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Men Of Honor Review

noote; i spell without much hoonor. except censsoring swearing
men of honor
this is my review of men of honor from 2002 (When sonic adventure 2 batle came out)
its got robert de niro, cuna gooding jr, the chick from mad max 4, the dad from the war at home, liem neeson, keith david and bruce willis
its based on a book based on a real zstory
i think i saw a few mins off it bt not da hole thing
so its 1966 and de niro is in da army
i mean navy
and beats on guys who dont show him formal greetings
meanwhile, this black kid is swimming in a lake or something and theres a car there
he lives on a farm that used to belong to his dad
wait, he hasnt lost it yet
he wants to stay home from school to help dad plow da field and dad wants better for his son
years later hes cuba gooding jr and joins the navy
dad tells him to nogt come back as his town s-cked
later hes in the south pacific probably mnear macross island and is a cookk
so later its ocean swim day but his peoples day is later and he jumps in and outswims the white soldiers
cuz of this he's put in da brig and transfers to be a rescue swimmer
man this is really widescreen
like half da screen is black bars
so later this diver goes in and they bring him up after saving a guy
oh the diver is de niro
oh and the guy he saved bites it
then another diver gets f'd and falls off into the boundless abyss of the black ovean
so a guy goes under to save him
later, de niro is told his lungs are f;d from the bends and if he dives agsain he bites it
he goes mental from this and beats guys with unused bedpans
cuz of this, he's sent to work as an instructer for divers
cuba wants to be a master cheif diver, the highest rank one can get or w/e, and no non whites ever got there b4
2 years later, what year is this??, he's in soviet new jersey and is gonna be trained by de niro
de niro wants him to go home but cuba has drive and wont
on the base its a real madhouse and a guy spits on cubas pants
michael rapapaport from war at home (imma call him wah) has a studder and heklps cuba out wiith advice
in the bunks, da guys dont like cuba cuz hes black and go to another bunk
now he gets it all to himself
he can j-rk off on everything
oh wait, wah stays
then its like 4 am and the guys hose him off and dunk him in water
oh wait, its de niro
in the real version he was probably b0ning him
later de niro tries to scare em out with stats on how most bite it in this field or w/e
de niro grinds into wah over his studder and makes comments on him pregnanting his highschool gf
cuba stands up for wah who de niro dropped in the jet black sea and i think he ejects wah from his group for being nice to cuba
later ccuba is not getting good grades and goes to da library to learn
he asks a chick for teaching help but his last finished grade was grade 7 and she thinks its not worth it
he study's on his own and its enuff to get her to help and he gets better grades
later cuba goes on a dive and the boat on the seafloor is f ing out
wait, its not cuba
so tthey send cuba down and trys to get a new air hose too a guy spazzing out
cuba saves him and another guy gets a medal for saving the guy who spazzed out or w/e
wtf its 1952
wasnt it the 60s at the start and cuba was a kid?
who edited this??
so cuba the 1st bit it and jr is bummed
he hires a h00ker and i think its de niroes daughter who brings cuba into a bar to f with de niro and the white soldiers
de niro tells his war story of being trapped in a sinking ship in ww2 and holding his breath for 5 mins to save his men
deniro annd cuba then have a conteast where if de nero wins, cuba is outta the service
oh they put on dinding helmets and fill en with water
this is like something from the yugioh manga
or in gx; hold ur breath for 1 min
but in the dub they chaned it to; drink a bowl of water in 1 min
cciz some dumba55 kid will get iced copying something he saw on tv
so cuba wins and h--ker has an episode see8ng de iro nearly get iced in a dumba55 contest
imagine a reverse of this where they set thermsekves on fire and whoever lasts longer wins?
not gonna lie, there's probably vids of teens doing it on the internet
also the teacher chick tells him she's had it with the navy life after her dads cr-p and she passed her finals and she's done with cuba
also he's advanced beyond hos nreeding her to learn about diving
he tells her he loves her and kisses but she goes as he runs after her
later de niro meets with his superior who is cleaning his medals and dont want cuba to pass cuz hes black
and cuba is about to pass
so de niro chains him down and starts drilling holes in him with a power drill
really he tries to tell him to not show up or pass the test
da next day cuba shows up for the test where he assembles something under cold water
wtff this got mixed reviews
i think its pretty good
i like historical movies
so the test is rigged against cuba by with holding his tools and scattering em as they are thrown in
this is like in yugioh how mokuba rigged the capsule monster machine whehn facing yugi
hours later cuba is still at it and the superiotr dont wanna bring him up until hes nearly dead
de niro wants to bring him up but superior yellls at him
then cuba finishes and comes up
thats pretty bad a55
like me playing kirby star stacker for like 18 hours to beat all the levels
so cuba passes and superior busts de niro for it
and the radio de niro broke of cyubas is fixed
cuba gooding jr?!
where;'s ed harris?!
so cuba goes to work in sovuiet new york in brooklyn and grows closr to his chick teacher
ands shes pregnant
but who is that father?
today, on maury!
so at a navy dance, the guy de niro f'd his lungs to ssave at the start of this movie reunites withj de niro and his probably h--ker daughter
and a fight breaks out between em and gets demoted for it
then we;re back in 66 and a plane with nukes went down and they need to get back da nukes
iu assume da soviets are after em
oh snaop, they are!!
we need G I Joe!
so cuba is under the sea and the soviets are arriving
his air hose gets caught on the sub and he getys jerked around
dat sub is some gamecube level cg
so cuba saves da nuke amd they bring it up
but it falls back down and a cable snaps and takes out his leg
imagine if it got him in the parts and they got knocked off and flew out and landed in a guys mouth?
so he's gonna need severe rehab to walk again
meanwhule, de niro is on a drunk tirade in a holding cell
so cuba might hsve to retire and i think de niro is in rehab and his dauughter tries to help him
so to get back in da navy he has his damaged leg sawed off so he can getta fake 1
his gf turned wife dont think this is good as she wants him to stop this dager cr-p sorta like chichi in dbz
so i think she ditches him and he trains to use a fake leg like falco in hokuyto no ken 2
after a montage of skipping rope, de niro comes back and sez the review board is gonna retire him as they want him out
but he can pull strings to get cuba a chance
de niro gets da board to give him 4 weeks of training and if he dont makre it, de niro reties
so after a training montage cuba passes by going in front of da board and wearing the nwest model of diving suit that weighs 200lbs
oh and de niro and cubas fam are there and de niro uses his military orders to get cuba to make it 12 steps in the 290lb suit on 1 leg
what is this? dbz?!
then text sez he got to be master cheif diver or w/e 2 years later and 9 yars after dat retired
the end
that was pretty good
it had good flow and pacing and didnt drag even though its over 2 hours
good writing and acting and music and effects and its got some heart
this one worked
its not super awesome but its got good stuff to it
for men of honor 2 i want it to be where a boat full of soldiers goes down in the devils sea near japan and cuba gooding jr has to save em. but when he goes under he finds its full of sea daemons amd ancient creatures and he has to get the people from sea daemon traps and air bubbles and get em out. akso its an 8 bit game on nes, sega master system, game gear, game boy, tg16, atari 7800 and lynx and you go around fighting them rwith holy words as a ranged attack and go through their interdimensional city in the sea to save the soldiers.

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