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Cripple Creek Review

 Moye' io spell crippled

Cripple Creek

This isd my review on Cripple Creek from tyhe distyant future year, to the Right Honorable John Wilkes Booth, of 1952(70 years before Robotech 2 The Sentinels)

its directed by Ray Nazarro who did nothing i seen

it stars George Montgomery from black patch, Jerome Courtland from Santa Fe, Richard Egan from Blackbeard the Pirate/Demetrius and the Gladiators, John Dehner who amnimated disney in the 40s and was in Tulsa/Apache/the 60s Twilight Zone/The Boys from Brazil\Airplane II: The Sequel, Roy Roberts from It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World\The Big Trees\Santa Fe, George Cleveland from Angel on My Shoulder, and a few guys from the 1900s i never saw in anything

i never saw this but its 78 mins so on Grit its gonna go to 2 hours with adds

so after logo title and credits, in proper fullscreen and lite color, we get narrator saying in 1892 a coweboy found gold and in a 1 year there was a gold rush and people died with violenced like in canada under candya55 trudeau

also the gangs jacked gold from wagons like its f--kin mad max and took da ore

the poeple say to tell the gov as they always solves issues in good ways, right???

also the country's gold reserrve went low in the panic of 1893 and the prez put an embargo on soem sh-t

then we get bret ivers aka iverson whos a crook or something and is chased to texas and the crew after him turns back except main guy who goes after him

so main guy meets ivers and is his friend and theresa another guuy there whos rich and they want him to helkp solve the cripple creek thing

the gangs are smuggling gold outta da country as the gov made it illegal to buy gold  or w/.e and i think ivers is actually a good guy

oh ivers is not a crook but fakes it and is gonna go undercover in the gang

so its night anbd they go to town and see guys talking of how they wanna get paid for the last 3 raids and the owner sez hthey get bpaid when he egts paid and the workers cant quit

the deo i mean duo come tothe salloon and meet silver kirby and he sez they have no rooms left

kirby lets themmm have a room a guy cancelled on and the 1 chick in this film shows em the way

in da salloon, the raiders and not paul revere, wanna do their own thing instewad of wwaiting for pay and wait outside for kirby to come out

they catch him as the duo watches and use kirby to get in the money room and steal da gold

butthe dfuo j fk them after jumpimng down and save the money from the crooks

they say theysaw the hold up and are antio soviet texas heroes who play fair and dont like 4 on 1

the undertaker(not the wwf guy) comes in and is a creepy a55 peter lorre c-ck sucker and offers an undertaking and ivers i think ta;ks with chick

the duo is made the honored guesrts of the hotel and the towmn heads talk on how something might be up  with these texas dudes comming by at da riught time

they have the shheriff contact texas for the facts on gun fighters in there to see about the duo

also they mention southern hospitality, which nowadays would be called "racist" but i got frinds in the south and soem from texas and they are nice friendly folk

in da hotel room, the duo rerturtns and bret tell off main guy over ppossibly f ing ther case and the agent or w./e is guiding them sez he lead the kirby or w/e the idea they are random gundifhter slooking for a break

also he htells the duo of the stats on the raiders and otehr things the bads are upto

a wagon come sby and they put out the lightsd and look outsider and its clearly sday but tinted to be night

wait they went out on horses and its night day and follow it

also agnet is strap and main guy is larry like the cabel guy or the cxucumber

they see the wagon being loaded with bafgs and ridden off and raise bandannas over their faces as no one can tell who it is with the same clothes or horses and chase after wem firing

the wagonman whips bret but he catches it like tk in digimonm season 2 and pulls him off and theiy fight

after beating him  out the bretand the larry take da gold wagon and go off as the wagonman wakes up

they hide the gold in a deAD SHAFT, WHICH IS A HOLE IN THE EARTHS A55

totally not like violence jack manga with eldorado and ryuu takuma and the guirrila high guys and the gold

at da salloon, strap goes by gillis and sez he's gonna keep tabs on the duo and wagonman cooems by and sez he got f'd

the duo comes by and wagonman regognizes the  belt buckle on 1 guiy and they say "we donty know it was urs, we can give it back"

thern some rednecks come in and 1 sez they found gold in an empty mine and its the gold the deuo took

the duo sez they will get it back and work with him but wagon man is wary of working with them but kirby sez to try em out

redneck is chicks dad and he tells her he knows its the stolen ore and he sed it was found so as to get the robbers to try to take it to send sthe sherriff after em

this si egttting deep

they are all faking it and wearing masks and tryign to trick the others

later stal or w/e the gillis name is oh strap tets Z note sayting someone thinks ivers is a stool pidgeon and weait iuts the sherrif and he gives the note to the kirby room to be picked up by him

strap sees it asnd pockets it and goes off saying he has an errand and when kirby comes by the note is gone

wagonman i think sez gillis strap weas the last guy in there and now is out and they go to the marshall

redneck gives the gold to the marshall and marshall sez he wants to go alone and let the raiders get it and follow em and get the rest

after marshall goes, redneck goes off after him on his a55 donkey and ses marshall working with the raisers at a sign for buena vista, which proves didney is evil

after some 1800s jive from fedneck he goes off on his a55 and starap stops and reads and burns the letter

he talks with marshall about how the duo are gov agents and strap pulls a gun on marshall and is gonna send him to jail to be b0ned for 20 to life

marshall pulls a gun like a dumba55 and is quickly iced but then kirby and i think wagonman shoot the straps hand and he drops his gun

muthbusters proved that shooting a gun outta a mans hand would destroy the hand

they ask him of the letter anmd he sez what letter? but they bring him in and say "da sherrif dited in the line of duty"

so the duo it told to go home but they sneak around and follow em to thisilumber yward, whisch is probably where the final batltle is as they didnt have fatorys in the 1800s

they look aorund and see how this place used to provcess silver ore and now they use it for gold and ship it out

in the base, the strap is fuggered oiut to be a gov agent but denies being with the duo

so kirby sez hes fggonna load 1 bulllet in the gun, spin it and if he dont answer right,m he fires, if he does, he lets him go

and you can trust him

he feeps pulls the trigger on him and no bullet and strap dont change his story

he lepts him go and as he leaves he caps him in da back like its T Men and they guy who wortks for da gov got found out

the duo retuns and kirby sez the strap was a gov agent and told them everythiogn and they act like they aint connected

liem or ivers or we/e he was sed the note was for him and he burned another letter or the one here or something, im not sure

larry feels bummed and figgers that if he was told he might jump in as hes the hothead

kirby sez he thinks the duo is ok but hes not 100 percent

ther duo sez now they lost their contact that wwas strtap and they got no warnings now and 1 has to check the mine

they then see redneck loudly saying to hick who has little to do here as this isnt a modern movie that showehrons in women too be the hero, about how hes going to the authoriteis

the duo sees a chance and they offwscrteen capture redneck and use this as a chance to stay outta sight and have 1 sneak out to buena vista

then they tell chick that they got kirby thinking they are raiders and hid rredneck in a cabin but as a cover, they kinda told the truth both ways

i cant say it right but its deep

wait, i think im trying to say they got kirby thuinking they stored him in a cabin, which is true, but the raisdeers thing is true and not what they told kirbby

so larry watches redneck as brulk ivers or w/e looks around the ore minines and nearly gets gorund upo in the grinder

he sneaks around and through machinery that would chop him upo in 1 wrong move

1 guy dumps the liquid ore and scoops the liquid gold in a think to brick it as he hides under the table

all done without wortds like a 20s film

1 guy i think wagonman sez they are taking a train to letfield and ivers sees a sighn sayuying poier 63 fsanfracnsickio

he sneaks back out and to the cabin and redneck is dumping on the confederates and fought for the unionites

ivers sez they are plating the gold to look like lead and sending it out and is gonna send redneck to soviet denver to be b00ned by potheads as they legalized chronic in around a century and a bit

so in pier 63 in soviet san fran sodom, theres a shipment going to shangai and giving the gold to CHI NA like its bi den or ba rock or candya55 truedeau!

larry checks the mail and finds a china name and interferes with the mail and finds a message translated by a gov chinese that sez "wehen you get this, fulfill all obligations" as in pay up

its gonna arrive in 2 days as mail wasnt devolved back then as i think this was before the unionites took over

ivers gets a mail and comes in to wait, its not ivsers and he sez the letter sez ivers was the gov man, noit strap and kirby xzez he wants to see ivers and send smen for him

the men get to da cabin aND THERE SNO ONE THERE

it blows apart and the wood spikes shred the riders as thir organs spill out

jk really larry returns and they confront him and he sez the redneck rann out and he was guhunting him

he swings at them but gets beat out and iovers rteturns and finds larrys hat and outside he sees wagonman who sez to come with him and get paid

wagonman sez to come with him and when ivers sez there was a fight in there and asks how the man is, wagonman sez hes the same as usually and cussing everyone

this tips off ivers as he knows redneck is gone

so kirbvy has tierd up and beat up larry and larry didnt give him jack sh-t and fdigegrs its ok too do the pay off

as ivers gets tyo the door, he puills a gin on wagonman, makes him go on 2qst, throwes him on em and pulls guns on em

then has em throw doen their guns with left hands and sez ur underr arrest

a fight breaks out agnd when main ivers beats out wagonman, he falls in the casino nmight zone and a brawl starts there

they fight and wait it wadnt wagonman who went in the casino as he's on the dfloor ands grabs ivers and they vbrail

redneck i think isnt fighting nbut maiing a big a55 saNFWICH

LARRY GETS GUNS AND TAKES KIRBYNAND GUYS IN AND HE AND f off caps lock get b09ned in the moth by a horse

so they  reveal that kriby and friends are the raiders and wait, kirby is out and they go affter him and send the goon to jail

they go tro the chinese launfdry and think the chick might be in on it

they reveal that kirby is actually chinese on his moms side and sides with them and he pulls a gun i think and chick caps him after a bag he paid her with of gold is thrown at him

the girl was in on it and goes to jail and i think kirby ws her husband but this is hard to follow as its going kinda fast and the duop goes off after a mission was done

also the godn to chi na was stopped and the goood guys won

the end

that was pretty good

a bit hard to follow but they packed a lot in some parts

goodf action and twsits and writing

good double and triiple plays with shadows between shadows

no tacked on love story and forcved romance or overdone sad momen

its a good fulm and they'd probably make the gaijin look like the "oppressed ood guys" and the Americans as trhe "evil oppressors" now

plus its fullscreen and has nice but kinda fadedc color

also theres no cripples nor creeks

for Cripple Creek 2 I wasnty there bad guy getting capped to startr an international incident with china and Amercia and things escalate into a war, but America has developed steam powered mech exo suits that they fight with by thomas edison and nikola tesla, but traitors to the Americans have spold it to the enemy and they have mech suits too. Also its a 32/64 bit stratefgy game like Advance Wars on sega saturn/ps1/n64/3D0/Gba where you play as Amercia facing the chinese and going toward them as they attempt to use a drill to make contact with the inner world of the hollow earth to access the daemons within

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Cardcaptors The Movie Review

 Note: I sp[el;l like a card

Cardcaptors: The Movie

This is Ore Samma No Review opn Cardcaptors: The Movie from the distant future year (To Son Wukong) of 1999(The year the Global Cicil WaR ENDED WITH THE ssdf-1 LANDING ON mACROSS iSLAND IN rOBOTECH)

iTS THE 90SD DUB OF THE MOVIE OF THE SHOW BASED ON THE MANGA BY The XLAMP who often has gay and pedo themes in their works(Like disney today)

