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Candy Land The Great Lollipop Adventure Review

 Noyte I spell bad but I'm not a candya55

Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure

This is my review on Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure fom the distant future year to D W Griffith of 2005 (The year of Trandsformers The Movie and some Robotech Comics)

theres like no info of it on soviet back door candy a55 beta male frooty booty, sodom bottom girly man, aids back wikipedia, oh i forggot soy boy.

its based on a board game I never played and didnt have a Genesis version like Mono0poly or Clue or Risk

I never saw this direct to video movie(Is this an OAV?) but my New Jersey Homie anted me to do it from a list of options I sent him and here we are

So its by hasbro an paramount who did Trandsformers by michael bay and after the logos we get the title and this land of candy with gingerbread c-vl suckers going by

i like the art and animation as its better than cr-ppy cg they use in everything

they sing of how joyful and happy it is in candylandand red beavers chew candy cane trees and theres a chocolate river and whipped cream snow field and humans getting ready for a celebration

this reminds me of Chritopher The Chritmas Tree from the 90s and is in proper fullscreen and has nice bright happy colors

some gingerbread kid is going to candy castle and i think his mom is a tree somehow andits a special day andthe kids name is jim like in huck finn

hes taking this macguffin to the thing and its icing that must be in the castle by noon

hes got a back pack/map item like a non mexican dora the explorer ande is told to follow his heart and stay on the road

is this like littl red riding hood? cuz in thr original stoey she eats grandma and gets b0ned dead by the wolf

this red head is screwing around and her dad is the king wo looks like a european version of the sultan in aladdin and he sez a new sweet flavor will blom in candyland after the ceremony and he wants her to do the ritual and is that f--king scott mcneil as da king?!

so in da ritual she puts her sceopter in the sweet circle and her name is f--kin loli like anime girls and these bad candys try to jack her rod and it makes this cake splat on da king

king sez to be responsible and they tell im b gumballs going down a chute and banging a metal bell and they got 5 left before the rtual

is this meric time?

the bad candy reports to the ovious bad guy as hes in black lether like naga from slayers and has a moustache unlike naga from slayers, also its not a leather bikini sm outfit like naga from slayers and bad guy learns the loli scepter like in ailor mini moon is the key to the ritual and wants em to jack it as hes lord liquorish and dresses like a musketeer/don juan and wants to take over candyland like f--kin no heart from care bears

so is this like another realm like oz or the man beast realm in urotsukidoj or the dragon realm in dbaf?

so gnger man jim goes by this icing snow field and gets hit u a dr suess looking butt f-ker who sounds like ian james corlett from beast machines and the GOOD dub of DBZ.

his name is mitt like the rino romney and hes going to the sweet thing with a peppermint stick andjim warns him they might be late. mitt wants jim to relax, dont do it, when you wana sock to it, and sings a song of having fun  and not beng super srs

i gotta say, people are too srs nowadays, have fun, relax, lifes an adventure, home boy! now people dont seem to get jokes and think when i say "inbreedings natral, animals do it" that i'm srs as they are too devolved to have a sense of humor

they might be dropping from homosapien to homo erectus

so jimmy goes with mitt and theres 4gumballs lrft and they find this shape shifter gummy and they are in umdrop pass and he jumps to his deth

but the ground is gumdrop cr-p and he bounces like a trampoline

jim dont got time for this cr-p and leaves and mitt and gummy  follow and je/jim b-ches about wasting time

gummy has 4 gummy heart to ring and devolves into a dog with sad eyes to win over jimbo the bimbo

mitt finds his peppemint stick is broken and goes to get another so jimmy uses the gngetbread icing witch is probably her milk and fixes it

this blonde chick skates aroundwith  wand andloli is waching and blonde is he ig siste or o nee san and loli is b--ching hat shes not fit for the ritual and has wings for some reasonas  guess hes a faerie or half bug

blonde sister whothis mexican guy i know who likes blondes would like and probably draw being b0ned by candy mnsters, sez she can do it and goes off and these licorice goblins jack the lolis sscptter and she chases em

mitt sees a qucik way to the castle through the licorice thicket and its like a horror oive like evil dead where the licorice tentacles will b0ne em dead

mitt gets him to take the fast way but theres no easy way out, theres no short cuts home like in rocky 004

jim goes in it and loli flies around and looks for her scepter and cant find it as despite being able to fly, the running goblins escaped her and she goes to grandmas ghouse

in teh thicket they find lord loquorish and mitt stops jim from going there as hes bad news

they hide as the licorusche hob gob lins come over and bring him the scpter and he dips it in his black goo in a pot he probably j=rked off in and throwa it to make tentalces rise out and sings a song about how no one likes his candy and he wants revenge

you konow, i hear licorice lowers testosterone, no woder this guys a stick boy and evil like beta males inceting boy in their parts

he wants to ban candy except his so they'd all have it his way, like soviet canada making it mandatory to have 55% of ALL broadcast days canadian content so we get 3 hours of degrassi 3x a day and reruns of cr-p like scardey squirrel and kid vs kat and other shows no one likes til eveyone hates it

the heroes are going and a goblin sees em and lord liquorish sends his minions/slaves/kids to get em instead of going himself cuz hes a beta male and accidentally cooks his a55 and falls in a bucket of water

jm squiterrts icing and it glues the midgets to the gorund and they escape

is thi like the 4th magi where he ives up his gift for The Savior by helpign  others to save em?

jim is almost outta jingerbread icing and they gotta warn the kng and mitt sez everything will work out as he knows this is a kids cartoon and they wont ice everyone in the 1st act like Transformers The Movie

loli goes to tell grandma whos a bbw that she lost her moon scepter and at that time mitt and friends come by grannys place to ask for directions

mitts foot breaks the ground and his foot is stuck ij the gooey underfloor and granny and loli come out and granny reveals its peanut butter which the lessr evolvesd cant hand;e

jim tells her that lor liquorish is gonna use the scepter to f up candy land and loli gets bummed for being irresponsible and crys

she pulls out a candy cane, breaks it on the tree s its gpt a jagged edge and commits seppuku

jk really granny sez if they dont give up they aint f'd and sings a song about it thats kinda like som ething from Yuma in Yugioh Zexal and how his Kattobingu has him battle on dranzer and not surrender til the end bring it too em jinga bull bull bull bull bull bull bull!

not only does she mention the rainbow road like in mario, ut theres a cimimon bun floor thing and its like the yellow brick road in the wizard of oz

jim wants to trap lord liquorish and swip the sceopter and mitt steps in the peanut butter and jim gets an idea

in his lair, lord liquorish pulls the ucket off his a55, and his goonscome by and h dont care that the good guys know as he has the sceptor and has his twizzler nubs carry him in a chair like slaves

in da castle the king is worried of loli and dont know where she is and theres 2 gum balls left before time is up

lord liquorish goes on and sees a sign pointing to grannys place and a castle sign on it and it turns out its the gummy dino and the good guys and hiding and come out and get ready for part 2

the nub gublins get tired and liqo8urish lord walks to the cliff and gummy dino oots his a55 down a slide and he slams into the peanut butter floor and is coated in creamy brown sliop and sruck

mitt jacksloli sscepter back and the nubs come down and get stuck too but some nubs as the slaves are called get away and granny chases em in a boat car

the good guys run and theres 1 gumbell left and mitt takes em down a qucik way through the hocolate swamp and the birdge is out

loli has wings and can fly across and does and gummy dino devolves into a kangaroo and jumps but jim jumps and falls in the cr-p and lord liquorish is comming

gummy turns into a dolphin and jumps in the chololate swamp which sounds like a metaphor for the runs and jim sez to get to the castle to loli

loli jumps in when she can fly and dolphin gummy turns into a pool toy on a string and trei to help him

liquorish lord comes in and boots mitt in the swamp and uses his nubs to make a human bridge toget across and the scepter the loli dropped and goes on after saying something else is i the chocolate swamp

granny you'd wanna f==k runs away from the nubs in her boat car and in the swamp the monster comes out and only wants a hug and is a big mentally ret-rded thing and the guys hug im and he lets em out as the cr-p monster hugs all over mitt and coats him in his cream

at the castle the tentacles of licorice some in and lord liquorish laughs an sez when the last gumball is dropped, the magic will devolve candy land into liuorish

the people are tied in tentlaces and chocloate coated mitt and gummy walk up and snea behind liquortish lord and and scream and he thinks they are a cr-p monster ut the slop falls off and he sees through it

the nubs tackle mitt and gummy and loli and jim turn the chute to have the gumball nail loord liquorish in the back of the head wich can cause disability and take the scepter but he gets it back

jim gets it, then a nub then gummy then ord l then jim then jim then loli then nub then jim then nub then loli 

the numbs combne into a checker ball and bowls em over and lord l gets it ad his liqorish bites get lines up and it looks like its f'd but jim gets the last of his icing and throws it and sticks lowrd liworish's foot to the ground

the chocolate dinosaur sasquatch caveman comes in and pulls lord liqourish up and hugs him which might suffocate him in soft creamy brown goo and gummy turns to scissors like oolong and puar in dragon ball to circimsize gokus a55 when he goes ape

everyone presents their gifts of cadny ut jim dont got one as he used it to save em

seeing no other way, he offers his boy as a living sarifice and when she touches the scepter to the thing, he disintegrates and says "This is my fate!"

jk really loli sez he sacrificed his gift to save them and lord liqoirish laoghs at him for f--kin it up

jim crys and kneels on the altar and it glows and its revealed that it happens good cuz not what he brings but what he is and mitt brings the guys upon the altar for tribute andloli uses her scepter to open the matrix rodimus and a new candy road comes out and candy grwos out of the earths a55

the kids run out to the new lolipops and sing a happy song and enjoy the cadny which im not sure is cannibalism

everyone goes off to their homes ater the ceremony and jim goes home and hugs his tree mom and we get gredits

huh, sabella and dern did this, they did the unicron trilogy in transaformers

oh and theres a cheerful pop song like from a 90s show

i knew it was scott mceiol and ethan john corless, and its got doug parker, mark oliver, kathleen barr, and britt mckillip

the sohg sounds like cardcaptors or something

but that was pretty good

good acting and the animation wa pretty good

nice music and positivity

nowadays everythings dark and gritty but here its fun and lite like Cherub Wings or a Dreamcast Game

the story is deent and its not trying to be gone with the wind or the ten commandments or birth of a nation or ben hur, its a jolly cartoon based on a board game

like the battle toads or extreme dinocsaurs or bubsy or beyblade or yugioh or he man or transformers

its a fun movie and is upbeat and lite and i think i prefer it overrainbow brite as this had a bit more substance even if its not too much, its more than rainbow brite

produced in association with wang film(tee hee)

this was nice and has good spirit and makes you feel a bit les malcontent

not to ruin it with a sequel

For Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure 2 I want Lord Licorice to be revealed to be working for a greater evil; the jalepeno Haoh! who is this anti candy that wants to wipe out candy land and decieved lord licorice into reelling against king kandy to try to take over. seeing his slave has failed, he enters the kandyland realm my fusing with lord licorish and they devove into a pepper thing that looks like a chinese emperor or warrior with pepper themes and leads an attack on the kastle. Its an epic battle with upgraded licorice nubs that are spicy and bitter and look like demonic dogs with pepper themes and they overwhelm the castle. The blonde princess gores to a secret chamber below the throneroom and gets the secret power that was reserved for this day; and when she opens it, is in a lollipop bikini with skates made of hard candy and a peanut brittle crown and shoulder plates with red jellybean jewels and fights agaisnt him with power moves. also mitt and gummy combine into a big muscley teal guy and a candycane spear and they team up and beat through the pepper patroll and the spicy shogun who work under the jalepeno haoh. also its a 16 bit beat em up on sega genesis, snes, tg15, atari jaguar and gba where 1 player can be the princess and the other mega mitt and they battle the enemies and beat the several spicy shogun to get to the jalepeno haoh and free candyland from his evil anti sqeet reign.

