads tyhis, he's gonna be hdead

also dad ran outta dough and i think ate his gun or something and says he wishes dad bro would be a dad to valention

devolved frenchie brings in a fire and warming pan and dad bro gets p-ssed for treatung valeinto like a cripple

we get a cool scene of a guy lighting a candle in a dark room with light in the window, and when its lit the room is different in a jump cut

guy is dad bro reading the note again and the next daythe news of valentinoes dad eating his gun gets out and valentino is outta dough

he dont care about that as he's too bummed about his daD GOING BACK TO H E DOUBLE FRench canada and dad bro sez hes gonna look after him

chick comforts jhim, and and dad bro tells off some dude for suggesting his daughter would marry her cousin

whats the big deal? its natural! Animals do it! If we weren't meant to marry oiur cousins then why are we attracted to em? Love it love! You can't help who you love! don't be a biggot! Hate Speech! Intolerance! No h8!

later dad bro sez to rudolphe that he found a way to clear his dads name and i think rudy went to his dads service

at nighty dad bro counts his gold behind a brick wall to find a way to make money from his broters f ups

chick gets up and comes down and finds valintino sleweping in a chair and putting his blanket on him more

she rteads a note he wrote saying he has ernough money for a trip to the andes and isn't worthy of her and will leave her forever aND can't handle living in the same place as her as hes into her

chick gets some item and shows him and she asks to be forgiven as until today, she didn't know then value of money and now sees its meant to bring happiness

oh its money and he brings his case of his best items that his mom gave him that he treasres and lets gher keep the gold case until he can pay her back

dad bro com,s by with a shotgun and she goes back to her room before he catches em

the cousins grow closer like in Sailor Moon how Amara and Michelle were cousins, except they were totally not in love or anything

the dad bro has fixed up the stocks or had them fixed up or something and sees videl or calentiono coming on to his daughter and waNTS TO send valeninto out

dad bro makes valeintino sighn a paper and vvalintino goes up and smooches his cousin on the mouth andf she gives him her cross necklace and he leaves

elsewhere in some 3rd world jungle place; vanintinoe writes to his cousin and says her gold got him land he made better and now the gov bought it and will ghhive him a high post so he is gonna pay her back

Then gets a letter from dad bro who sez cousin is getting married and valentino shouldntn write her anymore

he's shocked and bummed by this and rips up a letter and feels her cross on his neck

then its cousins b day again and she hasn't heard from valintino since he left and the scuzzy guy sexz his woman biut it cuz of dad bro who nearly beats him with hsi stick

dad bro comes home and wants cousins goild as gold value went up and he wants to invest it but she sez she hid it and dont wanna part with it

he thinks she's just bing money wise and is glad but sez he can double it but when she reveals irts gone he spazzes out and nearlyy strangles her over gold

what is this? Erich Von Stroheums Greed? wait! This came 1st!

he implies she may have b0ned her cousin and he beats out a worker and drags her to her room and locks her in there

oh f the chick he beat dead wwas his wife! and the town talks about how the rich dad bro is going nuts

his greed has devolved him mental and he obsesses over da gold

what next? hge has his man thing removed and replaced with a gold item?!

he hides it in da floor and his butler tells him he's gotta snap outta it as the town is gossiping of him

as oppposed to when its the media making up sh-t about Michael Jackson as he had the rights to the music the record companies wanted

also butler says he's the only one who knows cousin is not his blood child as he got his fortune from his wifes ex husbands estate and cousin can demand a division of the riches and property if she knew

butler drew up papers for her to sigh to secure everything as he wants the families to be united

bro dad ghoes to cosuin and sez sorry and he wants her to sign something

she signs it in the basement and when bro dad and butler leave, she finds the letter s valentino made and reads em

she hides em in her shirt and bro dad comes back and takes the ones she didnt hide back

they yell at each other over doing wrong and he chases her out and looks through huis papers as she reads the note in the garden

he accidentallyt locked himslef in and trys to break out but does jack sh-t and jack is off

she reads a letter askinmg if she forgot ofg him and feels for him and bro dad is tyormented by the ghost or vision or w/e of the scuzzy guy who he wronged

h throws sh-t at him and it goes through him and the valinteinoes dad ghost accuses him of strealing from his son and his wifes ghost accuses him of stealing from her daughter

he spazzes out and in his gold basket he sees twisted hands coming out and spazzes out and then sees the hands coming from the door hole

kinds like that lois webber movie or greed

he breaks a window and the hands are there and tyhen sees the walls closing in on him

this is all in his head right? i mean its not actually happening, right?

this goblin looking spirit of gold appears before him and sez dad bro searched for him all his life and now it has him

dad bro tried to pick up his safe but it crushes him and the daughter and devolved maid come in and find him

chick gets all the money and now needs a husband but years later she still aint got 1

valentino comes back and after being in the colonies (like in gundam??) has riches and maybe a wife

she announces an engagement to some guy but as the papers are being drawn up, valindino comes back and sez he was told by bro dad that she married

the gross guys who wanna marry her look out and see her making out with her cousin and are bummed

the end

That was pretty good\

unless they changed the time period, the cars and planes seem like Castlevania 64 where they have chainsaws and motorcycles in the 1800s

its got nice acting and twists

good effects and style

tells a good story

Glad I saw it

And its only like an hour long

Worth a Watch

For The Conquering Power 2 I want them to be married but the vioillagers are unhappy he married his cousin, so they have a courtroom drama where they argue wwhether Samew Family Marriage should be allowed, Also its a 32 bit PS1, Sega Saturn, N64, and GBA game where you play as the Lawyer argueing either for or AGAINST the couple.

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