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The Brain Eaters Review

 Note: I spell like y brain eas eated

Ther Brain Eaters

This is my review on The Brain Eaters from 1958

Its not based on a book The Pupper Masters, but was close enough to be sued by it

its directed by Bruno VeSota who did stuff in The Wasp Woman, Attack of the Giant Leeches and was in Bonanza

It stars Ed Nelson (:ike Emma Nelson from  Degrassi?) from Teenage Caveman, Joanna Lee from Plan 9 From Outer Space, and Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek when it was good

Its producerd by Roger Corman who's always entertaining

It starts with a narrator saying Riverdalre Illinois was a good place until a few weeks ago

then a guy bumps into another guy, they fight, and this glass thing 1 guy dropped oozes into the sewer

then title and credits with spooky effects of long bug legs

i never saw this b4 btw but some say it s-cked

btw, riverdale? like Archie??

sio then a day later this guy and his future wife were heading to town and stop for some reason and walk for a while

they find plattered cats and a metal cone with a hole in it

2 days later, dda gov looks into aliens and say da cone is 50 feet tall and they can''t figger it oot or bust through it

oh and a few citizens got iced and da gov guys choose to go to to check it out themselves instread of sening dudes to look for em and get iced

and 1 gov gyuy wants to make sure this other guy dont win from ity and wants to disprove the space cone thing

in there the mayors son sez the mayor vanished and others did too and got iced

in town is a guy holding a glowing thing and  looking suuspect

the area is sealed off and gov guy gets there and wants to go up the cone to see how it is and get the guys movibg on eamining it

gov guy sez he heard there were markkings that vanished and head science nerd sez its impossible and the cone is indestructable

at night nerd shoots a gun in it but it rebounds a bit and anything they put in, comes back out

1 guy goes in da hole with a gun and crawls around like a centipede through a mans a55 pipes

later its day and neard comes back out and sez  its ust tunneling inside

then the mayor reappears and struggles to not blow hios brains out

he puts da gun away as the gov guy and son come up andhe sez he left a message but no one knows of it

mayor wants to exile peope from town but when gov guy sez this is America, the mayor snaps and pulls a gun

nerd sees something on the back of mayors neck and mayor pistol whips a guy, spazzes out, fires at the flooe, cops fire on him, and he spazzes out of the room but gets capped by another cop

they autopsy him and find the thing on his neck was linked to his nevrous system and iit pooped out acid into him when crushed andd it f'd out his neervous system

so if they equip to someeone, it wacks em if they get it off

they say to keep it quiet and 1 cop drives off and finds a body in da road that comes to life and fights him

after beating him out, body annd glowing holding guy b0ne him or something as its offscreen and he comes to but zombified

meanwhile, nerd dissects the thing on the mayor andits got a reflex thing where it moves after being iced

1 piece of thhe thing comees to life and equips onti his arm but he gets it off with a fire burner

then he gets a call from a guy who has a plan and when they go to the place to meet, the roadblock signs are gone as are da guards

jinkies, what a mystery!

at da  meeting place by the cone, a  guy sez the cone is  just a used fuel section of a rokket and the other thing is in spaace or w/w

nerd sez the things are parasites and need to feed off stuff to live

like the symbyote from Spider Man

and they can think and take over people and tried animals b4 but it was f''d

thee gang gets looking for other cone parts and when they call thee cop who got b0ned, he's spaazzing out over his bring controlled as if fighting it

ater not getting an answer from cop, they decide to call for help and call a civil defense drill to cover it to keep da people from going nuts

they decide to split uop in groups to find the other cone parts and meet at city hall

they look all day i think as the sun was up in some shots and its night and nerd finds a guy who was iced and has neck holes and they escape to a cabin

in there da door closes and lox andcatches fire

he busts a window and outside are controlleed guys but he shoots em off and they escape

they reggroup and say the state millita  they called didnt getta answer and they find a jar the paraites were in that mayor mccheeze was gonna spread around town

gov guy tells a telegraph guy to give a message to call him but the telegrapph guy is controlled

is this a thing on communism?

how it infects humans and turns em commie into mindless slaves to to bad guys without free will or independant thought?

so then while someones slleeping, glow holder drops a parasitte in this chicks room annd we get a cool POV shot of it going to her

Its Baily Kippers, POV! His actor died of, HIV!

she comes down and drives with the guys

nerd comes up and finds she's been taken over

then they find a guy from a vanished medical thing by the  cone and he's got neck holes

it left him cuz his heart is f'd and it didnt wantt him

kinda like with that plot point in species

they tend to him and tie him up as he might go nuts and nerd tallks to cop who gives eccuses for taking off da road blox

in da  hospital they grill him and  he sez they were from 200 million yeats ago when giant bugs were around

spoiler; the earth is only 6000 so they are probably daemons

so the parasites were from da earth deeop and the missing guy bbbtes it

sp goov guy wonders why the call from da gov didnt come annd he calls the ooperator who sez all lines are busy

they realize that communicationss is under the parasites control like how twitter google and facebook work for the democrats

so nrd and a guy stop  by da telegraph place and the  tellegraph guy attacks him

i think he punched  the telepgraph guy in tthe hot dog

they get out and 1 guy on da radio gives a message to anyoone outisde of riiverdale but we dont hear it

at the cone site they check the recorder they had up thhere to see if anything came and some controlled guys climb up the metal jungle gym they buit and opens fire on em

they return fire and waste em and cap the parasites that were on them

then they enter da cone and find a professor who vanished and is working for the bad guys

hay its spock!!

oh and he's fused with a parasite and wants to take over da surface to force peace at the expence of freedom

so it is communism

oh and is really foggy

to the good guys open fire and the parasites come affter em and they get out and escape to the ravine (the place jay b0ned emmas mouth in degrassi next gen?)

nerd and a guy get a harpoon gun that uses air pressure and uses it to fire a cabe across da ravine and tie it to a tree and over the cone

they are gonna use the harpoon gun to fire a cabel into power lines to zap the cone but the controlled chick is on the jungle gy they built

she's trying to get them to not ice the parasites and she caps nerd but he nails get and holds her as this other guy uses thhe harpoon gun to zap cannon the cone with them by it

they check the cone and all the space monkeys are back in h e double chicago slums and tho=is guy kisses a dark haired chick and they walk off together

the end

that was pretty good

decent 50s sci fi commie movie

good acting and effects

you dont see the parasite and i thought it would be the hopping brains that got blown open by gunfire

its good fullscreen b/w classic and has a good plot that still holds true with the commies rising

i liked it and its only like an hour and doesn't drag

for the brain teaters 2 i want a mission too be sent underground to fight the brain eraters oon their home turf and its armed with power suit mech aermor and various weapons. they fight the parasites and try to wipe em out. its also a 16 bit sega genesis, snes, gba, tg16 atari jaguar beat em up where you pplay as  mechs and fight in cav levels in this dantes inferno like la blue girl world.

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