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On The Waterfront Review

note; my kerboards badly designed and I don care enough to correct it so theres tyopes
on the waterfront
this is my reviw on on the waterfront
its got that big guy who tubbed up from a streetcar named desire
ive nnever seen this fllm before so its a new experience for me
but I hear the guy fom pet semetary is in this as a 1st role
its from 54
so's my dad
im from 87
sAME as Robocop
life Erickson?!
I read that name in this films opening credits
it probably means the other life Erickson
not the Viking
autocorrect turned lief into life
get aids autocorrect
u s-ck
it never knows my anime names or sci fi terms
I gota add em 1 by 1
the movie starts with some loud new yorker trying to get joey to come down
then he falls off the roof
h was probably pushed
the guy(I assume is brando. I don't watch many of his films) seems bummed that joey went to h-ll
turns out he was talking to the cops about the crimelords of something
this is just like mexico
his dad dont want the cops involved
his sister want to find the truth
the sister looking to avenge her murdered brother?
didn't this happen in phantasy star 1?
but cooler
seems that either the unions or the mob is forcing people to work for them but really controlling them
how come when the mafia forces you to pay money so you can work in their area its extortion yet when unions do it its considered positive?
I hear this film was done by a commie
some guy goes n a tirade about his youth
then one guy talks about his union scheme and him getting a piece of the action from all his thousands of mandatory membes
we need right to work to bring these crooks down
one guy offends him somehow and gets slapped around/kicked out
then the nrxt da some kid goes through this slum and taks to brando
hes feeding pidgeons and envying their "easy life"
at work at the docs people talk about the joey getting his brains blown out
his dad comes in to work
then brando is revealed to have been a fighter years ago and the cops try to get info from him of crime in the union
he clams up and they go on
the dad has to pay to work at a high interest (which he does)
meanwhile the priest talks to the sister and wants to help her
someone otta retool phantasy star 1 into an on the waerfront game
then theres a rot over people wanting to work
the sister tries  to get one of the items needed to acess work
shes recognizd
the priest talks to the workers and they claim that (like socialism or men breed) unions work great but its just this one that's crooked
then the brando is assigned to spy and get the names/numbers on those planning a church meeting
at the meeting the priest tries to get people to stand up to the mob/union
but no one talks
brando appears at the meeting to intimidate them
my email signed out cuz its been 2 weeks since I signed in
I hate that
so I missed some while signing back in
wen I got back there was a chase and the sister wound up with brando
1 guy confronts brando but he gives him change and tells him to f off(not in those words)
the brando and the sister talk about their familys
turns out the sister was a dork with glasses/braces and braids
she turned human though
also brando is turning gay for her
she goes home and her talk talks about her childhood
she don't wanna go back to school when she can be doing good in the real wold and trying to avenge joey
then she goes on a roof and talks with the brando about his boxing career
brando also seems to have a bird fetish
he shows her a bird and it poops out an egg
I bet brando's the father
interspieces breeding
then the brando and the girl go to a saloon and talk aBOUT his former boxing career and his depressing life story
turns out the union/mob boss "bought a piece of him"
I assume that means he b0ned him for cash
he shares views of "everyones got a catch" and she ges bummed
she wants help from him but he claims theres nothing he can do
one man can do quite a lot
Genghis khan took over most of the known earth
she leaves and he goes with her
they go to another room and dance
then the boss calls him upstairs but he wants to take the sister home first
then the cop supeenas him to out his union at the courthouse
the sister figures out that the union boss had joey killed and the brandos brother and maybe brando was in on it
later some union guys (oh and the boss johnny)reveals the priest went to the cops with the evidence
the boss wants the priest iced
and the sister too
also the brando is getting demoted back to the stink pit of sweat or w/e
the next day theyre moving booze and theres an "accident" and this guy is crushed under a load of boxed full of booze
and by accident I mean assassination
the prist reveals the crushed guy was gonna go to the cops
and anyone who says nothing is just as bad as those who iced him
then some union thugs throw cr=p at the priest
he gives a good speech against the union boss getting fat off the sweat of the good Christians he leaches dues outta
and how the Lord and His Son care for his people as they suffer under their overlords
if this movie were made today it would be about the corrupt church and the noble union
that is if they didn't write out the Christian themes entirely
then he next daY THE brando comes out to the priest that h sent joeey to h-ll
