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Gangs Of New York Review

Note; i spell more human than new york acts
gangs of new york
this is my review oon gangs of new york from 2002 (When we got that sonic game on gamecube)
its directed by marton scorcesse and stars dat commie leonardo decaprio, daiel day lewis, cameron diaz, jum broadbent, jogn c reiley and liem neeson
i never saw this but heard its good so imma watch it
ooh, its by touchtone, who did nightmare b4 christmas
so it starts with a guy cutting himself shaving and telling his son da blood stays on da blade
also he teaches his son good catholic things
so they lve in tunnels underground as new york air is too poison i assume
so they get a buncha guys and go outside in white viegin snow and get a buncha gangs to meet this othe gnch of gangs for a battle
its a turf war between new yorkers and new new yorkers
oh and catholics and i think demon worshippers
then they fight with blades and axes and tools and i think claw gloves like freddy kreugar
ooh, this guys cheek was pulled open
main guys dad gets shanked but grabs th shanker b4 getting itand his kid sees
dad sez cr-p to his son b4 bad guy finishes him
bad guy sez ears and noses are their troophies as new yorkers are sick f--ks
but no one touched main guys dad
so main guy is gonna be sold to da law but he runs off into the underground
this was in 1846 btw
then its 1864 and main guy devolved into leonardo cedraicio and is an abolitionist
i think he gets oyutta jail and oh its 63 and linvon just freed the slaves 2 years into the civil war
guess it wasnt about slavery
so the new yorkers dont like ex slaves and  hate lincon
what is it about soviet new york and hating reublican presidents?
also the irishmen are there and hated
so new york is a rotting slum of corruption and disease and scum and deviants
just like b4 juliani cleaned it up
should've just nuked it
wirked for sodom and gomorrah
so bad guy is still in charge and dont look different after 16 years as he probably dont got a soul
just like most new yorkers
leo prays to ST. Michael but these guys come after him so he takes em out
1 was his childhood friend and he sez he was in jail the whole time as they add on sentence for escape attempts
he was probably b0ned every hour, on the hour
and its almost the hour
i'm noticing thids is starting to take after robotech season 3 where the invid took over the earth and years later the expeditionary force returns to get it back
so his homie tells leo of the gangs in town and his dads gang got outlawed and the winning gang celebrate thwir win each year
they run into cameron and she dont care for em, which means they are gonna fall in love
later theres a fire and all these fireman gangs go to the fire and just beat on each other
typical new york; putting their own needs over the needs of the inncoent
so the firemen decide to loot the next building as the 1st one if too burned to save
leo and homiue are looting it but nearkly bite it so they escape
leo sells the cr-p he stole and finds they pay union dues to the winning gang and split whats left with each other
so the unions owned soviet new york back then too?
no wonder its f'd!!
then john c reiley comes in ad looks the same as he did 16 eyars ago as hes half daemon or something like most new yorkers and i thnk hes a cop who swipes some of their cr-p
So leo playns on wacking the bad guy and its revealed the asians hate the new yorkers too
so the new yorkers celebrate their win over the catholics and leo and homie meet bad guy who has a drawing of leos dad in memory of him
bad guy shanks the hand of a guy he's playin cards with and tells leo to not come back without any offering like hes some kind of wicked god
leo and homie go on the river at night and see the soldiers who died for lincon brought to new york to be eaten by the cannibals
leo and his droogs try jacking a boat and 1 guy wastes a guard
so leoos grave robbing makes the news and impresses bad guy
1 guy dont think leo is honest and fights him as the otehr gang menmebers bet on it
leo wins without using a ki blast or ice attack and bad guy gives him coins
leo grows closwr to bad guy and bad guy hates the irish and leo is of the irish
so this chick pickpockets leo and he follows her
she fakes being a maid and sneaks into houses to jack em
as everyone in soviet new york steals
probably cuz of the high taxes and union fees keeping the cash from the people
leo catches her and gets his St. Michael Medal back and they go for a walk and she sez she dont wanna see him again
that means they'll probably b0ne
later the elites who help run da city come down to the slums of new york and bad guy is close to em
leo remembers the high status guy from the opening who was in the fight
later bad guy takes leo to a meat place and trains him to knife bfight against a dead pig
thats animal abuse!!
like logan paul getting hate for tasering dead rats
later this guy has bad guy hand 4 guys for some reason
after they string em up for sodomy, there's a party and they allow catholics in there
they have cameeon choose a date by looking in a hand mirror and guys walk behind her
of cource, she chooses leo
after a dance, they go in the back to b0ne and leo isnt too into it
did he go j edgar?
just pretend shes a polar bear and if you b0ne her it'll stop global warming
also i think cam implys siomeone iced her baby in her
after b0ning, they argue and beat it
later theres a  boxing fight and p t barnum comes by
some irishmmen come over and the new yorkers dont like em for reasons modetrn new yorkers dont like mexicans
also they imply isrishmen aint white
to be fair,, in tumblr, they argued "irishmen wrre colored as whites cant be sufferers of discrimination"
as new york is like tumblr, i see why they'd agree
later people are signing up for the civil war and at a play they have an actor playing lincon as people boo during uncle tms cabin
replace lincon with a modern republican and uncle toms cabin with any pro life movie and its just like moderh new york
at da play, a guy trys to ice bad guy and leo saves him
bad guy threatens the hitman with a knife fior speaking irish like how in french canada they hate english speakers
but the hitman bites it
later jon c reiley confronts leo over knowing hes the dads son and that his dad loved his irishmen people
so they patch up bad guy and leo gets in a sissy slapfight with a chick over her b0ning a ot of guys
oh its the fake maid
then they b00ne
but as this is new tyork, someones watching em
he wakes up to the bad guy b00ning him and he screams
really bad guy is watching him sleep and they talk about how he keeps people afraid of him by mutilationg those who wrong him
what is this? india?!
also he iced the last honorable man years  ago with leos dad
they had a lot in common but worshipped The Lord different and once the dad spared him when he could've iced him as he wanted hi to live in shame
this is sort of a hokuto no ken thing how raoh gave jyuuza a proper burial out of respect
he sez civilization is crumbling and gives leo a kiss by kissing his hand and handing leo's head
the chick leo just b0ned sez he raised her after her mom got iced but after they cut her up to iice her unborn kid, he lost interest in her as he dont like scars
man, new york is evil
also; scars are cool
man, we're 2 hours in with adds
that felt like nothing
also this is in fullscreen on the italiano channel
no black bars on my 4 by 3 tv
later bad guy is gonna shank a guy but the guy gives up the name of the guy he wants: vallon
just like yugioh season 4 wutrh the armor deck
is that where they got it from?
so later the gang goes to a play of asian dancers amd bad guy throws knives at  the danceras as part of da act
cameron goes up as part of the show and he throws knives at her
he busts her metal thing and throws a few close ones and she stops consenting
hes doing it to f with her and leoo
so later at a public thing, bad guy throws a knife in leoss body and sez he knows hes the son of vallon
so he puts him on a table to vivisect him and decides to let him live in shame by mutilating him into a freak like olga in that 30s movie freaks
but only burns hia cheek with a hot knife
cant f up leos movie star good looks
at least keanu played a dog boy in freaked
oh and i missed it but leo threw the 1st knife and bad guy countered and knifed leo
just like in hokuto no ken with the 2 finger arrow grasp
so cameron diaz takes him to san fran sicko to heal him with liquid hiv
and the guy who leo recognized from the 1st fight sez he owes The Lord and cuts knotches in something to remind him what he owes
just  like in Robotech the Shadow chronicles how marcus has a notch carved in his holopendent for every invid he iced
so bad guy sends john c reiley to ice someone, i think leo, and leo ices him and hangs the body in the town square
did he just become batman?
leo wants to have an uprising and get the gangs back
later bad guy has leos homie beat up and skewered and leo has to put him to sleep
later leo and his crew bring a black guy to churh and this guy there has an episode over it
then bad guy and his gang go to this place with a buncha people
then go honw saying they'll meet later
such an important scene
later lincon drafts men to fight in his war
later leo trys to get an irishman elected for sherrif and sez he'd et the irish vote
this is just like how j fk got in
back room tricks
they rig the counters and the irishman wins
bad guy challenged irishman sherrif to a fight but he declines
so bad guy gets him in da back with a bladeand beats him deaf with his own knotched club
the high rank guy who turns out isnt the remembered guy leo saw but that was the notched club guy, is p-ssed atbad guy wacking the irishman sherrif
so later the draft for lincons war is taking more new yorkers and new new yorkers and the gangs decide on where to rumble
no guns as nw york is too candy a55 for dat
so the people rebell against the union army taking their kkids to fight other americans and bust thinhgs up
b4 the big battle they pray as people were allowed to be Christian in new york back then
then the poors bust in to rich peoples homes and start killing em
they riot and loot and kill and raepe like that city when that guy died in police custody
is this how escape from new york happened?
the nypd is overwhelmed and a lot of black people are iced

