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The Lost World Review

 note; i spell lost

the lost worldf

this is my rebirw on the lost world from, 1925

is based on as book by Arthur Conan Doyle anfd has effectsd done by ray harryhausens mentor willis obrien

its directed by Harry O. Hoyt who did the 27 The Return of Boston Blackie, which i assume is a race film

its gopt lewis stone from the 20s Prisoner of Zenda, Lloyd Hughes from the 30s Moby Dick, tthe evil wallace beery, Arthur Hoyt from the 20s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Virginia Brown Faire from The Temptress (Did I see that?), the kindhearted Bull Montana from Gay and Devilish (Sounds like a demon p0rn0), Jules Cowles from 2 versuions of The Scarlet Letter, Margaret McWade from Mr Deeds Goes To Town, Chrispin Martin from The Ix Bow Incident and The Gay Desperado, and some 1800s dudes i never heard of

this film helped makee King Kong possible which lead to Japan making Kaiju films after they did 30s Kong films befoire the war

I dssaw this b4 and liked it

so after creditswe get the london record joyrnal in soviet england

so professor challenger (like the space ship that blew in the 80s?) is suiong a guy over dinosaus beiing real

1 reporter wants to go on a dangerous mission but is a clutz and spills ink on sh-t and slips on some floor thing and lands in the office

the head guys want him toi interview the challenger even though reporters are not allowed

probably cuz the press is the bad guys

so he goes to the zoological thing and theres a skeleton of a long neck dino

a hunter is gonna check out challengers story and students are gonna mock him for saying dinosaurts still live

spoiler; in the congo is tales of the mokele mbembe which the locals say is a dinosaur

plus ancient drawing on walls in America show dinosaurs

plus the natives of America say thunderbirds ate large lizard creatures in the past

plus asian ittems fromn thousands of years ago showe dimnosaurs that are quite accurate to hat scientists say dinosaursa looked like

and ancient greeks said dinosaurs were the naturall enemies of elephants in india

look it up

tthe evidence is there

so in here its said the dinosaurs are from the amazon in soouth america

so reporter has a guy bring him in and at the meeting the group sez they cant support challengers claims, but will give him a chance to explaim bimself

nowadays they'd kick him out fir going against the grain

challenger goes up and dinks dare him to show proof

he counters saying he wuill if they coime with him to the jugnle and wants a committee to return to the lost wortld with him

1 60 year old accepts as he thinksd challenger is fuill of sh-t

the hunter comes too and so does reporter who flees when admitting hes a reporter b4 the nerds get him

chakllenger goes home and erporter, edward e malone (like edie e from final fight) sneaks in challengers place

he sez his gf wont marry him until he nearlky died and must go and challenger fights him in a grapplinmg battle as they roll around to the outside

a cop pulls him off aND edie e doont press charges

edie e sez hunter is his  homioe and challenger takes him in and hunter comes in too

challenmger shows him the diary and this chick ciomes in as every movie needs a woman

the diary is hers and her dad was some guy who dud siomething

oh she was with him and found a plateau with dinosaurs in it

the crew got freaked and booked it aand she and dad were left there

and thats why chalenger is trying to have a expidition there, to save him

then how'd sghe get out and baclk??

edie e sez the papper would help if its a rescue story and had the rights to it

challenger accepts and i think hunter is gaty for chick and going for her

so news gets out and the parrty goes to the jungle in rivers

nowadays they'd have a long part of the trip to the jungle from theire homeland

maybe a thing of them boarding the boat to cross the sea

they see weird animals like the sloth and they make it to the plateau

some bears get in the supply's  and are full grown midgets

theres an ape man lurking around in good make up

chick sez her dad made a bridge across a cvhasm with a tree

they plan to c.imb it the next day and rocks fall from sasquyatcxh creatures up therre

a pteranodon flies around, which were mentioned by the greeks in the past

the next day they chop down a tree and use it as a bridge and a long neck notices

they cross the tree and this ape demon watches

chick nearly faints but makes it across

the long neck lifts and throws a tree with its mouth and neck, which I don't think works

it eventually knocks off the log bridge and now they cant get back

why not cut another tree and move it there?

thertes trees right next to it!

so they campo for da knight and the ape yokai is lurking around

chivck thinkks if her dad was alive, he'd have seen the fire and come

2 2 legged dinos fight annd 1 wins

some triceratioops are around and run as the carnivore attacks but the fight kinda peeders out and he leaves

later the carnivore attacks the humans and bites a flaming log and gets shot at by hu mans

thebn it fights a horned duino and gets it

chumpus attracks and runs and another carnivore takes out the horned dino

its pretty cool

this is before scientists started sayuing dinosaurs were devolved birds

spoiler; evolution s non canon!

the carvivore also takes out a pteranodon

so later challenger screws with flexible trees and is gonna make a catepult wuith it to throw rocks at the dinos

huinter finds a LOCKEET with a pictuire of a girl in it in a cave

he fires his gun tio waste bullets and get peoples attention and some guys bring a rope ladder

theyt use a monnkey to bring it up and hunter sez to chick her dad might still be out there

edie e seems to be i love with chick and he thinks he'd never see his fiancee again

hunter comes in and sees them smooching

in a  berserk fury, he aims his riufle at them and blows their heads open with 1 shot each, then puts the gun in his mouth and blows the back of his skull open

jk, really hes  kinda bummed and they tell him a prpofessor used tio be a minister

he sends edie e out to get the proff and theres a good shot of them in the foreground and dinoes in the background

challenger and a dude go after it to observe it and hunter showes chick the lovket and she figgers its her dads and he's in h e double england

challenger and I THINK 60 year old watch carnivore fuight longnexck and longneck bites its throat but falls ofgff a cliff into water

imagine if it fell into riovcks and splattered like butters in the ep with marjorine of south park?

so apington is moving around and hours lsater the guys watching the dinoes aree not back

a volcano is spaazzing out and the dinoes run as the toxic smnoke gooes on

they made these hugfe monsters look small compared to the didsaster

so the forest burns and afterwards the  guys out there are heading fior the cave hunter and chivk is ion

the monkey climbs up with a rope an they climb down

\how'd they get up there in the 1st place?!

so a longneck in in the mud and looks wounded and i think its the omne that fell

the ape man pulls up the  rope ladder and a guy is still on it

1 guy caps the ape man not tarzan and he gets down

they see the busted long neck stuucck in the mud and tjheres a gfood shot of itrt in the foireground and the humans behind and above  to show  how huge it is

then a guy from the brazil geoderttic survey sees the smoke and comes by and sees the dinosaur in da mud

hunter i think offers to get it to soviet london alive

didnt this happen in king kong?

so xhallenger sends for men to dregde out the strream, make a steel cage and raft that can hold it, then whjen the rains come newxt month, they float it out

how will it stay alive for a month in the mud? will they feed it?

And where will the steel come from??

then its soviert london under the rule of the evil king and challenger gives a speech to the nerds about eddie e getting the monster from the ship

edie e calls and sez the cables broke at da dock and the monster got out and is having a Rampage 64 on the town

1st; this is where kaiju films got it from

2nd: If its cage breaks, howe diid it survive? the metal can hold it but its stronger than metal?

so it goes through the town as people spazz out and challenmger sez the thing got out and he must recapture it

how?! Its te size of a whale!

people think challenger is faking it and there is no dino And go nuts

outside the monster knocks people over with its tail and knockds over a statue like a malcontent protester

1 guy is nearlty stepped on but he shoots it and escapes

it busts a building and goes on a bridge and with a stomp, busts it and falls in the water

really good editing and effects to synchro it

in the cold water of soviet london, this jungle creaturte swims off perfectly fine

edie e and chick reunite and hunter looks on with feelings

it ends with challenger looking over the bridge as the monster escapes

the end

that was pretty good

nice silent b/w or sepia style fullscreen film

clean and wholesome with action and ADVENTURE

great effects, esp for the 20s and it started things that weere used in lATER FILMS

this inspired jurassic park, godzilla, king kong, gamera and ray harryhausen

this is actually the consensed cut and there's a restored cut thats almost an hour longer

this holds up and is a well made film

its a cool movie that isnt a mile a minute speed fest that don't give time to breath\e

Plus I hewwar Arthur Conan Doyle and his fam liked it

For The Lost World 2 I want it to be about the dinoi that escaped tearing up ireland and the people fight in vain against ther monster, its also a 32/64 bit survival horroree game on playstation, sega saturn, 3d0 and n64 where you go through the villages and try to escape irerland and evade the monster and malcontent irishmen. And for The Lost World 3 I want iut to be the 40s and ww2 didn't happen cuz this is a 20s movie and people have went to the jungle and wiped out most of the dino's and a team is hunting for the last one to save but 1 guy is trying to ice it so there wqill be no more hunts. that's a 32/64 bit 3d platform action game on sega saturn, playstation, 3d0 and n64 where you go through the jun gle levelsd and fight ape men who are offspruing of humans and demons from the past.

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The Scarlet Pimpernel Review

Note: i spell better than the frenchies!

The Scarlet Pimpernel

This is my review on The Scarlet Pimpernel from 1934

Its based on a book that started super hero things like a seecret identioty and inspired real jheroes who saves people

its directed by harold young who did Without Regret, Woman Trap, My American Wife, Little Tough Guy, The Forgotten Woman, Bachelor Daddy, Swing It Soldier, Juke Box Jenny, Hi'ya, Chum, Machine Gun Mama, Jungle Captive and Roogie's Bump

These sound like p0rn0es

It stars Leslie Howard, Merke Oberon, Raymmond Massey, Nigel Bruce from sherlock holmes, Bramwell Fletcher from Svengali, Walter Rilla from The Adventures of Tartu, Mabel Terry-Lewis from Jamnacia Inn, O B Clarence from Pygmalion, Melville Cooper from he Adventures of Robin Hood, Gibb McLaughlin from The Private Life of Henry VIII, John Turnbull from the 39 steps, Derrick De Marney from Things To Come, Robert Rietti from Hannibal and a buncha 1800s dudes i never heard of

i saw this b4 and its  prtetty good

apparently alexander korda wanted charles laughten for the heroi but the people hated the idea and he hired the gokne with the wind dude

kinda like with michael keaton an batman

so after a silent style title asnd credits we get text saying its so its the distant future year of 1792 in soviet london

guards are training as back then, cops could have guns (which is why you call the cops)

these briitmo's talk about how the evil french are executing their own kind like its a 3rd world of socialist country

the evil robbespierre had guillotined a bincha youung girls (and probably b0ned em 1st)

then we see the frenchies guillotining people as the crowd cheers

i knew the french were evil!

some frenchies with brit asccents talk about the scarlet pimpernel;l saving innocnet frenchies and no one knows who he is

at a  checkpointthe guards catch a guy claiming to be a farmer aand are gonna execute him

the rebpublic of sovciet  frence is executing the rich for thinking theuy wronged them

kinda  like in 40s axis, 1910s ussr, or what the commies mean when they say when they want the "rich" to "pay their fair share"

in the dungeonthis guard reads names of those who's gonna get chopped

at the guillotoine squarea guy says good thingsd about the king of france and the mob chases him

kinda like how if you like the condfederates you are seen as evil

then this driver carrys the cart away and gets to the checkpoint

she says her grandson is in the cart and has the plague and offers tgo let them see and they  fear germs so they shun her and let her through

kinda like with aids of the 2020 plague

after a bit the frenchies come for the hag and say they wanted her as the cart has rich people in it, and the hag weas the scarlet pimpernell!