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The Taking Of Pelham 123 Review

 Note: I spell like remakes oftn do; cr-ppily

The Taking Of Pelham 123

This is my review The Taking Of Pelham 123 from the distant future year of 199 19 or 2009(the yearrobotech season 1 happened)

Is directed by f--kin tony scott who did The Hunger\Top Gun 001\The Last Boy Scout\Enemy of the State\Man on Fire

its based on a book by John Godey that i never read and was adapted as a 70s film people say is better

It stars openbly Good Denzel Washington from Glory\1992 Malcolm X(The brother of Jason X, Space Meta Fighter X, Mr X from Streets of Rage and Meg Man X)\Much Ado About Nothing(hich was really prissy and sissy but colorful)\The Pelican Brief\Philadelphia\The Bone Collector\The Hurricane\Remember the Titans(But not the prequels: Clash of the Titans nor Wrath of the Ttians)\Training Day\John Q.\Antwone Fisher\the 00s Man on Fire\the 00s The Manchurian Candidate\American Gangster\the evolved version of The Magnificent Seven, openly irish John Travolta from Carrie\Saturday Night Fever\Grease\Look Who's Talking\Pulp Fiction\Face/Off\The Thin Red Line\The General's Daughter\Battlefield Earth\Austin Powers in Goldmember\Hairspray\Welcome Back, Kotter\The Boy in the Plastic Bubble\The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story, John Turturro from Raging Bull\Desperately Seeking Susan\Gung Ho\Do the Right Thing\The Big Lebowski\O Brother, Where Art Thou?\Collateral Damage\Mr. Deeds\Anger Management\You Don't Mess With The Zohan\Exodus: Gods and Kings, James Gandolfini from The Last Boy Scout\The Mexican\Zero Dark Thirty\the 90s 12 Angry Men\The Sopranos\Sesame Street, da mexicommie Luis Guzman from McBain\Boogie Nights\The Bone Collector\the 00s The Count of Monte Cristo\Punch-Drunk Love\The Adventures of Pluto Nash\Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd\Turbo\Law & Order\The Eric Andre Show, Michael Rispoli from Kick-A55\Touched by an Angel\1999–01 The Sopranos\Law & Order: Criminal Intent\Law & Order\blue Bloods\Law & Order: Special Victims Unit\The Good Wife, Gbenga Akinnagbe from Edge of Darkness\Independence Day: Resurgence\Law & Order: Special Victims Unit\The Good Wife\Blue Bloods\Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Frank Wood from Law & Order\The Sopranos\Law & Order: Criminal Intent\The Good Wife\Law & Order: SVU\Blue Bloods, the sodomus John Benjamin Hickey from The General's Daughter\The Bone Collector\Freedom Writers/Law & Order\Law & Order: Criminal Intent\Law & Order: LA\The Good Wife\Hannibal\Modern Family\Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Gary Basaraba from The Last Temptation of Christ\Charlotte's Web\The Smurfs\Law & Order\Judging Amy\Law & Order: Special Victims Unit\Blue Bloods\Flashpoint, Ramon Rodríguez from svu, Aunjanue Ellis from the remske in name only(or prequel) The Birth of a Nation\Law & Order: Criminal Intent\The Good Wife\Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story\Blue Bloods\Designated Survivor\Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Tonye Patano from The Hurricane\Law & Order, Jason Butler Harner from Law & Order: Criminal Intent\Law & Order: Special Victims Unit\The Good Wife\Law & Order, Brian Haley from Mars Attacks!\The Weird Al Show\Pearl Harbor\/Gran Torino\Draft Day\The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Adrian Martinez from Taxi\\Kick-A55\The Amazing Spider-Man 2\The Sopranos\Law & Order\Law & Order: Criminal Intent\Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and a few guys not on back door soy boy beta male candy a55 uso suki gender offensder, sodom ottom aids bag wikipediea

so after credits and title t widescreen and colorswith showing the guys and their names like space balls, all set to 99 pronblems from a tru deau i mean b==ch aint onewe get guys going to a train thing and denzelas a guy who manages trains or w/e from a room

theres a lot of fast edits and slo mo andits like a 90s commercialso dravolta with tattoos and a hat and shades and face hair takes out a guard swiftly and his droogs silently take over a train like how THEY took over our land w/o us knowing

theres all these dinks on the train like 1 guy webcamming his 5ksank gf and travolting minion stops the trainin a tunnle and its trin 123 and travolva i mean denzel calls em and gets no responce

the train dumped a cart andthe rest went on and den tells the station to hold off sending other trains and send a guy to ceck

a train cop gors up but is capped andwebcam guy whos probably j=rkin off on the subway like a new yorker and travolta tells this loud black woman to guide the people on the train

the cops are called in and soviet new york is a tsll city with deep roots into the foul earth below

travolta cals controll and gets denzl and sez hes hes got hostages and machine guns and has em calculatethe hostages to10 million dollars and 1 cent and wants soviet new york to pay

den writes hostage on paper and tells the people in his office and if he dont get the money in 1 hour, every min he ices another hostage

den sez hes a employee and cant get da mayor but travolda sez to do it or the people go to h e double soviet california

the people contact mayor james gandolfini who i guyss is the witness protection of tony sprano after he faked being iced as no one would expect a witness protection guy to be a pulic figure, like in robotech how lancer was a wanted wan who faked being a emale singer to avoid being vivisected

den tells tra the mayor iscalled and dont know if hes paid and hes a middle man and chats with him about his motives and tra sez hes in it for the money and they all wind up in the same place

den sez "Jensey?" and tra sez hes from there andthey talk about if Tra is catholic (spoiler; hisactor jined the robotech masters or w/e) and hez to call hm ryder like ryder strong from boy meets word who denies The Creator

travolta sez not to call unless hes got news and the mayors aid comes by to get the sitrep and tells den to go off, also den sez tra is like a stocks guy and negotiator calls and travolta goes mental cuz he wants denzel not flashpoint italiano and caps a guy and will do it again unlessthey get den back

they get den back with 2 seconds b4 tra wases another new yorker, but many of they are surpless to reqyuirements so its ok

so tra sez if den ditchws him again he'd hunt him down and end him and it was new york that ennded the guy travolta capped

brokeback mountain clip; i with i could quit you!

so th max limit to get from the federal reserve is 10 million dollars and the ryder know his sh-t

so flashpoint finds den is accused of taking a bribe in japan and might be fired and the myor plans to pay

flashpoint grlls den about if he knos anything about ryder and if they can search his place as the crooks get the data on looking up den online and finding hes accused of taking a bribe

den calls tra to say the mayor is paying and tra goes into him about his jspan bribe over the canadian train and den gets defencive and they demoted him unil his review

tra flips and takes a hostage after den sez hes innocent and is gonna put a hole in his head ike j f k or harambe and at the last second den tells them he was gonna take the japanese train anyway and took the bribe to pay for his kids college which will turn em queer

tra sez he saved the s8r boys ;ife and that tra and de are the same cuz they did cr-p and got sh-tted on

denzens woman calls and tells hm he cops are calling the home and shes one of those thin blck women with bad hair thats in all the adds and shows and he comforts her

at the reserve the cops get the money and the hostages talk and this really black guyhas a military ring and webcam purvo 's gf tries talking to it and her webcam shows the footage from the train and the people recognize 1 guy as a killer who got high on cough syrup (or lean like traYVONNE?) and they see theres net there

a sniper has the train in his sights and a rat goes by his feet

travolter saw the mayor on the news online and sez he wants to talk to da mayor who talks with him and sezmayor makes 1 $ a year but he affords suits and fancy things

travoltio  offers the mayor to offer himself as a substuit to get the hostages but the mayor declines and travolta goes on a tirade agi9anst the mayor for being a lying cheeting p o s and the city woulnt save him (like how the love rudy guliani and the media makes him look bad but not their home boys?)

so the money is comming and they look into the meixco guy on his pirate crew and they have den call and ask how he knows of the meciso and he claims hes gonna do his own heist and travolta sez he took a chick to iceland from litholenian who was an a55 model who did a55 work in jeans with her a55 as i guess hes butt seuxal

this dog a55 he's looking at sh-ts as he runs on a dog sled and its like nigh shift nurses with the chick blasting water and fecal matter after an enema and it made him get htrough prison as he had issues sh-tting in jail and remembered the dog

den sez they didnt know how it would start but he sez he did an when den sez he didnt know how it would end den i mean tra stops talking and theres 4 ins left

the car f--ks out andits from bad new york probably gaijin drivers and the bikes take the mony but it might eb late

they tell den to lie and he sez the money is there andhe knows its a lie and is gonna end em and really blakc guy stands up to den i mean travolta and travolta wastes him and blames den

black guy got it? is this a horro movie?

the sniper is gonna end a guy and blows out the mexico head as the rat goes in his pants leg and sz its an accidental discharge

travolda sez now more gotta get it and den tries to talk him outta it and sz the money is there as the guys got it and travolta reads the web about stocks with gold up american dollar down as this is undwr ba rock hiesein who devolved the nation

after taking a prayer break the travolta sez he want den to bring the money or another hostage gets it and he's got 7 mins and says checkmate for like the 7th time

denzel walks up in a vest with a cart of money bags and as ryder meets him, denzel says "I'll see you in h-ll travolta" and deotnates the vest and blows em both out

jk really he calls his mom i mena woman andtells her his mission and she b-tchishly declars "then somebody has to die cuz u dont go" and then tells him to get milk even though blacks dont usually drink that

travolta sez to restote power, clear the tracks to cony island and not to f with him or he'd track em down

the mayor and his droogs think that ryder is  a guy who was jyuud for a thing and got time as not all the money he was said to have tok was recovered and now he's f--kin the market for revenge with his attack

den goes in and they fricsk him and lets him in and they meet and talk and ryber den i mean travolta wants den to drive

the lapcop 5kank sees and the laptop is turned off by a bad guy and travolta sez if they have issues with the train then denzel gets it in the head like he went against hill ur e and back ddoor billy

so travolta rigs the train to go fast on its own and gets off and leavdes the people on it to go to h e double b0neropolis i mean new york as they film weird p0rn0 there and the bad gys and den run off

as a train comrs, den jumps back and it sheilds him and he tries to escape as the main train fill of people rockets down the scity as cop cars chase it like cops (central organization of police specialists< fighting crime, in a fututew time!)

denzel gts off and pulls a gun and the badds are after him and they open a gate wityh an acess key or axiski in some areas

the dispatch thinks the bads are driving it nd the people on the train think they are gonna bit it

its like speed with the bus going fast and cr-p

travolta is going around with his money and the terain hits a switch thing and slows and stops and the dispatch sees the badds aint there and check where the last stop was to send the cops

denzel gets out fo the undertground asn travolta goes igors in a car and goes off and denzel dumba55ishly folows and tavoltas goons are caught by the cps and pull gna like ret-rds and get shredded by police gunfire withc the beta males and self hating Americans would whine about

in the taxi, travoltas plan to riase the price of gol worked and now hes made a lot in the market and hes happy

denzel search in a big a55 car andn drives around after trovaia and calls the cops whle driving which is a crime and hes gonna drop the soap and get bummed b a big black guy like with guts in berserk

theres a traffic jam in the bridges a55 as usual in soviet new yrok and when densel gets to the ab he sees ttavolting is gone and wrent to back door brooklyn

across the bridge on the other side of a train thing is travolta and denzel gets hm at gunopoint and he walks ignoring a train heading for him and it misses him

travolta sez he gave him his life back and dont wanna go bakc to jail and i guess he dont like being bummed and travlta sez hes gonna cap  denzel if he donto it as he dont want the cops to do it

as travolta counts doen he pullsa  weapon and denzel instrinctivler caps him as the cops come in

the cops see a black man with a gun shoitng a whaite guy and shred him in a maelstrom of gunfire and he's left as a mushy pile of rended flesh

jk really the mayor thanks him and se the city is gonna aid him and hopefully not give him aids like with easy e

mayor mctony offers to give him a ride in his big a55 mayor car but denzel tkes the sunbway and gets milk on the way home and not the mexican naem of chichi in dbz

the end

that was pretty good

nice action and acting

the editing was fast and like the hunger from the 80s

its got good themes and flows well andis more punch than the orinal which is more subtle and contained

this isnt bad and both did things differently

like The Thing from another World and the 80s The Thing

the actors are well performed and its got that 00s feel that is pretty fun

some hated it but i didnt and it doesn't drag and goes by at a good pace and holds your interest

ur ain't hoping for it to end sooner

it entertained me and had some cool things in it

For The Taking Of Pelham 123 2 I want for the a55 model of the ryder to come for denzel and want revenge and hunts him while nearly wacking hm each time but something gets in the way before she can crossbow sniper him. Also its a 32/64 bit game like the golgo 13 arcade game on ps1, sega aturn, n64 and 3do where you play as the chick and gotta line up the shot and take it in the time frame.

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Lovely Angel 2: Taiketsu! Homon Soap Jo Vs Shuccho SM Jo!! Review

 Note: I spell like I don't use soap, cuz I DON"T!

Lovely Angel 2: Taiketsu! Homon Soap Jo Vs Shuccho SM Jo!!