da cops do what todays cops should and open fire on the malcontents
are we supposed to feel sorry for these animals?
tyhey just murdered a bunch of innnocent people
then the gunboats open fire on the rioters
send em tio H E Double England!!
the area is smoked over like the original bieth of a nation and leo has to fight the bad guy in it
heres a gang war with the few who are dumb enogh to stay in this h-llhole
btw this whole, oppressed people murdering those they blame for their cr-ppy time, was used in the remake in name only of birth of a nation
so both leo and bad gguy are busted upfrom da fight and leo sganks him
i was expecting an epic battle
kinda cheap way to end this
so later cameron dizn find leo all f'd up and the city is a burning h-llscape
at night the city puts candles on the bodies so their friends would find em in da dark
4 days later they beat the malcontents and like birth of a nation, new york was born out of a battle
they buried bad guy next to lwos dad and years later, that place is still up and the city grew up around it with towering skyscrapers and cr-p like metropolis from the 20s
the end
that was pretty good
its long but dont feel it
its kinda dark and grimey but it fits new york
it shows how awful new york was and how it hardly changed
i never knew how rotted a cesspoole this city was
the more things change, the more they stay the same
but the movie wwas good and has that late 90s early 00s look of being made on film instead of 4k ultra hd digital cr-p
i liked it and i'm glad i saw it
for gangs of new york 2 i want it to be the 1870s and leo and his gangs are running things as the new bosses. they oppress those who oppressed them and have wormed their way into the gov and legalized cannibalism and made it mandatory to eat one bite of man every month or be turned inside out in public. but the nephew of the bad guy from the 1st movie is back from spending his study abroad and finds how new york has devolved into a cesspoole worse than ever. so he go around setting up daemon items in key points of new york to literally drag the city straight to h-ll. its also an 8 bit nes, master system, game gear, game boy, tg16, atari 7800 and lynx game where you play as the nephew and fight the gangs in various slummy levels liek a sewage plant and a slum and a jail and an animal hotel where they give them a pampers life on the people dime and fight leo with a suit made of blades that he throws at you and you gotta counter and throw em back at him.

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