so the hag gets the people to another cart and the frenchies chase after like its birth of a nation

then ttheyt swap riddes again and hag was just leslie creossdressing like lancer in robotech

leslie sends one of his men back to fuind out sabout their enemy citizen show vlan

show vlan meets a guy and says as thepimpernel and his droogs speak perfect french, they were trained by the best and he has a list to zero in on

oh show vlan is the ambassator to soviert england and he's talking to the evil Robespierre 

later the frenchies saved honor the evil king george 3 as they aint american

they see a thing of a pimpernell and its the code nasme for the hero

latter this girl is chewing something and this guy trues to de french her by making her not move her hands like some italiano wqhen she taslks

seinfeld: waving his hands like some gay french king

shows leonardo decapprio in the man in the iron mask

Seiinfeld; but you can;'t say that now cuz some gay french king gets offended

Sghowsa leonardo spazzing out

leslie sez to be sharp and fake being male bimboes to hide their identity

like in dbz how they hide theior power levels

so leslie goes ourt acting kinda inbred, and even uses a different voice like 80s batman, and writes a cr-ppy poem about the pimpernell

imagine a modern day scarlert pimpernell where its a chick faking being a ditzy bimbo but is really a bada55 ninja who saves people?

a chick comes on to him and i think its his wife, yeah it is, and shes a frenchie and dont like him being a himbo

so these spies try to use a plan to get someone

and freench wife isn't fond of lewsliefor being a wiener and  wants to ditch him for another dude

If the scarlet pimpernel was made today, trhey could say his sudden change in act is from getting a flo shot and getting devolved

also the frtench wife preeviouisly said things that got people executed

so at a get together is leslie acting like a bimbo and knowing fashion

after the other guys leave the leslie pimpermnbel chats with his droogs about the show vlan or w/e

laterfrench wife is talking with this guy, i think the bad guy, and 1 dont wanna help the other by giving screrts

he sez her brother was arrested for being a traitor and if she gives him the identity of the pimpernell, he'd be spasred

then leslie comes in and bad guy is revealed to be show blan

he takes shots at freench breing a cr-ppy lsanguage and bimbos out

sjhow vlan leaves and she asks about this guy she thinks might be the pimpernel

she can't take his being a bimbo and says "you were a masn once" which makes me think he accidentally pulled off his parts from idiocy

I'm surprised they never made a blaxploitation movie called rthe scarlet p-mp, wher this guy saves h--kers from being butt slaves

so threy go to a party and leslie is a bimbo abain, whgich i din't recall so many of these scenes, annd leslie tellsa a guy he'd be in the library at midknight

the prince of whales ids there, i;'m guessing from atlantis, and show vlan os too

1 chiuck asks the pribcxe to save her husnbasnd but he se he can't govern other countries

well, i meanb, not ones they havent taken over

so later his french wife is kinda spaszzed but might be faking it aand wait, its not the wife

sher has leslie burn something and wait, i think it is the wife as show vlan comes by and wants info from her

so show vclasn finfs tyhe pimpernell will be in ther livbrary at midknight and goers there but its jusrt that bimbo leslei howard sleeping

he waits and leslie isd faking sleeping and 20 mins later, show vlan fell asl;eep

at 1 am he wakes uip and finds a card from the scartlert pimpernell

and the only one there is that bimbo leslie and hes sleeping so it cant be him

pluis he slept through a clock chiming so the p-mp didnt wake him up

later they go home and leslie has a ring with a hidden stamp for his logo

late his frenchioe wife comesx by and tells lesloie her brother got caught and she comes clean abouyt show vlan

leslie asks why she sent that fam to the guillotobne and shecse its cuz she loved the guys son but guy wouldnt allow it and wouldve sent er to some bad black, but the malcontent uprisings happened and freed her

shje admits she tried to get the scarlet p-mpn arrested and show blan said s p didnt show

leslie sez shes in love wit s p and he may be maried and in love with his wife

she dont think a married maN WOULD FACE DANGER LIKE THAT AND he goes off on a businbess trip

later frenchie wife sees a picture of leslie with a pimperlnes ring logo and figgersd out its him

she gioes to save him but gets a letter from show vlan saying he foundf the s p identity

so she rushes over to one of s p's homies and sez hes in danger from her letting show lan know of it

so later in soviet france the bad guys say if they dont catch s p , they gonna get the blade

although king henry 8 took out his women with heads off, so the french are not that different

the frneshies are str-p searching thed people, esp the women, like its a go nagai manga to make sure no one is the s p

but leslie is dressed like a frenchie soldier and hides with em

also they talk of fighing soviet england

1 frenshie sez the s p is doing something about england and to meet him at 10 at this place

wow the moviers almost over

its 95 wins with adds already?!

this movi whizzed byu

totally didnt feel like it

so chick wife frenshies goes to the place and asnd gives a hanfd signal to come in

so show vlan comex by and arrests a guy  for helping the guys the gov sez is bad, andhe's gonna execute him for it if he dont help him

he sez what signal to give with a window candle and frenchie wife is gibving the dangerr signal

so he gives the a ok sugnal and sez how hes amazed that bimbvo is th hero

he arranges for a firing squd and later its 10

show vlan fakes bweing a quaker or som,ething abnd covers his fave with his hat

les;lie xccomes in and knows itv show vln and is confident hes got this

show vlan sezhe only raise his voicew and hiosmen will get him

leslietows with several possible escapes like a hidden soldfier in the clock or a wine barrel of gun powder

then a guy comes out with a gun and makes showe vlan givve up the password

leslie sez now frenche wifes bother is safe and sends guinman out

show vlan sez he has leslies wife  and if he gets firing squadded, she can go free

leslie agrees and she comes down and they kiss and she wants to die with him

she blacks out and is carried off to the ship to soviet en gland sez a stylish poem and is taken out andthe firing squad fires

show vlanb listens but dont watchn and smiles as he'd evil

then lislie comes in and gets his hat

he reveals he had the firiung squad and men taken hout and replaced with his own

they put him in the celler and put a bsasrrel over it and they go off on a boat to soviet england

eslie sez as he didnt bite it, then show vlan didnt set her free

then they go to england

the end

that was ghreat

i thought thwere'd be more rescuing of frenchies but most of it was leslie howeard being a male bimbo

its a classy film with good style and feel

nice aCTING AND ITS IN PROBER FULL screen and is nice smokey b/w

its got good flow and goes by at a good pace andnever drags

its likd by Stan Lee and the 20s/30s comic writers

its a rwarning of the dangeres of malcontent uprisings and has inspired good people to save the innocent

leslie is charming and does a great performance as the scarlet pimpernell and his male bimbo human forme

its only like 95 mins and dont fgeel like it

i loved this one. its a good 30s classic

For The Scarlet Pimpernel 2 I want the french to have gotten worxe and have declared war on england, but many englishmen suppport the devient frenchies and help them take over, So by 1805, England is a burned out wwasteland and people survive in the ruins of the cities, The Scarlet Pimpeernel has made a pact with Portugal to tru to get the innocent outta england but there's cannibals and devients roasming the area, and he and hgis crew gotta fight em off. Its also a 16 bit Hack and Slash game like Golden Axe on Sega Genesis, Snes, GBA, TG16 and Atari Jaaguar with up to 4 players, each being the Scarlet Pimpernel or one of his homies, and battling lusty canniobals in the ruins of england

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Game Reviews Volume 15 From 2021 Part II

More reviews of games I played and often beat from the 2nd half of 2021

Some were pretty tough but I kept at it til I got it

Just beat Prehistorik Man on my 28 in 1 GBA Repro Cart. Its a Snes Platformer from the mid 90s brought to GBA in 01. You play as a Cave Man and gotta get to the bone yard to get bones to use as money as your villages food was swiped. A is jump, B is attack, R is a rechargeable Shout like in DBGT that nukes the field and holding L lets you look with the D Pad. Its got 16 Continues and a Password system using numbers and letters that brings you back with all Continues. If you bite it you return to a checkpoint but using a Continue sends you back to the level start. Its jumps are kinda loose and you hold Up and Left/Right to go faster to get more jump. Some levels give you a ranged attack like throwing a Spear. Each level has a goal like get to the end or do some mission and get to the end and some have gimmicks like a glider, a pogo stick (Which I hate) and a Unicycle (Which is the worst as you gotta jump at the right edge of the ramp or you fall into the goo). If you take out an enemy it drops bones but if it hit you 1st, it drops small hearts to collect to heal. In the Ice Level its hard to tell what's background and what can be walked on. It starts out good with nice music and graphics but kinda devolves after a while. You get Passwords by buying them in the shop and its hard to read on a dinky screen so just look em up online. There's only a few bosses and they ain't too bad. You can take a few hits and only being hit when outta hearts wastes you. Over all its not horrible but gets pretty tough after a while and will enanger you. Glad I played it but I don;t plan on doing it again. It does have personality and good writing and characters though.

Just beat Super Monkey Ball 2 on GameCube. What an ordeal! You get infinite tries to get through 100 levels and it saves . Its got good New Millennium graphics and nice music but the gameplay is awful! You only move with the A Stick and you got weird momentum to screw you up. Plus angles of levels that make it you go ways you don't wanna. I used a guide to get through this and even with it, it was rough! i spend over an hour on some levels. Plus the camera is awful! Its always behind you with no way to change it, but when you move, it moves, so if you fall and bump around, you can';t see where to go and often fall off or get the try wrecked! This game really made me mad and I never wanna play it again. Most of the levels ain't even so bad, but those ones that are ruin the whole game. It can be beat but takes hours and ain't worth it. I liked a few of these and some levels can be beat in a few seconds but some are a blight. You get 60 seconds and a few options like view map or restart but its not much good at times. Plus the map in the corner of the screen is useless! Its either too close, or too far and there's only 3 viewpoints to see on it, changed with A. There's a multiplayer mode and party games but I never tried those. I'm glad to be done with it. On our GameCube Memory Card is a file that made it to Level 8 but was stuck on 1 level, so I guess I surpassed my brother in this.

Just beat Michael Jackson's Moonwalker on my 218 Genesis Games in 1 Repro Cart. Its based on the movie or w/e from the 80s or 90s and in here you save Bonnie from Pokemon XYZ  from this bad guy over and over again. you play as Michael Jackson and gotta find all the kids b4 Bubbles shows you the way to the "Boss" which is just you fighting a bunch of the same guys over until its over. You gotta find the kids in hidden areas by pressing Up on the D Pad fin front of anything that can open. some parts I didn't know you could do it and had to look it up after wandering around. I don't know how many continues you get as I only bit it once on the final level and was playing it on Easy. A is Magic which is used to spin and open areas and do stuff, B is attack with a kick or punch of glitter, and C is Jump. If you kick and hold it then press back you can moonwalk and it moves faster than walking and ignores treadmills. The game isn't too hard and just takes some trial and error to get through. If you catch a shooting star you digivolve into a veritech and fire off missiles and lasers. The final level is a 1st person space flight battle and can be tricky. If you use Magic it uses up Life but finding kids heals you. Overall its not bad and has nice music and graphics. The voice clips are well done for its time and its a decent playthrough if you have a guide to tell you the hidden areas are. Glad I played this.

