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Blue Steel Review

 Note; i spell like zoolander

Blue Steel

This is my revierw on Blue Steel from 1934

Its got the Alpha Male John Wayne, Yakima Canutt from 1 scewne oin Gone with the Wind and behind the scenes in the 50s Ben Hur and Stagecoach, Lafe McKee from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, George Cleveland from Angel on my Shoulder, Earl Dwire from 1 scebner in King Kong, Hank Bell from Duel in the Sun, Theodore Lorch from Arsene Lupin from the 30s and a buncha  1800s guys i never heard of

Its directed by Robert N. Bradbury who did nothing i saw

theres also a 90s film called blue steel by Kathryn Bigelow and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ron Silver, and Clancy Brown

i never saw this but hear someone liked it

so we get creditdss to a color sherrif badge

its in color and full screen but its like early color

so its raining abndf john wayne comes in and hides and a guy in there is sleeping

the sherrif comes by anmd wakes him up and they talk about how someones comming after the storm

sleeper gives sherrif his rtoom and its got a hole in the floor that lets you spy on the area

he goes up, moves a rug and looks in the floor hole and later some people come in to the hotel

he gives 1 lady a room and this devolved looking couple comes in and hardly talk and gets the bridal suite

they're gonna be b0ning

later a guy drops payroll off and john watches from the closet and a guy in the window writes the numbers sleeper turns on the window

also sherrif eatches

the couple guy comes dwn saying he cant fiunsd something and sleeper takes him upstairs

he seems like he's got mental ret-rdation

window ghuy comes in later and opens the safew and sneanks out but leaves a spur behind

as he leaves john waybne wakes up and chex the safe and the sdherrif sees him  from tyhe ceiling

they come down and john hides and they find the combo numbers on the window

sherrif vows to hunt the guy down and later joghn wayne is making brt5eakfast and sdherrif comes bybut wayne hides and comes out with a gun

he trusts him though and shares his food as he looks not evil

alsdo thisd is redubbed by actors and dont synchro

thery have some booze and later in town they worry about a basndit on the loose

the gov cant save em and they dont have ammo

then this paxk of horsemen ride acrodsss the wasteland and this chick and her dad ride through this crevasse

the riders attack and the chick asnd dads ride fast

is this where nmad max and hokuto no ken got it from?

so john gets his hat and coat on and sherriuf recognizes him maybe

then thje chicxk and dad ride up and dad gets it

john wayyne and sherrif get on their hover cyuycles i mean hortses and go after the riders

eventually, john and sherrif go off a clif and the riders leave em for dead

sherrif was shot off his horse and john saved him

the outlaws espace and report to their boss and chick escapes to town and tells em about her dad and a guy namned tiom getting it

trom green, tom six or tommy wiseau?

they go back and meet up wiith john wayne and briong the dads body back

at town they aim guns at wayne and sherrif thnking they ioced dad but thewy get chicuk to proove em right

the town sez sorry and sez they only got a few days of supplues as they were intercepted by bandits

they are gonna sell their homes but wayne agrees to get 1000$ of supplies to em

also waybe sees the window guy who has 1 spur

kinda like the iron horse with the guy with 3 fingers

town owner or w.e who also leeads the bandits gives chick a place to live but then goes to chat with his goons about how the guys thought john wayne was the guy they iced

they want the town cleared out to get the gold vain in it and she hears and is caught

so shes tied up and put away and john goes to get the order on his white horse

he ggets to this place with the worsd Danti Keep Out on thew door and goes through a sacvk

he finds minding paper and puts it back and bad guy tells his goons: nows ur chance, no sdhootring

they try to catch him but he fights em off and has a chaSE THROUGH A FARM TO EPIC MUSIC

HE CATCHES 1 GUY WITH A ROME i mean roper from a barn windowm then jumps dopwn like batman and takes out the other guy and hgets his gunb

ho ho no now i have a machine gun

1 guy is cutting sa thing of ghaY on john wayne but sherrif wastyes him

boss bad guy sez hisa men were told to hold any suspect guys and gives waynbe the order

then the hay fallls on him

no word on the guy who was capped

so waynbe sez hes not going as itts a trap and laster goes out

sherrif wakesu up annd fibds the styuff jawen owaiune took from the mining thing andssuspects him

john checks on the bad guys and they say they are gonna get the waybe on his trip and have the girl caught

wauyne xchex on chick wgo tells of bad guys plot and he goes back and tells sherrifd

the next whenever wayunbe goos oof with sherrif andgoes through woodds

boss tells his goons to cap anmyone who coomes by and rides out to get wauye as wayne sez he';d go out in the day

john goes in anmd like a ninja sneaks around and beats up guards

this film feels like an 80s dolph lundgren film

its got simple style but charisma

and good camera and feel

so after they leave john frewes her and sherrif gets boxes from a cave

the baddz figger oot they been f;'d and head back as john axes in the mesh window

then he leaves and sez meet u at da tubble

sherrif gets the stolen suipplies  and as chick finally gets out, a guy grabs her

john waune beats his a55 in as the badds draw close

sherrif does nothing as john finishes the fight andjohn tells to esxape

sherrif gets a box of DY NO MITE! and they race offthe bads get back, a guy tells em john took the giorl and theyt race off

a guy they caufght stands up and comes to in the cart but gets cappped

the chicks horse bites it and wayne saves her andgets her on his horse as he gets on the cart

he lights trhe dy no mite andas they go through a crevasase, throws it and blows it

witrh theuir path cut off, the baddz go after em another way and through the river

waybe anbds sherrirf stop andclimb a rock and p[lant dy no mite and cluimb another rock

as the badds go throuigh they cap the dy no mite and blow it on em,

chick tytells the peopole of bad guys plan and john waybe and sherrif come back and say the badds are buried under the rocks

john sez hes a goiv agent and is a u s marshall and offers to marry her

sherrif is gonna take in wayne for jacking the safe but waynbe sez the real bandit got iced or something in the bosses gang and sherrif can have his 5000$ reward

sherif takes waynes word for it and waybe goes off with chick to a new adventure

the end

this was pretty good

simple, clean and well made

its a lot like a silent film in feel and style, kinda like ghost and tmnt 1  seem like 80s films

it holds up and has a nice atmosphere and effect and its only like 54 mins l;ong

glad i saw it

its a good budget film

for blue steel 2 i wanty the bad guy from the 1st movier to come back with gears and springs limbs that have gadgets in it after being rebuilt by a scientist who found him aND experimented on hium. he takes on the town and plans to use them to do experiments for the scientist and john waybne coimes back and has to take em on. its also a 16 bit run n gun game on sega genesis, snes, tg16, gba and ataRI JAGUAR WHERE YOU FIGHT THROUGH SEVERAL LEVELS and face people modified with gear spring tech as slaves unter their control and you gotta free em by shooting off the gearsprting armor.

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