This is my review on Lovely Angel 2: Taiketsu! Homon Soap Jo Vs Shuccho SM Jo!! from the distant fiture year of 1997 (30 years before Robotech The Movie and maybe Transformers Zone)

Its got like no info online but is based on the Lovely Angel Manga by El Deviento Manga Master Go Nagai who made anime fun and violent and lusty and cool

I never saw this before nor did I see the 1st Loveley Angel Movie but this is like 63 mins long

So it staerts with a chick in a coat and no pants walking with a big case and then we see this cr-ppy apartment where this guy gets up fron being burried in trash to get the dorbell and its the coat chick who sez shes Loveley Angel and opens her coat to show a hot outfit

Se opens her case and its a carryable tub and she adds water then we see her and the guy nude and kinda making out but hes on her nips and covered in what I hope are suds

also theres no subs so imma try my best here

This is a thing called s0apland whee b0ning for money is against the law ut compensated b0ning can be done between acquaintences, so the pay to be cleaned by this chick and the b0ning is legally different

so she b0nes him and he feels her b00bs which were bigger in the manga and after b0ning for a while, we get the title

Then its this night area and this train goes by like in king kong ut not king d0ng about an african king who's got a really big thing and he kills people with it, then is taken to new york and climbs a buildig with it, only for it to be shot off and he falls and is skewered on it

this business woman with an 80s suit and glasses comes by and sees loveley angel leaving and runs in to see the guy Loveley Kisaragi b0ned cleaning up his cesspoole of a home

Shes b--ching at him and he nearly hits her but cleans up and reveals n Angel helped him and goes on about something happily and she tris stopping him but he runs out and leaves her and she falls and lays on the floor anda picture pf them falls on her face

after taking it off she's got eye make up and a joker grin and she laughs devolvedly and gets up andsews a new outfit like she's Catwoman in Batman Returns

So Loveley goes on and its day then we see I think the chick who got dumped at work and its 5 pm andher coworkers go home and she's last to leavre

yeah its her and she goes home and eats alone like mrs krabapple in The Simpsons and reads the lies the papr tries to make us think are true and notics an add or something about an Angel that I can read a bit of Japanese

Angel, something something coss, something, Apartment? something 1 person, Savage, something Iku something ken something, angel something

then its night an we see loveley going around shilloetted and then this guy reading the dictionary about Angel and asks for something and starts j=rkin off but from the nips up and hes wearing a shirt and saying Angel over and over

Loveley Angel comes in and they hug but its a phantasy and the doorbell rings and he goes to see it and its a different chik than loveley kisaragi saying she does s0apland and theres fog and light like a 90s show like power rangers

she opens hercoat and shes in a leather thing and he lets her in and gives money but she don't want it and its revealed she's the black angel like the Dante's Inferno Yugioh Card but more SM(Which is odd as Yugioh has a  LOT of SM!)

she offers him a deal on the thing abd he consents and she takes off her coat and has no sleeves andgets a Whip and whips him with h-ll punishment or w/eand makes him go round on all 4's in undies and rides him like a mule

then we see loveley angel soaping with a guy and having White Wings and a Halo hat

later 2 guys in a break room talk of the angel and 1 is the guy who got black angel and sez something ultimate and i think its the guys who we just saw b0ning

wait i think its only the guy on the right who was b0ned and he had both angels and the other guy wants to now what its like

then we see this red haired japanese guy b0ning someone while standing and taking camera photoes and shes not enjoying it

it was for a photo book and the chick he b0ned was like a model or idol or w/e and she chats with a guy

wait its a different chick i think who's going in to be photoed andreading the photo book

so the guy who was with the angels meets orange hair and talks of something I can't understand uz oresamma wa nipponjn ja nai and the guy who wants to b0ne the angels comes in and orange hair has a snmoke to show how cool he is to suck faegs and get mouth cancer

the 2 guys talk and theres a moel being photoed in the patio bhind em but shes clothed and not being b0ned for some reason and the 2 guys talk more

we see loely going somewhere ad then shes at the office of the dumped chick andgives her a stack of bills and i geuss its a bank

loveley goes off in the sunny day, chasing the clouds a way, on my way, to where the A is G can ja tell me how to get, how to get, Da H I V?!

So dumped chick looks or loveley and theres tokyo towwer behind his hobo in a box and lanket fort house with a dog he proably does peanut butter tings with and loveley comes out of his boxes andoffers him s0apland for i tik money he dont ave but wll get later like i the manga and she opens her coat to show a frlly bra

they are then n his box fort and in the inflatable pool ad she does mouth things and then they play around ad he b0nes her looking and seeming like a cave man as the box house shakes and dumped chick looks around

caveman hobo feels her b0bs and makes ret-rded faces and comes out in a suitbut stll with caveman hair

they talk a bit and she walks off and hes in front of a gree screen andit goes to night andblack anel comes and whips off her coat and pulls her whip and bats on him

i thought she only punished bad? also i dont think te whip is hitting her

then its day and guy who b0ned her and i think its the same guy from the start, chat wit caveman hobo who's scared sh-tless and proably literally from what I read of Go Nagai, esp Iyahaya Nantomo, and marks on a map where the Angel was seen and has a map on his wall

So lovely mets dumped chick again and gives money and leaves and guy who b0ned her is at the bank  outside and sees loveley and dumped chick leaving and follows

then dumped chick is in a green hills zone and hides in shrubs and sees lovely on top of this look out area and talking wity someone and when dumped chick comes up they talk politley and b0ning guy comes by and hides in the shrubs

dumped chick gets assertive in tone and i dont know what she sez and umped chick slaps lovely and goes on b0-ching before leaving

loveley opens her rope and a long rubber tentacle extends from her belly button and goes in dumped chicks butt and out her mouth as she spazzes out and is lifted up before splitting in 2 from the force!

jk really she comes down and meets b0ning gyt and leaves w/o speaking to him and loveley is gone

later b0ning gyy stops by the bank or /we and dumped chick is gone and he goes to a bar and has a smoke an drnk with his homie and this chick in a slinky dress comes on to the 0ning guy

homie who wants to b0ne leaves for letting b0ing guy b0ne and the chick and him go back to a room and might be drunk and they dance around and make kids show sounds.

they go to bed and she gets some wine or sparkling grape juice in the english version and spits it in his mouthlike some kinda werird food fetish and he falls asleep

when he eakes up its the black angel there and he's tied up by handcuffs and in his undies and she tickles him and holds a sparkler by his shirtless torso

once i touched a sparkler with my long nail and it melted it black

she drips candle wax on him and its lighted like some kinda black ritual like in Demonlord Dante or Yugioh or in Soviet claifornia and she opens her leather tp and pulls out large b00bs and pulls off his bozxers and b0nes him but his man parts are off screen

he sees the photo of him and dumped chick andtheres scribbles aroudn it in a heart and he wakes up bare a55 naked in the middle of an empty town

at work he laments or something and his homie wcomes by and is excited and gives him a drink i hope is free of spurm and b0ning guy has a headache and wants homie to b=gger off w=nker ut is kinda worn out

then we see lovely on top of the lookout over the ity and then b0ning guy is walking and water is dumped out on him from above and i hope its not full of fish tank waste

this fat bearded shades guy beats hm up and leaves him to die and b0ning guy walks on ad dodges a bike going by and falls into trash and has lettuce on him

lettuce is gross, i tasted it once in the 90s and it as bad, f lettice, it belongs in my a55

so orange haired aisan is taking photoes of a chick on thes steps and the footage is kinda shakey from the distance as they were hand holding it and the chick is fully clothed and not being b0ned for some reason

after the shoot orange hair i think hits on her and she gos off and hmie comes to see orange hair and tells him something and orange hair talks a bit

b0ning guy comes by and is all f'd out in f;d clothes and probably an f'd butt and talks a it and mentiones blck angel and orange hair makes a b0ning thrust with his body

at this lookout loveley and blackie meet and talk and black whips loveley to no effect and gets tired and turns away but loveley comforts herand hugs her from behind and feels her big t-ts before blackie leaves

so in this studio the camera guy is photoing the model and shes wearing a blanket and then is alone in the place and drops the cloth to show her thicc a55

0ning guy sees homie drunk at the bar and homie is all f'd out from the posion and model is photographed in tasteful nudes ut with nips cuz its japan

an assistant or slave or sle gets her a blanket to cover her tight tonednude bod but then orange hair starts going svu on her anf she fights as i guess hes like those hollywood producers who go after the kids

here he takes pictures and tells her to cry and the homie and b0ning guy are stull at the bar wit homie spazzing out from liquir and punches out b0ning uy and runs off

so orange hair is developing his raepe man photoes and homie nails him in the face with his red lightulb and cr-ppily beats on him with some item

b0ning guy pulls off homie and orange hair nails him in the back of the head with an item and he bites it

homie feels bummed and orange hair slinks away to do more crimes and make more "art"  and in dumped chick i mean models room, loveley angel comes in to offer her a contract to b0ne the problems away

like in degrassi where darcy got raeped and wanted to b0ne peter to fix it

Degrassi SVU!

so loveley and model are nude and loveley feels models bod and her nips are pointy and go nagai likes girl X girl things but not guy x guy cuz hes not queer like the one piece guy who draws all those okama and lveley mouths the models left nip and smooches her mouth then the area between her b00bs and lower

loveley opens her box and ut comes homie and he's in the room witblanketwering model and they hug and loveley says something and leaves

blicketee black angel comes by orange hair and he begs her for somethin and she whips off her coat and whips him

then she ties the whip on this man thing and jerks it and it comes off witha spray of blood and spurm

jk really it cuts to b0ning guy in a white suit and i think hes dead and on a bridge as people go by behind him fast and loveley comes by and they smoochand we see em b0ning over a black background as bubles float down and there's soft piano cuz nothing ez p0rn0 like piano, as if you are a pianist yo can have tulips on your organ but if you are a tromboner you use your mouth!

so i guess hes not dead and he sees a kid blowing bubbles when hes riding a swing and theres bubbl;es in the sky and we see lpveley kisaragi at the look out point over the city and the camera turns and then we see her waling through the suburbs and creits roll from bottom to top to classical music lie f--kin mr bean but with more f--kin

the end

that was something

lots of b0ning and i culdnt understand much of the plot but i read the books and i seems accurate to what the story was

the acting was expressive as most japanese thigns are and the effects were simple but worked

it tells a decent story i think and its only like an hour

i wish it were subbed but this is an obscure sereis based on a manga from the 90s  that didn't get an anime or video game so its not as well nown

its kind o a p0rn0 but we never see the transformers zones and only nips and butts and odies close

its not bad but if you dont like b0ning you might not like this

is got that 90s style though like cheaper power rangers with nips

For Lovely Angel 3 I want it to be where she goes to hollywood and helps the victims of the producers and elites who b0ned em but the elites turn on her when they find someone is savin their victims and they need their pain to power their daemon machine, so they summon their daemon gods who gpes around ripping people up and it hunts the Angel, so Loveley Kisaragi and Black Angel team up and fight it in the several key points in california that when battling, whoever wins gets the zone with the holy or unhly ki of the winner, and whoever gets the most zones will remaster california and either wipe it out if Loveley or black wins, or devolve it into new sodom and gomorrah and become a cesspoole of lust and vice, but so bad that The Creator personally nukes it with Divine Fire. Also its a 16 bit Fighting game on Sega Genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where up to 2 players play as the angels or in a free mode to be any of the bosses which are devolved daemons from other Go Nagai series like Senki or a Human Sized Maoh Dante or Kapaeru from Demon Prince Enma or the hermaphrodite from Mazinger Z or viscount pygman or Panther Zora or Dance from Hanappe Bazooka or Psycho Jenny and the final boss is the Great Gneeral Of Darkness who after beat turns into The Emperor Of Darkness who is stationary and you gotta dodge his attacks and nail his face before he ends you with heck fire raining down.

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The Naked Spur Review

 Note: I spell el nude-oh

The Naked Spur

This is my review on The Naked Spur from the distant future year of 1953(70 years before Robotech II The Sentinels)

Its diectal by Anthony Mann who did T-Men

It starz Jimmy Stewart from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington\It's a Wonderful Life\Rope\Rear Window\The Man Who Knew Too Much\Vertigo/The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance\How the West Was Won\The Rare Breed\Firecreek\An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Janet Leigh from Angels in the Outfield\Touch of Evil\The Manchurian Candidate\Night of the Lepus\Halloween H20: 20 Years Later\Touched by an Angel, Robert Ryan from Bad Day at Black Rock\King of Kings\The Dirty Dozen, Ralph Meeker from The Dirty Dozen and Millard Mitchell from The Day the Earth Stood Still.

