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Hour Of The Gun Review

 Note; i spell by the hour

hour of the gun

this is my review on hour of the gun from the distant future numbers 0 utopopic future year of 1967

i never saw this b4 but its said to be good

its directed by John Sturges who did Bad Day at Black Rock, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, the 60s The Magnificent Seven and ther great escaspe

its got james gardner, Richard Bull from little houdse on the prarie, jon vooigt, jason robards from philedelphia, Robert Ryan from the 60s King of Kings, Michael Tolan frioom Juluis Caesar, Larry Gates from In the Heat of the Night, William Schallert from THEM!! Karl Swenson from The Sword in the Stone and Monte Markham from Honey, I Shrunk the Kid the series

its colored and widescreen

so it starts with creditys and jimmy is wyatt earep and it shows who plays who like the end of spacew ballsd

then title and more credits as guys waLKJ AROUNBD THIS WASTELAND AREA TOIWN

textr sez rthis mopvie is real and this is how it hasppened

so the guys walk up and it sez its the sistant future year of 1881 in arizona

they wallk up and shoot at eacjh other for a few seconds and a few guys get it

wyat from beybvlade v force checks his crew and cops comee to arrestr wyat for murder buut he sez they aint got juristdictin

so the law guys i think talk abouit how they gotta level up fast toi compete

a parade goes down with the coffins of the guys wyatt iced with banners saying "murdered in the streets of tombstone"

doc holiday isa on trial and says he became a gunfighter as he owed wyatt a favor and iced people in the war too but no one cared about those

also he stands by eysatt and iced those guys to mstop em

they get another guy on there and he sez he keeps a guy wanted as a book keeper and works fore a guy

oh its the brother of the guy whjo got iced and he stays outta gunfights as hes a bsinessmasn

is this gonna be like the passion of joan of arc from the 20s where its a fact by fact retelling of the historical files?

oh and he worried of an aSSASSINation of someone

they wyatt is on the stand saying the guys he iced said they'd ice him and and he'd challenge em to disarm if they were the evil ulysses s grant

the lawyer procestuor sez he told the gang to leavce town and wyatt calls him out for bveing a liar and cheat

lwyert sez wyatt will live to regret this and later lawyer is on the stand and sez the icxed guys threw their hands up and flew open their coats

hands up dont shoot?

then its revealed the eviodence disproves that guys lies and wyastt is found not guilty

later wyet and friends play cards and talk about cheeting

later its night and a guy goes out to check a noise and gets gunned down

wyatt earps bro virgil tibbs gets capped and the killers ride off

wtatt anfd doc interrogate a guy who saw but he wont talk

but then he does and names names

so theres a trial and as they dont got witnesses or much evidence, the named guys getta way with it

and the witness queered out and bro weyat is crippled

wtayy's ttold the lsaw dont work when half is bought off

then theres a thing of running for sherrif and an electyion

wyats other borther is running but gets j fk'd and bites it

good acting by gardneder as he sez bro told him ur life dont flash b4 ur eyes after whispering to him and biting it

oh and other brortther won the election

so wyatt sends his fam to tuson and is gonna take legal action when he gets back

on da  trainb is doc holiday who claims to be crazy aboput trains

might be autism

and earp is made a marshall

the grand marshal of h-ll from great mazinger!

at a train satation, ewyatt is ttold theres hitmen after him and hisd fam to ice em like a ninja clan

they get on da train and wyatt seez a sniper and sneaks oiut as the train goes

he takes out 1 guy and catches another rom behind and disarms him

and doc holiday is there

so latter guys talk about earp being wanting for wacking that guy trying to ice him and they'll nail him later

the laywer and relative of the iced gang are gonna send 20 guys to get earp

1 of his guys is city marshall and relative sends him off on a business trip

a new guy takes over as marshal and when earp and crew come backl, they arrest em and take their fireaRMS

WAIT, THEY DONT ARREST THEM, JUSAT STEAL THEIR GUNS AND 1 homie wants to use a group to overthrow the relative but wyatt sez to obey the law

wyatts homies say if they wanted him artrested they have done it and they gon ice him so he better skip town

wtayy sends his new homie to set something up

so this guyt hassles doc for money and has annother guy seputized and gives him a paper and sends him on a mission

later relatives ganng is out and doc holiday offers a guy a job to help the earps instead of being a strike buster, and dputiuzes him to help fight relative for 15 000 $ reward money

he's ptting together a team of super heroes like those dismney movies that are all pretty much the same