Just beat Dr. Mario on my 108 Game Boy games Multicart. Its a decent puzzle game where you use pills to get rid of viruses by linking 3 or more of the same color to em in a line or column. No Diagonals here and no Squares, just straight lines. There are 3 colors: dark, red and yellow  and pills are any combination of 2 of the same or different color. You choose what level outta 20 to play and  beating it on level 20 gets a cutscene and then redoes the last level but called 21 and on. 1 button flips the pills 1 direction and 1 flips em the other. If you pause it don't let you see the field so you can't cheat and you get unlimited tries. You clear each level by getting rid of all the virus's. It speeds up after a while even if you set the speed on low and you can choose your music from 2 options or none. Its a pretty good game and the pieces stand out so you don't mix em up. Glad I played it. Its a pretty decent game

Just beat Shadow of the Beast on Sega Genesis. Its a Dark Fantasy side scroller where you play a guy enslaved and devolved into a monster and gotta be cured. You get 1 life with a max hits of 12 and no Continues, level select,. passwords or saves. But if you play it, bite it, get to a high score, put your name as zqx, and press ABC and Start on the BEAST screen, you get immortality and when you run outta hits, the life count just cycles back to full. Boom! I just went from Shadow of the Beast to Jushin Liger! I'm like Garlic Jr now! So A and C is jump and B is attack. You can do a jump kick but the controls are kinda still and you can't move in the air (Its like NES Castlevania). You gotta go through these dungeons and castles and caves  and a wasteland and fight these 80s/90s monsters like in The Dark Crystal or something and its got a nice feel and look to it. Its got sorta European feels ands has good music. Its not bad and is pretty imaginative in designs but you gotta play it with the Immorality code unless you wanna replay the game over and over. Also you gotta get items like keys to access other areas and if you don't get the Gold Key in the 1st level, you can't get past the 2nd level after beating the 3 headed dragon and can't go back so you gotta reboot. The game can be beat in like 20 mins on a good run but its pretty unforgiving without the code. Glad I played it though. Its cool, creative, dark but not deviant and has some cool ideas. Yeah the controls could be better but this is more of an Atmosphere game where the feel and style us the main draw

Just beat Battleship on GBC. Its an adaptation of the Board Game and lasts 48 rounds. You get infinite tries and have a 6 letter  password system to continue where you left off. You place your boats on the grid and take turns firing at the foes board to find their ships. But as the game goes on, you level up and get more boats. Also you unlock stronger attacks that are limited in use and if the boat that holds that attack bites it, you can't use it that round. The computer seems to cheat as EVERY time they used a Sonar  or a multi square attack it ALWAYS hit me after wiggling around the screen for a while. Also they seem to have more power shots than I do. The worst ship to deal with is the Sub as  its only 1 square and you never know where it is and can't get close and hit a nearby square to zone in on it. Over all its a good game and adds some good twists to the Battleship formula. Each level has a boarder around the Missile Launch scene with designs on it that change and when you launch multiple shots, if 2 hit 2 different ships, the cut scene shows the ship moving to a different one so you know its a different ship. Good graphics and music and even though the Start Menu is moved by select and start, its worth the 5$ i spent on it. Glad I played it. Some parts are tough but keep trying til you get good or lucky.

Just beat True Lies on my 218 Genesis Games in 1 Multicart. Its based off the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from 199X and is pretty tough. You get a few lives and I don't think you get any Continues as after failing 1 mission and running outta guys once I was back to the title screen. Thankfully there's codes you can use for goodies like more ammo, infinite lives, level select, and a password for each level among other things. If you bite it you get some Castlevania 2 text saying how many guys you got left and you get back up. Its a top down run n gun game kinda like the bad levels in Super C but as its on Genesis you have more buttons. 1 button is change weapons, 1 is fire and 1 you gold to lock your direction and move. You gave limited ammo but the basic pea shooter reloads after 15 shots.  I never saw the movie but saw clips and reviews and it was cool so I get a few of these scenes. Its not Resident Evil controls so pressing left makes you move left. sometimes aiming is tricky if you and the baddies are moving around and  there's some timing between some shots you use. A lot of the game is running around and solving puzzles like finding Keys and unlocking doors. The baddz you ice stay dead and if you don't know where to go in this huge mapless levels, just wander around til you find some guys you didn't wack. There's hidden areas and extra guys you can get and 1 level in a jet but overall its pretty decent, if you use a code, otherwise this game is brutal!. Nice graphics and music and it controls sorta well but can be a bit off at times. I kept thinking A is fire when I set it to B but you can change the controls on the menu(but only to 1 of 4 premade choices). Its a decent game and one of the better ones by Acclaim. Glad I played it.

Just played The Last Action Hero on my 218 Sea Genesis Games in 1 Multicart, Its awful. No options, Cant change the controls or difficulty, A is kick, B is punch (which you don't need as you kick stronger and further) and C is jump (Which makes the hop from A and C annoying). You get 4 lives (More like 5 as 0 counts as a life) and no continues. Bad guys take usually 2 kicks and if you don't time it right, there's a double hit where you and him nail each other at the same time. Decent Graphics and not bad music but the gameplay is  pretty bad. There is a Level Skip and Invincibility Code where you stand in the right place, then hold B C and Up for 30 seconds, then Pause and press Up for Invincibility or Down to skip the current level. But it only lasts 1 round and you gotta do it again in the next one. Plus Invincibility don't work in the driving levels so you gotta go from start to end in 1 life with a lot of 1 hit kills in it. You have no attacks and take out baddies by ramming your car into em, but you sometimes take damage from it! Its like a worse Comix Zone! If you hit a ramp you jump and can waste an enemy car by landing on it, but if you land on a Truck it ends you, as does plowing into the Trucks and parked cars. The end of the level is a wall of Trunks you gotta jump over but you gotta do the level fast or the Trucks moved beyond the ramp and you die, but some parts have a minefield of parked cars and cars slamming into you to knock you into their path. Thats as far as I made it, even with a Level Skip code to skip the parts I already beat. This game is unplayable! Sony fails again!

Just beat Iron Man 2 on DS. Its by Sega and Griptonite and is sorta based on the Disney movie I never saw. Its a 2.5D action game where you do missions that last a few mins and fight bosses. Some are Shmup levels where you fly and blast skybots. You gotta beat each area with Iron Man and War Machine and both play different. Iron Man you use the D pan to move and B is Jump or boost Jets, Y is punch, A is blast and X is power blast. Holding L/R does stuff but I hardly used it. War Machine plays by using the D Pad or YXBA buttons like a D Pad and the Touch screen to attack. He moves slower but is tougher and you Tap on the Touch Screen where you wanna fire. He takes some getting used to but isn't too bad after a bit. You got a save file and can buy upgrades with points you get from doing missions. You can find Comic Book Covers and Concept Art of enemies around the levels for bonus fun. Iron Man controls pretty well but with War Machine you punch when close and fire when the enemy is far automatically, so if you wanna fire on a guy and there's a guy in from of you, you're punching. If you run outta power, you get a mini game  to line up bots on a wheel and if you do it in the time limit, you get back up at full power and continue. You can do this like 3 X and if you fall again, you go back to the base to reselect the mission or but upgrades. Its not bad once you get used to it and is pretty forgiving at times. I had a good time and it can be beat in a few hours so its not a time eater. Glad I got this. Its worth the few $ I spent.

Just beat The Last Action Hero on my 218 Sega Genesis Games In 1 Multicart. Its a kind of Platform Beat Em Up based on the Awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie from da 90z. You got 4 lives and no Continues to beat under 10 levels with 2 driving levels. A is kick, B is punch(Which is useless as kick is better in reach and damage) and C is jump. You got a few bosses and go across a few jump but most of thjis game is just walking left/right and kicking guys. Decent graphics and nice music and it controls sorta good. Its too hard though and is pretty unfair, Unless you use a trick where you hold Up B and C for 30 seconds, then pause and press Up to become invincible or Down to skip the level. Then as Garlic Jr this game is easy. Except for the driving levels where Invincibility don't work (but Level Skip does) and you gotta go through a minefield of drunk and drugged drivers. In the 1st Driving level there's Trucks that kill you in 1 hit and ramps you gotta hit right or you drive on 2 wheels. Also are parked cars that kill you in 1  hit. At the end is a wall of trucks you gotta jump over, but you gotta earn the jump by touching 3 pierces of paper on the road. And that only earns you 1 jump so you gotta collect more. Also A is jump, B is brake and C is speed up. The 2nd car level is much better but has weird night colors that make it hard to see and the drivers are on drugs and spazzing all over the road. No `1 hit kills though. Its not the worst game, but to make it playable use the level skip to return to where you game overed, and use Immortality to  deal with all the cheap hits. Oh and you gotta reapply Immortality each level and if you fall too far you gotta turn it on again. But some times you only gotta hold the buttons to code for a few secs. Glad I beat this.

Just beat Justice League: Injustice for All on GBA. Its a DC Comics game by Midway before DC Vs Mortal Kombat and Injustice. You do around a dozen missions to stop Lex Luthor and his homies using teamed up pairings of Justice League guys. You switch with Select, L is super power that's different for each guy, R is turning Fly on and off for Flyers, A is Jump and B is Attack. You can do a charge attack with holding B and letting out but can't move while doing it. You gotta solve minor puzzles like getting key cards and busting generators and pressing up on teleport pads til you get to a boss and wail on em. If 1 Hero falls, the other takes over and can be recovered by a power up. You get a few lives that increase finding a Gold Shield and by collecting 100 Blue Things. You got a save file system and can do each batch of missions as you unlock em until you get to the  final mission. Often Attrition works against bosses as you got 2 heroes and its 1 boss, but sometimes you gotta hit and run or use ranged attacks. The game is pretty simple but some parts like knowing a thing on the wall is a door can be tricky with the graphics. Its not too long and each mission takes a few mins and you got unlimited continues but using 1 makes you restart the whole mission instead of resummoning in the area you bit it. The super power meter automatically refills when not in use and  while there are a few 1 hit kill spots, its not awful. Its a decent 32 bit Hero Game. Glad I played this. Its worth a try.