I never saw this b4 but heard of it on TCM adds, but I'm watching this on Grit

revewers loved it and it was in the national film registry to be preservd along with Birth of a Nation, Airplane!, Back to the Future, Blazing Saddles, The Blue Bird and other things

so we gt title and creits to action music in full color and proper fullscreen

this cow boy sneaks up on a guy with waling like hes got rickets and sticks up a bearded guyand takes his gun

its jummy strwwert whos sticking the guy up and beardo is trying to be friendly but bimmy is on edge but puts his gun away and is in a55less chaps and looking for a guy who iced a marshall in unsoviet kansas

beardo saw a dead fire a while back and immy pays beardp 10$ not if he shows him the way and 10$ if he finds him but the perp might be waiting for em and might hamrmabe em like j fk

beardo shows himthe way and wonders if the perp has aid but not aids like all those celebs

as they go by a cliff these rocks fall and they escapeand bimmy gets his rifle and fires at a guy up there and more rocks fall so he runs off

bimmy has him trapped on the high ground and beardo wants to queer out but bimmy sez to fire on him every now and then and bimmy will sneak up

then in comes an indian fighter lt not leff ten ent like those candya55 canadians say cuz they dont speak endgliash right and the french the devolved ones spea isnt normal

bimmy has him at gunpoint and reads this note on hi saying hes been discharged dishonorably discharged like ba spurm cuz hes morally nstable as i guess hes b0ning guys he shouldnt

so bimmy and lt go up and  bimmy climbs a rope as lt covers him and as bimmy grabs a rock, it f--ks out and he falls

lt goes up and bimmy dont trust him cuz hes a purvurt and probably is gonna ice the guy and b0ne him then eat him like tht gay p0rn0 star in the soviet republic of canada

so beardo fire and more rocks fall and  lt goes up and gets the perp at gunpointand tells him to disarm but perp sez hes outta ammo

janet lee like robert e lee the american herosneak attacks him andperp grabs him and they fiht and lt backhands janet and figths  perp until bimmy gets up and thy detain the dup

lee the blonde is some guys daughter and is gay for perp who reveals that there was a 5000$ rewqrd and the bimmy tore off the bottom of the poster

theres a dispute and lt and beardo want some of the reward and he dont wanna share and blonde lee's horse has a gut full of disease and  bimmy wants to put it to sleep with a revolverand they'dnot wanna leave it for a bear to rip open

blonde spazzes out and perp sez they need more time and he needs her to hold things so he can be freed and f with em as she thinks hes innocent

bimmy caps the horse and it dont show it so he could have put the gun in its butt and blew it out and beardo gves back the 10$ as he wants more

so they go on and lt hassles with lee and jimmy sugests tiring her up hbut lt isnt into SM and likes how they fight back as i guess hes bio seuxal and not naecro seuxal

perp eggs on lt and lee dont like lt and beardo pans or god and not gold pa in dbaf where she goes ss3 and then ss5

perp sez they otta stay here the night and one of em might think a reward is split less between 2 instead of 3 but they go on

an indian sees em and they dont see him cuz hes a ninja or w/e and as it gets dark by the film being tinted they eat and perp eggs onbeardo and he likes the lee butshe dont like him

also lees fam is dead and when perp gets up immy almost caps hm cuz he thinks perp might jump him but not like b0ning

perp sez bimmy wants to ice him in "self defence" so its easier and f'd with his head with words and bimmy gets p-ssed and not in his a55less chaps

the next day they go on and perp tells beardo about gold and they kinda getta long

bimmy goes ahead and perp has an overdone affection with lee and tempts lt hinting bmmy might do something i think

bimmy and beardo scouting but not like the sailor scouts with mina being a curvy blnde with great legs and high heels and n orange miniskirt, and they see blackfeet indians who might not do anything to em but lt dont like em and wants to tak a different way

perp sez the indians would do evil things to em if caught and are out for evenge and lt books it as i guess he dont wanna get his parts slowly destroyed by apache or executed with hot coals 1 coal at a time

so the party goes on and the idnans come at em and stand menacingly and the party sloly goes by as the indians follow and the lt is hiding behind a tree with a rifle

lt opens fire and the indians go mental and the Amercians take cover and open fire

the perp is attcked by an indian with a knife but bimmy saves him and beats th indian dea dwht his gun but takes a bullet and evenatually they neutralized the reds

lt comes by and they yell at him for f--kin things up and he explains he dont't wanna be skinned and roasted over a fire (like what happened to the REAL rattcliffe in pocahantus) but bimmy goes on with a pbullet in his leg through his a55less chaps bleeding like a stuck pig thats b0ned dead by rednecks, except the pig is really a fat guy the hicks caught adn found sexy cuz he looks like a pig and they are gay furrys

so bimmy blacks outand they stop for the night thats really tinted daya nd bimmy is delerious and thinks lee is mary and tells her the war will only be a year and he'd be back and she can look after the farm and they;d get married and lee faks being mary

perp revals he signed his ranch to his woman so she could work it legal during the war and when he came back she sold it and ran off with another man and now  is bitter like bruce wayne in batman beyond

lee sez its not funny that perp laughts at bimmy beingf betrayed by b--chy bekka and  perp wants to ditech bimmy cuz he was gonna ditch em and only used e to get this far

this is like transformers how Megrtron tryes using lies to trick the good guys into betraying Optimus Prime

Or satan in the bible

Or the news making the Good guys look bad

so later 1 guy went off and bimmy lates i mean wakes up and lee has a clashing comfort with her and they are obviously gonna fall in love and have 500 babies and repopulate the earth after the nucular holocost

she sez perp is not her butt buddy and is taking her to soiet caliv=forna to ranch but immy sez perp is no good and is gonna lead her to ruinand she wigs out saying bimmy is oly into perp for the reward

lt comes back having made a map of the trail and  wants bimmy to come after recovering andnmeet up later where they'd wait for him and beardo sez he'd wait for him and bimmy reads the back of the discharge cuz hes morally unstable and devolved and bimmy will ride with em

perp loosens the saddle of  horse and they go onacross the ledge of a cliff and as perp talks, bmmys saddle f--ks out and he falls off the cliff but crawls back up cuz hes a bada55 and alpha male and not a candy a55 sissy emo beta male soy boy weener cleaner banana crammer frooty booty monkey junkie

so they go on andat night thats tinted day perp is gonna do something when bimmy sleeps and beardo snres and wakes immy and perp fakes sleeping

beardo goes off to do guard duty and immy covers blonde with a blanket

so it rains and they hide in a cave and perp has lee rub his shoulders as hes got a fetish and wants her to seduce bimmy but she dont wanna and thinks bimmy has no thngs for her

also he wants to have her distract him so he can bust bimmys brains with a rock

so latr she goes out and is gonna bring the dishes being cleaned by the rain in but bimmy sez it cant hurt it and they talk about dancing and their lives and bmmy goes on about his neighbors who were nice to him and how he wants to buy bakc his land but she thinks using the money for catching perp is like stepping on a grave and they smooch

as bimmy smooches the lee, the perp kicks over some rocks and the cave f--ks in and he tries crawling out the a55 of the cave ike a centipede but bimmy pulls him back

bimmy puts the gun in perps butt and sez "ur a55 is mine! And imma redecorate!" and blows him a 2nd anus!

jk really the guys had it with his sh-t and are gonna waste him andthey cut him loose and giev him a gun and tel him to draw but he dont and sez "if ur ogonna murder me, dont make it look like something else"

bimmy cant cap him in cold blood cuz theres a commandment against that, but if its war or to save someones life its kosher like if some druggie is beating ur head in the pavement and you blow him to h e double africa

so tey get to a river and lt has a dispure that devolves into a fight with jimym and eventually lt gets a gun ad is gonna blow out bimmys brains

bimmy makes the gun go off near his head which shoudl deafen him and he kciks out the lt and goes to drown himself in the river

he is rally onyl getts a head soak and beardo sez they are gonna stop for the ngiht here and perp ants blonde to ru his back and sez "can ja doo me?" and beado sez "let me do ja this time" which is a bit suspect

these strange bedfellows discuss private things likehow beardo wants to know hwere perps gold mine is and they go at each other to seduce the other to the side

its like with Edwards in Robotech II The Sentinels manipulating thing and at nigt beardo cutz free erp so he can bring hin to the mine and  perp wants lee to come sohe wakes her with his hand on he rmouth andthey sneak out

along the way perp sez SNAKE and not plissken and throws lee off and as beardo is looking, perp aims a gun and him and makes him gets off his horse

he makes beard take off his clothes and then bloews off his crotch with 1 shot and laughs!

jk really caps hi in the chest so thers no loose ends and blonde dont like this and he sez to do what i say or i'll knock some sense into ja like he's megatron ora gaijin

so he admits that he iced that guy that bimmy accused him of and as bimym and lt comes for him he aims and she shoves him to save the bimmy

he beats her out and bitty and wait i think its lt and bimmy is moving aorudn the side of the rock thing over a river witha gammy leg and uses his spur to get grp on the rocks

perp hears th spur clicking on the rock behid hima dn both cloib to meet at the same tme andbimmy thwos something i think a spur and lt puts like 5 bullets in hi perp like f--kin riki-oh

perp falls in the water and is getting away so lt goes after him and finds his body caught in some plants

dont worry, hes gonna be ok, he just needs some rest

lt goes in and ties a rope around the boy when you really only need the head and as jimmy pulls him over a big brown log but not human waste comes down and rams lit down the river to come back in the next movie for revenge

bimmy gets the corpse but you only need the head and the rest can rot and be used as dog meat but blone is p-ssed and wants him to leae it and bimmy sez hes taking it back for money to get his land

but bimmy breaks down and goes with her and digs a grave ven though he just needs the c-ck suckin head and then they go off

even though perseus took the medusa's head and imagine if billy i mean jimmy went in and said "I'm here for my reward I got the proof hes head" and oulls ou the head! The cops say "Uhhhghhg! WTF is wrong with you!?" and the skull sips out of the neck hople and leaves the skin in his hands!

the end

that was quite good

great acting and characters, ni e action, good music and well filmed

you could tell that a few guys were gonna get it bit i didnt expect the beardo

jimmy and janet do a good job and the others play the parts well

the characters all look and feel dinnerent like in Contra Hard Corps or X Men 2 Clone Wars on Sega Genesis

It packs a lot in but doesn't feel rushed and goes by at a good pace with good flow and no drag

Its well made and holds up and tells a good story with themes of temptation and corruption

Those who resisted Temptation like how Jimmy sisnt cam the bad gy when unarmed were able to win and those that gave in like beardo teaming with the bad guy or lt going after the body got it

kinda like a horror movi where the viergins survive, or Erich Von Stroheims Greed where goimg with the sin ruined em

i can see why its highly regarded

For The Naked Spur II I want it to be about Jimmy Stewart going to california with the blonde ut the lt survived and chases after em to get the body to claim the reward, and when they tell him they buried him, he don't buy it and tries to kill em so they have a cat and mouse thing as they try to get to civilization and avoid him until they get to the town and he's blocking the way and they gotta fight him in 1 last death match. also its a 128 bit survival horror game on Gamecue, Dreamcast, PS2 and XboX where you gotta do stealth and evave his detection and use traps to hold him off and divert him.

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Urotsukidoji V The Final Chapter Review

 Note: I spell too hot for tv

Urotsukidoji V The Final Chapter

This is Ore Samma No Review on Urotsukidoji V The Final Chapter from the distant future year of 1996(35 years beofre Battlestars the return of Convoy)

Its the final part in the Urotsukidoji Amine but they only did 1 ep with missing animation cuz of low money or w/e

its based on the manga by Toshio Maeda who's cool and likes Go Nagai and invented tentacle p0rn0 cuz in japan you cant show the crotch so he siad "is just a limb so its not a man thing" and it was kosher

its directed by Hideki Takayama who did the Sea CD game Road Blaster aka Road Avenger/Adventure Kid/ Angel Cop/Beast Wars II/Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-maryu /Mystery of the Necronomicon\a few eps of Naruto Shippuden (Ninja ball z)/Speed Racer X(Hopefully not rated X with Speed b0ning the mach 5 cuz hes got the car fetish)/Street Fighter II V/and Urotsukidoji 2 3 4 and 1.