he says he thought they were just gonna"lean on him"
by that I assume they wanna b0ne him crippled
the brando sticks up for his union boss but the priest cuts that argument down like a traveler under a samurai blade at a crossroads
the brando comes out to the sister about him being involved in wacking joey and she runs away
also he whole speech is blanked out by the boat horn
I assume he was saying obscene things
maybe he was b0ning joey
later he asks some kids for advice on legal matters
then a cop comes by his birdhouse
the cop says the brando lost a match he should've won
the brando reveals he took a dive for a guy who owned him
later the brando's brother tries to convince his union boss not to wack the brando
the boss wants brando wacked
maybe he could do like in fist of the north star and sacrifice a piece of his anatomy in echange for the brando's life
like shuu clawing out his eyes to save kenshiro
or falco slicing off his own leg to protect his village from ken-oh
the brando'a brother takes a car ride with the brando to try to seduce him into not doing the right thing by offering him a cushy union job
the bando says he doesn't know but the bro say to make up his mind b4 they get to some street
the brando and brandos brother reveals that had he been better then the brando could've won his boxing match and had a better life
the brother says hes gonna tell em he couldn't find em and drops the brando off
then goesback to the HQ
then the brando busts down the sisters door and says he loves her
she doesn't want him but then they b0ne
his names terry?
like terry in fatal fury?
b4 they b0ne this guy outside says the bando's brother needs him ND to come down
the brando goes down and the sister follows
then a truck comes after em like in sonic adventure 2 battle on gamecube
the brando punches open a glass window and they escape in  BUILding
then the brano finds his brothers corpse hanging from a hook
I bet in the real version he was all inside out and his organs wee smeared everywhere
the sister wants to go somewhere to live in piece
but the brando wants revenge
thisis like in the fatal fury movie where master tung is iced and andy/joe go after geese
he goes to a bar and the priest tries to get his gun
he tells the priest to go to h-ll and the priest kicks his a55
the priest tells the bando to fight the union with the law
they then drink beer together
the next day the union is taken to court and they claim they don't have the financial records for their cash
they claim they were robbed
then the brando is put on the stand and he outs the unon
the ubion boss then threatens thr brando and says hes not gonna get any work ever again
I assume cuz unions work together and are all interconnected like a black web
then the brando is living with the sister and is malcontent that his union frinds hate him now
also the kids who once liked him have killed his bird harem
he otta b0ne them dead
the sister suggests e brando gets away from the waterfront and get work on a farm
he then goes down to the waterfront and all the people he tried to help have tuned against him
they pass him over for work
this is like how hippy americans hate Reagan, thatcher and john paul 2 for beating the soviet union despite them having the freedom to say and do what they want, then oppressing others who think different than them
the brando calls out the union boss as a candya55 for hiding behind his dues and guns and musclemen
then they do double dragon and the brando fights the union boss and his goons
as hes getting his a55 kicked, the men hesaved do nothing
then the union boss and his goons walk out all carved up
they find the brando and he seems dead
then the union boss orders his men to work for him but they all say no
like a cartoon villain, the union bos is pushed into the water
such fun
then they find the brando and hes mutilated
the men say they wont work for the boss
but not learning their lesson, want a new union and expect it to work this time
as the saying goes; those who surrender a bit of freedom for a bit of security deserve neither; ben franklin predicted unions
then whats left of the brando struggles to walk
this goes on for a while
just die already!
then the men walk into a building and the union boss says he'd be back
the end
that wasn't as good as I was lead to believe
I saw both exodus and how the west was won today
both were better
they moved me to tears at times
this didnt
for On the waterfront 2 I'd like brando to be in boxing and be able to punch holes in people as his body has healed stronger than ever after recovering from his near death fight at the end of the 1st film. as whatever doesny kill you makes you stronger. being too strog for human opponens he takes on tigers and bears and chimps and gorillas and can fight even with them. but he also is taking whale steroids to boost his power and continue to grow stronger. soon hes killing beasts in one strike by splattering them with a turbo hit. the movie is a compilation of death matches of him taking on gradually stronger animals like polar bears and black magic empowered apes and soon he's fighting sharks underwater and he gets really bulky and hug muscled like broly in dbz.

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