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Randy Rides Alone Review

 note; i spell like rand in robotech

ranbdy rides alone

This is my review on Randy Rides Alone from 1934

Its got the Superior John Waybe, George Gabby Hayes, Yakima Canut, Earl Dwire and Artie Ortego, with Alberta Vaughn who i never saw in anything ort heard of b4

most of these guys were from Blue Steel and its directyed by Harry L. Fraser who did ther batman and captain america 40s serials

i never saw this but its got John Wayne so its probably good

so it starts with a colorized lone star opening and crediyts in proper fuill screen

then waynbe comes downb a path off a rick thing and comes to a town

he stoops by a half way house and everuyones dead

isnt this how THEM happpened?

and the player piano is still going and 1 painting on a wall has guys of a guy behind it looking

anda wanted poster has its eyes shot out and writing on it saying the shwerrif to lay off of hes next

then some guys ride in and write a note saying to be quiet as he heard shots

they go in and arrest john waYBE and the mute guy writes a note saying he might e in a gang

john says he came to meet a guy and they call the coroner and take him away

the eyes behind the painting come out a trap door and its a ginger woman

she looks really 1920s with that clara bow hair

then takes 1 guys gun outta his hand and checks a hidden area under the floor

then goos oot and the posse brings john wayne in and jail him

sherrif sez to find sally rogers(Mr Rogers mom?) and mute guy writes a note to tell a guy to watch his store while hes out

mute goes to some waterfall base and some of his goons are playing cards

he takes off a moustache abnd talks and changes his clothes to all black like he's in Bleach and thnx em foir taking out the halfway house guy

now he can buy the place from the niece and own the area but they didnt find his money or neice

chick goes in to sdee sherrif and sez she already knows of her uncle getting wacked like charles the evil princes gf's

he has her see john wwaybe but mutew is going somewwhere so sherrif goes off and leaves her alone with a sus[ect

they talk and he sez he didnt do it and he was sent to see him

she shows him a note saying he was to investigate something there  and she lets him out and sez to meet her at the half way house at sun up

john waybe gets away and muite wrtites hes sorry her uncle went to h we double soviet new york and offers to buy it from her

she dont consent but he offers his safe but she sez the riobbers took it all

sherrif wemnt after johnm waynbe llike hes gacy and waynbe rides on

so he retunrs to the half way house and she has hiom lock the door b4 comming out

john waybne sez by helping him she became an accessory to crime and his orders were to wqork alone

sherrif comes by and john goes out the windowe and she goes in the trap card door

he gets on his horsde and books it and they follow

eventually he jumps in the riuver and they fire on him, buty muthbusters prooves that under 3 feet of water, bullets are useless

he comes out by a waterfall base and is caught by they goons

he meets boss who he tells he rides alone and they draft him in their group and he consents

mute boss sez he knows sherruf wants him and they plan to use him and throw him away when done

mute boss sends 2 guys chick never saw to give chick a note and tells others to bring john away

1 guy shows wayne wanted posters like the one wih the eyes shot out and they shoot holes in the eyes of 1

also they have dy no kite rigged in the place to self detonate the base

so the goons give her a note saying muter tyold her to meet him for a clue he found but she dont consent

so they take her there by force to the waterefall base and mute boss she dont recognize sez he'd let her gho if she tells him where the stuff is

later when everyones asleep, wayne tells chick he;'s going for help and she needs to trust him

sher gives him the key to the box and tells where the box is

he also cuts the dy no mite cable and takes a pack as he goes out

boss mute wakes up and goes out and puts on his mute disguise

he sends her a note saying he can help her if she tells where the money is butshe dont trust him and denies knowing wherre the money is

he can't take it and yells at her for making hium look bad  as he's given up on his mute persona

so waynbe gets the money and puts the dy no mite in the safe place and  finds the mute notye

he compares it to the poster writiong and sees it matches and rides back

he goes to town and thwe sherrif and his men chase him and he leads em to the waterfall baze

john returns and tells em he found the money in a space in front of the bar and sherrif attacks as mute boss escapes

a gunfight breaks out at the rock base and thre baddz ghet cauhgt

mute boss goes up a ladder but as wayne follows, mute pushes the laddewr off

he lands in a tree and climbs back up and they race off n horses

sherrif frees chick and she tells him john and muter got away and are heading for tyher house

after a long ride chase through the wasteland, john gets capped by mute and  falls off his horse

mute gets to the house and the sherrif arrewwsts johjn again

mute shoots the safe and the house blows and john wayne sez mute and boss were the same guy

he gives em the money and releavs hes an agent or w/e and is cleared

now john wayne beat the bad guy, saved the day, and got the girl and tsthey go off to live happy

the end

that was pretty good

not too long, with good twists and style

pretty much a silent film with words

john waynes always good in these

good tyhings like the bad guy faking being mute

good action

its a lot like blue steel but different enough

sorta like devilman and shuten doji

i liked it and its a nice film thats clean but cool

nowadays there'd be bad love scenes and swearing and gore and devients

a good whoilesome 30s film

for Randy Rides Alone 2 I want him to be married with the girl but on their honey moon are attacked by a skin walker and john wayne and his woman have to use holy words to rebuke it as bullets dont harm it. they have stunmbed on their turn and gotta get out beofree they are iced. Its also a 16 bit 2 player beat em up on sega genesis, snes atari jaguar, th16 and gba where you fight through daemons but instead of hists you use holy words to rebuke them.

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