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For Whom The Bell Tolls Review

note; bat typng
for whom the bell tolls
this is my review on fir wh9om the bell tolles
ooh, gary cooper
he was mentioned in a rap in ed gein the musical
its bed on a book by hemming way
I never read any of his books but in pokemon was an ep based on that title with the tin tower or something
it starts with some pome or something and is in spaibn in 1937
theres a battle going on
my spain friend said things were bad in the 30s
sop these gun guys are chasing these other guys and pick one off
the other guty (garry cooper) caps him then leaves
no suyrvivors means no witnesses
then garry goes to a bar or someyhing and planes attack ourtside
its probably the brits
the lights go out and garry cooper talks to this guy
garry feels like capping his homie was murdr(it was)
but the guys chasing him might've b0ned him dead if caught
garry coopers friend sez his nexty mission is to take out a birdge
they discuss the details of the mission and garry needs a girl and a haircut
oh his friend is the general
then garry and a moustache guy scope out the birgde
the moustache guy notices a guard is from his village
he don't wanna kill him but if he has to he will
I don't know which side is the good guys
im Slovenian so I have no info on 30s spain
so garry and moustache meet a strong guy who calls garry a foreigner
hes adamant in being in charge of the mountain
hes kind of a hard a55
its mentioned garry and friends are on the side of rthe republic
they go to a base and meet a gypsy who makes traps and exaggerates his winnings
he wants to catch a tank
sounds like a bad pokernon
pokemon get worse each generation
the new pokenon s-ck
then the guys eat and a wo man comes out to help cook
she looks sorta lesbiany
what with her hair and style
shes called maria
she got her head shaved and was taken south but the guys here saved her
the guys mock her appearance
garry asks if shes the strong guys gf but shes single
garry sez he has no time 4 wo men
the backgrounds in here look like a star trek ep
its then revealed that the strong guy's real gf is a tough chick and hates gypsies but might be part gypsie
she seems kinda butch
she reads garry coopers palm and is disturbed but sez its nothing
later the guys are in a cave smoking and drinking
I bet in the real version they were doing drugs
garry cooper adds some "medicine" to his drink and the strong guy hates it after trying it
I think its illicit drugs
garry plans to take out the bridge but the strong guy complains as its gonna bring the wrath of the army on em
garry cooper asks the butch woman and she sez to bust da bridge for the republic
and everyone else agrees
the strong guy argues his case but his wo man bashes him
he gives in
dat night the maria warns the garry cooper about the strong guy
they start 2 fall in love
they go under the sleping bag as ther strong guy comes out w/ a gun
but he walks by
1 guy suggests garry kills the strong guy 1st but garry disagrees
garry spies on the strong guy drunkenly talking to his horse about it being his only friend
I assume they were in love in the real version
the next day planeas flies over
itas german and italian
the strong guy goes back to the horses as he worries of em
then they have a meeting to have a guy track of what soldiers and forces go by on the bridge]
the gypsy goes mental on the idea of catching a tank
so garry cooperrt sends him to keep track of the guards on the bridge and gives him a watch
also 1 guy talks about rumors he heard but I wasn't realllly paying attention
later they go on a journey to some place and the butch wo man talks with the garry cooper about his secks life
garry talks to this guy with whiskey about the bridge plans and wanting more horses
the whiskey guy don't want the bridge done in daytine as it mght make the army come afterem
later this teen jo a qwin who helped save the maria is sad cujz hs sister got wacked
the butch woman taunts him then later whines about being a HAG
she also mentions b0ning a lot of guys in the past
many were bull fighters
she leaves and the maria and the gary cooper talk
she revealed her rents got wacked for supporting the republic
she is gonna tell what else happened but garry stops her
I assume she was b0ned
they kiss even though she has no experiance
it fades out so I think they b0ned
when they return its revealed garry cooper "fell in the brook"
later its getting dark and they examine their info
but then it starts snowing in may
so much for global warming!!
the strong guy is drunk and asks maria to "fix his shoes"
I assume it means something about b0ning in the real version
or maybe its 30s slang
garry says hes fighting the italianos and Germanys as they hate freedom as much as they hate the russians
but the russuans were worse
he reveals his dads republican and the Spaniards ask if they shoot him for it
if only they knew of todays world
they also hate on the idea of a foreigner teaching spanish
if only they knew what todays america was
also they wonder if americans speak spanish
if only they knew of the future of america
one guy keeps trying to get in a fight with the strong guy but he don't give in
the guy slugs him in the face to the point of blood
what a butt hole
hope the strong guy b0nes him dead
the strong guy is then kicked out for some reason
the other guys wanna kill the strong guy
so much for them being the good guys
even his woman wants him dead
the gypsy wants to sell him to the enemy(maybe for b0ning)
gary don't wanna kill him in cold blood to which some guy sez; u englishes r all kold
dats racist
his wo man reveals the strong guy was a good warrior who outsmarted and killed many people
he even joked about his kills
he even got the malcontents to kill people he captured
this is what the protagonists are doing?
