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The Day The Earth Stood Still Review

note; my keyboard is kinda awful so theres keyrpopes
the day the earth stood still
this is my revir on the day the earth stoof dtaomg
the good versinon from the 50s
not that cr=ppy cgi monstrousity with keaou nreevers
it starts with various news countries reporting on a ufo around the earth
like in Robotech season 2
they've come for our protuculture!
the the spacecraft lads in some park
wait, its a baseball fild
I never cared for baseball
its just guys playing catch 500feet away
as a teen our class went to a gME
good thing I had my gba and pokemon
then the military surrounds the ship and later it opens up
a humanoid come out and says he comes in peace
yet the military aims their weapons a it
he takes out an item and when it opens its shot
then a huge a55 iolence jack sized robot comes out and zapps theguns into melting
it also melx a tNK
THE alien says the item was a gift that could study life on other planets
the aliensa name is klaatu
and it took him 5 months to travel 250 mil miles
he wants to meet with all the nations on earh
even the 3rd world??
they learned English from listening to the raido
but cuz its the 50s theres distrust on earth
this is why the remake s-cked
this is a 50s movie about the 50s set in the 50s
its like trying to set bill and ted in the 2010s
meanwhile, the scientists are trying to examine th ship and the robot but they cant figure it out
they are made of material harder than anything seen before
like in that dbz ep where gohan broke the Z sword on that block
also the alien is 78 and can live to 130
he also is identicle to human physioology'
like with Goku in dbz
meanwhile, the leaders refuse to meet with him unless its in their own countries
I just realized that klaatu probably has some extra alien powers like psychic or strength or speed or w/e
that would make a good game;the day the earth stood still! on sega
it could be like a reverse bart vs the space mutants
but GOOD
so then klaatu escapes and people worry
I assume hes got some phase shifting power
like the thing
theres an idea!
klaatu vs the thing!
he gets a suit from somewhere and useds its name written in it(dr carpenter)
that's a sign!
later some family is watching tv and klaatu appears in their home
this is how horror movies start
the kid is one of those jimmy olsen golly gee good-goody gosh kids
tha reminds me
idea; a bitter edgy jimmy olsen fighting imperfect superman-clones and feeding on them to gain the power to fight them in post apocalyptic metropolis
knowing DC they probably would do it too
so klaatu moves in with the family and the news is spreading propaganda against him
clever reference on fear spreading about stuff like this
klaatus actor is pretty good at seeming close to human yet just a bit otherworldly
at the table the people talk about the alien with klaatu
they think the alian is really a commie in disguise!
also the parents want to go out and b0ne at the golf course but they got no one to look after their kid
so klaatu offers to look after him
nowadays there would be creepy suspicions about this but this movie is from before pur vur sions so its clean
the kid takes klaatu to a cemetery and talks about his dad who was in the war
thi reminds me of the grand lunar learning of war in that book
klaatu says in his place theres no war
I wonder if that's from diplomacy or simply crushing the malcontents?
klaatu gives the kid 2 diamonds for 2 dollars
then they see the lincon memorial and he likes lincon
more yankee propaganda!!
then they go see the spaceship
the media interviews some people but when klaatu is interviewed, he gives common sense answers so the media leaves for another person
the media is always trying to twist things to their own pur vursions
don't trust what they say on the news about people
just listen to the subjects own words
they then go to see a scientist
but hes not In
klaatu sees a problem on a blackboard and breaks in to fix the guys errors
I miss blackboards
now its all white boards
that's racist
then an old hag comes in and whines at him for writing on his board
klaatu leaves a calling card and goes
later that night the scientist comes over for him
wait, its not the scientist
its a gov angent
he leaves with the agent and goes to the professurs place
thy talk sci fi and he reveals hes klaatu
he warns em that the palnet is in danger yet wont reveal it to only 1 man
having gotten siick f human errors, he considers a great show of power to convince the humans
and if they wont listen, hes gonna destroy the planet
like in dbz
too bad we dont have the alien technolog on our side or better yet aliens who oined our side
then we could fight back
like robotic
he decides to get da urths attention to listen to his message
later the kid spills the beans about visiting the professor
later klaatu talks aout a train w/o trax hes seen
then he sees klaatu slip out so he follows him
he returns to his ship and uses a flashlight to trigger the robot
the robot knockes out the grauds and klaatu goes into the ship
the kid runs home and out klaatu to his mom
hr mom doesn't believe her own son and hes bummed
I just realized that back in the 50s crime was so low that kids could be out at night without being b0ned by a bunch of degenerates roaming the streets o beat to death by some drugged out homies
then the kid reveals klaatu gave him diamonds
the next day klaatu tries to talk to the mom at her work but in the elevator the power goes out
and the whole planet has lost all electricity
except for plans and hospitals and such
shouldn't steam and nucular and coal running things still work?
good thing they don't have computoers
if this happened nowadays the people would be crippled
remember that boat that broke down and the people were completely unequipped to hande 0 power?
the toilets didn't ork so they went in bags and kept in in the halls
wtf man!
your in the freekin ocean!
just dump it overboard!
my dads from the 50s and he goes camping every year
a week or 2 /o power or running water or tv
todays milleniial generation would seppuku if they had t do that
no facebook or twitter or tumbler or w/e
ohhh how we've degenerated fro the pioneers exploring the wilds and killing bears
all I can say is I hope the rapture happens soon
the people of this world are sinking pretty low
after the half hour the earth stood still, the military says they wanna capture the spacemman
later klaau is exvading the cops lik in a stevan segall movie but good
he tells the mom to tell the robot
klaatu berada nikto
if he is killed
soon after klaatu is capped
she goes to see the robot but hes a bit malcontent
its got kid of a Frankenstein thing going with the chick scared of the monster
or hunchback of notre dame
she tells him klaatu berada nikto and he goes off to find klaatu
but 1st he brings her inside the ship
I think the robot would look really cool as a dreamcast or gamecube character
after he brings klaatu back he puts him in a microwave or something and it revives him
theres something about the professor having a meeting with some people in the area but I wasn't really paying attention
klaatu mentions the Lord and how the machine only fixes him and it isn't a free infinite lives machine
this is seeming a lot like plan 9 from outer space
but good
well, plan 9 was better than most movies today
the aliens trying to do something about earth being a problem
the aliens believing in God
the monster
klaatu gives a speech about repsoniibility and how his people are handled with robots taking down anyone who steps out of line
this seems like self slavery
kina un-American too
he offers them to join them or be wiped out
sorta like with unions saying you either are forced intoa unon or you don't get to work
he leaves earth and the film ends
for the day the earth stood still 2 I'd like for the earth to have developed defences against the robots du to malcontent freedom resistance aliens in the union who long for independence. the humans team up with these malcontents and combine their technologies and attempt to resist the dominance of the machines. they also use dna engineering and various alien races dna to create ubermench warriors with traits of all races to fight against the robots and have resistance to their weapons with reflective skin and diamond bones and psychic power and train them in impact kung fu to fight the invaders. and in the day the earth stood still 3 the ubermench soldiers turn on the humans after the war and they need to side with whats left of the alien union to take on the monster they created.

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