Friday, February 5, 2016

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolfe Review

note; im starting this review like 20 mins in watching the film and talking to some guy on slype; thetes tuypoes
who's afraid of Virginia wooldfe
this is my rev on whos afraid of viegina wookede
t starts with this couple coming home d seem a bit drunk
at hime tey chat abour movies or some cr-p
thew woman Martha is a real b--ch
and her husband is a candy a55
shes mean to him and he just takes it
its like malcom in the middle
maybe he likes it and is a masochist like the jacka55 guys
then its revealed some people are coming over
at 2 am
on sunday
a guy thesband refers to as "handsomr aned well built"
and his woman wirt5h no hips
while arguing they come over and have a dinner thing
the couple seemns quite malcontent
although in rockos modern lifewas named Virginia and was a woolf
around now my plus size gf called me and want to talk
usually about dbz
the guestwoman is the anti kim kardianis
pale, blonde and no hips
plus a loyal wife
she is taken to the bathroom to be b0ned by Virginia and the husbands talk'
they talk about their wives
also I think everyones drunk in here
they keep drnking
also the main husband is brittish and sez a lot of words to say very little
I think hes coming onto the guest husband
his wife was so bad she turned him
he talks about thinking the world will get rid of races and cultures and everyone will be the same
sounds like copmmie talk
later the guest wife comes down and mentions the hosts having a 16 age sin
later the host wife comes down in a dress that mustve been too much for the 40s
his wife bashes and mocks him
she asks him o lihter smoke but6 he declines(using too many words)
she then comments on the guest mans body
that's seuxal harassmernt
shes gonna mo lest him
maybe she wants to breed but shes bit off her husbands parts
its revealed she had a boxing match with him
it was her dad
he goes into the garage as she reveals she suckerpunched him
he then gets his ri fle
he brings it in and fires at her head
but an umbrella comes out
they all laugh but the wife scoffs at the idea of her man icing her
the guest woman asks about the host couples son
the host woman goes mental and argues with the husband
she sez hes not the father
he sez he is
take it to maury!
they then argue over their sons eye color
later the hoast woman explains why her husband h8s her dad
he warns her not to go too far but she acts nasty
she keeps hammering him and saying hes weak
he starts singing and dancing with the gueast  womasn
then she pukes
not much rally happens in this film
no wonder they have that brit jabber on
late the men talk about their wifes
I just realized that the host couple are like the Invid regess and regent in how they are married but hate eachother
except the mans a candy a55 and the Invid regent is bad a55
its tehn revealed that the guest man married the woman cuz she was preggo
but it was a phantom pregnancy so she swelled up but there was no baby in her
sounds like a preggo fetish dream come true
being pregnant but not having a bsby in you
just swelling up
then the host man tells a stoty of a guy who killed someone and had drinks with em
this is like a campfire story
the guy was in a car accident and after recovering he went nuts and lolled and was lockled up in the nuthouse
and hasn't spoken since that day
its revealed the host mans son is a "bean bag"
I assume it means hes too fat to get out of bed
like on that lesrning chane; show
m y 600lb life
also the guest womans dad was a religious guy who guy a lot of cash
then the host guy tells some story of his mom in law
but then sez it may be fake
they continue to talk and drink
I assume in the real version theyre b0ning
and they joke about the guest b0ning the hosts wife
somehow the host offenss the ges and he leaves with his wife
so the hosts drive em
but theire drunk
good message movie
wanna have em on drugs too?
its revealed the mom was either beating or b0ning the son and he went to the husband
but hes a candy a55
also; no ones wearing seatbelts
its revealed the host guy wanted to make a book but his wifes dad didn't let him
then they go dancing
and the guest guy and host girl dance
they start dancing kinda like theire b0ning but later like the 60s
the host wife tells of the host guys book of a guy who killed someone(like his story b4)
and its revealed its a story of his life
so the husband had enough of her cr-p and starts strangling her
but the guest guy pulls him off
they later talk about playing "h-mp the hostess"
good thing this is the 60s
20 years b4 aids
then he reveals he wanted to do a 2nd novel
he describes the situation of the guests dad
also the blonde seems like a bit of a bimbo
the guests don't like this and the blonde freaks out
the host man is ing of the pain he caused them
the guest swears revenge and goes out
the hosts seem like serial killers
they argue some more
he wants to have her commited
man this movie just keeps going on
they vow to finish eachorther then she drives off and picks up the guests
when the man gets home he finds the blonde in the car and I think his woman is b0ning the womans husband
then the blonde cmes to and talks to the host man
she then sez she don't want kids
she sez she heard bells
the host man sez its a message that sez ir son is dead
later the host woman talks with ther guest man and she sez her husband is the only one to make her happy
the doorbell rings and sh orders her guest to answer it
he objects but gives in
at the door is the husband
after the guest leaves the host husband stands up to his wife and eggs her on
the guests return and the husband talks about their son
she tells her story of her kid
after much endless chatting the hsband sez he got word their son bit it
the same car accident thst he had as a kid
she goes mental
she asks for evidence but he sez he ate it
the guests leave and its daytime
the end
man that was a long and weird movie
kinda disturbing too
well, it was the 60s
for who's afraid of Virginia woolfe 2 I'd like for the son to come home and find the dad has had the mom committed by making her think hes dead. realizing he's free he and the dad celebrate but its discovered that he is planning on chopping up the son and using his pieces to add to himself to make him more manly as his wife had him neutered to keep him under control. the wife senses her son from the nuthouse and tries to stop him from being fused to the dad but has her arms and legs amputated to keep her from being a danger to herself or others. she uses her malcontent emotions to fuse with several mentals and break out but the husband has fused with the son and they have an epic battle to the end.

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