It stars Tomohiro Nishimura from Astro Boy the 00s anime\Berserk\Case Closed\Death Note\Demon Lord Dante\Digimon Frontier\Digimon Tamers(wich was kinda emo)\Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture\Grenadier\Hamtaro\Mobile Fighter G Gundam\Monster Rancher\My Neighbor Totoro\Pokémon\Pokémon Advance\Power Stone\Pretty Cure\Sailor Moon S\Street Fighter II V\Ultimate Muscle\Urotsukidoji 1 2 3 4 and the new saga/Yu-Gi-Oh! GX\Zillion: Burning Night, Kumiko Takizawa (Who died on my b day)from Bleach\Case Closed\Ghost Stories\Gorillaman\New Cutey Honey\Pokémon Generations\The Raepeman Anime Version\Superbook\Urotsukidōji 1 and 3\Wedding Peach, Miyuki Matsushita from Case Closed\Dinozaurs\Fobia\Urotsukidōji 1 3 and 4\Wedding Peach and a lot of p0rn0, Rei Igarashi from BioHunter\La Blue Girl Returns\Case Closed\Demon Beast Invasion\Demon Lord Dante\Inuyasha\Ogenki Clinic Adventures\The Raepeman Anime Version\Serial Experiments Lain\Urotsukidōji IV, Yumi Takada from Astro Boy rom the 00s\(La) Blue Girl\Case Closed\Demon Beast Invasion\Demon Beast Resurrection\God Mazinger\Guy\Hanappe Bazooka\Lady Blue\Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden\Pokémon\Pokémon Advance\Ranma ½\Sailor Moon Sailor Stars\Demon Beast Invasion\Urotsukidōji 1 2 3 and 4\Venus 5 and a lot of p0rn0 anime, Yuriko Yamaguchi from (La) Blue Girl Returns\Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie\Case Closed\Daigunder\candya66 Dragon Ball Super\Dragon Pink\Eureka Seven\Fullmetal Alchemist\Inuyasha\Lady Blue\Mon Colle Knights\aruto\New Cutey Honey\One Piece\Pocket Monsters\Pokémon\Pokémon Advance\Pokémon Chronicles\Shaman King\Super Dragon Ball Heroes\Urotsukidōji II\Variable Geo\Wedding Peach\Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal\Zatch Bell, one of ore samma no faves Daisuke Gouri from Star Fox 64\Dead or Alive\Lunar 2: Eternal Blue\alis III\Battle Arena Toshinden\Bio Armor Ryger\Bleach\Case Closed\Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past\Dominion Tank Police\Dragon Ball/Z/GT\Fist of the North Star the 80s movie\Fist of the North Star\Fist of the North Star 2\Fullmetal Alchemist\Genesis Climber Mospeada\Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex\Gorillaman\Inuyasha\Jungle Book: Shōnen Mowgli\Ki*Me*Ra\Locke the Superman\MÄR\Megazone 23\Ninja Gaiden OVA\Ninja Scroll\One Piece\Pokémon\Saint Seiya\Sakigake!! Otoko Juku\Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Raoh-den Gekitō no Sho\Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Yuria-den\Shuten Doji\Slayers - The Motion Picture\Slayers Return\The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross(Robotech season 2)\Tekken: The Motion Picture ovas\Transformers: Super God Masterforce\Transformers: Victory\Transformers: Zone\Ultimate Muscle\Urotsukidōji 1 and 4\Escaflowne\Yu-Gi-Oh! GX\Cutie Honey\The Flying House, Hirotaka Suzuoki  from Mega Man X6 and X7/Amon - Apocalypse of Devilman\Case Closed\Dragon Ball\Z\GT/Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora\Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle\Fist of the North Star 2\Genesis Climber Mospeada(robotech season 3)\Guy\Kyomu Senshi Miroku\M.D. Geist\Mad Bull 34\Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow\Pokémon\Ranma ½\Sailor Moon Sailor Stars\Saint Seiya\The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross\The Super Dimension Fortress Macross\The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?\Urotsukidoji 1 and 2.

I saw this b4 and abrided it and its well done

also its an adult anime so its got a lot of b0ning

so we get text and a narrator saying how theres moe to this realm than we see and there salso a realm of demons and man beasts

they have a legend that after 3000 yeas the chjin or overfirled but really super god will arrive and unite the relams, and that time is close

then we see clips of the 1st urotsujodoji where nagumo b0ned akemi in the school after dark and got her pregnant after vowing to be together forever

he devolved and hulked out while b0ning her and turned into a daemon kaiju and nuked japan but Amano of the man beast realm who looked for the chojin for yers attacked him and went in thinking hes the chojin he long searched for

inside he met the real chojin whos the unborn kid of akemi and nagumo whospoke from in akemi as this is pro life and knows the truth and akemi was mindwiped and nagumo is the demon of destruction who is gonna wipe out the old world to make way for the new one

a good thing on how when teens b0ne they get pregnant and their lives as they know it are over and they gotta be there for their kid

so akemi cant die til she poops out the chojin in 100 years and in the past he lead the demon and man beat realms and went to sleep for 3000 years but awoke to find man had devolved into greedn and selfishness and will start over so people will know how to love

amano vows to survive the demon century century orguss and see the new world and the city burns and we get the title

also amano was searching for the chojin and wanted it more than anything but whe it came, it wasn't what he epected and it changed everything

kinda like teens wanting to b0ne or those wanting the Second Coming of Jesus to fix everything

so we see naked green light akemi spinning around in osaka castle and p-ssing womb juice and amano goes to osaka castle to see the new chojin afte a century pregnancy

nothing changed and it looks how the ruined city when nagumo nuked it but amano recalls how 30 years after akemi got pregnant, the kyo oh or mad regent or lord of chos came whos this blonde chick and after a long trip of several oavs, made it to osaka and p-ssed womb blood and the chojin who came out early ate it cuz hes gross

but when kyo oh b0ned chojin, he devolved and was revealed to be a fake chojin from the demon realm and thats a werid trist and retcon that dont make much sense

so he devolved into a weird tentalce yugioh card and 0ned her all over and she did mouth stuff to his tentacle and 2 other tentacles and he died of b0ning and not like freddy mercuy

amano thinks the power from the b0ning fight made the chojin come sooner and Amano sees Nagumo is back and in his demon of destruction forme and going godzilla with b0ners all over the japan

amano talks to him but he attacka anamo with a mouth blast like he's Broly andAmano avoids it

meanwhile, Akeni poops out all this goo like andersodom cooper after some time in the bath house as biden said and this lightening goes from the castel to the sky and eventually akemi sh-ts out this ki blast from her womb and Amano sez the chjin is borna nd he can see the new world or shin seikai

then we see this organ like hip and the real title with soem cg like a ps1 game

in the pool of life in this organ ship like in cobra la or with the invid is these fleshy things moving and its a  image being spazzd around by cg

it formes croth thing and they meet and drops  thing in the pool and it hits the bottom and plants itself and rises as a lotus and unfurls and its got a naked non gendered thing but not like the tumbler nuts who went to reddit after they banned p0rn0

days later, osaka isall fd as usual and the people snap and start wacking each other and daemons and man beasts join in and its a melstrom of violence and blood like something outta Go Nagai

oh and people are b0ned by humans and monsters with various appendages

Amano in beast mode but not like beast wars or beast machines or altered beast goes around wasting people like DBZ meets Berserk and when his 80s babe sister Megumi shows up he comes, to his senses and sees he was posessed or we and went oj

they see everyones going mental like commies at a protest ebing told facts and they come, acoss thi organ ship that came when the chiin came and go to it

they chck osaka castle and findakemi naked and floating and her hair is long and not inpigtails when she gets f--ked in the a55 like a pig like that dan green anime stepmother sin says

so they go off with her and these alien things that look like some kinda 80s anime monster attack with laser arms and amano and megumi dodge they shots and beat em on

Amano puts akemi on the side to fight em and the midget thing kuroko crarls in her womb to fit his pregnancy feish

jk really amano used a screen nuke and lightening force bust em  and finds they all have the sme face under their masks and they have no croteches

then the genderless thing comes down and sez its the messenger of imagination nizuhi who is made by the chijin and has the powrr of imagination that the other races font have to make what they think real an use it to manipulate the other races

this is a lot like how gender offenders say "i feel like this, so i am it" and attack the normal people who use facts. Toshio Maeda predicted the future, orwarned us it was comming!

so the nzushi used its power to make a big crotch monster horseshoe crab that attacks amano and he zaps it but it s undamaged and when they clash mano is f;d and on the grond with a head hole like lincon had comming

then nizushi uses its powers to bust off megumi's clothes and tackles her and uses mypnosis to make her into it

then nizush grows a b0nar and megumi mouthes it as something carreis off amanos body

then nzushi b0nes megumi and has 2 colored eyes like Yubel in Yugioh G who's also a hermaphrodite

nizush sez megmi is tenstrongest woman in the 3 realms and then turns into a  chick and sez it can be whatever it wants and does crotch thing to megumi and i guess she's queer now but it turns into a dude again and b0ned her

then in the organ ship is the field of conception and nizushi goes in and creates things in the field of birth that drip like egg yolk into humanoids w/o gender ad goes downto the field of growth to be made into the pink things like power rangers enemies and fly does to attack people

in the underground like sonic underground or beast machines the drs work on amano but hes dead and akemi is doing ok so they try electroshock on amano to get his heart going again like nikki sixx from motely crew after an OD

so they tell akei they are a secret group that is under osaka and saved em and as amano wa shock he sees the kyo oh who brings him into the light and shows him the cemetary of time where it shows how earth looks arons ago with the ancienst who were neither of the 3 realms lived between e and iced each other

the chojin revived=m em and make em fight then dividen em into human beats and demon so now the 3 races fight cuz the chojin made em so hed clear em out for the new race

amano is mad that the god beyond gods is toying with mortals and his burning spiit revives him and hes back awake and reunites with akemi who feels refreshed and didnt swell up from the pregnancy

amano is sore from being killed and akemi wants to know about nagumo butamano sez he's the demon of destruction, like the god of destruction in dragon ball super but not f--king gay

then comes in the anti g!v task force who survived after the military fwll and wait, they ahve a gQv?  i thought this was mad max

so they save damano and akemi and thn the genderless gthings come in toice the humans like beast machine and wait its the daemons or ma kai and the gender free things shred the humans with pink lasers and shred daemons too

is this a queer anime? i can see the queers siding with teh chjin as "gender is racist" or w/e

akemi goes up to find nagumo an amano comes, with herand once topside we get nagumo busting outta the ground like the kool aid gy from h-ll

amano wonders why nagumo is still hakai no oni after the chjin was bron and megumi shows up in the same style outsfit but its a diffrent clothes as her last one got ripped off when she was b0ned by the gender offender

megumi is ok after being b0ned a lot as she b0nes a lot and is probably used to it

so nagumo uses a breath weapon to bust of the city and akemi is telling him to stop and runs to him cuz she loves him even though hes devolved into a monster

a lesson the celebs can use as its for better or worse as long as you live, not, until hshe finds a bigger blacker guy to b0ne like back door kim kardashian or soviet taylor swift

so a ulding falls on akemi and nagumo saves her and akemi recalls how when the chojin took hr over she wanted nagumo to ice her to stop the chojin but b4 the chojin stopped em

akemi sez even if th chojin has his mind she has his heart(who has his courage?) and she loves him no matter what cuz shes a good woman whos loyal and honest

nagum spazzes out and charges his lazer but Amano saves herby blasting Nagumi and catches her and flying off as nagumo blasts the area and akemi whines wanting nagumo but amano sez its useless and to wait til the time is right

Amano has Megmi look after Akemi so she dont do anything stoopid as she usually does and Amano goes to face the cho jin

in the organ ship nizushi goes girl and then guy and the ki in the area its in changes

amano goes to the organ ship and inds this weird hermaphrodite thing who knows amano from before but he dont know it and they fight

in the organ ship nizushi changes genders as lights go off on the top of the organ star ship and as amano fleis around it the hermaphordote tirs him up with long fingers liek mr fantastic and zaps him with ki

Amano uses his ki to zap and pop the hermaphrodite but nizushi changes gendersand it revives the hermaphrodite and the slime in the place its in erupts intoits back and grabs its man thing

the hermpahrpdite is amazed at the power of chaos that amano ued to pop it and fight him and zaps him with blue ki butthe slime in the room nizushi is in makes it b0nes itself and the anaimation keeps flipping between positions of nizushi withouth any inbetwween and its hard to follow

so the hermaphrodite disintegrates and amano goes in as the ch jin sez he cant call nizushi complete

amano goes to the cho jin whos a light and force thatblows him back and amano wants him to make nagumo normal

cho jin sez he has use for nagumo to ipe out the past world/races for the new one and amano wants more time to prove themselves but chojin sz th stong wipe out the lower ones as thats how things evolved(but isnt this god comming back after 3000 years proof of creationism?)