f off caps lock, get b0ned dead by a moose

Thisd ids the Ocean Dub so its got Maggie Blue O'Hara from DBZ/Gundam Wing/Inuyasha/Monstewr Rancher/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/X-Men: Evolutio/Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, Rhys Huber from Spider-Man Unlimited, Matt Hill from Beyblade Burst(more like: bey blade BUTT burst!!(shows a blaDE SLAMMING A BUTT AND IT BLOWS APAERT))Gundam Seed/Hamtaro/Inuyasha/Monster Rancher/Transformers: Armada and Energon/Super Duper Sumos/Silverwing/Being Ian/Storm Hawks/Monster Buster Club/Martha Speaks/Dinotrux/Dead Like Me\Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture(dat mai shiranui)/G.I. Joe Extreme (EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!!!)/gEneration O!/George of the Jungle/Mummies Alive/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation/Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures\Shadow Raiders(wyf he was Prince Pyrus?! I never knew!)/Slugterra/Street Fighter(You like, sum cornflkakes?! CXornflakes is street talk for sodomy!)\Street Sharks!/The Botz Master\Tales from the crypt Bord-llo of Blood\X Memn Evolution\Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show, Nicole Oliver from Power Rangers in Space\Bob the Builder\Class of the Titans\Corner Gas Animated\The Cramp Twins\Dinosaur Train\Dumb Bunnies/Generation O!/Hamtaro/the 00sa He-Man\Inuyasha\Martha Speaks/Gundam Seed/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic\Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures/Rollbots/Silent Mobius\Storm Hawks/Escaflowne/Transformers: Energon(string it uyp! itsa sh-t!)/Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk\X-Men: Evolution/Yvon of the Yukon, Tony Sampson from DBZ/Fatal Futry OVAs/Inuyasahga/the cheesey a55 90s mega man cartoon/Gundam Seed/Transformers Armada/X-Men: Evolution\Are You Afraid of the Dark?\Dead Like Me/The Odyssey, Sam Vincent from Extreme Dinosaurs\Pocket Dreagon Advenbbtrures/Sonic Underground/Ex Men Eviolution/Martin Mystery/Being Ian/Class Of The Titans/Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes\Storm Haweks/Rollbots/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic\the 2010s Superbook/Slugterra/Rated A for Awesome\Littlest Pet Shop\Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures\Dinotrux\Ninjago\Monkey Magic\Monster Rancher\Zoids/Hamtraro/Transformers: Armada\Unuyasha/Gundam Seed/Transformers Cybertron(good, he skipped cr-ppy a55 energon)\Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny\Death Note, Backdoor Brian Drummond from Black Lagooon/Deathj Note/DBZ/Dragon basll super(he devolved)/Escaflowne/Hamtarop/Gundam Wingf/Gundam Seed/Monsdter Rancher/Transformers ewnergon cybertromn and armada/Zpoidxs/x mnen ewvoilution/Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk\The Deep/Storm Hawks/Spider-Man Unlimited/Sonic Underground/Slugterra/Rollbots/Rated A For Awesome/Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Mega Man: Fully Charged\Marrtha SpeaKS/Iron Man: Armored Adventures\2000s He-Man/G.I. Joe Extreme(exxxxtreeeeeeeeeeeeeemeee!)\George of the Jungle\Dinotruixz/C;lass of the titans/Corner Gas Animated/Dimnosaur Train/bEAST Machines, Dale Wilson from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero(he was overkill? I had that toy!)Mummies Alive!/Martin Mystery(He was Java the Caveman?!)/2010s Superbook/Iron Man Armored Adventures/(f uopui wikipedia, u f'd up agai! mosat of his rolls aresnt in it! useless c-ck sucxker candy a55 p-ssant aids bag site! bThey also thinbk accupressure and creationism are "pseudeao science")/The Cramp Twinsa/Transformers Cybertron and Aremada/Corner gAS/x men evolutipn/DBZ/Reboot/Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd century/Spider Msan Un Limited/Nascar Racers/Monster Rancher/Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends/Pockewt Dragon Adventures/hpney i sshrunk da kids the series/ nunja turtles thew nexxt mutatioopn/extreme dinosdaurs(EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME)/THE CHEESEY A55 90S STREET FIGHTER CARTOON AKA THE CORNFLAKES DUB/hardball\Vortech/Escaflowne/G I Joe Exreme(extreeeeeeeeeeeeme)/The new adventures of mmadeline(madeline gt?!)/Little Orphan Annie's A Very Animated Christmas/the 90s littlest pet shop/the cheesy a55 double dragon 90s cartoon/The Bots Master/The cheesey a5 90s sonic cartoon with snooping as usual, Stevie Vallance from Reboot/Donkey Kong Countrey/Totally Spies/Care ears Big Wishg Movie/Denis the menacre/Bakugan, and some i only saw in cardcaptors

These guys were my childhood growing up in tthe soviet republic of canada

Its directed by Morio Asaka who did tthe Cardcaptorsd show

I saw this b4 and liked it

soi after logos we get sakura facing a clow card iring awrrows at heras she fleis around on her wand

li saves her from 1 smiper attack like the real li, lee harvey oswarld who was framed for wacking j fk by THEM

So sakura summons the windy card in atttack mode and returens thre arrow card to its power confined

mei lin sez li deserved the card and her homies cheer her and then title

then its sakkuras home and thew clow book glows as sakura sleeps and she dreams of this water place and pillars under a skylight

these ribbons copme out from the water she's standing on and pull her under and she can breathe like my dreams

the next day she wakes up and goes to school and she gets her grades and gets a C in msuic but li is nervours

its spriing break comming up and he has to show his mom and madison got A's but mei lin didnt and is b--chy over it

Li got 1 B- and wont show sakura his grades

they got no home work for a week and stop by a store and buy something and ech purchase gets to draw from a box fgor a prize

sakura reaches in and the ball comes to her hand and she ghets the grand priuze  a trip for 4 to hong kong b4 the commies took it over

kero was in hong kong when clow reed was around and the clow cards were made there

kero wants to show her all the best spots, which i assume means h00kers, but he hasn't been there in decades so its probably changed a lot

also sakuras dad is going on a business trip this week but he lets her go wityh tori as he can miss 56 shifts on his part time job and brifgns his hetero homie julian who is totally not b0ning him

so sakura and madison go and madison is recording her adventure on a video cam and they play some 90s dance msuic

tori tellz sakura you cant wear shoes on a plane and as she takes em off,m the stewardess sez she can keep em on as it wass a joke

kero comes out of sakuras bag and she covers it and julian sits next to her and she has a crush on him like with pan and trunks in dbgt or joey and mai in yugioh or fdana and whats his face in the robotech novels or serena and darien in sdailor moon

after totally not b0ning julien on the plane, sakura and crew go to their hotel room and she lets out her kero who's p-ssed he was in her bag so long

kero sez its ttyoally changed as its been years and the brits civilized it or w/e

sakura and friends take the ferry to hong kong island and tori tells sakura if she keeps leaning over the boat the sharks will get her

in china was river dolphins, they went extinct cuz of the commies, but they waste money on trying to save the panda

she sees a seagull comes by her boat and keeping up with the boat at the same speed somehow

so in near soviet hong kong and kero senses ancient magic there which is probably occult and daemonic and eats sakuras ice cream(and i dont mean takes her virginity)

kero sez sakura isnt lucky and clow reed sez nothing acciderntal(the gov did it!!) and sakuira was meant to come to honk gong

then sakura is in the water place and its a dream and she sees birds above her on the glass ceiling then this chick with ribbons is floating above and extends her ribbom tentacles to her

she almost touches em and wakes up reaches for em

then its a restaurant and julian is ording a load of food as i ghuiies he wants the girls to get really fat like all thoise deviant art guys

Idea: Instead of CardCaptors: LARDcaptors! Saklura is on a couch in a tank top thats too small for her 600lb body and says "Madison! I'm getting kinda sweaty and smelly! Can you hose me off in the backyard?" Madison replied" Sorry Sakura, but I'm too heavy to walk anymore!" (Shows her at 800lbs in a tank top thats she's overflowing out of) Kero comes in and says "Look at you girls! You devolved into fat greasy slobs!" Madison replies "You want Slobs? I'll give you Slobs! Hnnnnnnnnng!" Poots hard and loud! Kero disgustedly says "Uhhgggg! That's FOUL! HhhhBlllaaahhhh!" and he barfs on them! Sakura: puts her hand on the barf on her massive gut, lifts it up, and says " This barf smells kinda good! Its not fully digested! Might as well!" And she and Madison eat Kerio's Barf!

sakura sees kero in a thing and covers it but tori is suspect and her her pass it over and its empty as kero is under it, so she takes it to eat with madison

after lunch tori and them go to bird street and its full of birds as bird a55 arer honh kongs fave pet

thery eat cats and have pet  birds, its like soviet usion or something by yakov smirnov

when looking at birds, sakura notics something and these  lojg tail birds from tehr dream fly overhead and no one else is there

ero sez theres something thats nto a cllow cards and feels evil and tori and julien see the brids with suil less eyes and sakura chases them

madison fololwos and they are okk with 2 grade school girls going off alojne in a  foerign land

sakkura uses her magirod and the jump card and follows the birds to some place in a buolding with walls on each side and a well in the middle

at this well the water turns and these ribbon tentacles come out and it glows and sakura gets mind controlled and wealks up to it

the woman in the water is shadowed over aND she nearly falls in and i think la blue girl did this, btu Li wakes her up by calling her and the birds fly off

Sakura falls in the water a55 1st and madison and kero bump into mei linand she bickers with kero

mei lin se=z li felt a strange aura and ran off and then sakura and li come over

tori teells her off for running off and she sez sorry and its ok as she didnt get b0ned and sakura sneezes as getting wet amkes u sick

then they look around lonmg d0ng hong kong and it plays that 90s song "theres  aboy in da horizion" and sakura and madison wear asian dresses like cjhichi in dragon ball z

then all these bimbos come in and gish over how cute sakura and madison being cute

then orteri and julian come in and trhe bimbos come onto them and it turns out its li's sisters

imagine if this were Eiken and li's sisters had G Cups?

then li;'s mom comes in with kirika misono hair and li stands to attention as shes strict and will probablyu beat him

sakura meets her and she holds her face and li's mom sez she senses her powert and how she has the clow casrds but it might attract danger

li's mom is also said to be young and i guess its like sakuras dad marrying her mom when he was 25 and she was 16 and he was her teacher inhigh school

totally not like that adam sandler movie, as they didn't get married and he was 12

so li's mom has sakura stay with them and has li show his report card

it cutsd away so i assume she beat the black off him for gettung a B and then its night and sakura and madison think li's mom is pretty

it dont mean they are into her, it only means they recognixze her looks, like my gf thinking maron in dbz looks good

they talk with kero about li's mom having power as lis fam is descended from clow reed who was asias strongest soecerer

but he had enemies and at nifght sakura and madison shara a bed with keo but don';t b0ne as theyy dont' swing that way and madison wants to go shopping tomorrow

sakura falls asleep thinking of lis mom saying powert can attrtact danger and her bag glows as she returns to the water place dream

the shadow chick with the ribbon tentaclesis above her and she grabs the ribbon that makes the chick say "u've come back for me!@ ive been waiting all this time" as the ribbons tie her ip and lift her

she wants sakura to let her free and coems tewoward her and sakura wakes upwhen kero yells at  her to wake up but she has the ribbon mark on her arm she was grabbed

if ypopu die in the dream you die for real, but if you die in a comic book you are back in like 5 issues

then li's mom comes and takes sakura out and calls on spiritdss with her fan and summons the clow doctogfram thing on sakura

the spiurits say she was sumlkin  to ghonh kongh by the woman in her dreams and thewres powerful spirits in play but she knows inside what to do as this great evil is after her but so is her guiding spirits

gotta say, theres a lot of stuff in The Bible against communing with spirits and if theres evil spirits after you, you better pray and rebuke them away

so the evil can only get her in her dreams and she needs to use her dreams to fidn th answer

when did this turn nightmare on elm street?!

themn its day and sakura and droogs go off and meilin wishes she had slept over and probabluy wanted to b0ne li

li's mom whispers to her to beware of water like that sailor moon ep with the psychic guy and amy and the crew goes to the financial district and talks of banks

they shop around as sakura thinks of what lis mom said and mein lin whines that li is following them around and li sez its cuz his mom sez sakura might mbe in danger

sakura finds a betret and recalls the dream chick had one like it and julian buys it for her

li gets p-ssed that jiloian is doing well with sakura as he wants to b0ne her and these birds are out thereand sakura follows them

li and tori run after em and sakura uses her wand to use clow cards to jump a wall

kero sez da birds are spirits which reminds me of rayes birds in sailor moon and  they go into this store they vanished in

btw this is colored and in widescreen for some reason and the top of the heads are copped in the black bar Zone

theyere no one in there and they hear water and find its coming from a book with a picute of the woiman from the dream on it

sakura is mind controlled and starts opening it but kerpo tries to stop her as the chick calls  to her and is gonna bite her

but tori and sakura i mean li coem in and so does madison and julien and mei lin and sakura is still posessed and opens the book

da book fdalls and fiills the area with water and the others vanish, then sakura is in the drewam columns place with kero

is she standing on something? or is she swimming? as she's not moving

the cream chick sez this is not a dream and "you crreated this world" and the birds become the ribons on her

then asks who shwe is and how'd she get here then  blows water around and hay shes standing on a pillar

sakura uses the fly card and chick attacks her with water for using clow cards that sakura dodges like its robotech

the water is gonna nail her but li uses the freeze card to stop it, but really it might keep going and hit her harder

le sez the others were right behind him and chick shows them trapped in bubbles like that yugioh gx ep or was  it seaon for with dartz?

she wants to know where is clow reed and kero remembers her from somewhere and li battles her with storm cards as sakura goes to help the others

sakura uses the sdword card and cuts the water bubles and frees madison but the other 3 are left behindand kero can somehow carry madison whos lie 50x his size

li's sword cant cut mei lins bubble and madison wakes up and chick breaks outta the storm card and soaks li in a wehirlpoole

li sez to fly away but she goes back for him and her powers ARE LESS ABOVE and she can escape if she goes up

she traps li in a bubble and chick sez she's gonna use their powers to escape if clow reed wont let hetr free and she'd get her revenge

sakura eventually escapes from a hole in the ceilings a55 and is in the place by the wewll by the building around it and comes to the shop she was in

aparently time was stopped when they were there as clocks move now and sakura feels its her fault but they rtealise the book is magic and links to another dimension(like dbz?!)