later they find a guy whpo got f'd uup and he bites it

i dont know who he is but i think he was in this b4

wait its wyatt and his homies who found him

they find a wells fargo bag looted and split up

the guys talk and say wyatt is only after the relative cuz of the law and not cuz he iced his bro

so wyatt goes to see a guy and tells of the wellsd fargo heist and both those guys were capped like his bros

this guy is who was acused of capping his bros and got off and as whyatt goes through a bag, the guy grabs his shotgun and trys to cap ewyatt

wehatt counterstrikes and wastes him

wyatt returtns to his homies and sez he iced the guy and now they don't get the 5000$reward

so doc wants booze but wyatt told the asian dude there not to buy any so doc goes off for some at a bar (or in soviet england; pub)

thern 2 guys on horses come by and ask about someone

doc creeps around and catches this jon voigfht guy at gunpoint and jons drunk

i think doc is too aND DOC ARRESTS HIM and as he taskes off his gunbelt, the opther 2 guys piull heaters on him

hwe turns and wastes em as jon trys to get his gun and wyatt blows out jons brains with a headshot

later doc and pals arrest this guy for attacking earps bros and he denies it and sezhe only watched from the alley

relative paids him to make sure the gunmen were leeft alone and wyatt offers him a chance in a duel to boith draw, an dwinner gets to live

earp draws on 3, watcher on 2

its like yugioh

so he counts to 3 and empties his gun into him for watching his bro get iced

when good men do nothing, thatt is evil enough: Dhalsim

wyatt sez sorry for costiung em the reward money and sends his crew off

doc is disgruuntled over wyatt icing the guy and not going to the law andf sez the warrents are hunting liscences

wyatt has enuff of docs sh-t and kills him

jk really he baCKHANDS HIM AND DOC SPAZZES OUT from coughing

so rellative sez weyatt is heading to soviuet colorado and sends his monkey to waste him like its sailor moon

so eyatt sends doicx to a place to get better and meets some guys who payed the guys after wyatt

relative went to soviet mexico and the guys want wyatt to be cheifd u s marshall and the head of law enforcement

he says he'd answer later and goos oof to see docx being treated foor lunfg cr-p and if he dont stop drinking, he's done

then he does out and hjas a nip

wyatt comes by and tells doc he's bneen offered the job and  wants to take it

so doc meets wyatt on a train heading for soviet mexico and wyatt tells him to go back

doc dont as they are like caPTAIN america and bucky but the lusty fans dont wanna see em b0ne

in soviet mexico he meets some homies to arrest em and a gunfight breaks out

1 guy gets away and doc interrogates a guy at guinpoint and finds they russle emfor relastive

they get a warrent and go to the castle of the mexicops and he sez the witnesses were iced and theres noit enuff evbidence togo toi trial against relsative

doc's startying to f--k out and wyatt sez doc was right and hes going for relative

doc sez this is different as hes planning to ice a guy outside of war or law

wyatt sez his bros played by the rules and got f'd and he's gotta doo diss

so they go on and find a remains of a church from pumpkinhead and see relative

they come out and the mexicans step aside and they slow walk for a stand off

wyatt throws his badge to doc and they get ready to duel

wyatt draws 1st and 1 turn kills him

then doc is back in the treatment placer for his consumption and wyatt visits him

doc sez sorry for his issues and wyatt sez hes going to tombstone

doc returns his badge from 2 mins ago and sez bye

at the cart he sez to some guy hes done with the law and will go off on some other adventure

doc has another drinkand playsd cards with his male norse

wyatt rides off and the credits roll

the end

that was pretty good

not as exciting or fun as most other films, but it gets points for accuracy

plus it didn't have a sad moment 2/3rds through nor a tacked on love interest

its differenmt and not a normal film

but isnt bad

some say never let the truth get in the way of a good story

it kinda applys here, bbut its good to see a film go against standard movie conventions

its worth a watch

good acting and writing and themes and wyatt is pretty cool

i seee where john wayne gets it

its not the best, but the reralism kinda works

for Hour Of The Gun 2 I want him to go to Mongolia to see if the legends of the Death Worm are real and turns out, there are Tree People who live in an Under World benieth the desery who use the Death Worm, and Wyatt has to take em on. Its also an 8 bit Run N Gun on Game Boy, Nes, mASTER sYSTEM, gAME gEAR, aTARI lYnx and 7800 and TG16 where you playt as Wyatt and fight through the Under World and ride Death Worms like the Chicken Leg in Golden Axe and take on the Great Oaking who wants to take over Mongolia after being sealed by Ghengis Khan years ago

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