Amano sees the cho jin is gonna ice hm and hes gonna rebel against the god and start an uprising to take over as he dont like the way the god made things

just like king henry the 8th and satan

so amano is blasted out and the city is going =nuts and genderless drones and peopel are being iced and amano declares war on the chojin as the city burns like a commie city when a cop caps a crook trying to ice him

the end

that was pretty good

its a 90s anime but feels 80s cuz its by the same guys

the music is good and the animation is well done except when i f==ks out but thats not often

the voicing is good and the story is a good way to start the end of the saga

its like lord of the rings or dbz with its epic scale and great characters but more adult with b0ning and aids refs

its got good themes of adulthood and responsibility and the consequences of teen choices that resonate through life

its more than just a tentacl p0rn0 but has depth and scale

if they made the other chapters of this saga and wrapped it up, i'd say it would have them being rebron without memories or being erased as toshio maeda does the Go Nagai thing of bad endings, but it might have some kind of twist

this holds up and if you can handle blurred out crothces doing stuff its worht it, but its best to watch the 1st 12 eps

For Urotsukidoji 6 I want Nagumo to be wiping out the world and Amano and Megumi lead the resistance with Akemi having some weird connection to Nagurmo and can ense his nearing. Also Amano and  Megumi train to access the Kyo Oh Powers of chaos to negate and destroy the chojin gender odffenders and they grow into manly dudes and thicc bimbos who reproduce and repopulate the world with huamns to replace the ones the chojin ended. Then Amano faces the choji and the chojin turns into a giant womb monster and fights amano and as he's getting beat, megumi comes in with full life and buys time for amano to recharge before they combine the kyo oh powers and wipe out the cho jin and amano and megumi becme the new cho jin. also they face and beat nizush who devolves into a chair monster made of man parts as it dont have a gender and the hermaphrodite that amano fought is rwally takeaki whos been revived and works for the cho jin and merged with myunihausen who wants revenge and megumi burns away the myunihausen and brings takeaki back as a manly alpha male with huge otokojuku muscles and 80s glam metal band naeon hair. Also its a 16 bit fighting game and beat em up on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you play as amano and/or megumi and fight through the genderless grunts and figh various bosses and some are guys revived form the 1st 4 uotsukidoji oavs and they have super formes and you do too and become realy buff and manly as amano and really thicc and curvy as megumi.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Wanna Be's Review

 note; i spell bad, but this is an 80s prowrestling thing so iys good

Wanna Be's

Thia is my review on Wanna Be's from the distant future year of 1986 (45 years before battlestars the return of convoy(optimus prime) happened)

its a direct to video anime and was directed by Yasuo Hasegawa who did Megazone 23(Robotech The Untold Story)/Shootfighter Tekken\The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross(Robotech Season 002)

It stars Eriko Hara from Getter Robo Go\Ghost Sweeper Mikami\God Mazinger\Sailor Moon\Sailor Moon R\Sailor Moon S\Sailor Moon Sailor Stars\Sailor Moon SuperS\(The) Super Dimension Century Orguss(Not Robotech), Miki Takahashi from Evolution 2: Far Off Promise\Dream Hunter Rem\Genesis Climber Mospeada(Robotech Season 003)\Pokémon, Akio Nojima  from Devilman the 70s anime/Fist of the North Star\Inuyasha\M.D. Geist\Mao-chan\Saint Seiya\Yu Yu Hakusho\Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0, Demon Kogure from Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb, Eiko Yamada from Case Closed\Crying Freeman\Delinquent in Drag\Demonic Beast Front\Dragon Ball\bada55 Dragon Ball GT\Dragon Ball Movie 3: Mystical Adventure\gay a66 Dragon Ball Super\Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods\Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'\Fist of the North Star\Legend of Lemnear\Lily C.A.T.\Locke the Superman\Ranma ½\Sailor Moon\Saint Seiya\Super Dimension Century Orguss(Which had an SG-1000 game)\Super Dragon Ball Heroes\Transformers: Zone\Yu-Gi-Oh! The Season 0 Movie, Fumihiko Tachiki from Sonic Colors\Sonic Forces\Sonic Lost World\Team Sonic Racing\Bloody Roar\Duke Nukem Forever(As The Duketer)\Hokuto Muso and Shin Hokuto Muso\The DororoPS2 game\Angel Blade and Angel Blade Punish!(hermaphrodite p0rn0, but not Go Nagai for som reason)\Battle Arena Toshinden\Berserk\Beyblade: Metal Fury\Beyblade: Metal Masters\Black Jack\Bleach\Case Closed\Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman\Devilman\Digimon Frontier\Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei\Fist of the North Star: The Legend of Kenshiro\Flint: The Time Detective\Fullmetal Alchemist(The only legit good thing back door funimation ever did)\Getter Robo Arc\Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex\Gintama\Go Nagai World(Which was really fun)\Gravion and Gravion Zwei(dT MIzuki tachibana)\Grenadier(which was hot and cool)\Gungrave\Inuyasha\InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler\Jungle de Ikou!(That ones great)\Magical Play\Marine a Go Go(a f==king p0rn0), but he was Boss in Mazinkaiser so it works as Boss wants to b0ne)/MazinKaiser\Mazinkaiser vs. Great General of Darkness\Monkey Magic\Naruto\candy a55 Neon Genesis Evangelion\New Cutey Honey\New Fist of the North Star\One Piece\Pokémon\Power Stone\Queen's Blade\gender offender Ranma ½\The Raepeman Anime Version\Shootfighter Tekken\Transformers: Robots in Disguise\Escaflowne\Wedding Peach, Maria Kawamura from Case Closed\Cream Lemon(a p0rn0, but with her as Naga it maes ens, but should be ool Devices)\Ghost Stories(which had the best dub)\Ghost Sweeper Mikami\Gunbuster(Robotch III, Not neccesarliy the Sentinels)\Megazone 23\Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water\Neon Genesis Evangelion\TV Ninja Scroll\Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl\Pokémon(Who was Lorelei)\Pokémon Advance\Pokémon: Black and White\Sailor Moon S\Saint Seiya\Samurai Champloo\Samurai Pizza Cats\Slayers as the best character, Naga The White Serpent\Spirit Warrior\Tokyo Mew Mew\Yu Yu Hakusho, Maya Okamoto from Case Closed\Demon Prince Enma\Garzey's Wing\Megazone 23\Ninja Resurrection\Ogenki Clinic Adventures(A p0rn0 with huge b00b blondes)\Saint Tail(which has a good game gear game)\Silent Möbius\Slayers Return\Spider Riders\Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend(As the bes chick, Megumi)\Violence Jack\Wedding Peach, Mayumi Sho (Whos husband was Andy in Fatal Fury who Mai Shiranui is into)  from Angel Blade(hermaphrodite p0rn0)\Case Closed\Cream Lemon(A p0rn0e)\Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z(as chichi, the best wife cuz shes got a pure heart)\Megazone 23\New Angel(A p0rn0 and she plays a ghost so it may be necro p0rn0)\Ojamajo Doremi\Shootfighter Tekken\Transformers: Super God Masterforce\Zatch Bell\Zillion, Michitaka Kobayashi from Mega Man ZX/3x3 Eyes\Akira\BAOH\Black Lion\Crying Freeman\maju sensen aka magical bast front aka Demonic Beast Front\Digimon Fusion\Dragon Ball\Fist of the North Star the 80s movie\Fist of the North Star\Fist of the North Star 2\M.D. Geist\Magical Taruruuto-kun(Which ha a Genesis Game by Game Freak)\Sailor Moon\Saint Seiya\Samurai Pizza Cats\Transformers: The Headmasters\Dragon Half(which was fun)\One Piece, Ryusuke Oobayashi from Fist of the North Star\Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex\Spider Riders\Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?\Case Closed\Inuyasha\Jungle de Ikou!\Ranma ½\Super Dimension Fortress Macross\Wedding Peach, Satoko Kito from Case Closed\Dream Hunter Rem\Mad Bull 34\Pokémon\Sailor Moon\Saint Tail\Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross\Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend\Vampire Hunter D\Wedding Peach\Zillion, Shozo Iizuka from Mega Man 08/Bloody Roar Extreme\Bleach\Case Closed\Crying Freeman\Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past\Dororon Enma-kun\Dragon Ball\Dragon Ball Movie 2: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle\Dragon Ball Z\Dragon Ball Z Kai\Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku\Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug\Dream Hunter Rem\Fist of the North Star\xxxxxFist of the North Star: The Legend of Kenshiro\Genesis Climber Mospeada\Getter Robo: Armageddon\Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up\Ghost Stories\Ghost Sweeper Mikami\Go Nagai World\Matchless Raijin-Oh\Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!\Mazinkaiser vs. Great General of Darkness\Mobile Fighter G Gundam\Pokémon\Pokémon Advance\Riki-Oh 2: Horobi no Ko\Sakigake!! Otoko Juku\Salamander(based on the nes shmup)\Street Fighter II V\Super Dimension Century Orguss\Escaflowne\Yo-kai Watch\Yu Yu Hakusho\Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0, Shuichi Ikeda from BAOH\Case Closed\Dream Hunter Rem\Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water\yNaruto\One Piece\Riki-Oh 2: Horobi no Ko\Saint Seiya\Tenjho Tenge\Zillion, Urara Takano from Beyblade \Beyblade G Revolution\Beyblade the Movie: Fierce Battle\Beyblade: V-Force\Case Closed\Cutie Honey Universe\Hetalia - Axis Powers\Idaten Jump\Jungle Book: Shōnen Mowgli\Master of Mosquiton\Matchless Raijin-Oh\Mobile Fighter G Gundam\New Cutey Honey\Ninja Scroll the series\Ninku\Ogenki Clinic Adventures\Pokémon\Ranma ½\Saint Young Men\Slayers: The Book of Spells\Wedding Peach\Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files\Yu-Gi-Oh!\Zatch Bell, Yusaku Yara from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer\Lunar: Silver Star Story\Astro Boy\BAOH\Black Lion\Case Closed/Crying Freeman\mgical beast front aka maju sensen aka Demonic Beast Front\Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past\Dragon Ball Super\Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug\Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora\Fist of the North Star the 80s movie\Fist of the North Star\Fist of the North Star 2\M.D. Geist\New Dominion Tank Police\New Getter Robo\Ninja Scroll\Pokémon\Saint Seiya\Sakigake!! Otoko Juku\Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Yuria-den\Spirit Warrior aka peacock king aka kujaku oh\Super Dimension Century Orguss\Transformers: Super God Masterforce\Transformers: Zone(the best since the movie)\Vampire Hunter D (OAV)\Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust\Wicked City\Yu-Gi-Oh! and a guy or 2 whos not in anything I saw

I not only saw this, but abridged it and had fun with it

so after logoes we see this female prowrestling max withere the dream angels are being beat down by these 80s syle punks

and it seems to be real fighting and violence as they are taking real damage and 1 chick in warpaint bits her foe

this at chick based on dump matsumoto(yet thats her real name) throws the dream angels out of the rng and the ref counts to 13 and they get in and get another beatdown with really 80s animation and art and its pretty good

so the dream angels get pinned and lose and whn they get up, fata55 hassles her and slugs out the ref, but dream angel lifts fata55 up and her muscles swell uplike dbz and rip off her spandex top before she blacks out

the wanna be's (yes thats their real name try to help but get bbeat down and the rivals walk pff as the crowd cheers and the drem angles are out cold

the wanna be's vow to make the rivals pay for fighting irty and beating up their homies in a wrestling match

then the title and then this suit says his final testing is going well and has a form of the dresm angles nn his desk

then on the news at the wanna be's place is a report on ryuichi kodo the head of the kido group biting it after finding a poisonous frog in the amazon and i think its the anaimal not the frenchie whch is also kinda unevolved

also the lovely angles have ytoys of WB and hanna barberra shows o their place as 80s japan didnt care of copyright

so the kido group dont know about the frog venon and not the french spider man character and is producing itfor their own thing and kido is replaced by his son tetsuma

so eri has a coke after a shower and talks withmiki about the deam angels being beat but being taken care of

miki is the tomboy who wants to get strtong to beat the rivals and eri is the girly one whos nice

so they sneak out and the coach tells em off for goig out to party but they do it anyway

in the lab thhis dr tells kido jr thattheres mutation with the venomthat needs an ntibody an they test with an mra thing and mitocondria and other technobable

dna/rna hybridizatin is almost done and the drema angels are i statis pods and out cold

at a diner the wanna be's eat cake and a lpt as they gotta keep up the strength and training burns calories

they seen theur 80s movie junko and her droogs like momoko but not wedding peach and this 80s punk hits on em but when he mocks wrestling, eri dumps coffee on him and mki puts a plate of cake in his face

