Friday, February 5, 2016

The Walking Dead Review

note; ive been up all night and my keybords cr=-ppy/ theres typoes
the walkimg dead
this is my review on the walking dead (the 1936 borisd Karloff movie)
it starts with a trial and this guy is expected to get off
but this judge is talking with his wife about a phone call saying hes threartened if he convicts
then the judge finds him guilty of taking city money and gives him 10 years
don't drop the soap
later some guys talk about having the judge iced ad pin it on someone fresh outta jail
hope he didn't drop the soap
then boris karl;off mes in and sez the judge gave him 10 years for punching a dude who was implied top be b0ning his wife and the guy died
imagine if he slugged him and the guy and the guy fell out da window and into a meat grinder and got ground up into meat and the meat was sold to some school and the kids turned into cannibals
so the laywer wanting to ice da judge sez he cant help karlov get a job and he goes off
meanwhile this scientist is working on a thing to keep a heart beating outsie da body
then some scheme happens with a car or something and the judge is found dead
I didn't really see it cuz my comp is SLOWE AND USELESS P O S CANDY A55 D SUCK and keeps freezing up
plus im doing this on rogers yahoo
p o s email keeps freezing to load add I don't like
I refuse to buy any cr-p that spams me or has a 30 sec add that I cant skip on a vid I wanna watch
they don't deserve my business if they resort cr-p like that
so karlov gets fingered for the crime and goes on trial and the witnesses who could save him don't show
I think it was the gf of either the lawyer who had him set up otr the gf of the dr dog the science
so karlov gets executed despite 2 people trying to save him with info they held back duruing the trial
thwey arrived 2 late
then the dr revives karlov with his magic science by restarting his heart
but karlov doesn't seem to have a mind nor a soul
he stares blankly and says words he hears
I think his soul left but the body was brought bbut is empty
maybe a daemon can inhabit it and make it kill and eat people
later he hears music and walks to it as though it has some meaning
he used to be a musician
I should've mentioned dat b4
he is able to play piano
oh and he gets awarded 500 000 $ for being wrongfully executed
he sees the lawyer and tells him 2 get out
he also shows emotion
he sez the lawyer is his enemy but he don't know why
later the dr is told of the lawtyer and his men leading a gang who run the city from the shadows
like streets of rage
later the gang comes to this dinner or something
oh and the dr wants to find what boris experienced when dead
imagine if it was a black wall and the words "continue?" and 2 ways; yes and no
oh and the dr I said the girl is the gf of is the yiounger dr
theres 2 drs
a geezer and a 30ws guy
the geezer is the one I metion most often
so karvol plays and looks amngry at the guys in the gang and they leave 1 by 1
they leave and get spooked and want him wacked
then the guy who tol\d the dr of the gang reveals to the gang he knows they had brois karlik iced
later one gang guy orders a hit on karlov
then kalov confronts one other gang guy and asks him why he iced the judge
karlov advances on him and he falls and winds up dead
this is turning into the crow
its the hit man who just bit it
also the hit man is named "trigger"
thwe wonderful thing about triggers
is triggers is wonderful things
I assume that's his street name
like t bird or fun boy in the crow
then one guy tries to skip town but karlov confronts him and he walks in front of a train and gets splattered like a garbage bag off boy ar dee getting hit with a truck!
maybe offscreen
this movie is a biopic right?
like, based on actual events
it was set so long ago, who knows what really happrned
then theres just guys talking for a few minutes
just koll him already!
then karlov confronts this guy and he denies being part of the frame up
he keels over and flls outa window
I bet he splattered on the pavement like a water balloon full of jello
this is a gory movie
too bad they don't show it
they otta remake this as a splatter film
te next day karlov is found wandering the cemetary
the dr interrogates him but gets answers
so he plans to brain surgery bros karlov to make him tell him secrets of the next life
this is starting to seem like re-animator 1
then his lawyer comes in wanting him sent to an istitutiobn
but the dr has 24 hours left
so the dr wants to operate but brois carlic escapes
but hes in the cemetary
meanwhile the gang is car driving away but gets delayed by a train crossing
the girl finds and talx 2 him in the cematary and goes off to get the dr
then the gang arrives and shoots him a lot and leaves
the girl calls the dr and he arives
turns out a bullet hit him in the ed area of his brain and his memory is returning but he wont last
he tells the dr not to mess with things only the Lord should handle
then dies after saying he felt peace and...
oh and the killers  car crash into a wire pole and get fried and ex0lode
I bet they were all chrarred and burned and disfigured
in the crow t bird got fried to his car
man this movie inspired a lot of cool thimgs
the end
for the walking dead 2 I'd like the dr to revive a guy who wasnt killed by crime and keeps pressing him for info in the next world. but this too fails and the guy jumps into a meat grinder to return to the afterlife. so he gets a drug addict to revive with his science. but as drugs mess with the body's ability to ward off daemons, the body is possessed and goes around killing people for fun as well as eating them. so the dr captures him and saws off his arms and legs to stop him from killing again. but the daemons manipulate the body nd use the ribs and other bones to snap out and walk around in a grotesque abomination that is after other humans to tear apart and add pieces to it to restore the body. so the dr gets super roids and empowers himself to be strong enough to kill it. but its left pieces of it around that infect people and the dr has to beat the evil outta em and face the arms and legs he removed which have combined with animals to become chimeras that are le. oh and this is also a sega genesis/super Nintendo or NES game and he goes through 1930s america to stop the abomination.

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