but the book is gone and its aura is off and sakura gets bummed as her friends were caught and this is going like a carte bears movie

kero recalls her as thew store owner comes down and they leave

kero sez the chick was a fortune teller who used water and thats like the phaorhs cup in the Boom of Genesis with Joseph

In The Bible: Jacobs sons were jealous of Joseph and were gonna kill him, but sold him into slavery! Later hew works his way up the chain and becomes the Pharaohs guy! Then the Bros come over asking for food and Joseph puts a rich cup in 1 bro's bag and sez it was stolen! My idea: Bros: Please! Don't execute him! We don't wanna lose a brother! Joseph: Really? (takes off hat) Like you lost me?! Bros: Joseph?! We thought you were dead! Joseph: I was, but I couldn't sleep in h-ll, knowing you roam the Earth! (Raises his hand) Bros: Joseph!! Noooooooooooooo!! Joseph : (Disintegrates them in a flash of Ki!!) 

so she was clow reeds gf and clow reeds magic was growing and he traught her it but she used it for evil and he sealed her in another dimension to seal her b4 she wacked him

but that was long ago and she's dead now but her spirit is still there and she might not know she's dead like the twilight zone

she needed to lure clow reed into the dimension to escape and thats why she lured sakura as she has the clowe cards and she needs to get back into the dimension but the book and its ki are gone

she recalls the place the book was showing and its the well she went toand thast swhere they cn get in again

but wait, they had to run from her a but agom, whats changed that makes them able to beat her now?

also madison hasd a new battle costune for her to wear

In Cardcaptors, Madison makes outfits for Sakura. But in the Japanese version, she's attracted to her. So what if she makes a really skimpy/s-xy outfit for Sakura that shows off a lot and films Sakura fighting in it? It could be like ChiChi's Dragon Ball outfit but s-xier and make her look curvier and have an inflatable bust and hips and buns to give her more thickness. I can see that happening in it. We all know how Japan is.

then its midnight and theres a cresent moon which si a sign of the devil and they go to the well and kero senses strong ki

the well lights up and A FORCE FIELD COMES UP AND its by clow reed and hes stronger than them but rthen li's mom comes  overknowing they were gonna be there somehow and sez li's present vanished and he was no matech for the chick but sakuras are

she uses her black magicfan and opens the barrier a bit like oses and the red sea, and the ki is pink/red and sends sakura in aloine with kero in her waterproof costune

sakura floats through the tunner that goes to various dimensions and its ike sdhutendoji ova 3 and the spideyverse and she focus's on her friends and it leads her to the dimension

didnt yugioh do this witht he millennium puizzle?

the dimension is weird and she runs around this town to 90s music and its several dimsnions fused

they follow the ki to find this doorway kinda like the 2004 yugioh movie and in the door is a weall of water

they walk into it and come out in the room again and face the chick and tells her to return her friends

kero tries to tell her clow reed is dead but she inturrupts him and sakura sez she wont ;listen

the place crumnnles and the chick absorbs the homiesd and glows and this is like that sailor lkon movie

kero eventually tells her clow reed  is in h e double sovviet china and she sez shers gonna ice em all

the phaIIic piullars fall and outside the well is nuked by a red beam of light and chick escapes in the human world like urotsukidoji

sakura uses the key of clow to get her wand and flies out and faces her in the air by dodging her attacks that f thguht the cuity like urotsukidoji

she dont know whats gdoing on and catches sakura in the ribbon tentalces and is at a construction site

sakura sez clow reed is dead and she dont buy it but is more outta shock and denial

she sends a blast of water at sakura and wants revenge and the water stays in with red energy

but then goes on about how she dont know how long its been and she treid summoning him for years and togetehr they could have ruled the land

she droops a tear and sakura is under water and ther tear reaches her and shows a flashback where blow reed confonts her for misusing the magic he taught her and saying sorry but he must end her

sakuras realizes the beret was the 3rd entry to the dimension and shes been sealed for all this time

clow reeds words tell her that water is ever flowing and sakura throws a card and hits it with her wand swing and used the arrow card to bust the area and loose the water

sakura walks to the chick and sez chick felt betrayed by clow reed for sealing her for no reason and that clow reed didnt mean to inprision her forever and she's sorry she suffered but wants her friends back

kinda like how c-ck suckers block you for no reason and then whine about stuff you didn that bugged you on other siutes when you had no way of knowing as they never told you this 1 comment you made years ago had triggered them

buncha beta male candy a55 f-ggot whale kissing dukakis hugging moon maiden soy boy underevvolved homo erectus lower life formes

she asks if clkow reed is really dead and she sez yes and chick sez she waited and wanted revenge and starts disintegrating into glitter

she sez sorry and didnt mean to hurt sakura or her friend and goes to h-ll for practiucing witchcraft and sakura sez her spirit is at peace as her beret crumbles to sand

then her droogs resummon on the roof and they they are on a boat heading back in day and dont rewcall what ahppened

sakura sez she senses tehy'll be back again soonand the chick wanted to be free and wasnt evil

what about the whole "taking over the world" tning?!

madison wasnt to go back to hong kong with her and sakura sez "u bet"

then credits to the 90s song Guardian Of The Cards that I love

then some I'm lookign 4 u, cong thats pretty late 90s and earlyu 00s

wait tyis something about lucky day

the end

that was grand

mild adventure but good heart

nice eng dub 90s music and acting and voices

really great animation from ghibli and madhouse who do great things like wicked city and beyblade season 01 and nbinja scroll

its kinda like the pokemon or dbz movies thats a side story and is kind of a longer episode with better animation

i liked it and its a solid film that you dont need to know a lot about the show to get the plot

its clean and fun and kinda like the 1st x men movie from around the same time as its not a b=lls to the wall action thing, but more buld up and release over the film to a conclusion

For Cardcaptors: The Movie 2 I want it to be about the fuiture where Sakura sand Li are married and have a teen daughter who has inhgerited bpoth their magics and they go back to hong kong, but the commies have taken over, so when helping a hong kongite from bbeing iced by the commies, the commies come after ewm and they gotta lead an uprisiong against em with their combined magic. Also its a 16 bit beat em up on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you play as Sakura, Li or theiur kid and battle through waves of com,mies and use magic and is a lot like Water Margin or Golden Axe or Night slashers.

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The Final Countdown Review

 Note I spell final fantasy zone

The Final Countdown

This is my review on The Final Countdown from the distant futrurew yyear (to Sango from Inuuyasha) of 1980 (40 years beforte Transformers Super God Masterforce)

its ditrectal by Don Taylor who did Escape from the Planet of the Apes

It stars Kirk Douglas from Ace in the Hole/The Big Trees/20,000 Leagues Under the Sea/The Indian Fighter/Spartacus(gay commies)Inherit the Wind/The Simpsons/Touched by an Angel, Martin Sheen from Apocalypse Now/Gandhi/The Dead Zone/J FK\Spawn/The Amazing Spider-Man(ew!)/The Simpsons, Katharine Ross from The Graduate/Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid/Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here/The Swarm/The Shadow Riders, Ron O'Neal from Red Dawn 1, Charles Durning from Dog Day Afternoon/Scarface/Dick Tracy/Spy Hard/The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists\O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Soon-tek Oh from King of the Hill/Life with Louie/The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest\M*A*S*H/Mulan 1 and 2/Beverly Hills Ninja/Death Wish 4: The Crackdown and most of those were non korean so its racist, Alvin Ing from Smilla's Sense of Snow, The Right Honorable Lloyd Kaufman from Troma/Rockky 01/Gamer/Guardians of the Galaxy, and other guys not on candy a55 wikipedia or i never saw in sh-t

I never saw this and this came b4 the song by Europe


so sheen goes on a chopper by a memorial for a perrl harbor thing and later on an aircraft carrioer

hes a systems analist and meets captain kirk douglas and the crew

kirk is disgruntled that the launch was delayed 2 days and they give sheen a room to be in where he reads a guys papers

the guy comes in and is ad at him and wabnts pprivacy and sheen sez he trys to find better ways to do things and likes the masnuscriupt he wrote

better than das capital, or the blaxploitation version; das afrikapital

So a stporm is starting and kirk douglas recall the plainesthe water temp is higher and the scanners are seeing omething in and out

a worm hole thing opens in front of the carrier and they prepare to take the jet in with a net on the ship

the carrier goes in da worms hole and the souds make people covbdr ears and bend

kik, looking like george plimpton from b0ner academy asks where the plane is and its gone after comming inrtoi the clear

they ca;lll all men to battle stations and go to genewral quatrers

theyy see the jet con ing in aznd it landsand they drive vehicles to prepare in case of fire

they hose it off with co2and get da pil,o out and somethings wrong with him but we dont see it

thingfs dot make sense as the radio code being recieved is not used much nowadys and kirk suspects that there was a nucular attack on soviet hawaii

they tried radioing the ofdficials but got nothing anda recon guy they sent out sez thinhs look ok

a radio signal picks up a radio show with i think a black ghuy assnd i had an idea now of a modern day pc commie going to the 40s and seeing people laUGING AT 40S HUMOR AND GETTING TRIGGERED AND SPAZZING OUT

p-ss off and die caps lock, burn in the blackets fire of dantes inferno and get b0ned by j fk and lincon at the same time!

So this chick is typing this thing these politicail guys did and they see America jets going over em

on da radio it tells a boxing match and 1 guy plays the 80s toyu Simopn

they wonder why its goyt nostaliga broadcasting and how it might be a joke that sheen al;so isnt in on

da radio talks of the germans facing the soviets anfdthe recon photos shows the ships that were sunk in the war are still up

the crew thinks the soviets and germans stasrted a ar and sheen sez to get photoes thisa guynis using in a book

we see aerial refueling like a video gasme and sheen shows that the photoes that were from ww2 were like the ones recon took a 1 hour agos

then they see 2 Japanese Zero Fighters and I just realized that this might be where the Mega Man X Character got his name

sheen sez by some sci fi with black holes and anti matter and other star trek cr-p, time travel is possibvle

on da boat with the 1 chick as EVERY movie need female representation despite it beign a military film in the 40s, the Zeroes go by and the pilots have the cockpits open and look at each other

the pilots open fire opn the boat people and ice 1 of em but the fat guy survivces

so kirk duglas sez the japanese wanna take out anything with a radio and and the boat people call for help but dounsals sez not to help em

the Zeroes fire on the boat and it blows in a fireball as its full of protoculture i guess and the kirk sexz to help the peopel but not dire on the planes

the japanese fire agian and shred another guy and the Americans fly by em and toy with em

so the kirk has the jets fire on the Zeroes and they blow em out

ooh, he aint gonna be in the final countdown 2

nah hes gonna be the main bad guy rebuilt with alien tech from sea daemons

remember in ww1 how these soilfiers were saved by angels or w/e firign arrows on the germans? maybe its like this; help from the fuiture

so kirk dounglass sez to ssave the survivers and keep em isoated and whent ehy do, 1 guy jumps in da water to get da dog which only lives for liek 12 years instead of humans for up to 120

also tarantulas can live like 40 years

they even save the japanese and a scouter recon guy finds the japanese fleet nearby

oh and its st nicholas day and dec 06 and the day b4 it happens

they dembate on if to fight the Jpanese as the japanse havnet attacked yet and it could cause a paradox of going back and icing ur grandpa b4 he breeds

technically, just existing there would affect tiem butterfly effect style and would alter reality from changign minor things like sea currents or wind

for example; when a human life begins with a fertilized egg, the egg is fertilized with a single spurtm, but if the guy b0ning his wife does anything a fraction different, even havign a single thought or breathing different, he'd j-zz diffwerent and the egg might be fertilized by a different one

so marttin mcfly mcsorly scheen looks through the guys notes and sez holy something, the audfio fd--jed out and whhen guy comes back, sheen reads the notes saying that the guy they saved was gonna be fdr's running mate and had he not vanished in sea, might have been his running mate and opresz after fdr went back to h=ll where his kind belongs

fat guy who was gonna be running mate talks with his woman about "who are these guys? the nacy? not any i seen, must be fdr, he wanted in on da war"

in the briug the japanese guy gets a gun in a sneak attack and takkes out 1 ghuy but the chick sez dont when the dog runs out and he stops

the japanese guy has them communicate with a translater and wants a radio or hes gonna kill again

kird captain agrees and as he lets the people by, he takes the chick hostage

the scheen has em tell tthe japanese of the fleets plans and its translasted and japanese attacks 1 guy but 2 others shred him

dont worry, he just needs some rest, hes gone to the shadow realm

the kirk soccer meets the fdr guy senator and kirk looks like janmie farr and wants to call parle harttbor

he calls em and they don't buy it as theres no records of the ship or captain

manuscript guy talks with chick about how shes his script writer andis kinda fenminist whining of it being a mans world and wanting to be known for ability over looks

nowadays they only want women forbeing woman regardless of ability

eh netflix?

look how they/them devolved she ra

sheen makes a stink abouit changing history as this guyt might replace truman who was into darkness but kirk sez its not his job to worry aBOUT WHO MIGHT BE IN THE wHIOTE hOUSE IN 4 YEARS OR 40 YEARS AGO