the next day they get up late and get on wrestling tights and n the gym is a lot of equipment for training  thats new and they got a powr suin that has spring to make you work out more to move and get stronger like a macho brace in pokemon

the dr from th lab is providing it and we gatta training montage to 80s musicand stills fading over em of the rivals winnign wrestling matches and the wanna be's too

later the wanna be's and the rivals meet and the fstty nails eri with her chain and face paint trips maki

so coach talks with a guy about how the wanna be's are doing great and coach wants to have the wanan be's fight the rivals but the owner of the rivals dont want the wanan bees to be beat out like the dream angels

he sez in 2 months we'll battle and coach sez his sponsor wants it, the kido group and rival owner leaves

later the wanna bes are practicing movies on each other and coach sez to his sponsor, kido jr, that the league would move faster wit his pressure and odo jr sez he'd do stuff

later the eann bes snea out and climb down a tree as i guess they are slaves like the korea maruta boy bacnds in candy a55 korea being owned an not b0ned

coach beats on em with a stick and tells em if they have that much energy they otta do 1000 push ups which would get em nice and sweaty with big hard muscles all greased up for the guys with a female bodybuilder fetish

kido jr sez to this big fleshy thing that the species the thing discovered is being rteproduiced and when fully finishe he's control the world or w/e

so the rival is told they gotta fight the wanna bees and rivsals dont think the wanna be's are good enough and are only on cuz they're popular like with oscar movies

later at the wanna bes base this nerdy reporter sez the wanan bes might wind up like the dream angels and they put the muscle training suit on his and he crumples like a candya55

so the girls train more and seicnetis sez things are going will with the progress and ido jr sez to increase the dosage and we get more training and scenes of the girls on a bed with fluid being pumped into em in an IV and lectrodes on em

then its time for the mater and the rivals are gonna beat the black ffa em to show em whos the boss and why we got charles in charge of out maami voe and alf

the show coems on and demon kogure who was mynihausen in urootsukidjoji 2 comes in playing himsel and bring in a coffon saying once every 2000 years the h-ll bring out the best wrstlers and they need a blood sacrifice and will punish the wanna be's for challenging em and the coffin is for em

the ana be's jump from the ceiling and dont splatter like owen hart or the pigin butters clothes in south park and the face paijt is 176 lbs and the fatty is 242 which is not much but in japan everyones liek 4'9 so its compressed

this match determins who goes to the womens world pro world pro wrestling champion thing

the rivals dotn shavke hands and when the backs turn, they throw coats on em and beat on em, then the bell goes and war paint gets beat onand elbowed in the womb

she tags out and eri ump kicks fatty but ref starts counting and round 1 goes to the rivals

round 2 maki counters fata55's moves and eli jump kicks her b4 tagging out and fights warpaint and beats on her but is f's in the eyes by something ar paint did

wait its the forehead with nails or needles or blades and when miki teiws to tell the ref, the ref blames her for interfwring like its a human complaining about a gaijin

she inteferes and the fork she shanked eri with lands by the ef who calls foul and not like the smell of a gaijin and miki is strangled with a metal chain by the fata55

mik and eri msucle up and toss the rivals and then they go to another round with eri getin beat down by warpaint but catching her stomp from a 15 foot jump with 1 hand and takes no damage, then throws her

she goes to tag mik but warpaint grabs her but she elbows warpaint in the gut and fatty strangles her with a chain and war pait beats on her

eri beats her way out and the ref gets beat out and miki comes in and gets beat with a wrench by fatty but the wanna bes beat the rivals around before all 4 black out

after the match the wanna bes ask what coach did to em and interrogate dr

in a limo kido jr sez they can begin cloning like in robotech and goes back to his tower but the wanna bes are there and beat though security as they are skilled fighterd and i here wrestling is real

they break down a locked door and see the company leader kido jr and beat out his men with their super human power and ask wher ethe dream angels are but garlic jr pulsl a gun

eri odges gunfire and kicks the gun away cus she's pan in dbgt with a thicc booty in tight jeans and kido jr runs and uses traps like a door closing from the ceiling and an elevator to escape

mik jumps down the levator shaft and eri takes the stairs and they meet at the bottom and anna be shown the dream angels

in this lab the dream angels are naked in glass cases like snow white but not the devolved disney version with the columbian involved, also the latino chick. and kido jr sneaks away and awakens his dad from a glass chamber

dad is this beig devolved 80s puple monster and thrwos him against a metal thing cuz hes a cr-ppy son

the wana bes fight him and the lab is damaged and even with their great strength they cant stop him

they try closing the vault door but he busts out and they run to another room nd prepare to nail him when he comes in

he busts through the wall and knocks em around and the fight goes to a lab with acid spilling on the floor

eri throw a jar of acid on his face like with the gypsy in thinner nd miki uses an electric thing on him to cook him

so they are recovering frm the fight and miki gets the dream angels outta the chambers and goes to use the phone butdefolved dad comes back and busts eri out the window while holding her by 1 arm

miki comes back and beats on him and he tuens on her are seems to be truing to b0ne her but she beats more

she tries a throw but his arm busts off and he starts rotting and melting and chunks fa;; on her face and  its fetishy

eri pulls the monster off and falls out the window with it and miki wa shock

we see the monstr splattered on teh floor and blood and goo and then we see mik and eri getting ready for a final round against the rivals with a newspaper saying kido was arrsted

they go out and we get 80s msuic and credits 

the end

that was good

nice fun clean action and msuic and animation

its really 80s and has a few scenes of non graphic nips but other than that its good

also slash of the titans and soviet disneys fantasia had nips

the voicing is good and the fights are well done

yeah it makes wrestling seem real, but its also got a guy devolved into the amazing bulk so its not trying to be realistic

its only like 45 mins or 1 laser disc and is a decent animation

For Wanna e's II I ant them to face the rivals they had in the 1st one but start hulking out and getting really big and beefy like a Go Nagai chick. They win the match and find that they are too much beyond human to fairly face hamns, so they get into interspecies matches where they fight apes and rhinoes and hippoes and its a good battle with them pulling open the aniamls and eating the organs live. also its a 16 but wrestling game on Snes, Sega Genesis, TG16, Atari Jaguar and GBA where you play as 2 players against each other or in a team match that is kinda beat em up and face increasing animals as you get bigger and buffer with each one you eat.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Dog Soldier Shadows Of The Past Review

Note: I spell better than people who like dogs as they are surpluss to requirements

Dog Soldier Shadows Of The Past

This is Ore Samma No Review of Dog Soldier Shadows Of The Past from the distant future year of 1989 (20 years before Robotech Season 1 and 30 bfore Blade Runner 001)

Its based on a manga by Tetsuya Saruwatari who did Riki-Oh and a lot of dark violent conspiracy cr-p thats more splat and less chat

Its screen writen by Sho Aikawa who did Daimajū Gekitō: Hagane no Oni\Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend\Violence Jack: Evil Town\Spirit Warrior aka peacck king aka kujaku-oh/Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma\Angel Cop\The Demonic Beast Front aka Maju Sensen aka Magical Beast Front\Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Demon Womb\Return of the Overfiend\Genocyber/Th 1st anime of Fullmetal alchemist/the 00s shaman king/The Brave Police J-Decker\Jushin Liger

I saw this before abd abrided it but never read the manga, which I hear is more violent nd bashes Reagan/Bush moves

It stars Shozo Iizuka from Mega Man 08\Bloody Roar Extreme\Crying Freeman\dragon ball\DBZ\Dororon Enma-kun\Fist of the North Star\Genesis Climber Mospeada(Robotech Season 003)\CB Chara Go Nagai World\Mazinkaiser vs The Great General of Darkness\Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Bishamon\Riki-oh OVA 2\Sakigake!! Otoko Juku (that ones awesome!)\Getter Robo Armageddon\Street Fighter II V \Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, Norio Wakamoto from Cyber City Oedo 808\DBZ\GT\Fist of the North Star\Violence Jack Slumking\Monster Rancher,\Ninja Scroll\Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo\Getter Robo Arc\Transformers Animated(Which I didnt like)\Transformers Cybertron\Urotsukidōji II: Legend of the Demon Womb(He b0ned Megumi!(Who didn't?!))\Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend\Urotsukidōji IV: Inferno Road OAV 3\Yugioh GX\Street Fighter IV and V and Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2 and SVC Chaos\The King of Fighters 2002\MD Geist\Mazinger Z, Yusaku Yarafrom Lunar Silver Star Story\Baoh\Crying Freeman\Dominion Tank Police\DBZ\Hokuto no ken the movie(he got his arms sliced of by Rei)\New Getter Robo,Pokémon (before it went all cr-ppy)\Saint Seiya\Sakigake!! Otoko Juku\Spirit Warrior/Peacock King/Kujaku-Oh (which had a cool game called mystic defender on sega genesis with a naked chick in some versions)\Transformers: Super God Masterforce\Transformers Zone(which was AWESOME!!)\Vampire Hunter D\Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustWanna-Be's (that was a good one)\Fist of the North Star\Yugioh\New Cutey Honey,Dragon Ball Super (Which was kinda cr-ppy)\Fist of the North Star: The Legend of Yuria\Hokuto No Ken 2\Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer/Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora\Godzilla vs. Megaguirus\Ninja ScrollWicked City (which was a f--king p0rn0h!! Remember when that chick he was b0ning turned into a Spider Yokai?! Good f--k! It nearly bit his thing off with her mouth crotch!!) Akira Kamiya from Cutey Honey Flash\DD Fist of the North Star\Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone\Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora\Fist of the North Star\ the 80s movie\Fist of the North Star 2\Getter Robo\Getter Robo G\Getter Robo Go\Getter Robo: Armageddon\Kinnikuman Nisei - Second Generations\Outlanders\Sailor Moon S\Sailor Moon Sailor Stars\Saint Seiya\Slayers Gorgeous\Spirit Warrior aka kujaku-oh aka peacock king/\Super Dimension Fortress Macross (TV) as Roy Focker\Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Mika Doi from Angel Cop\Case Closed\Crying Freeman\Devil Hunter Yohko(Which had a good Genesis hame)\Excel Saga\Fist of the North Star\Fist of the North Star 2\Genesis Climber Mospeada\butt f--king Neon Genesis Evangelion\Ninku(which had some Game Gear Gamws)\One Piece\Outlanders\Sailor Moon\Sailor Moon R\Saint Seiya\Shaman King\Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross\(The) Super Dimension Fortress Macross\Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?\Wedding Peach\Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Issei Futamata from Megaman 8\Akira\La Blue Girl\Case Closed\Death Note\\Demonic Beast Front\Devil Hunter Yohko\devolved a55 emo Digimon Tamers\Dragon Ball\Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora\Fist of the North Star\Inuyasha\Judge\Jungle Book: Shōnen Mowgli\Matchless Raijin-Oh(which had a decent gb game)\gazone 23 Part II\Mobile Fighter G Gundam\Monster Rancher\Ninja Scroll the tv series\Ninku\Pretty Cure\gender offender Ranma ½\Saint Seiya\Saint Tail (which had a good game ear game)Salamander(howd they make an oav series of a space shmup?!)Street Fighter II V\(The) Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross\Violence Jack 0va 1 and 3\Zatch Bell(whih had thicc chicks)\Zillion, Kozo Shioya from Akira\BAOH\Barefoot Gen\Jushin Liger(NOT Rygar cuz these gaijin dont get that its a real f=king animal! Its like Sailor Moon calling the Lemures "Remless" or candy a55 imdb calling bubblegum crisis"aburugaamu kuraishisuu")\Bleach\Case Closed\(The) Demonic Beast Front\Digimon Adventure\Digimon Fusion\Dinosaur King\Dragon Ball\Z/GT\Super\Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora\Fist of the North Star the movie in the 80s\Fist of the North Star\Fist of the North Star 2\GaoGaiGar: King of the Braves\Gorillaman\Lily C.A.T.\Little Nemo - Adventures in Slumberland\Locke the Superman\Matchless Raijin-Oh\Mazinger Z: Infinity\Megazone 23\Mobile Suit Gundam Seed\\Monster Rancher\Naruto\One Piece\Pretty Cure\Ranma ½\Sakigake!! Otoko Juku\Samurai Pizza Cats\Shootfighter Tekken\Sonic X\Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross\Transformers: Super God Masterforce\Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

people say it one of the worst anime ever but these guys also hate on Eiken and Urostukidoji and Violence Jack and Mad Bull 34 and other great things when Anime was about manly cool guys fighting manly cooler guys and hermaphrodites, instead of wiener kids crying in the wind