maybe the nationists aren't as bad as we're lead to believe
at least compared to these maniacs
then the strong guy returns and sez he cant leave his wo man or people
also he regrets his murders
one guy sez theyre nuts to trust him and I think leaves
the next day a hore rider comes by a nearly caps cooper but cooper shoots 1st (LIKE HAN SOLO DID!!)
cooper has the strong guy take away the horse(HORSE FETISH) and other guys clean up the kill
maybe they could eat the body
like in suddenly last summer
later more horsemen come
they almost see the gypsy but he evades em and brings in rabbits
then more horsemen come but run from hearing gunfire
they are attacking some small group in the mountains
but im not sure who it is
I think its the whiskey guy's group
the strong guy wats to help em but cooper sez its no use
the horsemen say theyre sending planes and offer a chance to surrender
the whiskey guy fires 5 shots in the ground and plays dead
1 horseman wants to go up thinking they are dead but his men know better
he goes up mocking the guys but the whiskey guy shreds him with gunfire
then the planes come and blow em apart
meanwhile the strong guy sets up the dymatne but the others return
he sez on his way back he saw the whiskey guy's gang busted afterward
then its revealed the enemy is gonna counter the republic's offensive
the strong guy leaves and the guys regret not murdering him when they had the chance
later some guy dlivers a message to the general
gary busey I mean cooper tells the maria he wont be with her after the mission
the maria gets mushy and sez they all are gonna bite it tomorrow
she tells gary how they took her to a barber shop and cut her hair
then fed her the hair
also they b0ned her
shes worried gery copr wont love her but he does
at the general area this soldier orders a superior officerat gunpoint to get the orders to along sincethe officer don't believe him
he also tells the officer he wants him and all his kind wiped out
such a role model
good thing he's the good guy
also the maria asks the garry cooplreer to cap her if shes caught
they talk mushy and spoon bur I think theyre b0ning in the real version
I know its trying to be romantic but this film just goes on forever
also the love isn't as good as the destined lovers in the 1918 film "the blue bird"
that made me cry
it was beautiful
this is just anti subtle and is drawn out
like dbz w/o the good music or cool fights or action or space warriors fighting gods
then the butch wioman comes in saying the trigger to the dyneimte was hidden in the fire and is burned up
garry cooper thinks he can fix it with grendaides
then the strong guy comes back with reinforcements and sez he changed his mind again
this is like in sonic 06 where the princess keeps getting captured
then the butch woman says she only saw happiness in his hand for him and his wo man
I just realized the plan to take out a bridge is ripped off of the buster Keaton fil "the general"
at around dawn they set out to take out the bridge
but somethings wrong with the attack from the republic
then the strong guy the maria and the forces start picking off guys in the bridge level
garry cooper sets up the bridge and the republic forces are getting picked off one by one
the maria goes mental with worry for the caggy cooper
then tanks come and the gypsy cant resist his tank fetish and busts a tank
then gets shredded by tank gunfire
like in advance wars
garry cooper gets off bridge just as it blowes and the tanks are on it
but the moustache guy bites it
the guys get away and the strong guy shreds his own guys so he can steal their horses
as they leave a tank and men open fire on em
looks like garry cooper might bite it
goes he die in his movies?
I know lon chaney does
a lot
oop, he got hit
hes just broke a bone
he decides to sacrifice himself to hold off the tank and men
he gives the maria a sappy good bye and sez he's going with her
I assume shes pregnant with his kid
had the strong guy not shredded his men they would have 3 other targets to draw fire
and they lost 3 guys in the attack so the extra horses would add up
garry cooper tries not to black out and opens fire on the men riding toward him
the end
for "for whom the bell tolls" 2 I'd like for qary cooper to have been revealed to have survived and was captured and rebuild with steampunk tech. seeing how the side he thought was so evil had saved him he reconsiders his life and gives the nationalists all his info on the republic. this leads to the nationalists winning the war and driving out the republic. gary cooper then goes on a journey to find his woman and their now teenage son(as the war took like 15 years to win) as he goes through the new world of the 50s(which is shown to be a metropolis sci I land like the fritz lang movie) and spain only got a fraction of the new tech available as they were shunned by the allies for not helping them in the war. also many survivors in the war are cyborgs and have super abilities and his woman and son have disagreements over him realizing the side he turned on is bad and she's still brainwashed by their propaganda.

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