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Beyblade The Movie Fierce Battle Review

 Note; i speell better than peopler who dont hinink think ix a sport

breybladds the movie fierce battle

tyhis is my revie onm BeybladeThe Movire Fierce Battle from 2002 (The year dfigimon season 2 happened)

itsd directred by Takuo Suzuki who did Sonic X ep 56, 61, 71, Yugioh Season 0 ep 14 and Yugioh Zexal ep 8

it starts the coives of Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin, Gage Knox from franklin or something, Daniel DeSanto from are you afraid of the dark and the magic school bus, David Reale frpopm bakugan, Alex Hood from arthur, Mary Long from Sailor Moon, Jonathon Potts from the 80s Zelda cartoon, Julie Lemieux from Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya and Spider Riders, Katie Griffin from from Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya and bakugan, Shannon perreault from the bad medabots season with the kilobots and a few others i never saw in anything

its dubbed by nelvana who did care bears and rupert and othrt shows fom soviet csansda

ityd also distributed by miramaxc who did the crow and kids (the one of grade schoolers b0ning and spreading aids)

i used to love watching beyblade but once they went to v force it was ruined forever

cr-ppy cg eating the budget instead of good animation

plus the art style s-cked

but season 1 was good and season 3 tried to fix things

when i 1st saw season 2 i thought tyson was his descendant and grandpa was grown up tyson

but i did  like the game beyblade

used to play with neighborhood kids and used things like frozen bird baths and plastic bin lids to blade in

i still played ther game as new parts came out and joined nfd beyblade as my 1st messageboard

i wanted an animated signiture so i made a video of fma on maury but it dfidn't work so i put it on youtube  and that started my youtubing

I didn't like wqhen the metal blades came in as you couldnt use its parts with the original ones but did get wolborg metal snow and death gargoule metal scream

I went to my 1st anime con, anime north 05 to be at a blading tournament but lost after a bad launch

i still dream of my blADES and had some good times with em

but onto the movie(that i never saw b4)

ooh, its by toho, the guys who did godzailla and kimera

so its in a misty woods and animals are spazzing outas theres some daemon thuings going aroundbattling

they slam into the ghround and leave imprints of a dragon in the stone in a cave

the dragon laments over his imprisionment and then we cut to tyson winning a beyblADE CHAMPIONSHIP AGAINST SOME NOVBODY KID

DAICHI runs through a place and then we get the title

then as daichi superheroes his way through town, they play swing low as its bada65

he jumps across boats like hes in a video game and tyson finally wins

btw this is in proper fullscreen and full bright color

but as tyson is given a  wood plack, daichi SAWS IT IN HALF with his blade as these things are like power tools

jazzman confronts him but daichi puts him in an arm lock, lifts him over his head, and chucks him

yeah that's possible for a human grade schooler to do

so daichi challenged tyspn to be japanes NUMBER 1 BLADER

but its not f--kin ghey like masamune or whoever that dink was from metal masters

tyson dont carefor him and has a sonic the hedgehog attitude

until daizhi pulls a blade on him and fires!

that can saw throughh wood so that could ber assault with a deadly weapon

nah keids can kill and get away with it, and the press can't name em as the law favors the crooks

so tyson deflects it with his blade like theyre ninjas and jazzman says its not an official beybattle

tysons droogs say daichis strong and syson and daichi battle

meanwhile on demon rock island, a nerd tells of a great king who ruled or something

wait, this was 10s of thousands of years ago?

but creation science has proved the earth to be only a few thousand

also are some kids screwing around and dont care

1 little girl goes in this cave and they find ancient writing about shadow spirits to ruin the urth and the sacred spirits will try to stop em but fall withoughb the 5th

also this place is where the king sealed the shadow spirits away

so tysons blade is being shoved to the wall and cuting it but he counters and after a push back, he makes his blade jump and land on him

daichi dont ewanna lose and his blade glows and the cave wall bursts

in the cave, the kids and nered find carvings of kaiju and this alter has 2 corners turn to blades and turn on the kaiju carvings

the light from em poosesses ther kids into saint seiya like armor

then tyson wins against daichi but daichi wants round 2 as there was an earthquake or something


later the blade breakers are on a cruise to demon rock island, which i;m surpirsed wasnt censored as demon is too much for yugiohg

tyson wonders why daichis blade lit up and kenny sez as no bit beast was released it cant be that

at this other island they meet their teachjed whos from there and her fat mom whos livley and pokes fun at the kids bad character designs