Just beat Super Bombliss AKA Tetris Blast on my 108 GB Games in 1 Multicart. Its like Tetris where you use pieces falling to male rows and they vanish but there's mines in here that you gotta use to clear the bricks. If a row don't got enough mines in it, then only the part with the mines will blow, and if there's none, it won't blow til  a line by it blows. Also if 4 mines link together in a Square it formes a nuke that when the line its on is cleared, it takes out the area. Also if you clear 2 or more rows , the mines it it go nucular take out nearby bricks, and mines hit by those go off too in a chain reaction. The goal is to clear the screen and when it gets near the bottom you get more mine pieces. Also you can get pieces that are only 2 or 3 bricks instead of always 4 like Tetris. You get 100 bricks per level and it speeds to to beat each and there's passwords and unlimited continues, but the passwords I looked up didn't work. There's 25 levels  and  credits, but you get a password that loads after the credits to get the other 25 levels. Then a password to start over but maybe harder. When you pause it don't block over the screen and you can see what to do and A and B rotate the blocks. Its a petty good and worth trying. Good way to reinvent a classic and gets kinda tricky after a while but is beatable. Oh and clearing a row has unlinked blocks fall to other levels and can do chain reactions. But you don't see what bricks are connected and don't know until; it falls, which can be a nice surprise. This one's pretty good.

Just beat Rolling Thunder 2 on my 218 Sega Genesis games in 128 Multicart. Its a side scrolling Run N Gun like Thunder Fox. You play as a guy or a girl who Jumps with C and Shoots with A. Its based on an Arcade Game and you get 40 lives but no Continues, but there's a Password made of words put together to make a Madlibs thing. You jump to higher or lower Areas by holding up or down and jumping. If you hold up and jump with no area above to jump to you do a high jump. You got limited Ammo but when you run out you fire 1 shot at a time slow. You go in doors to get power ups like more life and more bullets and  stronger weapons that have their own ammo. You have 2 hit points and can get more in doors and some guys kill you in 1 shot. Its pretty tough and the later levels had me burning through extra guys. There's Checkpoints but if you run outta guys you gotta use a password (which the game holds after you bite it so you don't gotta repunch it in) you restart the level. There's quite a few cheap his and the final boss can kill you if you touch him in his burning animation that changes formes. Its a hard game but it kinda balances out with a lot of lives and a good Password System. Also you get an extra ending of a still image if you go through on a 2nd run, but if you bite it, you gotta go bask to the 1st runs final level to get to it. No extra bosses like Ghouls N Ghosts. Pretty good graphics and the music is good . It usually controls well but I had a few screw ups. Glad I played it, but its quite the Challenge.

Just beat Dynamite Headdy on my 100 Master System Games in 1 GBA Repro Cart. Its a simple Platformer that's toned down from the Genesis Game. Its by Treasure and has nice colored graphics and music. 1 button is jump and 1 is attack and Start Pauses. Its 6 levels that each have  a few acts to it and a few bosses. It plays well but you gotta Earn Continues somehow as the game goes on. I assume its like Comix Zone how you get Continues by beating enough Levels. It can be beat in like half an hour but has some tricky parts. I found myself pausing and unpausing the game to get the edge. The last 2 levels ain't so bad if you know what to do and  there are some safe zones  if you jump right. There's secret bonus points to get but that's just score.  The toughest parts were the tower and its boss and the guy who curls up and bounces around but you cal loop him by standing near the middle and hamming attack when he comes out. You get the heads of P{ig, Hammer, Sleep, and Fast and that's it. Its a decent game and if you keep trying you can eventually figure out what to do, or just watch a longplay and learn from that. Glad I played it. Its a nice condensed version of the Genesis game and not as rough. Oh and your life isn't refilled after beating a level so be careful.

Just beat Eternal Champions on Sega Genesis. Its a Street Fighter clone but has the Story and characters well planned out. You play as 1 of 9 people who were saved b4 they got it from across time and winner gets a second chance at life. You fight the 8 other characters, they a game boss who has 5 formes, each with a full life bar, but you only get 1/3rd back after each win. You get unlimited continues but losing a best of 3 fight means you get sent back 2 fights to work your way up. And on the boss you only get 2 shots and  losing on ANY forme restarts the battle. Its pretty tough so you gotta master not only your character, but how to beat each of the other guys. I used the Blonde Acrobat Jetta Maxx (Which sounds like a XXX Star Name) and often used the diagonal Up + Z move to Sky Dive into em. If you can get the guy in a loop by timing it, it can help. 3 Buttons punch and 3 kick, each light mid and hard levels and moving the D Pad left/right or up/down access's super moves. But there's limited Ki to use it with and Taunting drains it. The CPU can use Ki Moves w/o Ki so don't waste your time in the 1P game. God Graphics and big sprites, but the Life Bar is Red on Black so it can be hard to see at times. Nice Music and it controls pretty well. If you can master it, its worth a try. But you gotta train. There's also a training and tournament mode to get used to the moves. Glad I did this one. Better than Virtua Fighter. Oh and there's level finishing moves where you have the opponent at low enough life and finish them with enough damage in a certain spot on the level. Its pretty PG13 but not as splattery as the Sega CD ones. But these are tough to pull off and don't change the gameplay other than looking cool.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Things To Come Review

 note; i spell the fyuuutre

things to  come

this is my review of things to come from the disatant future year of 1936

its by h g wells who did the time machine and the inviusible man, and preoduced by alexander korda whos usually goods

its directed by William Cameron Menzies who did nothing I've seen and stars raymond masssey from The Scarlet Pimpernel, Santa Fe Trail and the old dark house, Edward Chapman from Oscar Wilde, ralf richaersdson from the four feathers and anna karenina, Cedric Hardwicke from Around the World in 80 Days, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Rope, The Winslow Boy , Derrick De Marney from the scarlet pumpernel, Charles Carson from adventures of tartu, Patrick Barr from the hammer dracula, John Clements from da 4 featherz,  Allan Jeayes from the scarlet mpimernell and a few 1800s guysi never saw

it was made bt wells as he hated the Fritz Lang masterpiece Metropolis and this moviue inspired 2001 a space odyssey (Which was a55)

i never saw this b4 but heard it got a lot right about what happened in the fiuture

i think this made the naqrnia guy make a cvharacter in his merlin book based on welles cuz of his bad views in here or somewthing

so after credits it the future year f 1940 in the city of everytown at chrtistmasd

oh and itys fullscreen and in good b/w

war is comming and its showeing a long dialogue less montage of people happy at xmas n4 waR LIKE A SILENT FILM


u c-ck sucker

2 guys talk of tyhe comming war and how its gonna f em but 1 new guy sez it mighty be good

kids enjoy toys and a grezer sez his toys were simpler when he was a kid

ewait til the 80s with transformers

the guys talk about hjow if they dont end war, it'll end them

after church at night theres a mobilization and the enemy attacked soviet england

they dont know its nationality and england got f'd by tyher sneak attack

totally not like Poland being suckerpunched by Zee Axis

will ferrel in the producers; i havent felt this good since we crushed Poland

so war happens and people scramble and the gov terlls people to stay inside and they run aound like its a Kaiju movie

this couple worries about the future and theirt kids

the guy is strong and the wo man is worried? thats not allowed today! femionists might chimp out!@

1 kid drersses like a solfdier and his dad goes off ands theres plants like hitler's face in the background

battle is conducted and cannons fire at the skies and buyyilding get blown with effects that are pretty cool

the city is f'd and a lot of people got it, even a kid

then stock footage of war vehicles moving and sdolfiers and battles

an armada of planes flyu over the city and later we get aerial combat and a plane goies down

1 guy lands and saves the down pilot and thery talk about why they gotta fight like its guinmdam seed

they puty on gas masks but a little girl comes by and the down pilot gives her his mask and bites it

then itys september 21 1956 and the war is almost over

theres a plague ghoing around called the wandering sickness and i think it makes people spazz out

in the vioklence jack ruins of everytown, this dr and his woman try to save people who wander out to bite it

and these spazzy zombie liker peoplelumber around until people cap em

is this a thing on the spanish flu?

1 chick in bed is spaced out and later walks around like a spazz and gets capped

later its the distant futurte year of 1967 and ther plague wiped out like half the human race but isd over now

1 guy whines thast flying is over and civilization is dead

didn't stop Noah and his fam after the flood

1 guy gives this guy a car and this chick says she thinks she heard an aero plane but her bf sez its over

they've seemed to go back to 1800s times

then soldoers come in and 1 guyhas a fur coat and army gear like itys mad max and sez he;z gonna end the war

he also sez he has a plane and petrol

then they see a plane flying in the sky and iyt lands with a sci fi guy comming out wanting to know whos in chsarge

1  guy arrests him as the country is in a state of war and guy who said flying is over remembers him from his childhood

so plane guy meets the leader about his group Wings over The worldf and trying to restore order and end war

the leader sez hes under arrest and flyer sez the group has banned pribate owqning of plsnes(commie!@!@)

and if he don''t return, more will comer for him

and when told the town is an indepoendent soverighn state, he sez his groiup dont approve of that and will fight them

just looked it up and In C. S. Lewis's novel That Hideous Strength the character Jules is a caricature of Wells

leader is basghed by his woman over going against flyer but he dont care

then more battles of ww1 looking footage

so the army mad max guy gives a speech about winning and later wants this dr to makje weapoomns but he dont consentr

cuz leader is the head of gov, he  orders the common man around like its soviet england being subserrviant to the regent

guy who sed flying wont bwork stands up for dr and later, the leaderhas a big dinner like a viking and talks about cr-p

leaders woman goes to see flyer and sez she wants more than being a big fish in a small pond

leader comes down and flyer sez his guys are comming

leader gloasts how  flyer cant dop sh-t and later flyer is working on a plane and takllking to the guy who sez planes were ovcer

later the plane flys and the group that sent flyer gets together to send a rescue group

later leader wjhines about world wide communicatuion and how his lane thing might backfire

then a huge a545 plane is boarded by the group  and later leader gives a speech for his men who take off in plabnes

the enemy might have gas and the leaders masks are rotted and no gopod and hisd science guy dont know gas


i think theres sevewral of ewm and the leaders planes attack

the big planers drop gas things and takes out the guys on the ground

leader chimps out and fires his gun b4 biting it

then the big planes drop parachuters who go in aandsave their flyer guy called cabel like the guy fromn robotech ii the sentinels

leader and his  goons are iced andf wait, the gas was knock out gas buit leader is  still ivced\

the group sez they are gonna put the world in order

then a montage of rebuilding the world, kinda like with neo domino ciuty in yugioh 5Ds after the ioncident

theres drilling in the ground with huge machines and huige generators and sci fiu judsge dredd 90s suits

man this goesd on for a while

then its 2036, a decade after metyropilis and well into the 3rtd robotech war, and they live in thisutopia

ut 1 guy whines that things were better years ago and thiongs are advancing too fasty

man he goes on for a while

and they live in undderground cities like at da poles with the demons

wtf theres elevators and big open areas

its like a mall!

a geezer tells kids about the past and shes amazed

also they dont have disease anyomre sdomehow

also therres a space gun powered by electricity that sends people to the moon

geezer met cabell before

so some ghuys talk on wrist communitcatorts like power wrangers and they are planning a moon mission

this multi generation thing reminds me oif phantyasy star 3

so this leader's daughters bf is gonnA GO on the moon shot

new guy who wihned about things going too far gives a speech on a glass pane in ther mall area about how things are gonna ruin us bny going too far

hewants peopler to go back to the goode olde dayers b4 its too late

having suffered through the iphone era, i see hes got a point

i dont got a cellphone anmd they make us weak and useless

the new leader is met with critisism of ther moon miossion as its too dangerous asnd "humansacreifce"(like the machine in Metropolis?)