THEY ARE GONNA SEND EJ TO (f off caps lock, f off and die!) a desert island to be safe and kirbk saez thatr they went back in time and are gonna f with history

like Trunks in DBZ, Ghosts From Tomorrow

so they dump senataopr off and b4 he goes off, he gets a flare gun and makes da crew take off

manuscript tries to get on but falls in da sea and a guy senator knocvked out ggets up and fights him and the flare gun goes off and f--kin vlowes the chopped to h e double soviet hawaii

didnt see dat comming

although they wewre on borrowed time, as, like gunmdam seed, he was gonna get iced but was saved

so the Americas lainch planes but the time thing happens again and they recall the planes

tthe japanese attack although why would they if the official reason was they wewre mad at america for cutting off oil and gas, and punching a guy you want someething from isant good business

so they go through the worm hole a55 and the jets retuirn

so the admiral or w/e is p-sdsed they lost an saircraft carrier in the ocean and the dog is still with em as animals cant die in movies

sceen sees the manuskcrip and sez its good to know ja woith douglas

then da dog comes by and sees this car and comes to it and sceen goes in da car with geezxwer manuscript guy and chick and manuscript guy looks like backdoor biden

he goes off with em andf i guess he pulls a biff from bback too the future and used his future knowlegde to make it big

then credits to heroic music and its widescreen and color

the end

That was pretty good

Sorta like the Star Trek ep where BONES went back in time and B0NED I mean saved that girl from becoming BONES sand it changed history

A bit back to the future and a bit based on real military tech that sent ships around

it has good flow and pacing and dont dragh and has nce effects

i liked it and it holds up well

Although there ws no countdoiwm, final or otherwise, like how Angels And Demons had neither

And I just remembered I dreamned of the song The Finsal Copuntdown a bit ago

For The Final Countdown 2 I want it to be revealed the military tested the time fold system on them and then its the 00s and they have erfected it, but the sovierts are still around and send a guy under cover oin their crew and to sabotage their mission to prevent WW1 and save Franz Fwrdinand where as the Soviet guy wants to ice him but also Adolphe so the Germans will fall to socialism and the bigger USSR will take over Europe AND America, Also its an 8 bit Point And Click Adventure Like that Phantasy Stat Game on Master System, Game Gear, NES, GB, TG16, Atari 7800 anbd Lynx where you go around in this base and then through 1910s Europe to fix history and stop it from being broken

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Zillion Burning Night Review

Notyte:L I spell like I typre with a Light Gun

Zillion: Burning Night

This is Ore Samma No Review on Zillion Burning Night from the distant future year (To Goemon Ishikawa) of 1988 (10 years before the Global Civil War in Robotech)

Its a Direct To Video OVA by Tatsunoko who did Robotech and Outlanders and Speed Racer

Its directal by Mizuho Nishikubo who did Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei

I never ssaw this b4 but did try the Master System game anbd saw rviews on it and the game and the shgow

Its by Sega and was dubbed by Streamline Pictures who did Hokuto No Ken The Movie and Barefoot Gen

It stars Kerrigan Mahan from Power Rangers/Dr. Dolittle 01/The Santa Clause/Bebe's Kids/Robotech/Batman Beyond/Static Shock/Cow and Chicken/Vampire Hunter D/3x3 Eyes/The Harmony Gold Dub of Dragon Ball/Crying Freeman/Lily C.A.T., Doug Stone from Rave Master/Osmosis Jones/Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow/Fist of the North Star the movie/Beetleborgs Metallix/Power Rangers Lost Galaxy/Walter Melon/Conan the Adventurer/Witch Hunter Robin/Street Fighter II V/Naruto\Jungle de Ikou!/Gungrave\Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex\Eureka Seven\Blue Dragon, Barbara Goodson from Avatar: The Last Airbender/G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero/Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir/The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs\Spider-Man: The Animated Series\Beetleborgs Metallix\Power Rangers/Barefoot Gen\Battle B-Daman\B-Daman Crossfire\Biohunter/Bleach/Crying Freeman/Daigunder\Digimon/Hartmony Gold Dragon Ball/Eureka Seven\Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex/Jungle de Ikou!\Naruto\Robotech\Silent Mobius\Witch Hunter Robin/Akira\Fist of the North Star the movie/Vampire Hunter D, Wendee Lee from Robotech/Hatm,onuy Gold and Bang Zoom Dragin Ball/Digimon/Mon Colle Knights\.hack//Sign/Bleach\Naruto\Family Guy\Akira\Silent Mobius/Power Rangers/Soulcalibur II, Eddie Frierson from .hack\3x3 Eyes\Akira/Crying Freeman/Digimon/Harmony Gold Dragon ball\Fist of the North Star\MAR/Naruto\Robotech/Street Fighter II V\Power Rangers/VR Troopers\Touched by an Angel\Dr. Dolittle 01\Osmosis Jones\ParaNorman\Shaolin Soccer/The Tale of Despereaux\Wreck-It Ralph 01, Michael Forest from Crying Freeman\Eureka Seven\Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex/Serial Experiments Lain\Street Fighter II V\Witch Hunter Robin\Cast Away\The Twilight Zone/ tthe 60s Star Trek,Alexandra Kenworthy from My Neighbor Totoro\3×3 Eyes\Robotech\Silent Mobius, Steve Bulen from 3x3 Eyes\Crying Freeman\Fist of the North Star the movie\Ghost in the Shell\Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex\Lily C.A.T.\Outlanders\Street Fighter II V\Vampire Hunter D\Batman: The Animated Series\Creepy Crawlers\DuckTales\The Little Mermaid\Mulan\Transformers\Shaolin Soccer\Rave Master, Joyce Kurtz from Vampire Hunter D/3X3 Eyes, Kirk Thornton from Street Fighter II V\Serial Experiments Lain\Digimon/Transformers: Robots in Disguise\Duel Masters\Gungrave\Naruto\Eureka Seven\Bleach\Afro Samurai\Blue Dragon\B-Daman Crossfire\Huntik: Secrets & Seekers\Akira\Sonic the Hedgehog games, Michael McConnohie from 3X3 Eyes/Bleach\Blue Dragon\digimon/Harmony gold and Bang Zoom Dragon Ball/Eureka Seven/Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex\Gungrave\Ikki Tousen\MAR/Mon Colle Knights\Naruto\robotech/Transformers: Robots in Disguise\Vampire Hunter D\Witch Hunter Robin\Zatch Bell!/Avatar: The Last Airbender\Creepy Crawlers\G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero\The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-DooTransformers\Walter Melon\Power Rangers/the Masked Rider\Beetleborgs Metallix\VR Troopers/Akira\Fist of the North Star movie/Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland\Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

so it starts with text saying somewday somewhere small town talk and we get am amv of 80s muisic and bikers and some anime chick singing japanese music

its in properr fullscreen and well colored and hwer and her band are playing in a 80s bar with neon and keytars

then it says the characters names and their japanese voices as ity ghgoes water colopprs

is this a thing on cheers?

so then evenatually the song ends and these guys in masks attacka df  this big a55 steme tank comes in and the maskers kidnap the chick named apple which is proibably where weneth paltrow got her kids name

so apple sez the maskers will pay and its a guy and a girl and the chick backhands apple and its revealed they are gonna make her marry the bad guy who is a crook and she shoves him to his shock

the 2 guys jj and jeff i mean champ see that the steam tank is heaDING FOR THE ZONE AND THEY AINT FIGHTING THE nohza and its the odama clan or w/.e

f off caps lock, get b0ned in the a55 by a osciet canadians

so bad guy beats his future wife and jj andf champ attackj but jjr biuke is bazookaed so he doubles on champs bike in the b--ch seat

so they jump on the train and jj is hanging on the metal moving thing aND HUSBANDO bad guy and female bad guy attacvk but some good movies from the guood guys make them hit their own train tank and ebvantually are beat off

they driver who looks like the real kingpin and not the ultimate one from marvel cant be beat and shovels to the head do nothing

btu the train tank f's out from damage and goes ofver the edge and they all fall out as it goes off the cliff

champ flirts weith apple and jj comes in and they bicker over champ beign a ladies man and jj never b0ning anyone

b4 they can remove the handcuffs, a guy in shades with a whipe come sin and easilyy beats jj and champ as the bad guys recapture apple and bring her into the zone

well, thats ther end of her, she's gonna be b0ned dead, full on urotusidoji

so the bad guys all have the same mom and she sez apple looked like her as a young an the whipe guy named rick like hujnter or astley seems regretful a bit of it

apple is in a jailcell watching a cartoon of her champ and jj fighting the nohza and using keytars and songs to fight like its robotech or macross

thsi feels like a chuck e cheese saong

so the nohza wgich i think is a thing on the noh mask turns into a flower and bad husbaND COMES IN TO SHOW HER THE DRESS AND SEZ NO ONES EVER ESCAPED FROM HERE but she sez they wont let her down

he tries b0ning hjer but she fights him off and nails him with her ball and chain and he ripps her outfit off her shoulders but rick the shades whip dude coemsin adn kicks husbands a55 and carries him off as apple sez he looks familiar

p-ss off and die caps lock

so at the bar the blue haired band chick tries to get people to help save apple and opa opa froom fantasy star comforts her with a hankie and jj and champ are given lazers that were from ther nohza war which i guess the huamsan won

they test em and chgamp does well but jj s-cked at it

after 3 days of looking they find a small number of bullets and it whasnt been made in years and the odama klan has most of it

in da war the odama cklan tried to take over the but good guys the White Knights stopped em with the zillion guns but while the people knew how to make zillion energy, the machiens that made it were sabotaged

the odama klan dont know how to use zillion but if they get the guns they can take over

so the heroes usea zepplin to cross the desert and i assumne its made of lead

also is amy and dave who are kind of side band members like the couple who b0nes in tommyes place in the room with the underwears

so they get to a storm and jkjj and champ gotta take batgliders like da vinci made and amy wants to come but needs to stay with dave the slave

as they fly around they see the prciness in the catlee but crows kamikaze through the gliders and they go downand catch a barb wire and land as rick is waTCHING IN THE LIGHTNING DArkness

not kingpin unchains apple and bad chick is there and jkj and chzmp bust in the building with guns like contra

then rick catches champ with his whip and pulls him off

jj later realizes that champ is gone but hears apple and goes to find her

so evil mom is gonna marry her son the husband hardock as i guess in her cult the women can be priests like some kind of secks cult

jj bangs on the glass like in that dustin hoffman movie and shoots in open and the lights go out

when they come in, he''s pulled away the mom and apple is with the badz and she sends in hoipping masked gusy like kyonshee that he fights

oh theyre robots

apple sez "hay b--ch! ja hungry? heeya! try sum weddin cake" liker a jersey giurl and nauls her with it which makes her drop her cxontrol staff and the kyonshi swarm, her

jj and apple escape and fall off a cliff but hes hanging from her and can look up her dress but i think shes wearing undies

after somehow getting up and a scnes of champ fightign rick, jj is lustiing after apple which feministz and beta males would get triggered by

the bads hear her yelling at him for feeling her b00bz and he sez for her to escape as he fights em

but she comes back and helps him and i think gets leg damage

they come on and the mom come in driving a contsruction vehicle and the good guys are on a bridfge and have the bads at the otrher end and the scooper befpore em

so they jump off and get pooped out the garbage chute, but are on the edge and didnt go over with the junk warriors

jj wakes up and thinks apple is dead and shakes herwhich might kill her if she had a neck damage

she wakes up and shes kinda cold and he gives her his coat as if he bites it, she can go on but if she bites it, champ will end him

then a song oif backgrounbd music and them together in the wasteland and they have a moment where he sez he never had a rewal gf

is this rick and lkisa in robotech?

apoople sez she had a bf but it f'd out and they talk on men not relating to women as they do with emn

probable cuz guys and girls are 2 different things and relate different

like fish and whales are different

or anime and amewrican cartoons

so eventuyally the area blows near and they see champ fighting rick

there a burst and jj goers back to back with champ and rick helps ewm by taking out kingpins bazookla

jj takes out husbnand and rick catches jjes guyn hand so jj falls and shoot sthe whip at the grip

jj riuns outta ammo and fights rick as champ takes on the 3 tohers and his belt buckle stops kingpins chainsaw like ben carson

then the mom comes in driviugn a vehicke anbnd champ fight sit but rins outta ammo and gets nailed off a cliff

shers heading for him with a drill and apple machineguns the vehicle and the fam is ok somehow

apple fires on them to sendf em runnin and jj is still fighting rick and buysting through walls like hes the juggernaught

rick gets 2 blades and gives 1 to jj like with violence jack and the good guys in the zepplin say; the odama klan is over and the place is gonna blow for some unexplained reason

this is right outta violecne jack ova 1 where theres a twuister comming

rick fights jj and cuts his clothes but not in a fansewrvice way like ikki tousen as that would be gay

eventuyallty jj knocks off ricks shades and they shatter like candya55 glass and azpple realizes its rickas hes not wearing shades and she knows him now

shes worse than rob schnieder in judge dredd as she cant tell someone with half the face covered

rick attacks rick and i mean jj and reveals hes still into her and knocks jjs blade up and slices his leg but as he goers in for the kill, apple gets him in the gut with her gun barrel and not the fire to stop him

rick sez to end him but she sez jj is her friend and charges in adn sticks the blade beside his head and sez to take care of her, then jumps off a cliff to h e double soviet england and the area blows

didnt krauser do that in fatal fury oav 2?