at night the forrest sinks into the ground and the demon bladers are looking for something to free them

the next day scientists can't find the earthqwuakes epicenter and  the blader breaskers go to the beach to play japanese gameslike wacking a water melon

hilery is gonnma crack open tysons head while blindfolded but tyson is berried in the sand

she mashes his skull open and it splatters like that chicik in angel cop with brains and bone and eyes flying out

jk daichi stops her and wants a rematch

tysons on vacation and dont care for him

then its night and they have that japanese summer thing and tyson eats a lot

after tyson eats his fill, daichi wants to duel but tyson runs and inds up in a graveyand

fireworks light it up weird and daichi blacks out thinking he's a ghoul

imagine if they ran outta food and tyson ate the dead?

so hes carrying daichi back and the next day daichi wakes up and everyone laughs at him fainting

you know, for a beyblade movie, theres not much blading

so daichi and tyson have an eating race like those chicks who got fat in momo kyun sword

so later tyson, hilery and daichi are in a boat and tyson jumps in the sea

but as daichi can';t swim he just spazzes out in thr boat

hilery wants to know why daichi wants to the number 1 in japan

he sez his dad gave him strata dragoon and he bit it shovving 2 guys out of the way of falling logs

wow they left the blood in

so da dad strata dragoon will be there for him and to be best in japan

kinda like with Yuma and his dads kattobingu

so tyson hears and they beyblade in the boat

these things can cut metal, is it safe to do it in as boat?

meanwhile, the demon bladers come to the island and the leader senses strata dragoon ads it glows

daichi dont know what a bit beast is and the demon bladers run to em

as daichi powers up, the boat starts gfiving out and the leader jumps on his boat

he fires his blade and takes off tyosnms blade and wants daichi to bring out strata dragoon and summons huis  bit beast that knox tyson and hilery in the water

strata dragoon comes out and its a european dragon and it terturns to the blade

daichis blade stops and the other bladers jump on the boat and use their powrs to k o daichi and it hoversd away

kenny got footage of straTA DRAGOON AND  says its not fully evolved and the dark energy is like a shadowe of a real bit beast

also the eaverlengths match the dark energy and they realise the demon bladers were causing earthqwwakes

also footage of the demon bladers has a jewel on them with a symbol the teacher saw from demon rock island

tyson springs into action and makes teacher bring them there as she tyells em her teacher (thew nerd from b4) taught her and always talked about daemon rockke islande

so its night when they get there and in the cave is the demon bladers weityh theoir bad kiss make up vow to be free to destroy the world like in the yugioh movie

they launch their blades and the damons come out as they try tio get strata dragons strungth

dsaichi is deviolved intio a demon blader who looks kinda like bebi vegeta from dbgt and the blade breakers come in

daichi beats raye and maxxc and then summonsstrata dragonn and frees trhe demons from their seal like the earthbound immortals in yugioh 5Ds

they go in the evil blades and shatter the rock walls they were sealed in

tyson summons dragoon and they wanna seal the 4 sacred bit beasts away in a blacvck prison like the dead zone in the garlic jr movie in dbz

dragoon is beat down by strata dragoon and sealed in the rtock wall and teacher gets nerd and the kids out as the place caves in

tyson stayed behind to save dragoon and is sealed in the caved in area like in violence jack evil town

and its day now and nerd says theres no way to get him out

tyson says sorry for getting dragoon sealed and the demon bladers are gonna destroy the world for no well explored reason

a tsunami nails a towen and kai shows up(i thought he was with the other guys, i just noticed hes not with em, but looking back i dont recall him being there)

tyson telks to dragoon and sez he's with him asnd they'll break out

then trys hitting the wal with a rock but ddon't do it

tyson vows to never give up and goes back to it

you know, tyson reminds me of koji kabuto from mazinger z, and yuma from yugioh zexal

confident, brave, fun, cool, and positive

not like all these wieners in kids shows now

we need more goku and less gohan

more seiya and less shinji

so after denting the wall he thinks its no use buit he hears dragoons voice encouranging him like in ep 51 against tALA

then dragoon escapeswith some friendship care bears, secren of nimh, yugioh, sailor moon thing

meanwhile, the demon beasts aare having an invasiuon and busting the ciity like the tentacles in urotsukidoji

kai faces the chick in a bey basttler and summons dranzer and they clash

hes gonna finish her and the other demon bladers interfere and gang grind him

until outta f--kin nowhere tyson and friends show up(we dont see him reuniting with em?(but it is cooler and unexpected to see them all come in))