oh its his daughter going on the moon thing

they argue about if danger is worth it and thebn theres a riot and they have metal bars as weapons

kinda surprised they can life it after being soft for decades

also they dress like 1800s japanese guys

also they might miss the chance to hit da moon so they gotta go now

so new leader takes a HOVER SHIP TO THE ELCTRIC GUN AND are gonna fire off

but tyhre dissenters sasy its not right and they don't want it

the leader sezxx its his right to risdk his live (which i assume is a ref to legaliozing driugs and b0ninbg and russdian roulewtte)

so the dissenters storm ther electric gun and eventrually they fire it and i think itr wacks the people stormoinbbg it

later guys talk about how we gotta keep advancing and conquer the universe and digivolve

we gotta have all the universe or nothing, which shall it be?

then zooms in on a black cloth with white dots painted on it to be stars

the end

that wasn;t too bad

but i think metropolis was better

this is pretty well donre but eats a lot of time getting to the far future

good idseas and costumes and style and its got some interesting possibilitiers

he got a few things right and while its hard to keep track of who's who and whats whnat, i liked it

some them es are a big suspect and it seems to make fgreedom and bering steady look bad

but all in all, the fiolm was well made and i didnt haTE IT

although after the fall of the massd max guy i thought the film was ghonna end

plus it didnt get bogged down in a forced sad moment or a tacked on love story

for Things To Come 2 I want it to be the 2020s and humans have spread across the solar system but some areas are neglected and feel unrepresented and form a rebellion to declare independence, and this leads to a space war where different sides fight for different reasons in exo suits, Its also a 32 bit Srpg on Sega saturn, playstation, N64 and GBA where you move your units around in a cube area made of cubes like shining force where you move up, down, left, right, forwartd and back and theres spasce things like asteroids aND sattelites and ships and you gotta do missions like beat the head unit.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Randy Rides Alone Review

 note; i spell like rand in robotech

ranbdy rides alone

This is my review on Randy Rides Alone from 1934

Its got the Superior John Waybe, George Gabby Hayes, Yakima Canut, Earl Dwire and Artie Ortego, with Alberta Vaughn who i never saw in anything ort heard of b4

most of these guys were from Blue Steel and its directyed by Harry L. Fraser who did ther batman and captain america 40s serials

i never saw this but its got John Wayne so its probably good

so it starts with a colorized lone star opening and crediyts in proper fuill screen

then waynbe comes downb a path off a rick thing and comes to a town

he stoops by a half way house and everuyones dead

isnt this how THEM happpened?

and the player piano is still going and 1 painting on a wall has guys of a guy behind it looking

anda wanted poster has its eyes shot out and writing on it saying the shwerrif to lay off of hes next

then some guys ride in and write a note saying to be quiet as he heard shots

they go in and arrest john waYBE and the mute guy writes a note saying he might e in a gang

john says he came to meet a guy and they call the coroner and take him away

the eyes behind the painting come out a trap door and its a ginger woman

she looks really 1920s with that clara bow hair

then takes 1 guys gun outta his hand and checks a hidden area under the floor

then goos oot and the posse brings john wayne in and jail him

sherrif sez to find sally rogers(Mr Rogers mom?) and mute guy writes a note to tell a guy to watch his store while hes out

mute goes to some waterfall base and some of his goons are playing cards

he takes off a moustache abnd talks and changes his clothes to all black like he's in Bleach and thnx em foir taking out the halfway house guy

now he can buy the place from the niece and own the area but they didnt find his money or neice

chick goes in to sdee sherrif and sez she already knows of her uncle getting wacked like charles the evil princes gf's

he has her see john wwaybe but mutew is going somewwhere so sherrif goes off and leaves her alone with a sus[ect

they talk and he sez he didnt do it and he was sent to see him

she shows him a note saying he was to investigate something there  and she lets him out and sez to meet her at the half way house at sun up

john waybe gets away and muite wrtites hes sorry her uncle went to h we double soviet new york and offers to buy it from her

she dont consent but he offers his safe but she sez the riobbers took it all

sherrif wemnt after johnm waynbe llike hes gacy and waynbe rides on

so he retunrs to the half way house and she has hiom lock the door b4 comming out

john waybne sez by helping him she became an accessory to crime and his orders were to wqork alone

sherrif comes by and john goes out the windowe and she goes in the trap card door

he gets on his horsde and books it and they follow

eventually he jumps in the riuver and they fire on him, buty muthbusters prooves that under 3 feet of water, bullets are useless

he comes out by a waterfall base and is caught by they goons

he meets boss who he tells he rides alone and they draft him in their group and he consents

mute boss sez he knows sherruf wants him and they plan to use him and throw him away when done

mute boss sends 2 guys chick never saw to give chick a note and tells others to bring john away

1 guy shows wayne wanted posters like the one wih the eyes shot out and they shoot holes in the eyes of 1

also they have dy no kite rigged in the place to self detonate the base

so the goons give her a note saying muter tyold her to meet him for a clue he found but she dont consent

so they take her there by force to the waterefall base and mute boss she dont recognize sez he'd let her gho if she tells him where the stuff is

later when everyones asleep, wayne tells chick he;'s going for help and she needs to trust him

sher gives him the key to the box and tells where the box is

he also cuts the dy no mite cable and takes a pack as he goes out

boss mute wakes up and goes out and puts on his mute disguise

he sends her a note saying he can help her if she tells where the money is butshe dont trust him and denies knowing wherre the money is

he can't take it and yells at her for making hium look bad  as he's given up on his mute persona

so waynbe gets the money and puts the dy no mite in the safe place and  finds the mute notye

he compares it to the poster writiong and sees it matches and rides back

he goes to town and thwe sherrif and his men chase him and he leads em to the waterfall baze

john returns and tells em he found the money in a space in front of the bar and sherrif attacks as mute boss escapes

a gunfight breaks out at the rock base and thre baddz ghet cauhgt

mute boss goes up a ladder but as wayne follows, mute pushes the laddewr off

he lands in a tree and climbs back up and they race off n horses

sherrif frees chick and she tells him john and muter got away and are heading for tyher house

after a long ride chase through the wasteland, john gets capped by mute and  falls off his horse

mute gets to the house and the sherrif arrewwsts johjn again

mute shoots the safe and the house blows and john wayne sez mute and boss were the same guy

he gives em the money and releavs hes an agent or w/e and is cleared

now john wayne beat the bad guy, saved the day, and got the girl and tsthey go off to live happy

the end

that was pretty good

not too long, with good twists and style

pretty much a silent film with words

john waynes always good in these

good tyhings like the bad guy faking being mute

good action

its a lot like blue steel but different enough

sorta like devilman and shuten doji

i liked it and its a nice film thats clean but cool

nowadays there'd be bad love scenes and swearing and gore and devients

a good whoilesome 30s film

for Randy Rides Alone 2 I want him to be married with the girl but on their honey moon are attacked by a skin walker and john wayne and his woman have to use holy words to rebuke it as bullets dont harm it. they have stunmbed on their turn and gotta get out beofree they are iced. Its also a 16 bit 2 player beat em up on sega genesis, snes atari jaguar, th16 and gba where you fight through daemons but instead of hists you use holy words to rebuke them.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Blue Steel Review

 Note; i spell like zoolander

Blue Steel

This is my revierw on Blue Steel from 1934

Its got the Alpha Male John Wayne, Yakima Canutt from 1 scewne oin Gone with the Wind and behind the scenes in the 50s Ben Hur and Stagecoach, Lafe McKee from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, George Cleveland from Angel on my Shoulder, Earl Dwire from 1 scebner in King Kong, Hank Bell from Duel in the Sun, Theodore Lorch from Arsene Lupin from the 30s and a buncha  1800s guys i never heard of

Its directed by Robert N. Bradbury who did nothing i saw

theres also a 90s film called blue steel by Kathryn Bigelow and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ron Silver, and Clancy Brown

i never saw this but hear someone liked it

so we get creditdss to a color sherrif badge

its in color and full screen but its like early color

so its raining abndf john wayne comes in and hides and a guy in there is sleeping

the sherrif comes by anmd wakes him up and they talk about how someones comming after the storm

sleeper gives sherrif his rtoom and its got a hole in the floor that lets you spy on the area

he goes up, moves a rug and looks in the floor hole and later some people come in to the hotel

he gives 1 lady a room and this devolved looking couple comes in and hardly talk and gets the bridal suite

they're gonna be b0ning

later a guy drops payroll off and john watches from the closet and a guy in the window writes the numbers sleeper turns on the window

also sherrif eatches

the couple guy comes dwn saying he cant fiunsd something and sleeper takes him upstairs

he seems like he's got mental ret-rdation

window ghuy comes in later and opens the safew and sneanks out but leaves a spur behind

as he leaves john waybne wakes up and chex the safe and the sdherrif sees him  from tyhe ceiling

they come down and john hides and they find the combo numbers on the window

sherrif vows to hunt the guy down and later joghn wayne is making brt5eakfast and sdherrif comes bybut wayne hides and comes out with a gun

he trusts him though and shares his food as he looks not evil

alsdo thisd is redubbed by actors and dont synchro

thery have some booze and later in town they worry about a basndit on the loose

the gov cant save em and they dont have ammo

then this paxk of horsemen ride acrodsss the wasteland and this chick and her dad ride through this crevasse

the riders attack and the chick asnd dads ride fast

is this where nmad max and hokuto no ken got it from?

so john gets his hat and coat on and sherriuf recognizes him maybe

then thje chicxk and dad ride up and dad gets it

john wayyne and sherrif get on their hover cyuycles i mean hortses and go after the riders

eventually, john and sherrif go off a clif and the riders leave em for dead

sherrif was shot off his horse and john saved him

the outlaws espace and report to their boss and chick escapes to town and tells em about her dad and a guy namned tiom getting it

trom green, tom six or tommy wiseau?

they go back and meet up wiith john wayne and briong the dads body back

at town they aim guns at wayne and sherrif thnking they ioced dad but thewy get chicuk to proove em right

the town sez sorry and sez they only got a few days of supplues as they were intercepted by bandits

they are gonna sell their homes but wayne agrees to get 1000$ of supplies to em

also waybe sees the window guy who has 1 spur

kinda like the iron horse with the guy with 3 fingers

town owner or w.e who also leeads the bandits gives chick a place to live but then goes to chat with his goons about how the guys thought john wayne was the guy they iced

they want the town cleared out to get the gold vain in it and she hears and is caught

so shes tied up and put away and john goes to get the order on his white horse

he ggets to this place with the worsd Danti Keep Out on thew door and goes through a sacvk

he finds minding paper and puts it back and bad guy tells his goons: nows ur chance, no sdhootring

they try to catch him but he fights em off and has a chaSE THROUGH A FARM TO EPIC MUSIC