so the good gues go off in a lead zepplin as soft japanse music plays and the credits of th ruined city

then thenWhite Nuts play the ending crtedits song in the bar and i think this is recycled animation

then it shows the locket music box thing sailor moon stole from this that apple and rick had on the ground with tinkling sounds

the end

that was pretty good

mnice animation

good dub acting wirth heart aND STYLE

good 80s muysic and story

cool characters instead of beta males and losers and feminists

good heart and likable characters

its only liek 45 mins or 1 laser disk and works well

for Zillion: Burning Night 2 I want the Odama clan to regroupo and rebuild rick as a cyborg under their control with nohza tech and go after revenge against the White Nuts, but the white  Nuts have regained the tech to make Zillion and battle the Nohza Rick Odama and the several prototypes tht were flawed before facing the ohdama klan in their mech suits. Also its a 16 bit fighting Game on Sega Genesis, Snres, TG16, Atari Jaguar and GBA where you play as the heroes in story mode or anyone in free movde and battle through the various prototypes of nohza rickwith different abilities and gimkmicks

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Game Reviews Volume 26 From 2022 And 2023

 The last few games I beat in 2022 and the 1st ones I made in 2023. Some are longer or deeper as I had more to say

Just beat Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition on 3DS. Its a 2D Fighter with 3D Graphics and plays at an angle. The 4 DS Buttons are different attacks and you can use the Touch Screen for Super Movies without needing to spazz the D Pad and Buttons. You can do it on 1 3 or maybe 5 rounds but I did it on 1 and was able to beat it in under an hour. Its the usual Street Fighter rules of wailing on the foe til you or him drop and there can be a Time Limit which is 90 60 endless or maybe 30 seconds. Its also got carious difficulty settings like Easy, Very Easy, and Easiest, But I did it on Easy. Like al arcade games otta have, there's Infinite Continues and in here, after losing, you can choose a new character and outfit and win quote and fighting style that determines special moves. I used Blanka as he's my fave and only really lost to Cammy, the mexican guy and the Game Boss Seth. Seth was tough and I manages to spam the Touch Screen Moves to get him to a bit lower than me. But then he grabbed me and started the beat down animation, Good thing Time had ended and I won. Its got nice graphics and voices and music and controls pretty well. Its not too expensive and there's secret extra bosses like Akuma and Gouken but you gotta do special tricks to summon em. Kinda like in Mortal Kombat with Reptile. Its a solid game and has kind of a PS2 style to the looks. Glad I did this.

Just beat Shining Soul II on GBA. Its a top down game where you choose 1 of 8 classes like Archer or Ninja and go around trying to save the kingdom. A is Attack and holding it lets you charge up and do a Super Attack that's a bunch of hits. B uses Items, L opens your Weapon menu that lets you shuffle through em with L, and R does it for Items. Start opens the Menu for Stats, Items, Options or Save. Saving quits the game but you can go right back in. There's a Crafting System to Forge items with Materials and paying the blacksmith. You can buy and sell items and some need to be identified to be used. You equip your guy with armor and weapons to raise stats. When you get enough Exp you Level Up and can give points to stats like Strength for Damage, Dexterity for Evasion, Intelligence for more SP and Vitality for more HP. Using a Super Move uses SP that recovers gradually. Getting damaged by certain attacks raises your Resistance to it and Items worn boost it too. If you bite it, an Angel saves you and you wake up in bed healed but drop 1 armor and all money,. You can return to the Angel outside and reclaim it in the spot you fell. You can save in Dungeons and return to it but turning off w/o saving don't record the Dungeon Spot. The graphics are nice as is the music but sometimes the foreground covers things. The characters have heart and change what they say after each mission. Its kinda like Shining In The Darkness with their words and I like it. You unlock more areas as the game goes on and there's other things in here to unlock like a past dungeon from SS1. I saw this for 20$ in a used shop in the 00s and didn't get it as I heard it wasn't good. After getting it on a Multicart I did SS1  and went to do this but it froze in the opening. So I got a Repro that also froze. So I hunted down a Euro Ver for 63$ and did this. Glad I did. Its a great game. Pausing don't stop the game action and you can be attacked. Raising Weapon skills adds extra Super Attack Charge Bars.

Just beat Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace on GBA. Itys a Side Scrolling Superhero game where you do several levels, 3 at 1st, and more after beating certain ones, then after all are beat, you get the last one. You get both Unlimited Continues and a Password System of letters and numbers and using all lives goes back to the level choice screen, but there are checkpoints in the levels if you have guys. A is jump and A in Air is Web Sling, B is attack, L is Damaging Web and R is Tie Up Web, Select shows what Power ups you got and Start pauses that lets you quit or w/e. You can cling to walls and sometimes go around corners but often its tricky. Also you can drop through floors but it don't always work right and you press Jump too much and Websling into enemies. Its got nice Graphics and music and seems like a better looking version of the GBC SM Games. Some missions are going to the Exit to fight a boss and others are collecting the right thing like captives or Artifacts before fighting him. Its got nice cutscenes and color but the control is a bit off. When using R it didn't always work right and I would take hits. also enemies would often gang bum you and you had to fight em off. I like how the cutscene shows a Yellow Ninja taking items and you gotta fight those to get em back. Its not bad but I think I preferred the Genesis ones. There's a lot of secrets to unlock if you know where to go but its not needed. Also enemies drop extra web and life refills and have armor that protects your life bar for a buncha hits. In the last level, I came to a wall and after wandering around, looked up a longplay and found you can go under it. I made it to the last boss but bit it on him until I made it there with some Armor and beat him with a hit or 2 left on me. I wanted to try this since seeing it on a 100 GBA Games in 10 mins list and its decent. Glad I did this one.

Just beat Fantasy Zone for Sega Master System on my 100 Master System and Game Gear Games GBA Cart. Its a bright colorful Shmup where you gotta take out the 6 or so Generators in each of the 1st 7 rounds, then face a boss. Round 8 is a Boss Rush before the last guy. You get coins from popping enemies and can buy Power Ups by going into the Red Shop that comes in at certain points. But each time you buy a Weapon or Extra guy, The Price goes up. 1 button fires the Peashooter and the other fires arcing things for more damage but have less range. You bite it in 1 hit and there's no Continues but the game can be beat in like 15 mins. Its pretty hard and some bosses are kinda impossible without Power Ups. Also there's Engines to buy that change speed but the top 2 Engines are kinda too fast. The screen loops going left or right and there's tons of enemies firing at you, but you can walk on the ground to avoid some. The Weapon Power Ups only last a few seconds but if you get all 4 Speed Boost Items and a Weapon, it lasts til you bite it. On the Blue Level where all the bases are on the ground, the Spread Shot doesn't work on those. There's also 1 hit kill shots called the Heavy that's a 16 Ton Weight right outta Looney Toons with the Secondary Weapon that even end bosses, but it gets expensive and you can only have up to 9. Its a hand game and I used a Autofire thing So I wouldn't wear out my Thumb. Its even got connection to Space Harrier. I'm glad I beat this but its kind of an ordeal. Oh and if you bite it, you lose ALL Power Ups, Even ones not Equipped. And biting it on a boss don't let you access to the shop, except on the Boss Rush. So you gotta do it w/o Power Ups. The hardest one is the Turtle on Round 6 as he only sticks his head out sometimes and has a Rain of Doom that is tough to avoid. Plus if the Turtle Head isn't poking out, the 16 Tons don't work. Got graphics and music and nice colors though. And the Controls vary but with the right Engine its good.

Just beat Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS. Quite an ordeal. A/B is Jump and Y is use Suit Power or Hold to Run. L/R is crouch and go down Pipes and the D Pad  shifts the Camera a bit while holding it. The Analogue Stick moves Mario, you can Wall Jump and can do a Butt Stomp by being off the ground and pressing L/R. The game is in a 3D style but with a fixed Camera, but the depth perception is kinda bad and I keep going into pits. Enemies are hard to jump on and its tough to line up where to land. Using his Fursuit lets you Hold Jump to fall slower but often I walk off a cliff and find I'm slowly going down with no way out. Also in every level is 3 Special Coins to get, and while you don't gotta get em all in 1 go, you gotta get to the end with em and biting it returns the ones gotten after a Checkpoint. Its not too hard and Extra Guys are common, but often I keep dying to things I couldn't stop or know was coming. Mario can't jump. If going w/o movement, he goes like a foot and falls. If while running you have less control and the distance isn't easy to judge. Its more of an Attrition with you biting it over and over until you get good or lucky. Many Levels need you to have X number of Special Coins to unlock and that includes a few needed to beat the game. So I had to go back and slog through the levels searching for 1 Special Coin I missed. It doesn't remove coins to Unlock em but I didn't go to any of the Locked Levels. This game got me mad. Biting it over and over to things I couldn't control. The bosses usually fall in 3 hits and the Bowser levels is avoiding him as he attacks and getting the Switch at  the end. It saves after every level and tells you to take a break if you play too long. I don't regret buying this but I have no plans to play it again. Good music and graphics but the gameplay is bad. Oh and you can save 1 power up on the Touch Screen for later use get an extra hit each for Big and Suit Mario. Mario 3 had more Suits/Suit Spaces Worst one since 64.

Just beat Killer Instinct on Game Boy. Its by Rare when they used to be good. Its a 1 on 1 fighting game with digitized art of 3D things but toned down to 8 bit. The graphics are pretty good and its got nice music. They did a good job getting it in 4 shades of green. 1 button is punch and 1 is kick and you can change em in options. Start pauses and Up is jump. Using the D Pad and buttons do different moves and theres a combo system that can do heavy damage but its tricky to pull off. I did it once with spazzing on the buttons when close. you go Mortal Kombat style of a Tower of going up to the final boss and facing everyone in your way. I used Glacius as I wanted to do his Liquidate move but couldn't pull it off. It can an Easy and Very mode and probably some harder ones I didn't see, but I did it on Easy. Its actually quite good and I was abler to get by without using most of the moves, except when I accidentally pulled em off. You seem to get Unlimited Continues and it counts how many you used at the end (I did 4). Air attacks are often countered and some levels are uneven with a bend in em for slightly higher ground. Its a best of 3 round match and after 1 guy's bar runs out, he gets his 2nd and the fight continues without refilling the other guy. This can be good if you play right. Combos can be broken out of if you know what button to do and there's finishing moves. Often I did a Sweep Kick or spammed Punch over and over to cheese em. There's a good story with the bad guy being a Corporation and the Final Boss being Eye-Dol is a ref to real world groups and their activities. He's all roided up hard, doesn't flinch easy and hits like a truck but can be beat with skill or Sweep The Leg. Overall I'm glad I played this and its a pretty decent 8 bit version of a 64 bit 90s game. If only they did Voltage fighter Gowcaizer on Game Boy. We got World Heroes and 2 Samurai Shodown and Battle Arena Toshinden. Oh and Eye Dol can be played as with a code.

Just beat Wario World ion GameCube. Its by Treasure and is sorta 3D. You play as Wario and go through 4 worlds of 4 Zones and a 3rd for a boss. you collect coins and these are your lives as when you bite it, you can pay 100-500 Coins and continue right where you fell. A is Jump and B is punch or grab and throw guys when they are seeing stars. L makes you suck in coins like Kirby and R is Charge but is Butt Stomp in the Air. Some enemies can only be beat by a Throw or Grabbing em and Jumping then Hitting R to Pile Driver em. You got colored switches to hit that summon Treasure to collect and getting all 8 in a zone unlocks a GBA Micro Game to collect and download. There's 8 gold pieces of a Wario Statue in each and getting em increases your Life Hearts max by 1 half a Heart. In the levels are these black trap doors and the ones with a Band Aid on can be Butt Stomped into but the others you need to Pile Driver an Enemy on it to open. In here you have a Puzzle Room to get this Red Jewel and maybe a Gold Piece or Sprite that the more you free, the better the ending you get. They also give hints. If you fall in a pit on these you can try again at no penalty. Falling off a cliff in Main Game sends you to a dark room to break boxes to find a Spring to get out. The C Stick can change the camera but its usually only left and right but in Puzzle Rooms it can do more. Its a pretty forgiving game and can be beat in a few hours. It plays better than ANY 3D Mario Game I EVER played but some parts with the camera in the Puzzle Rooms can be irritating. Its quite good as it IS Treasure and cost me 150$ Canadian to get. I like the Graphics and its got nice color and life and fun and its mostly in a sorta 2D thing from the side. There's various things to do like Spinning the A Stick when holding a guy to turn things and clinging to Yellow Spheres and jumping from them. Its quite a grand game and pretty forgiving. Good music and voices too. I usually prefer Wario games over Mario ones.

