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The First Texan Review

 Note: I spell super texas

the first texan

this is my review on the 1st texas from a 1965 i mwean 56

its got joel mccrea, chubby johnson, wallACE FORD FROM a patch of blue, james griffith from The Guns of Fort Petticoat, william hoppper from sdtage coach and Myra Breckinridge, Jeff Morrow from the giant claw and a buncha 1900s guys i never heard of

its directal by Byron Haskin who did the 50s war of the worlds and from the eatrth to the moon

i never saw this but i like texas

i got friends there and the people are usually nice and upbeat

its the most American out of all the states

sao its wide screen and color and starts with credits and singing about texaS

then its 1832 and a MAN goies across the red sea i mean river to texas to start a new life

he's sam houston and better than shia lebuff playing sam in the live action transfromers movies

so he gets to towewn at night and goes to a hotyel fort food and a place to sleep

the owner wants pay in advance and he does and is given wine(which is deadly)

a gjy in a suit comes in and taks with sam and it james bowie

sam used to be governer and bowie wants his help but sam dont think he can do it

bowie wants to have independence from soviet mexico but sam woulkd rather move on

so is this like robotech with the invid oppressing the local group?

so bowie goies back to his political meeting and the spanish inquisition comes in and is gonna arrest bbowie and his homies for dissenting from the gov

bowie holds the door and his freinds escape and sam fights off a few mewxicos

bowie and another guy poull biug a55 knifes but sam pulls a gun on them to cool things off

sam suggests they go in peacefully and he'd be their lawyer

they go and later sam goes to set up a law practice and meets a blonde

girls dad sez sam married a girl for a few daysd and resigned from soviet tgennessee goiverner

so theres a trial and sam defends the Tesasz against charges of treason for wanting a revolution

and if convicted they get executed

sam says the court is not legal as the judge can't preside on a case under martial law

judge says its not so sam says as its not, then the mexicop had no right to bust in and arrest em without just cause

mexicop is disgruntled and says his broter in law santa anna (Like santa from dragon pink and anna kozuki from yugioh zexal?) will hear of it

the judge dismisses the case and america wins

they introduce each other to bowies homies and they thank him for stopping the soldiers from going around back

he sez hes not joining the free texas movement and the texas's say they want freedom  like America in 1776 or sovuet irfeland

so sam and blonde grow closer and she's his secretary, which would be shown as bad if made today

he has her tale a letter and says his address and updates saying his wife dumped him and nowee he's free

later ouitside som,e mexicos cap a guy and run

samn and frienfs help him, and he biyes it

bowie wants to counterstrike but sam stops him as santya anna wants to use this uprising as an excuse to take over

sam suggestsd preparing and training to be ready to fight soviet mexico and they agree

so later blonde and sam talk abnd shes worrierrd about the diossentersdd being in over their head

they then make out and he wants to marry her and they talk about love and shre wants him to not go to war

nowadays they'd be b0ning but as a 50s film its clean

he sez there aint gonna be a war and he can go to soviet california

then bloindes dad and davy crocket come in and davey  has a message

president andrew jackson wants to meet sam and davey gives him a loist of namees and places to help

dAVEY sez to go now andf not tell anyone and he goes to washjintgon to mee thepresident

old hickery hears the texas want freedom and to be their own country but sam hopes there wont be a revolution

jackson sez he wants Texas to jion America and only if the people decide

President Jackson (who was an 1800s bada55) sez he wants sam to lead the texas to freedom butsam gave his word

andy bogard 0 sez hes the best man as (stone cold) steve austin and bowie won't be right and sam agrees

then word comes out that santa anna has taken over and is heading for texas\

Andy sez he cant help as congress wont let him and uston needs to do it on his own

so sam returns and gets from washington to texas faster than saznta anna canm get from \mexico to texas  and they say they fought off minions of santa anna and have a base at the AlaMO

the people draft a constritution and want him to be the president of texzas

blonde gets mad he is gonna fight for freedom and she ditches him

later the people hear the alamo got attacked and will be fighting thousands of mexicans and needs help