HE CATCHES 1 GUY WITH A ROME i mean roper from a barn windowm then jumps dopwn like batman and takes out the other guy and hgets his gunb

ho ho no now i have a machine gun

1 guy is cutting sa thing of ghaY on john wayne but sherrif wastyes him

boss bad guy sez hisa men were told to hold any suspect guys and gives waynbe the order

then the hay fallls on him

no word on the guy who was capped

so waynbe sez hes not going as itts a trap and laster goes out

sherrif wakesu up annd fibds the styuff jawen owaiune took from the mining thing andssuspects him

john checks on the bad guys and they say they are gonna get the waybe on his trip and have the girl caught

wauyne xchex on chick wgo tells of bad guys plot and he goes back and tells sherrifd

the next whenever wayunbe goos oof with sherrif andgoes through woodds

boss tells his goons to cap anmyone who coomes by and rides out to get wauye as wayne sez he';d go out in the day

john goes in anmd like a ninja sneaks around and beats up guards

this film feels like an 80s dolph lundgren film

its got simple style but charisma

and good camera and feel

so after they leave john frewes her and sherrif gets boxes from a cave

the baddz figger oot they been f;'d and head back as john axes in the mesh window

then he leaves and sez meet u at da tubble

sherrif gets the stolen suipplies  and as chick finally gets out, a guy grabs her

john waune beats his a55 in as the badds draw close

sherrif does nothing as john finishes the fight andjohn tells to esxape

sherrif gets a box of DY NO MITE! and they race offthe bads get back, a guy tells em john took the giorl and theyt race off

a guy they caufght stands up and comes to in the cart but gets cappped

the chicks horse bites it and wayne saves her andgets her on his horse as he gets on the cart

he lights trhe dy no mite andas they go through a crevasase, throws it and blows it

witrh theuir path cut off, the baddz go after em another way and through the river

waybe anbds sherrirf stop andclimb a rock and p[lant dy no mite and cluimb another rock

as the badds go throuigh they cap the dy no mite and blow it on em,

chick tytells the peopole of bad guys plan and john waybe and sherrif come back and say the badds are buried under the rocks

john sez hes a goiv agent and is a u s marshall and offers to marry her

sherrif is gonna take in wayne for jacking the safe but waynbe sez the real bandit got iced or something in the bosses gang and sherrif can have his 5000$ reward

sherif takes waynes word for it and waybe goes off with chick to a new adventure

the end

this was pretty good

simple, clean and well made

its a lot like a silent film in feel and style, kinda like ghost and tmnt 1  seem like 80s films

it holds up and has a nice atmosphere and effect and its only like 54 mins l;ong

glad i saw it

its a good budget film

for blue steel 2 i wanty the bad guy from the 1st movier to come back with gears and springs limbs that have gadgets in it after being rebuilt by a scientist who found him aND experimented on hium. he takes on the town and plans to use them to do experiments for the scientist and john waybne coimes back and has to take em on. its also a 16 bit run n gun game on sega genesis, snes, tg16, gba and ataRI JAGUAR WHERE YOU FIGHT THROUGH SEVERAL LEVELS and face people modified with gear spring tech as slaves unter their control and you gotta free em by shooting off the gearsprting armor.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The First Texan Review

 Note: I spell super texas

the first texan

this is my review on the 1st texas from a 1965 i mwean 56

its got joel mccrea, chubby johnson, wallACE FORD FROM a patch of blue, james griffith from The Guns of Fort Petticoat, william hoppper from sdtage coach and Myra Breckinridge, Jeff Morrow from the giant claw and a buncha 1900s guys i never heard of

its directal by Byron Haskin who did the 50s war of the worlds and from the eatrth to the moon

i never saw this but i like texas

i got friends there and the people are usually nice and upbeat

its the most American out of all the states

sao its wide screen and color and starts with credits and singing about texaS

then its 1832 and a MAN goies across the red sea i mean river to texas to start a new life

he's sam houston and better than shia lebuff playing sam in the live action transfromers movies

so he gets to towewn at night and goes to a hotyel fort food and a place to sleep

the owner wants pay in advance and he does and is given wine(which is deadly)

a gjy in a suit comes in and taks with sam and it james bowie

sam used to be governer and bowie wants his help but sam dont think he can do it

bowie wants to have independence from soviet mexico but sam woulkd rather move on

so is this like robotech with the invid oppressing the local group?

so bowie goies back to his political meeting and the spanish inquisition comes in and is gonna arrest bbowie and his homies for dissenting from the gov

bowie holds the door and his freinds escape and sam fights off a few mewxicos

bowie and another guy poull biug a55 knifes but sam pulls a gun on them to cool things off

sam suggests they go in peacefully and he'd be their lawyer

they go and later sam goes to set up a law practice and meets a blonde

girls dad sez sam married a girl for a few daysd and resigned from soviet tgennessee goiverner

so theres a trial and sam defends the Tesasz against charges of treason for wanting a revolution

and if convicted they get executed

sam says the court is not legal as the judge can't preside on a case under martial law

judge says its not so sam says as its not, then the mexicop had no right to bust in and arrest em without just cause

mexicop is disgruntled and says his broter in law santa anna (Like santa from dragon pink and anna kozuki from yugioh zexal?) will hear of it

the judge dismisses the case and america wins

they introduce each other to bowies homies and they thank him for stopping the soldiers from going around back

he sez hes not joining the free texas movement and the texas's say they want freedom  like America in 1776 or sovuet irfeland

so sam and blonde grow closer and she's his secretary, which would be shown as bad if made today

he has her tale a letter and says his address and updates saying his wife dumped him and nowee he's free

later ouitside som,e mexicos cap a guy and run

samn and frienfs help him, and he biyes it

bowie wants to counterstrike but sam stops him as santya anna wants to use this uprising as an excuse to take over

sam suggestsd preparing and training to be ready to fight soviet mexico and they agree

so later blonde and sam talk abnd shes worrierrd about the diossentersdd being in over their head

they then make out and he wants to marry her and they talk about love and shre wants him to not go to war

nowadays they'd be b0ning but as a 50s film its clean

he sez there aint gonna be a war and he can go to soviet california

then bloindes dad and davy crocket come in and davey  has a message

president andrew jackson wants to meet sam and davey gives him a loist of namees and places to help

dAVEY sez to go now andf not tell anyone and he goes to washjintgon to mee thepresident

old hickery hears the texas want freedom and to be their own country but sam hopes there wont be a revolution

jackson sez he wants Texas to jion America and only if the people decide

President Jackson (who was an 1800s bada55) sez he wants sam to lead the texas to freedom butsam gave his word

andy bogard 0 sez hes the best man as (stone cold) steve austin and bowie won't be right and sam agrees

then word comes out that santa anna has taken over and is heading for texas\

Andy sez he cant help as congress wont let him and uston needs to do it on his own

so sam returns and gets from washington to texas faster than saznta anna canm get from \mexico to texas  and they say they fought off minions of santa anna and have a base at the AlaMO

the people draft a constritution and want him to be the president of texzas

blonde gets mad he is gonna fight for freedom and she ditches him

later the people hear the alamo got attacked and will be fighting thousands of mexicans and needs help

sam gowes off and meets a teen wjo is inexperienced and ranks him up and says falling asleep on duty is a firing swquad offence

he goes in a text and lights a lamp aND tells the colonel  everyones asleepp but captain says they aint soldiers but scum

if they gets treated too rough they desert and sam sez to get em ready as they are going to the alaMO

so they march at sun up and go on but later a mexico  gives sam news all at the alamo were executed by santa anna

and any dissent from his big gov will be met with execution

sam sends his men out and later its day asnd the mexicos on the move

so over 1000 men mexicans are coming and sam leads his men on to lead them off

later 500 guys are coming to help santa anna and a group with artillery is comming and might intercept santa anna

sam sends a guy to intercept em with orders and later he hears theres a lady coming to see sam with a group

sam meets the group and its blonde as the girl and sam chats with the colonel there

he sez he's gonna fall back and run and he will decide when to fight

in nobunagha's ambition on gameboy i went on for like 60 years and by the 1620s, was in a stand off with the tokugawa shoigunate and i had klind of a cold war until tthey had an uprising or disaster and swooped in and iced em as i ciouldn't beat em as i was b4

and 1 guy sez sam is leading the forces to this river or something

blonde has a petition from guys and sez she was wrong and accepts his role and reason for fightiong the big gov oppressing the people

a woman being wrong and the guy being right?

can't have that nowadays! its "hate"

sam tells her he is planning to fight santa anna and is sending her to the town and wont tell her as he dont want word getting out

in the mexicamp, santa anna thinks sam wants to lure him to America to get The Ameriocans involved but he's gonna turn back when sam leaves Texas asa no one wuill follow a coward

the people in the Texas command talk about how they don't wanna follow sam but some guys pull guns on em and say they'd  be desserters

the guys say they'd fall bacl and get more guys but the gun guyus say, i thought you were afraid of retreating

gun guys are gonna arrest em but sam comes in and sez they are gonna attack at night and he wants a lot  of prisoners, eesp santa anna

and now that santa anna can't retreatr as the bay is behind em and they thought texas force was running for america

so the texas forces ready an attack and fire canons and theres a big batttle as the mexicos build a barriere with boxes

imagine if that was a gunpowder box and he gotr blowed apart

sop the texas force charges in like bireeth of a nation

good pg battle withno gore or swearing or nude scenes

1 guy jumps sam but a guy caps him and he falls straight down, ebven though he already jumped and would have nailed sam

as bullets can stop jumping momentum

santa anna nearly ices sam but a guy tacles him away and wavks him

wait, that waSNT HIM

santa anna gets away and sam gets leg damage

and they got an enemy dr to work on him

so sam comes to and they creamedsanmta anna's forces wityh minimal losses

latter the men have caugfht santa anmna hiding as a commoner like hes saddam and they draw up an uncondituional surrender

santa annas sez he was the napoleon of the went and he's gonna be dealt with by the Republic of Texas

lsater they are riding and blonde gives him a note saying texas is anb independant republic

and sam houston is tthe new president

they celebrate as the texas music plays from the opening

the end

that was great

I like historical films and ones based on actual events that don't totallyt screw it up

this was positive and shows how one man can make a difference

it makes youi feel good to be an american

Showing how an ecil oppressive rule can be countered by freedom and morality

its got good filming and music and style and writing and is clean and wholesomed

it holds up and has good feels and heart

nowadays the texas would be seen as the bad guys and the mexicans would be shown as the victims

good to see filmsa when logic existed

for The First Texan I want it to be years later and Santa Anna's son starts an uprising to free his dad from jail and they start a band of malcontents that go from town to town chopping up and torching people places and things, And its up to Sam Huston to go on battles with his forces and wood armor suits with gears in it based on the Antikythira Gear and Japanese Karakuri tech and wage battles to take on Santa Anna Jr. also its a 16 bit Srpg like Shining Force or Fire Emblem on Sega Genesis, Snes, TG16, Atari Jaguar and gba where yoppu play as Sam Huston and lead troops on a grid battle force and fight across a buncha missions.