Just beat Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance on GameCube. Its a 1 on 1 Fighting Game in 2D but with 3D turning into the fore and back ground. Its the 5th in the story and shakes things up with removing Liu Kang and Shao Khan. There's a lot of hints for the next game, MK Deception if you look. You get unlimited Continues and gotta win a best 2 outta 3 matches with options for Time Limit and what buttons do what. You have a difficulty level to change and Kan earn Koins to unlock Koffins in the Krypt to get info and things on the characters. If you pause you can see a list of moves to do and there's you can switch between different Kung Fu Styles  in the game with a button. You use the D Pad to move and I like it and there's a block button and a Power up Button to make your next attack super strong. The Graphics are pretty GameCube and I like it and its got nice Music and it voiced. Some parts have Dark Graphics that don't show up on my TV even at full brightness. Using Sonya I found if you jump towards em the right way and  use Kick in the Non Weapon Kung Fu, you can loop em with kicks to the chest and if done right, can keep em from doing anything. It works on all except the Monster named after a Bible Daemon who =isn't knocked over(and gave me the most trouble). The Game Bosses Shang Tsung and Quan Chi were fast and skilled but I used the loop to cream em as I got good at it. There's Mini Games like Test Your Might to spam buttons to raise Ki to break stuff and Test Your Sight where its a Shell Game to find the right one. Hitting A/B/X/Y on it makes Might go better. Years ago a neighbor Brandon brought it over on his PS2 and my D&D friend was grossed out by the neck snap in the intro, which never bugged Ore Samma. I used like 21 Continues to beat it and it was a pretty good game. Also I noticed that Sonya wears a Leather Thong thats peaking out of her pants. Glad I played this.

Just beat Sonic Lost World on 3DS. Quite an ordeal. Its the worst Sonic game I ever played. It goes for a Mario thing which is like Mazinger trying to be evangelion. A/B is Jump and Double Jump and again in air is Homing Attack, Y Spindash but you gotta hold to for a bit to charge or you only scoot a bit, also hammering it don't work like in the GOOD games, But in the air its bounce but when it feels like it, is a flip kick like Guile in Street Fighter you need to stun enemies or attacking them hurts you. L centers the Camera behind you, which don't work well when using some Whisps, R is held to Run, but its hard to control, like Mario, Start pauses and you can restart or quit or use Options, and there's bad Gyroscope controls where you gotta tilt or turn the 2DS to do what a D Pad/A Stick can better. Good graphics and nice music, but not as nice as Good Sonic Games. The best thing is the Story about facing some Oni who are like the colored things in Pixar's Inside Out and each has a trait its based on. You can use the D Pad or A Stick but it don't control well and most levels are over pits so you die often. If you run outta guys you can redo the level with 10 at no penalty. If you die 5X in 1 Level: power up comes that auto kills any enemy and makes you invincible. Basically saying "Ur a loser! Here's baby mode!" Which you Can turn off with the Touch Screen, but it takes a bit to do so. Running into a wall lets you run up it for a bit and you can Spindash to boost, or hold left/right and Jump to scoot when running up to  move. You can go around corners and keep running or jump between walls using the D Pad/A Stick and jump and keep running. the homing attack hardly works. Often it don't lock on, or it attacks several enemies at once, Or only 1. There's Whisps to unlock and they help sometimes but some parts they control bad. The Drill Whisp has up/down reversed when going forward and the Purple one has floaty controls. There's 5 level types: 2D like Sonic Rush, Forward Facing 3D where you go ahead and has bad depth perception, All Range where you gotta do gimmicks like rolling snowballs like Billy Hatcher., Bosses which are easy but some parts are annoying, and Chaos Emeralds which is collecting colored Spheres by turning the 3DS to move. The Emerald ones you reach by ending a level with 50 Rings and you can Restart as much as you want, but if you run outta time or quit, you gotta get 50 rings to retry. These are annoying and one of the worst I've dealt with. Its not that hard, its just badly done and annoying. I often do em standing up and pausing to realign myself. There's big ? things that tell you what to do and each time you hit 1 you gotta read it all over. 1 boss is on a circle and you go on the outside, but holding Left only goes so far and then you stop, unless you press down to keep going. But normally, you are used to the game following orders so you find yourself standing there as you watch the enemy.  There's plenty of extra guys plus getting 100 rings is 1, but that is there to band aid the bullethole of bad game design. I like it more than Mario though, and the 2D levels are kinda good, but the rest of the game is a mess. 1 reason I never got the Wii is I hate motion controls, and some Whisps need them to get from 1 area to the next. Plus there's a Snow Level with a Snowball chasing you that freezes you on touch and when you break out, it refreezes you in a loop until you get lucky and escape. Eventually you might figure out to flip kick it and homing attack to bust it and climb it after its grown. Each boss has its own gimmick and its got decent acting and animation but some of these Whips powers are tricky to use. Its the kind of game that would be executed for not following orders in The Military as it doesn't do what you want it to. Some levels were not as bad the 2nd or 3rd time but I mainly did a level once and didn't return as it was not fun. I got all but 1 Chaos Emerald. Glad to be done it.

Just beat Amazing Island on GameCube. Its kinda like Spore with Mini Games to actually use your monster. You play as a blue haired kid of either gender and gotta get the 7 Chaos Marbles or w/e they call the orbs, by playing these mini game courses. You get 2 Continues per run and not making the min points gotten per game means you lose. Its mostly simple things like a race or timing button presses and sometimes there's a fork in the road that leads to a different Orb. Its by Sega and Ancient and Yuzo Koshiro did well with the music. After beating 6 rounds, you face a Badminton round of knocking a fireball back and forth until you or the bad guy gets nailed 3x. There's Potions to boost stats  to buy in shops or win from getting a not too high passing score. The higher your score, the rarer the item gotten and if its around 2000 you get a Monster Card. Some courses with branching paths  you gotta start over to get the other routes but still gotta play the 1st games over and over.  The games ain't too hard once you know what to do and if you run outta continues, you keep the money you made from the games you won. There's a GBA Mode to connect to it and play a game on it with the Monsters you make. As you get Orbs, you unlock more frames to build monsters off and the way you design the monster has an impact on its stats and how they do in Minigames. Its got nice GameCube Graphics that are colorful and fun and the C Stick and L moves the Camera while R puts it behind you in near 1st person view. the Game Boss is tricky as he barfs fireballs at you and you catch em and throw em back, but each catch can wear off the platform you're on. If you pause and unpause you can kinda cheese it to get closer to catching it better, but if you catch it as it reaches you, you instant counter and not lose ground. It can be beat in a few hours and has multiplayer. I liked it and its kinda pricey but is a decent game worth doing. Glad I did this one. I didn't really create monsters though.

Just beat Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar for NES on my DS R4. Its an RPG where you gotta become a paragon of virtue by doing things like giving blood or not sealing to raise your points in the 8 Virtues. You gotta get the 8 Runes to access the 8 Shrines and meditate for 3 Cycles when your Virtue points are full. If you do something like run from a fight with evil foes or lie then you lose points and gotta redo the things, You get armor and weapons and start the game with a personality test that chooses your class and you gotta recruit the other 7 classes as well as get the 8 colored Stones as well as getting the 3 Keys by combining the Stones in the altars underground. There's also people to talk to and unlike the Sega version, its more like Phantasy Star where they say the same 1 line instead of options of topics. Also is Dungeons where its 1st Person like Shining In The Darkness and some classes can use Spells that use MP that recharges with walking. Enemies random attack every few bits of time and there's moon gates that Warp you to other towns bases on what the Moons are like. Its best to use a Map online to see where the cities are and the various items you need are. With Magic you gotta know the Spell or have the Magic Town guy write it in your book and it uses Herbs automatically, but you can only have 99 of any Herb, so instead of making the spells and having the Herbs, you put em together, which can make you run out of a herb you need for other things. If you bite it you return to Lord Brittish's Area and have 400$. Its more streamlines and simple than the Sega ver but it also loses some of the charm and uniqueness. Nice graphics and music and it controls wee and in dungeons there's battle rooms where you gotta beat the enemies and  sometimes, go to the righty square to open a hidden door. The final puzzle is simpler too and the Questions are going left>right Top>bottom. There's an Auto option that doesn't work well and often has you walk toward a foe when you only have a Bow. You can also get a Hot Air Balloon and boat and sail the sea. The map loops so keep going 1 way and you come out the other side. I like how Lord Brittish calls you Friend and it adds some heart. You CAN do evil like steal and cheat blind shop owners but it penalizes you for it. It has that NES look with the colors and music and some enemies are tough to decipher what they are. Also enemies never run from you and you only need 1 Key to unlock doors and don't need food. Its a more simplified Ultima 4 but that works in some areas. I liked how the Sega and NES vers were different and did their own thing. Both have good traits and do things differently. This one is easier and I like how you don't bring the party to the final dungeon. I preferred to go solo and not use other party members. Also there's no traps in the Treasure Chests. Glad I did this. My net friend wanted me to do this and I'm glad I did. Oh and you can only save in Hotels or w/e where as I think you could save where you wanted in the Sega ver but not in Dungeons.

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Law Of The Lawless Review

Note: i spell like a lawless lucy

Law of the Lawless

This is my review on Law Of The Lawless from the distant future year to Andrew Jackson of 1964 (50 years before the final battle oif Macross City)

its directed by William F. Claxton who did Night of the Lepus/Hiughway to Heaven/Little house On The Prarie/The 60sd Twilight Zone

it stars Dale Robertson from The Outcasts of Poker Flat/Tales of Wells Fargo/The Man from Button Willow, Yvonne De Carlo from For Whom the Bell Tolls/The Ten Commandments/McLintock!, William Bendix from Blackbeard the Pirate, Bruce Cabot from king kong, the 30s The Last of the Mohicans/Angel and the Badman/McLintock!/The Green Berets/Big Jake, Barton MacLane from the 40s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde/The Maltese Falcon, John Agar from Highway to Heaven/the 70s King Kong/Big Jake/Chisum, Richard Arlen from Tigr Shggark/sland of Lost Souls/the 30s Alice in Wonderland, Kent Taylor who inspired clark kent and was in the f--kin awdul The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, Bill Williams friom king kong/The Body Snatcher, George Chandler from da 30s A Star is Born/Valley of the Giants/Jesse James\Boy Slaves\Mr. Smith Goes to Washington\The Ox-Bow Incident/The Pirate, Lon Chaney Jr from Manfish/My Favorite Brunette/The Ghost of Frankenstein/The Wolf Man/Of Mice and Men/Jesse James, Don "Red" Barry from The Shakiest Gun in the West/The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County/The Swarm, Laurel Goodwin from the 60s Star Trek, Roy Jenson from Demetrius and the Gladiators/The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond/13 Ghosts/Atlantis, the Lost Continent/How the West Was Won/Big Jake/Soylent Green/The Wind and the Lion\Every Which Way But Loose\Red Dawn, Alex Sharp from Spartacus/How the West Was Won/How the West Was Won/Planet of the Apes 01/Bullitt/Conquest of the Planet of the Apes/Battle for the Planet of the Apes/Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, and some homeis not on candy a55 wikip[edia and i never saw in any cr-p

i never saw this but its on grit and thos eare usually good

so after logo and credits where the logo is proper fullscreen and the credits are in heavy widescreen, but its in good color, we get a fullscreen movie

so thses lowboys come to toen and a teen tells the sherrfi and he chexcks it out

tyjhey count it up that the new guys comming to town is when da judge is comming in and something might be up

however if this were youutbe, saying somethign is up would be a theory and not provable and would be stopped by them

so sherrif looks aorund and stps by a salloon and this rich guys place and looks for the judger and finds this lawyber talking with a guiuy who is defending a guy who capped people in a shootout

sherrif sez lawyer might be in on the guys coming and they call em malcontents like in robotech and lawyer sez he dont like em either

lawyer sez sherrif does procestuion and church servives in the courthouse and sherrif comes to the bar toi confront the guys

he wants em to say who they are or gtfo and they say theyr name is johnson and he wants em out so 1 pulls a gun and throws a booze glass at him and sherrif takes 1 in the arm and fdinisdhes the guy as barkeep pulls his shotgun at them and sends em outta town

imagine if only the malcontents had firearms and the sherrif couldnt defend himslef?

it woulfd be like candy a66 soviet england

so this chick from da salloon comes by and meets da judge and brings him over

sherrif sez he had to ice people to save his life and has arrested a man peter ston like in degrassi or lawe and order svu and his dad is a bigf man in kansas but he wants him to do time for a shoot out

sherrif wants judfge to find him guilty but judge is the accused's hoimie and wants to give a fair trial

so the malconmtents are here to ice da judge as they think hes fgonna let the guy free and the guy capped their brother

lawyer sez to judge that the accuded is in a shoot out and its legal and judge was his friend

lawyer and a guy hes talking to talk about bribing a jury and a guy comes by and leaves and its revealed hes the guy who wacked the judges dad

so chick walks in on judge in the bath tub and teen is disgruntled that he thinks the sherrif dont trust him enuff

so judge stiops by lawyers room and goes to eat with the chick and she sez her husband gpot capped and he sez he noticed its often with salloons thsat people get it

she reveals the accused peter stone wants to marry her and they talk

the accused weatches from his jail cell and sez the chick is doing his plan by being in the window seat and theres a guy around who seems to be up to something

this other lawyer is told off by accussed that his dad is the best and most powerful and if he gets him off its a great win, iuf not hes beated

so judge sez he knows hes by the window and its not safe and they go off and she feels for him

at da salloon is what i think is lon chaney gx and asks chick if shes gonna do it and she dont wanna and he grabs her and brings her to da hotel to probably a55 b0ne

in there he sez hes fgonna be right out there and wants her to do her part and leaves her in da hotel

at the hotel the sneaky lawyer comes back and wait its not a lawyer hes the dad, and sez he wants the dad iced after trial i mean the judge iced and if they do it b4 they'd just getta new trial

also either ay hes gonna ice him and wait, hes not talking to the lawyer itys the guy who iced the dad, and he's payed a lot to make judge gunfight and if he caps the guy, he breaks his own law to not shoot out

dad wants the law of the gun back and whoever is faster is right and the dad icer sez he wished he never saw a gun and wants to get outta the gunfighting and have a ranch and a woman

he's getting 10 000 $ and its a lot in the 1800s or w/e this is

so he has plans for a future? well, thats the end of him!