sam gowes off and meets a teen wjo is inexperienced and ranks him up and says falling asleep on duty is a firing swquad offence

he goes in a text and lights a lamp aND tells the colonel  everyones asleepp but captain says they aint soldiers but scum

if they gets treated too rough they desert and sam sez to get em ready as they are going to the alaMO

so they march at sun up and go on but later a mexico  gives sam news all at the alamo were executed by santa anna

and any dissent from his big gov will be met with execution

sam sends his men out and later its day asnd the mexicos on the move

so over 1000 men mexicans are coming and sam leads his men on to lead them off

later 500 guys are coming to help santa anna and a group with artillery is comming and might intercept santa anna

sam sends a guy to intercept em with orders and later he hears theres a lady coming to see sam with a group

sam meets the group and its blonde as the girl and sam chats with the colonel there

he sez he's gonna fall back and run and he will decide when to fight

in nobunagha's ambition on gameboy i went on for like 60 years and by the 1620s, was in a stand off with the tokugawa shoigunate and i had klind of a cold war until tthey had an uprising or disaster and swooped in and iced em as i ciouldn't beat em as i was b4

and 1 guy sez sam is leading the forces to this river or something

blonde has a petition from guys and sez she was wrong and accepts his role and reason for fightiong the big gov oppressing the people

a woman being wrong and the guy being right?

can't have that nowadays! its "hate"

sam tells her he is planning to fight santa anna and is sending her to the town and wont tell her as he dont want word getting out

in the mexicamp, santa anna thinks sam wants to lure him to America to get The Ameriocans involved but he's gonna turn back when sam leaves Texas asa no one wuill follow a coward

the people in the Texas command talk about how they don't wanna follow sam but some guys pull guns on em and say they'd  be desserters

the guys say they'd fall bacl and get more guys but the gun guyus say, i thought you were afraid of retreating

gun guys are gonna arrest em but sam comes in and sez they are gonna attack at night and he wants a lot  of prisoners, eesp santa anna

and now that santa anna can't retreatr as the bay is behind em and they thought texas force was running for america

so the texas forces ready an attack and fire canons and theres a big batttle as the mexicos build a barriere with boxes

imagine if that was a gunpowder box and he gotr blowed apart

sop the texas force charges in like bireeth of a nation

good pg battle withno gore or swearing or nude scenes

1 guy jumps sam but a guy caps him and he falls straight down, ebven though he already jumped and would have nailed sam

as bullets can stop jumping momentum

santa anna nearly ices sam but a guy tacles him away and wavks him

wait, that waSNT HIM

santa anna gets away and sam gets leg damage

and they got an enemy dr to work on him

so sam comes to and they creamedsanmta anna's forces wityh minimal losses

latter the men have caugfht santa anmna hiding as a commoner like hes saddam and they draw up an uncondituional surrender

santa annas sez he was the napoleon of the went and he's gonna be dealt with by the Republic of Texas

lsater they are riding and blonde gives him a note saying texas is anb independant republic

and sam houston is tthe new president

they celebrate as the texas music plays from the opening

the end

that was great

I like historical films and ones based on actual events that don't totallyt screw it up

this was positive and shows how one man can make a difference

it makes youi feel good to be an american

Showing how an ecil oppressive rule can be countered by freedom and morality

its got good filming and music and style and writing and is clean and wholesomed

it holds up and has good feels and heart

nowadays the texas would be seen as the bad guys and the mexicans would be shown as the victims

good to see filmsa when logic existed

for The First Texan I want it to be years later and Santa Anna's son starts an uprising to free his dad from jail and they start a band of malcontents that go from town to town chopping up and torching people places and things, And its up to Sam Huston to go on battles with his forces and wood armor suits with gears in it based on the Antikythira Gear and Japanese Karakuri tech and wage battles to take on Santa Anna Jr. also its a 16 bit Srpg like Shining Force or Fire Emblem on Sega Genesis, Snes, TG16, Atari Jaguar and gba where yoppu play as Sam Huston and lead troops on a grid battle force and fight across a buncha missions.

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