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Windtalkers Review

Note; I spell like the wind.
this is my film on windtalkers from 2002
its directed by john woo who did face/off and stars nicholas cage from valley girl and adam beach fro law and order svu before itr went all whiny and commy
its also got commie a55 mark ruffalo and christian slater from the wizard
people say this movie s-cked and wasn't accurate.
lets see if i like it
i saw parts of this movie but never da hole thing in 1 go
so adam goes from his homeland and wife/kid to go to ww2 by bus
then cage fights the japanese in ww2
they run outta ammo as this isnt contra and his men get iced
i think cage gets blown out too
then adam and his homie are trained in code to use their native language as code for military cr-p
so cage is recoveribg in a hospital despite being surrounded by eemy soldiers and getting blown out last we saw him
a nurse helps him and i think his ear is f's out and it f's his balance
cage gets a hearing tezt and wins with nursetelling him when to sign for the sound
he cheeted
he's not fit and going out
if you can't carry a guy up a flight of stairs you shouldsn't be a fireman
otherwise people get iced
so cage gets his record looked over and he beat up a priest who taught at his catholic school years ago
so cage is assigned to bodyguard a navajo guy so the code he knows is protected
and he must do everything to protect the code
so adam chats with cage at chow time and adam spills coffee on cages food
so cage swaps food
later the guys play poker and make 40s style ancestry comments that guys still do today only people go mental over
but adam takes it well and jokes with em
later they arev breifed on their mission to saipan (saiyan pan from dbgt?) and cage has viet nam flashbacks
adam helps cage and sez he's fighting for his country too and is needed to decode in 2 mins what once too a full hour
later cage drinks with nurse at a bar
then its war and planes are drippin sh-t on the eenemy and the enemy with a  huge cannon blasting flaming bursts
cage and his new crew gunfight the enemy and cage has more flashbacks and goes mental
more bttle scenes and they are pretty well done
they give a code message to take out a stronghold by plane i mean battleship and it gets blown
adam is getting freaked out by people burning alive and getting shredded and when an enemy soldier and him aim at each other, he cant do it
so cage knifes his neck and saves him
after the battle radio voices say the codeword is wind and reply is talkers so windtalkers
later the guys talk and 1 guy talks about a chick he probably b0ned and how now he's wasting guys with a flamethrower
later the native guys have a ritual
the next day, adam takes a wash in the lake and this redneck soldier harassaes him over looking japanese and they fight
the guys break it up and redneck sez he thought he eas japanese and stole the uniform
latr adam sez unburied bodies might have souls become evil spirits and seeing all the corpses truggered him
does he have esp?
can he see auras or sense ki?
later slater jams with adams homie on harmonica with homies flute
cage gets a letter from his woman who sez dat commie f dr is lessening the heavy restrictions on the population of that island
adam reveals he named his son george washington yahzee as hes a real american like hulk hogan
then the convoy is attacked and the trucks they are in blow in flames
the radiio gets f'd and they are being attacked by their own guys by mistake
1 guy gets his foot blown off and is carried back
adam swaps clothes from a dead jappanese soldier and appropriates his culture to pretend to have cage as his prisoner
cage gets his a55 kicked a lot and pulls a gun from adams back and takes em out
adam takes out a few soldiers too
they get da radio and call the attack off
wait, there was a japanese base near there?
after the battle cage gets a commendation for saving his men from their own side
he sez he couldn't have done it w/o adam and defends adams ancestry
cage gives his medal to a guy
later its night and cage has sake and adam thinks its a55
cage is bummed over his men biting it and him getting medals dfor surviving
adam comfoerts him saying he was just doing his orders and later in a graveyard, has flashbacks of his men biting it and is haunted by their voices
adam helps him and does a smoke blowing ritual on cage
later the guys are walking and talking of what they wanna do after the war
well... thats the end of them!!