so the malcontents come to see da judge and had missed him and this guy they work with tells em to gtfo

the 30 year old teen comes around and goos too da gotel and finds da judge is in the cemetary

i dont wanna be barried, in a pet semetary!

btw theres a good fgroup of characters in this, they are not all bad but not all good, kinda like robotech instead of transformers with the honorable autobots and villinaous decepticons

teen gets the malcontents at gunpoint and they slug him out saying "well theres the judge" and he looked

they aim at jufge but teen fights em and judge hits da dirt and fires

they bust through the store and out and judge runs outta bullets so he is trhhown a shotgun and takes 1 out then fights the other inside

they grapple and he gets his neck on a saber on the wall, which would take off his head in the reasd version

the shotgunned guy is gonna end judge but dad wacker j fks him

so teen got iced and sherrif is bummed as he didnt treat him right and judge cheers im up

so judge goes to see accused and they tlakm in his cell which would totally not happen today as they are mental abotu prioceure

so judge goes to the bar and chats with the real lawyer and lawyer sez he never lost a case and none accused of gunfighting ever weent free form judge

so chick dont wanna do the plan and lon chanry gx runs her top and smacks her then leaves

judge comes in and she tells judge to leave and its a plan to make a scandle and the asccuded peter stone planned it

lon gx comes in and he asks who did it and she fingered lon chaney jr and goers home

jiudge sez if they tell anyone then he'd court em and beats out lon chanrey 2 witrh 1 punch

so lon tells chick that judge is gay for her

later its the trrial and the dad brings in the fam of people who judge sentenced to be executed for killing people

sherrif wants em out and judge sez let em stayt and dad is paying fpor all of their expences to be here

btw the guys he had executed had victims too and were executed for killing people

for all we know, they started the gunfight and were lucky enought to surcive

yes, self defence is important, but if you slug out a guy and try to crack his skull on the pavement, don't act like a victim when he pulls his piece on you

so dale robertson the judge who looks liike rock hudson b4 the aids rewwads the thing and peter stone sez the scandle didnt happen

sherrif proisecutes the guy and gives his openingh statement and this just went lawe and order

dun dun!

so then in the middle of his opening statement the dad interrutps and judge sez"do that again and ur out!"

the 1st witness comes up and is wheelchaired and is the salloon owner and dont drink

he reveals the night watchman came in for a drink at late and when peter started hassling him and eventually capped him and laughed

the weatchmen was only using a gun for a few months and pete had it for years

then sherrif sez hes gonna change his tactics and say that now its not a shoot out but an intentional murder

so sherrif goes on with the salloon owner and how the watchmans woman was named D like the vampire hunter and when watchman was capped he sez "stay away from me" but might have been D"

so the defence lawyer comes in and tries to make the wheelchauir witness seem unsure

so then d is on the stand and is asked if she knows peter stone and she sez no but sherriuf implies she lies and sherrif sez she was signaled to by accused

then chick goes on and sez he saw peter trudeau i mean stoner's pto palace with D and went out one day and saw em in an embrace, whicjh i think is 1800s for b0ning hard

the defense brings up the chicks job as a salloon girl and thats all

after accused is on the stand and sez he gave the signal to his dad who was by D, sherrif sez hsi closing statement and that nomone denied stinky pete iced a guy on puirtpose who had no chance againsdt him

then the defence sez the D was trustworthy and the chick was a sl-t and isn't trustworthy and he had a right to defende himself

the corwd payed by the dad cheers and judge hammers his gavel

b4 going to da jury, the judge gives a speech about how the truth was colored by lies and they should not have bias against chick for beciomong a h-00ker as her hiusband got iced and isn';t a bad person for b0ning men for money

also the D might nbbe a h00ker in a year and the defense onbjects but judge sez "to what? considering the value of each witness?" and he shuts his candy a55

in chambers the sherrif sez he got carried away seeing peter givign signals to the D and might have f'd it up

a prosecution lawyer seieing a judge in chasmbers duringa  trial? thats not how it works now, =buyt mayuybe in the 1800s

so the pete is found guyilty and gets the noose and they get the rope ready

the dad wacker is walking the streets afetr judge and in the bar the dad wacker announces hes the wacker and tells him to draw

dad i mean dale i mean judge sez he wont sand its not this guy who iced him, but the systermthat did it of injusitcvve and violence

also this gunfighter iced guys who had no chance anyway so it dont matter if he fires or not

also he sexz how he gave up chasing himn years ago and is still mad but moved on and is doing it legal like terry crewes taking on the deviant who grabbed his big parts in the system

dad comes in and wacker slugs him out and walks on and sees the eerrror of his way and rides on to a new adventure

the end

that was pretty good

nice flow and didnt drag and it has good pacing

good message of civilization over savagry and peace over war

sorta biblical, well, the forgiveness part, not sodom and Gomorrah getting nuked or the Israelites fighiting daemon worsahippers

surpirzed the chick didnt wind up with the dale but not every thing need romance

good acting and style and it tells a good story

halfd of it is a courtroom drama and it does it well and holds interest

Glad I saw this one.

huh, according to candy a55 wikipedia; this is in the 1880s, in 1889

For Law Of The Lawless 2 I want the dad to have assembled a group of wildmen in thre wastelands and lead an attack to end the judge, but the judge revals he in in this new thomas edison armor that legts him go beyoind human limits and take em on, also edison has a new gun for the 90s, the 1890s! and it uis fueled by bones and he has to slice people with his suits hidden blades and uses their bones as ammo and fith through them, also its an 8 bit run and gun beat em up on sega master system and game gear, nes and game bioy, atari 7800 and lynx and tg16 where you play as him and go from area to area to get to the head who has fused with his sons corpse and uses it as necro armor that gives him black powers

Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Emoji Movie Review

 Note; i spell like emojies are; cr=p!!

The Emoji Movie

This is my review on the emoji moive from the distant fuiture year (to alan turing as the brits drove him to suiciode evenm though he saved their candya55es from the Germans) of 2017(5 years before soyylent green and robotech ii the sentinels)

its dirfected by Tony Leondis who did igor and probably is gonna commit seppuku cuz of this movie cuz peopel saidf it s-cked

the only one who said anything non negative was familyfriendlygaming who are like if ned flanders reviewed things

this was by sony weho has since devolved into being all mental and censoring babes in video games, there by driving away 90% of players while nintendo has ther uncut version(a reversal of the 90s)

but at least nintendo learned the error of their ways after mortal kombat sold better on genesis wwith the optrion to have blood

as for ore samma, i hate emoji's and never use em, unless it auto sodomozes muy text into faces when i never weanted it to

can't say 4:3 or it makes some c-ck sucking facve i never weanted

to quiote a murderer from a movie; yes emojies deserve to die and i hope they burn in h-ll!

then again, i never saw thius sdo for all i lknow, i may likemit

it stars T.J. Miller from Cloverfield/How to Train Your Dragon/Yogi Bear/Gulliver's Travels, the openlky brittish alleged male James Kimberley Corden from Ocean's 8/The Late Late Show with James Corden, the ex mrs chris pratt Anna Faris fromscary movie 01-05/The Hot Chick/Brokeback Mountain/Yogi Bear/King of the Hill/Mad TV, Maya Rudolph from As Good as It Gets/50 First Dates/Bridesmaids(ewwwww!)/Turbo/The Mighty B!(f dat show!), Steven Wright from Desperately Seeking Susan/Reservoir Dogs/So I Married an Axe Murderer/The Swan Princess(classic)/Natural Born Killers/Canadian Bacon\The Simpsons, curvy blnde Jennifer Coolidge from A Night at the Roxbury/Austin Powers 2/Zoolander/A Cinderella Story/Igor/Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day/Seinfeld/King of the Hill/MADtv/Father of the Pride/The Secret Life of the American Teenager(disney making deviancy in 2008)/Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World/Napoleon Dynamite the animated series(which was pretty good)/The Loud House, the openly feminity/ahtiest/pro suicide Patrick Stewart from Robot Chicken/American Dad!\Family Guy\the hallmark A Christmas Carol/Animal Farm/Star Trek: The Next Generation(kirk eawas better!)/Coronation Street(gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)/X-Men: Days of Future Past/X-Men: The Last Stand\X2/Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius(f dat show/movie)the 00 X-Men/Star Trek Generations\The Pagemaster(which i liked but the genesis game is a55 unless you use a password)/The Nightmare Before Christmas/Robin Hood: Men in Tights(Loved it)/Dune/The Plague Dogs\Excalibur, Christina Aguilera froom p0rn0 i mean music videos, tthe eviil SofĂ­a Vergara from The Smurfs/The Three Stooges\Dancing with the Stars(ew)\Modern Family(devolved), Sean Hayes from will and grace/How Murray Saved Christmas/The Three Stooges (he wwas laarry??!! wow!)\Igor/The Cat in the Hat, Jeff Ross ffrom The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle/Stuck on You\Drunk History\faMILY GUY, Jake T. Austin, NOT THE kid from 2 anmd a half man, from Justice League Action/svu/Drop Dead Diva/Justice League vs. Teen Titans(f da teen titanms), Rob Riggle from Bless the Harts\Golan the Insatiable/Ugly Americans\Glenn Martin DDS/The Cleveland Show\American Dad!, Conrad Vernon from shrek and its sequels/The Boss Baby, Liam Aiken from law and order, and a few dinks i never saw in anything

people duimped on Rainbow Brrite and Care Bears and Transformers for having movies, but i liked those and they wentg on to be enjoyed

so after logos we get natrration sayiong da world we are om in magic and its revealed he means the cyber world where people send messages

so like Yugioh VRAINS? or Digimon? Or Mega Man Battle Network?? Or .//Hack? or Tron?? Or Ghosty In the shell?

actually this came before VRAINS so it might be ripped tyhis off

so these teens are talking about how a cjhcik he likes might have sent a message and how like all gen z monkeys, their lives revolve around their cr-ppy a55 phones

makes me miss the 90s when no one had cell phones. i blame steve jobs, he's currently doing 15 years insoolitary in DANTE'S INFERNO!



so now the teens talk in emojis and thwsrerwss a world in the cyberspace like f--kin reboot and theres all trhesae emojis that do what their personality is based on

they are slaves to doing w/e they are programmed to do and this guy talking is meh which i hate

but he doesnt fit with his programmin for soem reason and has emotions that dont fit as he dont act meh at times

the monkey emokjies sdayiong they have business, monkey business somehow got me to grin

so its meh emoji's 1st day on da phone and he finds this digital workld so cool somehow and struggles to be meh

also he bumps into emoticons which are text like XD or (__Y__) and 1 sez "ohh, my colon" as this was writted by a gaymo

so he rides a red balloon like that 40s movie or w/e and the town looks like a MOBVILE PHONE GAME

HIS RENTS ARE PROS At acting meh and dad sez hes not ready

so wait, these 2 same emojies b0ned and made a new one? isnt that inbreeding?

also patrick stewart plays the poop emoji as jordon peele is too devolved to have a sense of humor anymore since ditching MadTV for disgruntled horror movies

so talking poop laughs at the idea of washing their handds coming outta the cr-pper, which makes me think his kids are his waste and he flushed the ones he dont want

this too kinda got a grin outta ore samma

so he weants to fit in and dont but wwants to prove himself and his rents worry he'd do something wrong like make the wrong face

he egts em to let jhim try and smily face emoji with a big toothy grin and blnde bimbo hair and make up explains howe each face has a cube on the emoji bar

if they are chosen they lite up and the scanner scans em and sends it

there's also a facves session of the popular ones and and high 5 is not let in to the popular area as hes james candya66 corden and no one likes him

he wants to get help from main guy and get inthe cool area burt is sent to his corner no one goes to anymore

main guy egts to go to his cobe and his rents watch from the stands

then in the human world, or ningen kai, da teacher teaches heiroghlyphics and the kids dont carfe as they are little c-cvk suckers who dont belong in our blue and pure worlkd

main human chooses meh and the emoki spazzes out and make a devolved face and  it sends it

he jumps out and the emoji selecting device thats a finger of metal spazzes out and bsuts the cubes

so bimbo emoji thinks hes a malfunction and and they gon haeve a board meeting to decide his destiny

k so he f'd the world and now beeds to go on a jorunry to the west and prove himself and save the day right?