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Beyblade The Movie Fierce Battle Review

 Note; i speell better than peopler who dont hinink think ix a sport

breybladds the movie fierce battle

tyhis is my revie onm BeybladeThe Movire Fierce Battle from 2002 (The year dfigimon season 2 happened)

itsd directred by Takuo Suzuki who did Sonic X ep 56, 61, 71, Yugioh Season 0 ep 14 and Yugioh Zexal ep 8

it starts the coives of Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin, Gage Knox from franklin or something, Daniel DeSanto from are you afraid of the dark and the magic school bus, David Reale frpopm bakugan, Alex Hood from arthur, Mary Long from Sailor Moon, Jonathon Potts from the 80s Zelda cartoon, Julie Lemieux from Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya and Spider Riders, Katie Griffin from from Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya and bakugan, Shannon perreault from the bad medabots season with the kilobots and a few others i never saw in anything

its dubbed by nelvana who did care bears and rupert and othrt shows fom soviet csansda

ityd also distributed by miramaxc who did the crow and kids (the one of grade schoolers b0ning and spreading aids)

i used to love watching beyblade but once they went to v force it was ruined forever

cr-ppy cg eating the budget instead of good animation

plus the art style s-cked

but season 1 was good and season 3 tried to fix things

when i 1st saw season 2 i thought tyson was his descendant and grandpa was grown up tyson

but i did  like the game beyblade

used to play with neighborhood kids and used things like frozen bird baths and plastic bin lids to blade in

i still played ther game as new parts came out and joined nfd beyblade as my 1st messageboard

i wanted an animated signiture so i made a video of fma on maury but it dfidn't work so i put it on youtube  and that started my youtubing

I didn't like wqhen the metal blades came in as you couldnt use its parts with the original ones but did get wolborg metal snow and death gargoule metal scream

I went to my 1st anime con, anime north 05 to be at a blading tournament but lost after a bad launch

i still dream of my blADES and had some good times with em

but onto the movie(that i never saw b4)

ooh, its by toho, the guys who did godzailla and kimera

so its in a misty woods and animals are spazzing outas theres some daemon thuings going aroundbattling

they slam into the ghround and leave imprints of a dragon in the stone in a cave

the dragon laments over his imprisionment and then we cut to tyson winning a beyblADE CHAMPIONSHIP AGAINST SOME NOVBODY KID

DAICHI runs through a place and then we get the title

then as daichi superheroes his way through town, they play swing low as its bada65

he jumps across boats like hes in a video game and tyson finally wins

btw this is in proper fullscreen and full bright color

but as tyson is given a  wood plack, daichi SAWS IT IN HALF with his blade as these things are like power tools

jazzman confronts him but daichi puts him in an arm lock, lifts him over his head, and chucks him

yeah that's possible for a human grade schooler to do

so daichi challenged tyspn to be japanes NUMBER 1 BLADER

but its not f--kin ghey like masamune or whoever that dink was from metal masters

tyson dont carefor him and has a sonic the hedgehog attitude

until daizhi pulls a blade on him and fires!

that can saw throughh wood so that could ber assault with a deadly weapon

nah keids can kill and get away with it, and the press can't name em as the law favors the crooks

so tyson deflects it with his blade like theyre ninjas and jazzman says its not an official beybattle

tysons droogs say daichis strong and syson and daichi battle

meanwhile on demon rock island, a nerd tells of a great king who ruled or something

wait, this was 10s of thousands of years ago?

but creation science has proved the earth to be only a few thousand

also are some kids screwing around and dont care

1 little girl goes in this cave and they find ancient writing about shadow spirits to ruin the urth and the sacred spirits will try to stop em but fall withoughb the 5th

also this place is where the king sealed the shadow spirits away

so tysons blade is being shoved to the wall and cuting it but he counters and after a push back, he makes his blade jump and land on him

daichi dont ewanna lose and his blade glows and the cave wall bursts

in the cave, the kids and nered find carvings of kaiju and this alter has 2 corners turn to blades and turn on the kaiju carvings

the light from em poosesses ther kids into saint seiya like armor

then tyson wins against daichi but daichi wants round 2 as there was an earthquake or something


later the blade breakers are on a cruise to demon rock island, which i;m surpirsed wasnt censored as demon is too much for yugiohg

tyson wonders why daichis blade lit up and kenny sez as no bit beast was released it cant be that

at this other island they meet their teachjed whos from there and her fat mom whos livley and pokes fun at the kids bad character designs

at night the forrest sinks into the ground and the demon bladers are looking for something to free them

the next day scientists can't find the earthqwuakes epicenter and  the blader breaskers go to the beach to play japanese gameslike wacking a water melon

hilery is gonnma crack open tysons head while blindfolded but tyson is berried in the sand

she mashes his skull open and it splatters like that chicik in angel cop with brains and bone and eyes flying out

jk daichi stops her and wants a rematch

tysons on vacation and dont care for him

then its night and they have that japanese summer thing and tyson eats a lot

after tyson eats his fill, daichi wants to duel but tyson runs and inds up in a graveyand

fireworks light it up weird and daichi blacks out thinking he's a ghoul

imagine if they ran outta food and tyson ate the dead?

so hes carrying daichi back and the next day daichi wakes up and everyone laughs at him fainting

you know, for a beyblade movie, theres not much blading

so daichi and tyson have an eating race like those chicks who got fat in momo kyun sword

so later tyson, hilery and daichi are in a boat and tyson jumps in the sea

but as daichi can';t swim he just spazzes out in thr boat

hilery wants to know why daichi wants to the number 1 in japan

he sez his dad gave him strata dragoon and he bit it shovving 2 guys out of the way of falling logs

wow they left the blood in

so da dad strata dragoon will be there for him and to be best in japan

kinda like with Yuma and his dads kattobingu

so tyson hears and they beyblade in the boat

these things can cut metal, is it safe to do it in as boat?

meanwhile, the demon bladers come to the island and the leader senses strata dragoon ads it glows

daichi dont know what a bit beast is and the demon bladers run to em

as daichi powers up, the boat starts gfiving out and the leader jumps on his boat

he fires his blade and takes off tyosnms blade and wants daichi to bring out strata dragoon and summons huis  bit beast that knox tyson and hilery in the water

strata dragoon comes out and its a european dragon and it terturns to the blade

daichis blade stops and the other bladers jump on the boat and use their powrs to k o daichi and it hoversd away

kenny got footage of straTA DRAGOON AND  says its not fully evolved and the dark energy is like a shadowe of a real bit beast

also the eaverlengths match the dark energy and they realise the demon bladers were causing earthqwwakes

also footage of the demon bladers has a jewel on them with a symbol the teacher saw from demon rock island

tyson springs into action and makes teacher bring them there as she tyells em her teacher (thew nerd from b4) taught her and always talked about daemon rockke islande

so its night when they get there and in the cave is the demon bladers weityh theoir bad kiss make up vow to be free to destroy the world like in the yugioh movie

they launch their blades and the damons come out as they try tio get strata dragons strungth

dsaichi is deviolved intio a demon blader who looks kinda like bebi vegeta from dbgt and the blade breakers come in

daichi beats raye and maxxc and then summonsstrata dragonn and frees trhe demons from their seal like the earthbound immortals in yugioh 5Ds

they go in the evil blades and shatter the rock walls they were sealed in

tyson summons dragoon and they wanna seal the 4 sacred bit beasts away in a blacvck prison like the dead zone in the garlic jr movie in dbz

dragoon is beat down by strata dragoon and sealed in the rtock wall and teacher gets nerd and the kids out as the place caves in

tyson stayed behind to save dragoon and is sealed in the caved in area like in violence jack evil town

and its day now and nerd says theres no way to get him out

tyson says sorry for getting dragoon sealed and the demon bladers are gonna destroy the world for no well explored reason

a tsunami nails a towen and kai shows up(i thought he was with the other guys, i just noticed hes not with em, but looking back i dont recall him being there)

tyson telks to dragoon and sez he's with him asnd they'll break out

then trys hitting the wal with a rock but ddon't do it

tyson vows to never give up and goes back to it

you know, tyson reminds me of koji kabuto from mazinger z, and yuma from yugioh zexal

confident, brave, fun, cool, and positive

not like all these wieners in kids shows now

we need more goku and less gohan

more seiya and less shinji

so after denting the wall he thinks its no use buit he hears dragoons voice encouranging him like in ep 51 against tALA

then dragoon escapeswith some friendship care bears, secren of nimh, yugioh, sailor moon thing

meanwhile, the demon beasts aare having an invasiuon and busting the ciity like the tentacles in urotsukidoji

kai faces the chick in a bey basttler and summons dranzer and they clash

hes gonna finish her and the other demon bladers interfere and gang grind him

until outta f--kin nowhere tyson and friends show up(we dont see him reuniting with em?(but it is cooler and unexpected to see them all come in))

they calll out ytheir bit beasts, dark versions of the 4 good guys bit beasts

oh wow, thats sooooooo, original, itsa not like evil goku in dbaf or cyber driger in v force or black dranzer in season 1

also this isd liuke the 4th dragoon we've seen, classic, cyber, strata and dark

at leeast its not like dbz how we had all these goku looking guys with the same facve and actor

goku, tulles, ginyu goku, future goku, goten, bardock, black goku, goku jr, the black clad saiyan friom db super heroes, and that shadow gt goku in the super heroes manga

at least xicor looked different

the demon bladers say their bit beasts are the same as theirs as they used to be united as 1 but ssplit into good and evil (Like piccolo and Kami in dragon ball?) 

but humans feared them and made a pact with the light half of the bit beasts and sealed their dark halfs, but now they kinda got free

but they were just energy shadows with their true formes sealed so they needed strata dragoon to free them

tyson dont buy it and they launch their blades and summon their bitbeasts and battle

buit  the daemon bladers have an extra blader and do beetter

btw: 9 ancient things, 4 on 1 side, 5 on the other, sealing a great evil, isnt this ronin warriors?

so kai max and ray do a combo attack and nail em but get taken out

so itsdragoon and strata dragoon battling and tysson uses his words to make daichi snap outta his brain control asndstrata dragoon goes nuts and gets taken out

daichi turns back to normal like with tommy in power rangers

but the demon bladders say they don't nee him as bladers are not as useful as the bit beasts

tyson gives a shonen hero speech about teamwork and friendship and how dragoon is like his brother and thats how he broke the seal


dark dragoon offers to reunite with dragoon to dominate the world but tyson sez hes the one who makes dragoons complete

dark dragoon; then die together, like in yugioh the movie's  Ots not tome to duel, its time to doe

tyspn sez to connect to strata dragoon and talk to him and he does and uses kaioh ken to digivolve his guundam to 3rd gear bankai jutsu and his blade hatches out of itself and is a new blade

they say he carved that spoon from a bigger spoon

so strata dragpon comes out and teams with classic dragoon and ray, max and kai come alive

ooh, they're playing a new song

so dragoon riodes strata dragoon and they combine their power

then the blades get off aND GRIIND AND hammed and bump and this sounds liker a p0rn0

so tyson and daichi beat the evil; blades and the posessed kids turn normal and the evilm blades turn into dreidals

why is draggoon v2 red? itts white! I had it!