adam wants to teavh history in university
oh, its only now that cages woman sez the f dr oppression of soviet hawaii is lessening
hay joe, we're going to hawaii and you cant come cuz you s-ck
later a guy givrs a japanese kid some pan meds oh its cage doing it, and adM SEES
also cage chats with adam about being catholic and adam is one aswell
nowadays they'd be shown as the bad guys for that
adam was punished for speaking his native language by being chained to a radiator for 2 days
its like how in universitys now they punish you not b=not following their political correctess commie propaganda or saying the truth they think offends the weak
so adqam is sent to code a message and cage goes to his superior to get transfered as he dont think he can do it
later a soldier gives a little girl chocolate to cheer her up
eat ur feelings. dgood adviice. for my 600lb life!!
then there;s an attack and chocolate guy gets shot in the flamethrowwr and gets cooked in the burst
adams homie andd i think slater get attacked annd homie shanks guys in the parts with a big a55 knife
slater sez they cant afford to let the enemy have homie and tries to save him\\
but a katana to the neck removes his resistance
and skkull
the enemy catchrs jhomie and are gonna torture and maybe b0ne the info outta him
so cage blows them apart with a grenade
homie; see you in h-ll nicholas cage!!
so cage is f'd by having directally iced his man and adam finds whats left of homie and is bummed
cage admits to blowing out hiomie and adam snaps and beats on and nearly caps cage
cage; do it!!
me; this isnt starship troopers!
later redneeck sez his grandpa talked about fighting the indians and now adam i think saved his life
and in 50 years, japan may be their droogs against someone else
coonsidering how china went commie after we saved em from japan and japan became our friend in nam and korea, i'd say he's right
so adam has a ritual for his homie amed charlie who just bit it and how adam talked him into coming here
chaerlie, like street fighter guiles homie who bites it?
so cage sez he was just following orders and adam is disgruntled over cage
so then they get sent on a mission to take a location
they go on and realize they are in a minefield
then the enemy opens fire on em and 1 guy falls on a super obvous, sticking right outta da ground, mine and blows
i think if thety got blown into chunks it would be cooler
they fight the enemy and adam has gone mental and is doing risky moves, not caring if he bites it
what aBOUT your son?
he needs you!
then they fight more soldiers and 1 guy gets it
this makes adam go berserk and take out a bunch in reckless attacks
its like in devilman how after fusing, akira went super deadly and ripped a55
the guys worry they might bite it there and cage sez they are gonna make it
then the enemy gets out a big a55 cannon and starts blowing a55
so the radio gets dropped and cage andf friends try to get it byst most get shot up
adam goes mental and shanks a buncha guys with a big a55 knife but is stopped by cage who tellls him, it wont being homie back, and adam goes normal
they get back the radio and adam code talks for air support and they try to get away
adam is capped in da leg and cage takes out as many enemy's as he can with a handgun
adam tries to get cage to ice him so the enemy dont torture and b0ne the info outta him but cage carrys him off
also there were like 20 soldiers coming buyt when cage starts running they are still far away after that long moment
also all the enemy shots miss ven though cage is carrying adam
air support takes out the cannon but cage got a bullet hole in him
so cage bites it and back in america adam honors his warrior and friendship stuff in his ritual to his son
then text saying how the navajo code was important to the victury in the pacific and it was never broken.
the end
that was pretty good
good acting and story
good themes
good ideas
tells a story of history most dont know
good effects
i dont see why people hate this
its not awful
its a decent ww2 film
yeah its got a few part that dont add up but they dont ruin it
its a normal war fiolm and i think it worked
i liked it
for windtalkers 2 i want it to be korea and adam beach's character is helping teach the code to new recruits. also he is haunted by ghosts and wicked spirits from the war. they go to a spot in korea where all these people were iced and it turns out its a korean yokai or cryptid (i dont know anything about cryptids in korea) that iced their guys for going into their turn. so they gotta fight their way out. also adam's character uses his catholic teachings to rebuke the monsters to weaken them to bullets and blades. its also a 16 bit beat em up game on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you play as up to 4  soldiers and fight your way through them and get to the korea soldiers who summoned them and made a wicked pact with them to help win the war.

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