so he thinks hes a malfunction aka a mistake and his rents are there for himeven thought they act like they dont got souls and they want him locked away in trhe apartment to protect him like the queen of soviet englands grandpa did to his handicapped son

so now he goes to prove himself and goers to the meeting that just ended and pop sez "its an accisent, we all have em" and is told"ur so soft poop" which gets another grin from me

then bimbo emoji coems out and brings him in and makes a noose outtafloss and sez if he 'fs out, then the kid might  lose faith in the phone and the town will be erased

so now shes gonna delete him which this just went into assisted sucide like soviet canda and he runs from the antio virus bots

fun how they are "anti virus" but attacking something non viral, like dr assisted suicide spreading to more people

so high 5 emoji sneaks in and bumps inot main guy and they esacepthrough a warehouse area and staircase and to the loswer area the unpopuilar emokies are in

high 5 finds the anti viras bots were not after him and the losers are afraid of him beign a malfunction

so being an effenimante brit, hgiuh 5 has clear nail polish and tells main guy to get reprogramsed to be a real meh and they decide to toleave the city and get high 5 done too

is this a thing on repairative therapy to help people turn straight?

so they sneak around and leave the city to this empty plane and find the border or the app

btw high 5 is a hand with a face and limbs like that alex kidd thing

so they leave the bpoundary and find these colored cubes and a galaxy floor print and the cubes are buttons and apps that each is a world

they find a world of bubblepups that are stickers that add hearts to things

then a world of peop;le sharing posts and like main huamns posts

none of em know him and high 5 sez being popular is better than having firnedsa

if you wanna be popular, just do weird p0rn0

all the deviants will like and follow

so main emojis rents decide to find him and bimbo enomi wants to wak him and main emoji and highh c make it to the piracy app thats disguised as a dictionary app

main emoji; what would a teen boy wanna hide from his rents?

me; hes a furry!

they are in a party of dingey rock and playing we're not gonna take it and meet a troll and virus and spam

the bartender sends em to the hacker and its a chick as it has to be cuz guys cant be cool anymore

also she's got putple blue ish hair and it probably what inspired emma ghost gal in Yugioh VRAINS

she dont wanna help em but finds he can do beyond his normal programming like robin williams in bicentennial man and the anti virus bots come

hacker helps em fleeas the bots delete the various 1 shot characters and she sends em on a tunnel to escape

they wind uip in candy crush and main emoji is stuck in the clear board game thing and now they gotta get him out

to save him, they gotta play candya55 and match all the canddys below him and avoid the yellows or he'd get iced

would he? i eman are the candy date deleted?

does it goe to another server?

to quote batman beyond: teen: what are youm doing? prograsm: im downloading myself knto your body! teen: then where will I be? proigram: whwerever deleed programs go!

that was f'd up

plus later the programs soul is erased and its kinda freaky

so human main guy trues to talk to the chick he likes and his phone spazzes out and she leaves and he books an appointment on his phone to fix it

but if ur phone is f'd why use it to book an appointment?

its like; my car broke down, better drive it to the shop

so using a magic jewel like in columns on sega genesis, 5mo clears all of 1 kind of candy and gets main guy to the bottom but he cant get out

so hacker sez to line him up with the other candys and hope he goes to the special candy jar

she does and he swells up like deviantart and pops in a spray of yellow goo

but this was hacker fantasizing and she moves him and hes in da candy jar with a candy expanding him b4 he spits it out

then hi5mo licks him as he wants to see if hes candyt and is probably gonna b0ne him

so the caladnyer sez main huamn is havign a appojntment at the phone store and the emonnjies spazz out as its to erase the phone

so hacker sez to get to da cloud and reprogram him, kinda like in dragon half wioth mink wanting the people potion to turn human to get dick saucer the hero knight as her butt buddy

btw is hacker a program or a person?

also they gotta get past a firewall and its got race recognition sofeware and she's blocked but hopes he can fake being otyher emojies and get out

also she goes on a femionist tirare about men taking credit for woman things 

they go to youtube and see a japanse guy dancing and wait its the rents and they see the anti virus bots after em

so she has the vid look at cat videos and the anti virus bots stay and watch and the rents split up as the mom dfumps the dad

so the main team go undergorund lim,e sonic or beast machines or cvleopatra 2525 and 5 o is having a syagr rush even though sugar dont make u hyper its a muth

hacker wants to escape to the cloud and be free as theres too many rules and main emoji dont recall a hacker emoji and she brushes it off

5 mo barfs up a candy and eats it again and it made me grin and they get to this dancer app and hand turns it on and the hacker i mean anti vcirus bots hear it

so they gotta play just dance and if they f up 3x its the end for them and hacker is a cr-ppy dancer

they play jitterbug from wham and and the gay hand emoji does well

wait its weake me up b4 u go go

so main guygiuves encouragement and hacker emnoji does well and come up with their own dance move to tery to make it in free dance and the cgi instructor likes it

were they trying to make that happen in real life?? like for fansd of the movie?

i'd rather do don kanoji from bleach

so her hat comes off and she's revealed tio be the princess emojki who ran away and this is really ripping off wreck it ralf which came out half a decade b4

so then the anti virus bots coem in and the game recognizes them as players  who then download funk protocall like toejam and earl and dance wqell

also they miss every laser blast and the phone is spazzing out in real life and the main kid dleetes the app as the emojies struggle to escape like in the somisons with homer destroying that (super mario)3d land in the halloween special

they save hand emoji whos probably gonna be j-rkin off and an anti virus bot grabs him and pulls him under as the app is deleted

burn in h-ll jhames corden! your kind is not wanted on this world!

so now high 5 is in the recycle bin and thats on the other side of the phone and they are right at the app to the cloud

main guy wants to go back and hacker wants to look out for numbert 1 but main guy sez "wat goods is it to be number 1 if trheres no other numbers" whiucy is actually a good line

like vector killing all weho opposed him and found himself alone in his empty kingdom so he suicided

so main guy sez he cant be meh about anuthign and its his malfunction and hacker likes it and takes a quick cut through spotify

also the bimbo emojui sez they got 4 hours til the phone apppointment and if they dont fix the malfunction they all gon be wiped

then the devil emoji laughs as hes next to the p[ooptrick stew art emoji who is not emused

so bimbo emoji uses an illegal upgrade on the viurus hunter bots and sends it oput

so then in the recuclebiun all the things hit byu the anti virus bots are there and at the end of the day its emptiuied and they stop existing

mweanwhile on spotify is streams that each is a diffewrent song and they surf it in a boat to the recucle bin

in the ningen kai the main kids phoine plays trhe spotify songs and he hears the girl hes into is goping to the place by where the phone is being fixed

btw this is seeming like the lego movie

so main guy asks if princess whistling makes birds come down and she gets p-ssed at stererotytingh and whgines that chicks in the 1st emojies can be aprincess or a bride and she wants more like the chick in beauyty and the beast

they see a whale coming over em and like it fgrom a whale song and he wants back in da cube but she sez if he do then he cant b huimself and she likes him as he is

they are in a boat like in the little bmermaid of the swan princess

in the waste basket; the hand monkey is bummed as he found an email he was in but not sewnt and main guy comes from ther above and saves him as he kicks off a troll and lewaves him to die

then hand sends a rope for the deleted to be to escape and walks off but the rope falls in and the roided up aNTI VIDTUS COMES  around

on instagram the mom emoji walks in a photo and reunites with the dad one and he reveals he had emotions besides his programed one like a tear on his cheek and only knew now

they have a monotone passion speech of romance and hand mo is asked if when she whistles if birds come down and she gets triggered

then the anti virus thing attacks and has a message video feed from bimno emoji and oh yweah, i wanted to say that this is  like the book The giver where they dont have emotions or w/e

she wants him to come with the bot and reveals she s gonan delete him by mistake and thewy run

it extends its arms like wufeis gundam in gindam wing and tangle its arm tentacles up around the programs

they slide under him like contra hard corps and it cant come in to dropbox that they endtered and go on a cgiu data ride thaTS ACTUALLY KINDA NICE

SO THEY MAKE IT to the firewall and she gives him the passwords and he gievs a different expression each time they try one and when it f's uyp it fire blasts him

he mentioned skate or die as a possible password and they cant get it

they realize they need the name of a girl he likes and 5mo sez he read the name of a girl hon an email he nevert sent, but cant recall her name

hacker finds it and the girl is addie liek adolphe and they read the love note

they try the girls name and it works and the firewall opens like the red sea with Moses

they realize they gotta reprogram him and seem unsure of it and is this a thing ojn gender gsurgery?

he tells hacker princess hius feelings that hes into her and dont wanna give up his feelings and wants to stay here with her

she sez she likes him as he is but shew had a plan and dont wanna follow her destiny of being a pricses waiting for a prince

to quote chou zenki; wheather you fight it, or accept it, your destiny is your destiny

so being rejected by his giurl makde him go meh and fade and give up on feelings

then he pulls out a katakna emoji and plunges it into himself and 1's andf 0's spill out like seppuku

jk really he's bummed and didnt need the code rewrite, only his heart broioken

then the virus bot grabs him and pulls him out, also the phone is taken to the shop

hand hole tells hacker and she whistles and takes opff her wig and hat and birds dont come until she does a 2 finger whistsle and twitter comes

they ride it like the bird in breath of fire or the dragon in lunar 01 and hand mo sez he'd rather have a real friend than a buncha fans and they go off to rescue him

sobimbo emojji is gonna delete main guy as they are almost time to get the phone checked and his rents come in and ded sez he has the same thing

bimbo is gonna delete em and the other emojies say this is too much, and this just turned into mao/stalin/pol pot/trudeau with a \n evil ruler oppressing the people and removing thjose he/her disagrees with

you know, if the other emojies had delete rays, they could fight back kjnstead of being at tghe mercy of the leader who has em

dad sez he was wrong and shuld have beleived in him and the rents stand in front ofg main guy to shield him

then hacker and hand come in and i think hand is a redf to metropilis from 27 with the hand being the oppressed workers

hacker hacks the anti virus bot and hand mo slaps the button and turns it off and the main teen human deletes his phone

but as this takes a long time to delete data  for some reason, they have only enpough time to send 1 emoji to the girtl to save her

and the proms tomorrow!!

so who do they send? hand butt hiping his own a55 with his naked fingers decides to send main guy as he's al, emojies in 1

but his spirit is broken and he dont got it now

but now he tries and everyones being deleted and hes worried of f--kin it up

so princess hacker gives him confidence and sez to be himnself and has a flashback to the events we say minutes ago to soft pianpo

he gets his cr-p back and sends a lovey emopjithat makes new faces and sends it to the girl he wants to b0ne

the girl he has the hots for who was standign 12 feet away from him comes by and sez "i got ur text, dats 1 super ool emoji" and they bond as he can express himself and agrees to go to the dance as teens dance and they are c-ck suckers

so with like 1 emoji left and 80% dleeted, he pulls the delete thing from his phone and it undeletes it all

thius is NOT how it works!!

so the dad hugs the mainn guy and makes a wink and heart and tghey all cheer for him

so this is knda like horton hears a who, or maybe little nemo as nothing in it mattered and its fiction

so then the hand emojki is popular and the cool club is over as everyone imn anmdf the losers are in and they do that dance main guy made and hacker princess ios the dj

so in the ningen kai the human teen and his droogs are at the dance and take a SELFIE AS THEY are candy a55 c-ck sucking aids spreaders and choose an emoji and its main giuy who does every emoji

what is he? the chameleon from spider man?

in the credits scene is the bimbo emoji with braces as her teeth got f'd and in the llocer club and playing cards

the end

that was honestly, not so bad

i mean its pretty much a normal movie we get today withthe same beats and weaves that they all do now

yeah its kinda dumb but honest;ly, its not hateable

it got me to grin a few times with the poop jokes but i didnt hate it

then again i didnt hate the garbge pail kids movie and biodome

theres no swearing or b0ning and its a clean lite film that kinda inspired Yugioh VRAINS

people dump on it but its probably cuz its cool to hate on it, like g w bush

its nowhere near as bad as everyone says it is

its got decent color and the animation isnt bad and kinda cartoony and even though its widescreen its not awful

i hate emoji's but i dont hate the emoji movie

i mean its not a classic like transformers the movie or pee wees big adventure, but I went in expecting the worst thing ever and this was not it

It had a few good messages and themes that were woven in without being preachy

for The Emoji Movie 2 I want the teen to let his friend use his phone and he goes on some xxx site and a virus gets in and devolves the emoji's into subhuman versions of themselves, but the main emoji is immune to em as he is an abberation and thus not following the main program the virus's corrput, so he teams up with the bimbo smiling emoji and they gotta collect the pieces of the anti virus bot to stop the virus, also its a 128 bit mini gamer collection on sega dreamcast, gamecube, xbox and ps2 where ytouy play as the main emnoji, the biombo or 2 virus's and face off to get the partsd of the anti virus bot that can be used to wipe out the emiji's or the virus.