they calll out ytheir bit beasts, dark versions of the 4 good guys bit beasts

oh wow, thats sooooooo, original, itsa not like evil goku in dbaf or cyber driger in v force or black dranzer in season 1

also this isd liuke the 4th dragoon we've seen, classic, cyber, strata and dark

at leeast its not like dbz how we had all these goku looking guys with the same facve and actor

goku, tulles, ginyu goku, future goku, goten, bardock, black goku, goku jr, the black clad saiyan friom db super heroes, and that shadow gt goku in the super heroes manga

at least xicor looked different

the demon bladers say their bit beasts are the same as theirs as they used to be united as 1 but ssplit into good and evil (Like piccolo and Kami in dragon ball?) 

but humans feared them and made a pact with the light half of the bit beasts and sealed their dark halfs, but now they kinda got free

but they were just energy shadows with their true formes sealed so they needed strata dragoon to free them

tyson dont buy it and they launch their blades and summon their bitbeasts and battle

buit  the daemon bladers have an extra blader and do beetter

btw: 9 ancient things, 4 on 1 side, 5 on the other, sealing a great evil, isnt this ronin warriors?

so kai max and ray do a combo attack and nail em but get taken out

so itsdragoon and strata dragoon battling and tysson uses his words to make daichi snap outta his brain control asndstrata dragoon goes nuts and gets taken out

daichi turns back to normal like with tommy in power rangers

but the demon bladders say they don't nee him as bladers are not as useful as the bit beasts

tyson gives a shonen hero speech about teamwork and friendship and how dragoon is like his brother and thats how he broke the seal


dark dragoon offers to reunite with dragoon to dominate the world but tyson sez hes the one who makes dragoons complete

dark dragoon; then die together, like in yugioh the movie's  Ots not tome to duel, its time to doe

tyspn sez to connect to strata dragoon and talk to him and he does and uses kaioh ken to digivolve his guundam to 3rd gear bankai jutsu and his blade hatches out of itself and is a new blade

they say he carved that spoon from a bigger spoon

so strata dragpon comes out and teams with classic dragoon and ray, max and kai come alive

ooh, they're playing a new song

so dragoon riodes strata dragoon and they combine their power

then the blades get off aND GRIIND AND hammed and bump and this sounds liker a p0rn0

so tyson and daichi beat the evil; blades and the posessed kids turn normal and the evilm blades turn into dreidals

why is draggoon v2 red? itts white! I had it!

so nowe the suns up and they were up all night and their fine mortor skills are gonna go down

daichi's blasde shows his bit beast on the chip and now daicchi and tyson are homies

nerd and tewacher help the posessed kids\

the blade breakkers retuerbn the  evil blades and they escape the island as it crumbles into the sea like its f--kin y's 3 on sega genesis

as they boat out, teachers bbw mom brings daichi and he wants a rematch but tyson gets the boat to move anbd he falls in the open ocean

he swims after em but tyson reminds him he cant swim and he spazzes out as they all lauigh at him drowning, even kai who dont usually laugh

tyson throws daichi a life saber and the crediys roll to 00s music (Is that rise above the storm?) as it shows clips from the movie we just saw

the end

that was pretty good

yeah its non canon as season 3 had him meeting daichi for the 1st time

but the art and animatiobn is brtight aND COLORFul

good 00s music

the voices are good

the 1st series was the best beyblade

the metal and burst series tried to be more aaccurate to the original ver which made it less fun

its a half hour beyblade add monday to friday

its mreant to entertain and be fun\

back then they made fun dubs like Medabots or Yugioh GX or the 90s dub of dbz (bulma; hay home boy!)

this was aa fun movie and its only like 70 mins

glad I saw it

and it didnt have a forced romanmce crammed in it

I got it for like 5$ at a used store and I'm glad I did

Also Tysons lively style and upbeat feel makes me wanna get mote active

They tried to get Beyblade in the olympics in the 00s but it was turned down

yet curling is ok, as that's spinning a round thing in a circle to knock out the opponents round thong

toitally not like beyblade!!

As beyblade has customization!

For Beyblade The Movie Fierce Battle 2 I want it to be about the next years tournamment for number 1 in JaPAN and Tyson isa in 1 block and Dauickhi is in another, and they fight their way through it, Also its a 32 bit Play StATION, Sega Saturn, Game Boy Advance game where you play as either Tyson, Daichi, or an orignal charavcter and make your blasde through the tournament to be number 1 in Japan and can swap partsa between battles and earn more parts from a shop and bet on rounds.

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