so after 80s logos we get this night city thats bright colored and this blonde chick with a breifcase handcuffed to her arm and the area is atacked by rockets or something and blows her VTOL jet and takes out guys

this chopper attacks em and these guys catch the blonde and get her in the hpper and escape

then title

thenthis construction crew is busting a building and this big buff guy voiced by daisuke gouri is whining of his cr-ppy job as he was a commando  but main guy whos a green beret and elite sez he likes a peaceful job and this area reminds hm of his youth in America in the slums of soviet los angelas

then this chopper and jeep bust in and have a gunfight and soem guys get iced byt theres no bullet holes and they fall like a 40s mvovie

main guy, john kyosuke hiba, or john k, or john kyo like john q or john everyman in Death Spares No The Tiger, jumps like 30 feet and geabs the chopper andlusts for the blonde before a gun is aimed at him

he ducks away 4 it fires as i guess hes faster than a speedo bullet and does gymnastics to flip under the chopper cuz hes a super elite who can do anything

the chopper is shot diwn and crahes through a roof and hes on top of it somehow and his meathead homie checks him but the jeep guys get them at gunpoint

this gov guy gets blonde out of the chopper but she shanks him with a switchblade and he pulls off her locket and when the jeep guys aim at her, they get shredded by the chopper guys who escaped

the chopper guys getta way in an ambulance and the bad guy whos face aint seen sez to blonde at a bar later they go to the island later

so main guy is caught by da gov and filled with truth serum but resists while chained by the wists like riki-oh and is the best the gov had and is a one man army and has records for missions and resigned his commission

in soviet el salvadore he was ordered to waste a civilian fam like ba rock and his drone workers did a lot cuz they were accused of aiding the enemy, but he didnt and trie sd to save em, but they were iced and he thought "anyone who wacks kids is a butcher" as i guess hes pro life and dont like all those daemon worshippers going after the unborn

so this gov guy takechi is in charge and sez hes a dr to have authority and the gov lets him cuz hes one of THEM

the americans cant main guys extradition for icing army guys but meathead sez he didnt do it even though it looks it, but he had a job for john k and masami fudo the meathead and wants em to bring back the blondes briefcaseand says its got a biological thing that can be used to balck male enemies or infect em

like the maruta did in the 2020s?

so it was stolen by phantom the death merchant and they offer john k 200 000 $ to get it back but he dont trust em and thinks she was working with phantom and john k dont wanna work for da gov as they'd deny it for "Security reasons"

takechi shows him the locket and sez to show the woman and he recognizes it and later in the park has ramen with masami and has taken the job, wait he didnt and thins kid brings john k thing note for 500 yen and john k runs off and fudo masami has to handle the kid

in a baseball stadium johk k meets the blonde and they reveal to have known each other 12 years ago and they as kids were the happiest days of their live

she was adopted and she and him and makoto were best friends like guts griffith and casuka and she sez she not here for phantom and he sez she wasnt used to be a murderer and keeps plating the clip of her shanking the guy

he liked how kind she eas and trys telling her phantom is the bad guy who gets weapons rom all nations and sells to the highest bidder but she sez the gov lied and she rally had an aids caccine

a viet nam vet called in to stop the bad guys, even ussr, from getting an aids vaccine? is this one of the most aids i mean 80s things around

john k sez if there was an aids vaccine it would be on the news but as the news only says what THEY want us to hear, she tells him the gov sed its made secret and she objected as she was a research assistat and the gov refsed to allow production

then some guys with guns come at em from da gov and want her to come with em and john k too

they know of john ks knives but then they get shredded by gunfire cuz theres snipers like the grassy knoll and they come doen to fight instead of picking hum off like the other guys

blonde named cathy or maybe cassie goes with em and ses not to ice john k and if he meets phantom he;d know

they knock her out with the gun and he dodges theirn gunfire like Pan in DBGT and takes em out

so hes caught by this rope and held up in the stands like hes gonna be drawn and quartered ad the leader is shadowed over and reveals his face to be john k's childhood friend makoto who throws a knife in joh k and leaves himand takes cathy

then john k falls and thsi hindenberg blimp takes off and we gatta flashback of young makoto with a blood wound side and cathy on the other and he and young john k are holding knifes but jons ha no blood on it and makoto drops his knife

this flashback was a dream and john k is in the hospital and bandaged up and takechi is there loking like an exil max sterling from Robotech an recovering from surgery john beats him through the hospital dor and sez "you knew"

takechi sez in 3 days the phantom but not of the opera is havign an auction on his private island and 3rd world slim countried are comming

then on makotos island in this temple like a daemon worship thing theres jets going by and taken out as makoto sez the gov is sending them soon

in the swamp masami and john k are lurking and the guards catch em and shred a croc but not croc from the n64 game and bring em to makoto

makoto wants john k to be his partnet like with guts and griffith and john k wants to bring cathy back

makoto shows al the counteris he deals with and its most of earth, not chile, greenland, parts of africa and mongolia for some reason, but soviet canada is in there and probably using tit to deal with sasquatch/moose hybrids that b0ne people ead with weird man parts

So Matoko controls uch of the world with his money and sez that as john k's rents were iced by malcontents he otta join him as a weapon of vengeance and makoto offers him a room of gold bars

john k hates tear ur isnts for the chaos urdrrs they do and makoto does the same with his dealings

makoto brings cathy in as john k wants her and she wants to speak with john k alone so maokto leaves

she wants john k to not fight makoto and shes the locket of a picture of them as kids, but i dont knw who took it as they were street rats

she sez makoto sed he'd share the aids cure to help the aids bags and give them free health care, but john k points out that any country with the aids cure could infect the enemy countries with aids, like THEY did to africa, and makoto would use anyone for money

cathy sez makoto fidnt change that much but john k offers to bring her back but she dont wanna

then makoto sez on the speaker phone that he has  plan for john k and thenwe see john k and masami fuso in a jail cell as the rikioh guy loves manly guys in jail between splatterfests

john k sez in the outskirts of l a years ago was a slu infected with kids. the city was full of crime but if you climbed a hill you saw the 1st world of beverly hills where 90210 and the hillbillies went. the soviet republic of california was collapsing and familys suffered andnkids ran away from a clean safe home to the slums to rule in h=ll istead of serve in heaven.

the kids banded togetehr like with griffiths guys in berserk but this came 1st and after john k's rents were iced he joined em and met makoto and cathy(like in riki=oh how he was living with his evil twin brother in the woods and ditched hi to be a rich kid witha  tricycle but backwardsO)

then we see the clip of bleeding kid makoto and young jn k who looks like guts from berserk but hes not b0ned by a big black guy his dad sold him to

the next day we see makoto and hes thinking of him at graves and then he shows the guess video after saying the maruta land has high quality weapons systems(spoiler; chinese things are cr-p and break easy, they are made by slave kids for pennys a day between sodomy breaks and often get chewed up in the machines. At least Shiro Ishi was said to have done it for medical research that can help humens, not to make a cr-ppy iphone so some loser can play a badly ported 16 big game on a touch screen controller that doesnt work)

so makotos men are armed with martuta weapons and are hunting  live men in the juggnle and its john k and masami and use chainese made items that ar cheaper, but you get what you pay for

in totally not predator, john k takes out the commandoes with skill and a bow made of a stoing on his arm and darts to ice people cuz hesthat good

he catches one in a net trap he somehow had and aims the gun at a guy who fires a rocket launcher but offscreen john k takes him out and fights a tank as cathy looks worried

but then all the choppers blow outside in the air parking lot and theres jets flying off

ofscreen masami took out the tank with the rocker launcher like in Commando with Arnold and Masami sez the Americans are gonna bust the island

after gearing up like Rambo john k goes to face makoto and the gov guys say that with the island busted, the world will think only America has the AIDS cure, and even if they dont have it, the enemies will THINK they have it and not go against em

like when Trump is n charge and no one f'd with America as even though hes a man of peace, THEY thought he'd nuke anyone against him and didn't risk it

so cathy and makoto go to this ziggurat he had made and john k fires at his feet to stop him and sez America is gonna f da island and cure, bu eh can still save em

makoto sez its not over and john k wants cathy to come to him and reveals makoto would not give the cure out as he promised and he only cares about money like zuckerskin and his garbage site that was inferior to myspace

makoto only said he'd cshare it to get her to steal it and exploited her love and makoto admits it but cathy gievs no f--ks

john k sez hes not the same joghn k but is now the dog soldier and it starts raining for no reason as the skies were clear a sec ago

maokot gets a poison knife outta his a55 and battles john k  as cashty watches ret-rdedly andf 80s music plays

john k's knife is knocked away and wait its makotos and as john k charges, the place is nailed by a missile and wounds john k's leg

makoto coem up with a gun he had the whole time and didnt use cuz hes a mong0loid and sez he'd continue selling weapons an wait, he'd not as if you are in 21 feet of a guy, he can run in and shank you b4 you pull ur gun/aim/fire, so he did the smart thing with a knife

makoto reveals the aids cure is fake and even catshy didnt know as its got side effects that make it unsafe for humans, like how THEY say "this product is safe," and its apprved, then 2 years later you start seeing adds saying "If you took this product, and got (long list of damages) call us and we'll get you money, but ur still infertile"

And Makoto was still gonna sell it as even if its fake, they'd pay for it and other countries wil think they had the aids cure, so hes selling an illusion to counteues and its his revenge

jhn k sez hes addicted to money/power and is its slave and this makes makoto throw away his freekin gun and pick up a knife to end john k

he stabs but cathy cares afer hearsing of fake aids cures click here and in a weird cr-pp scene, she runs in and gets shanked by the knife ut her clothes has no damage and she has no blood

she sez how they had good times in the slums and  was an abandoned child and those were the best days of her life, back in the summer of a 69

an ten, she died, ahhhhhh!

wait, she sez they were both her, and then bites it

then as katchy dies the su comes out, like when I watched Carrie  and as the mom got it, the sunoutside my home came ut, and john k attacks makoto

makoto firs at him but all his bullets miss at ckose range and john k jumps 20 feet in the ar, and comes down and shanks makoto in the skull and this is like with zor in the robotech geensis comics with his homie and gf

makoto isnt dead dead and goes on for a bit about how the ones who iced his rents were White, like his dad but his mom was japanese and the union i mean synticade ruined his dads business. as his rents were ruined by money power he vowed to rule the word with that power as his revenge

wtf, why would he wanna rule the world with what killed his fam?! its like a hiroshima survivor wanting to rule the world with nukes

then again, roku hyaku man ichi the guy who personally ended all abortion laws in soviet canada claimed to be in the holocost and went on to caust the deaths of countless more real innocents

then the place starts blowing for some reason, maybe missiles hitting to fast to see, and john k takes his dead cathy in the fire

this et of makoto's comes in and the foece of the shockwave breaks the window on teh aircraft carrier and its flown byjohn k and masami who throws the aids cure in and fires on it but i think misses takechi

john k flies off, not its sunset, and wonders what could have makd ehis friends so damaged in 12 years?(i thik the manga sez but i never rwad it. Riki-oh said what changed the people and it made sense, so maybe this would and have a bigger bad behind it)

then a song showing photoes of john makoto and cathy as innocetn and hopefully virgin kids

the end

that was pretty cool

i otta read the manga when its done being translated

the animatuon is pretty nice for the 80s and its got that 80s style and feel

its got some heat and is more realistic than most people would admit with the, holy cr-p, j c staff did this?! they did gwcaizer and eiken!

but i liked this, its got good action and i hear the manga is a brutal splatterfest, like the rikioh guy does

john k is a good guy ut hardened by a rough life and means well when slaughtering nameless goons

this was englished by us manga coeps of central park media who did m d geist and voltage fighter gowcauzer ad it may not be the mst deep or meaningful anime, but its got some truths that shows there is more than meaets the eye and below the surface is a deep dark ocean

plus it shows the gov as the bd guys, like real life

For Dog Soldier Shadows Of The Past II I want him to go to the USSR on a mission nd find there's a gate to the hollow earth near a soviet base the gov wants to take out, but in the hollow earth he and masami are caught and find toad people working in there and were behind the gov and know the gov was gonna betray them and use their tech to take over, seeing his chnce, john k and masami fudo say a prayer and angels come in and there an epic battle with john k using a holy gun given by the angel to shred the toad people, a;so fudo gets a holy pickaxe and chops against em and they splatter the inner people and set the base to nuke and get out. also its a 16 bit beat em up game on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gab where 1 player is john k and the other is masami and you fight against various allegedly extinct animals that were really i the inner area and soem are cyber modded with metal control implants and armor and weapons.