so nowe the suns up and they were up all night and their fine mortor skills are gonna go down

daichi's blasde shows his bit beast on the chip and now daicchi and tyson are homies

nerd and tewacher help the posessed kids\

the blade breakkers retuerbn the  evil blades and they escape the island as it crumbles into the sea like its f--kin y's 3 on sega genesis

as they boat out, teachers bbw mom brings daichi and he wants a rematch but tyson gets the boat to move anbd he falls in the open ocean

he swims after em but tyson reminds him he cant swim and he spazzes out as they all lauigh at him drowning, even kai who dont usually laugh

tyson throws daichi a life saber and the crediys roll to 00s music (Is that rise above the storm?) as it shows clips from the movie we just saw

the end

that was pretty good

yeah its non canon as season 3 had him meeting daichi for the 1st time

but the art and animatiobn is brtight aND COLORFul

good 00s music

the voices are good

the 1st series was the best beyblade

the metal and burst series tried to be more aaccurate to the original ver which made it less fun

its a half hour beyblade add monday to friday

its mreant to entertain and be fun\

back then they made fun dubs like Medabots or Yugioh GX or the 90s dub of dbz (bulma; hay home boy!)

this was aa fun movie and its only like 70 mins

glad I saw it

and it didnt have a forced romanmce crammed in it

I got it for like 5$ at a used store and I'm glad I did

Also Tysons lively style and upbeat feel makes me wanna get mote active

They tried to get Beyblade in the olympics in the 00s but it was turned down

yet curling is ok, as that's spinning a round thing in a circle to knock out the opponents round thong

toitally not like beyblade!!

As beyblade has customization!

For Beyblade The Movie Fierce Battle 2 I want it to be about the next years tournamment for number 1 in JaPAN and Tyson isa in 1 block and Dauickhi is in another, and they fight their way through it, Also its a 32 bit Play StATION, Sega Saturn, Game Boy Advance game where you play as either Tyson, Daichi, or an orignal charavcter and make your blasde through the tournament to be number 1 in Japan and can swap partsa between battles and earn more parts from a shop and bet on rounds.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Hour Of The Gun Review

 Note; i spell by the hour

hour of the gun

this is my review on hour of the gun from the distant future numbers 0 utopopic future year of 1967

i never saw this b4 but its said to be good

its directed by John Sturges who did Bad Day at Black Rock, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, the 60s The Magnificent Seven and ther great escaspe

its got james gardner, Richard Bull from little houdse on the prarie, jon vooigt, jason robards from philedelphia, Robert Ryan from the 60s King of Kings, Michael Tolan frioom Juluis Caesar, Larry Gates from In the Heat of the Night, William Schallert from THEM!! Karl Swenson from The Sword in the Stone and Monte Markham from Honey, I Shrunk the Kid the series

its colored and widescreen

so it starts with creditys and jimmy is wyatt earep and it shows who plays who like the end of spacew ballsd

then title and more credits as guys waLKJ AROUNBD THIS WASTELAND AREA TOIWN

textr sez rthis mopvie is real and this is how it hasppened

so the guys walk up and it sez its the sistant future year of 1881 in arizona

they wallk up and shoot at eacjh other for a few seconds and a few guys get it

wyat from beybvlade v force checks his crew and cops comee to arrestr wyat for murder buut he sez they aint got juristdictin

so the law guys i think talk abouit how they gotta level up fast toi compete

a parade goes down with the coffins of the guys wyatt iced with banners saying "murdered in the streets of tombstone"

doc holiday isa on trial and says he became a gunfighter as he owed wyatt a favor and iced people in the war too but no one cared about those

also he stands by eysatt and iced those guys to mstop em

they get another guy on there and he sez he keeps a guy wanted as a book keeper and works fore a guy

oh its the brother of the guy whjo got iced and he stays outta gunfights as hes a bsinessmasn

is this gonna be like the passion of joan of arc from the 20s where its a fact by fact retelling of the historical files?

oh and he worried of an aSSASSINation of someone

they wyatt is on the stand saying the guys he iced said they'd ice him and and he'd challenge em to disarm if they were the evil ulysses s grant

the lawyer procestuor sez he told the gang to leavce town and wyatt calls him out for bveing a liar and cheat

lwyert sez wyatt will live to regret this and later lawyer is on the stand and sez the icxed guys threw their hands up and flew open their coats

hands up dont shoot?

then its revealed the eviodence disproves that guys lies and wyastt is found not guilty

later wyet and friends play cards and talk about cheeting

later its night and a guy goes out to check a noise and gets gunned down

wyatt earps bro virgil tibbs gets capped and the killers ride off

wtatt anfd doc interrogate a guy who saw but he wont talk

but then he does and names names

so theres a trial and as they dont got witnesses or much evidence, the named guys getta way with it

and the witness queered out and bro weyat is crippled

wtayy's ttold the lsaw dont work when half is bought off

then theres a thing of running for sherrif and an electyion

wyats other borther is running but gets j fk'd and bites it

good acting by gardneder as he sez bro told him ur life dont flash b4 ur eyes after whispering to him and biting it

oh and other brortther won the election

so wyatt sends his fam to tuson and is gonna take legal action when he gets back

on da  trainb is doc holiday who claims to be crazy aboput trains

might be autism

and earp is made a marshall

the grand marshal of h-ll from great mazinger!

at a train satation, ewyatt is ttold theres hitmen after him and hisd fam to ice em like a ninja clan

they get on da train and wyatt seez a sniper and sneaks oiut as the train goes

he takes out 1 guy and catches another rom behind and disarms him

and doc holiday is there

so latter guys talk about earp being wanting for wacking that guy trying to ice him and they'll nail him later

the laywer and relative of the iced gang are gonna send 20 guys to get earp

1 of his guys is city marshall and relative sends him off on a business trip

a new guy takes over as marshal and when earp and crew come backl, they arrest em and take their fireaRMS

WAIT, THEY DONT ARREST THEM, JUSAT STEAL THEIR GUNS AND 1 homie wants to use a group to overthrow the relative but wyatt sez to obey the law

wyatts homies say if they wanted him artrested they have done it and they gon ice him so he better skip town

wtayy sends his new homie to set something up

so this guyt hassles doc for money and has annother guy seputized and gives him a paper and sends him on a mission

later relatives ganng is out and doc holiday offers a guy a job to help the earps instead of being a strike buster, and dputiuzes him to help fight relative for 15 000 $ reward money

he's ptting together a team of super heroes like those dismney movies that are all pretty much the same

later they find a guy whpo got f'd uup and he bites it

i dont know who he is but i think he was in this b4

wait its wyatt and his homies who found him

they find a wells fargo bag looted and split up

the guys talk and say wyatt is only after the relative cuz of the law and not cuz he iced his bro

so wyatt goes to see a guy and tells of the wellsd fargo heist and both those guys were capped like his bros

this guy is who was acused of capping his bros and got off and as whyatt goes through a bag, the guy grabs his shotgun and trys to cap ewyatt

wehatt counterstrikes and wastes him

wyatt returtns to his homies and sez he iced the guy and now they don't get the 5000$reward

so doc wants booze but wyatt told the asian dude there not to buy any so doc goes off for some at a bar (or in soviet england; pub)

thern 2 guys on horses come by and ask about someone

doc creeps around and catches this jon voigfht guy at gunpoint and jons drunk

i think doc is too aND DOC ARRESTS HIM and as he taskes off his gunbelt, the opther 2 guys piull heaters on him

hwe turns and wastes em as jon trys to get his gun and wyatt blows out jons brains with a headshot

later doc and pals arrest this guy for attacking earps bros and he denies it and sezhe only watched from the alley

relative paids him to make sure the gunmen were leeft alone and wyatt offers him a chance in a duel to boith draw, an dwinner gets to live

earp draws on 3, watcher on 2

its like yugioh

so he counts to 3 and empties his gun into him for watching his bro get iced

when good men do nothing, thatt is evil enough: Dhalsim

wyatt sez sorry for costiung em the reward money and sends his crew off

doc is disgruuntled over wyatt icing the guy and not going to the law andf sez the warrents are hunting liscences

wyatt has enuff of docs sh-t and kills him

jk really he baCKHANDS HIM AND DOC SPAZZES OUT from coughing

so rellative sez weyatt is heading to soviuet colorado and sends his monkey to waste him like its sailor moon

so eyatt sends doicx to a place to get better and meets some guys who payed the guys after wyatt

relative went to soviet mexico and the guys want wyatt to be cheifd u s marshall and the head of law enforcement

he says he'd answer later and goos oof to see docx being treated foor lunfg cr-p and if he dont stop drinking, he's done

then he does out and hjas a nip

wyatt comes by and tells doc he's bneen offered the job and  wants to take it

so doc meets wyatt on a train heading for soviet mexico and wyatt tells him to go back

doc dont as they are like caPTAIN america and bucky but the lusty fans dont wanna see em b0ne

in soviet mexico he meets some homies to arrest em and a gunfight breaks out

1 guy gets away and doc interrogates a guy at guinpoint and finds they russle emfor relastive

they get a warrent and go to the castle of the mexicops and he sez the witnesses were iced and theres noit enuff evbidence togo toi trial against relsative

doc's startying to f--k out and wyatt sez doc was right and hes going for relative

doc sez this is different as hes planning to ice a guy outside of war or law

wyatt sez his bros played by the rules and got f'd and he's gotta doo diss

so they go on and find a remains of a church from pumpkinhead and see relative

they come out and the mexicans step aside and they slow walk for a stand off

wyatt throws his badge to doc and they get ready to duel

wyatt draws 1st and 1 turn kills him

then doc is back in the treatment placer for his consumption and wyatt visits him

doc sez sorry for his issues and wyatt sez hes going to tombstone

doc returns his badge from 2 mins ago and sez bye

at the cart he sez to some guy hes done with the law and will go off on some other adventure

doc has another drinkand playsd cards with his male norse

wyatt rides off and the credits roll

the end

that was pretty good

not as exciting or fun as most other films, but it gets points for accuracy

plus it didn't have a sad moment 2/3rds through nor a tacked on love interest

its differenmt and not a normal film

but isnt bad

some say never let the truth get in the way of a good story

it kinda applys here, bbut its good to see a film go against standard movie conventions

its worth a watch

good acting and writing and themes and wyatt is pretty cool

i seee where john wayne gets it

its not the best, but the reralism kinda works

for Hour Of The Gun 2 I want him to go to Mongolia to see if the legends of the Death Worm are real and turns out, there are Tree People who live in an Under World benieth the desery who use the Death Worm, and Wyatt has to take em on. Its also an 8 bit Run N Gun on Game Boy, Nes, mASTER sYSTEM, gAME gEAR, aTARI lYnx and 7800 and TG16 where you playt as Wyatt and fight through the Under World and ride Death Worms like the Chicken Leg in Golden Axe and take on the Great Oaking who wants to take over Mongolia after being sealed by Ghengis Khan years ago