Thursday, September 28, 2017

Riot On Sunset Strip Review

note; I maY Spell like it but I don't do drugs
riot on sunset strip
this is my review of riot on sunset strip
I never even heard of this film until seeing an add for it on TCM
so now I'm reviewing it on TCM
best channel on tv
few others have silent films and bad 70s black guy movies
they had riki-oh a few times
so after logo's for orion and American international, we get a city in da 60s
the cops are enacting a curfew of druggie teens
a narrator sez its California and the youth are being a problem
in the 50s teens were wholesome
now they're junkies and purvurts
at least they aint violent commies like the 2010s teens who beat people up for not siding with em
then we get opening credits of hippie teens singing in some beatles wannabe band
narrator sez the story starts in a normal high school
some teens get together and theres a new girl in there
the teens go to the sunset strip to party at a club called Pandora's box
the item filled with all the worlds evil?
sounds like a nice name for a club
what next? dante's inferno?\
narrator sez da teens have bad clothes and hair
wait til the 80s
afro mohawks
and leather
so teens dancing are at this club and some band plays 60s music
the main teens are at a table and blonde guy puts either drugs or booze in his drink
the manager takes the drinks and they call him a Nazi
f==kin teens
its always nazies to em
later some teens ge arrested for breaking into a place and smoking chronic
and they think they're victims
at the station a mother tries to get her 5kank daughters arrested
wtf happened to these teens?!
in the 00s I went to a catholic high school and didn't know anyone who b0ned or did drugs (1 guy later said he did)
later I went to a slummy school and it was like a prison
so this high rank cop s interviewed and they wanna crack down on teens
he explains peaceful and unlawful assembly
also his daughter might be the new girl
later some malcontents I mean "protesters" walk down the street with vague signs
these dumba55 teens never know what they want
my left wing, pro commie, pro gay, pro animal rights, pro drugs, pro pedo, pro choice, pro gun control, pro assisted suicide, yet oddly pro mus lim, friend sent me a link to the occupy movement
I didn't even know what, if anything, they were hoping to achieve
good thing those losers fizzled out
at the club theres a fight and the cops arrest the main teens
when they drink the teens they find the flask
at the station the new girl stalls to give her number
a pink outfit lady picks her up after she called her
I think she's using a fake name
the blonde teens dad dumps all over the cops over not going after "real" criminals
new girl walks home and her mom b--ches at her
high rank cop talks with his man and his man's woman over arresting parents over kids crimes
high rank cop is divorced and he hasn't seen his woman or daughter in years
the cops wife (in a pink outfit b4) sez he saw his daughter (new girl) who was arrested at the box
and her dad is the last guy she'd go to for help
the next day the teens are chatting and say getting busted for cew is like the measles (you cant get it 2x)
new girl leaves em cuz her mom is hard on her]
also shes a drunk
kids think its worse than chronic
both are dangerous
later responsible business owners are p-ssed at people who open slummy places for teens to hang out
manager who took the drinks sez it gives teens something to do instead of staying at home watchin tv
I never went out to partys as a teen
high rank cop sez they could use riot guns and grenades but they're just kids, not dangerous anarchists
nowadays they're both
some civilized speaking teens try to use diplomacy to legally extend the curfew from 10 to 12 on Friday/Saturday
ones a collage student
later new girl gets home and her moms drunk and trys to get sympathy from the daughter
they otta snap her arms/legs to keep her from going out and getting booze
and give her coffee enema's to get her body something else to be into
new girl hears on the radio something and calls the main teens to bring her to the strip
at the club these other beatles wannabes sing some song without emotion
I think theyre on drugs
if my kid did drugs, i'd beat them outta him
then enema him til he was clean
at the club the teens arrive and meet herbie, a rich a55 movie star's kid
I think hes a purvurt
we dancing 1 guy slugs another guy and the manager breaks up a fight
after another band plays, the main teens go off to do drugs
new girl seems hesitant but the dark haired teen brings her along
high rank cop and his main man talk about how the responsible business owners want the malcontent teens out of their area
sounds right
the main teens and their new homies go to some high class house and put on 60s music
herbie and his droogs takes acid drugs
he takes new girls coat and offers her drugs
just say no!
she does
btw I don't think herbie took the acid drugs yet
if my kid did drugs, i'd sell him to the monkey house and let the monkeys b0ne him!
herbie gets a drink and puts drugs in it
he tells new girl its a diet drink and se has some
1st, diet drinks are worse for you
2nd; well, that's the end of her!!\
new girl starts getting undressed
hope she don't eat anyone
this homie in California or w/e took bath salts, got nude, and ate a homeless guys face
the cops told him to get away and he just snarled at em
good thing these wernt brittish cops, cuz they had guns and took that monster out!
the homeless guy survived, but his eyes were eaten
and they say drugs ae a victimless crime
so new girl acts weird for a bit all spacey like the chick from the opening of the cabinet of dr caligari
man theres a lot of long scenes of just people moving to music in this film
she starts wiggling around and moving weird
its also in slo mo
herbie gets her upstairs
I think he's gonna b0ne her
oop, hes getting nude
she ez no but the drugs make her make out with him
then he b0nes her
good thing this isn't the 80s
or she might get the aids
after his b0ning, he lets his homies take turns
i'm surprised they didn't all have a group b0ning thing
the cops respond to a neighbor complaining of their loud drug party
high rank cop and his main man go to keep things kosher
as if the kids are high or wild enough someone could get it
at the scene, high rank cop sez to go easy on those teens cuz they're young
one teen spots the cops and they go out the back
the cops chase em
dark haired girl crawls out the window, high as a kite, and the cops carry her away laughing
high rank cop goes in and his main man comes downstairs grim
high rank cop goes up and finds his only daughter in bed, nude and on drugs
she cackles and tells her dad she was b0ned by 5 boys (5D's)(5TD's)
she blames him for his not having seen her in years
b--ch! you could've visited him anytime!
main man cop tells dark hair teen girl new girls dads a cop and she laughs
herbie comes come and the cops arrest him for raepe(as new girl was 17 and that's somehow the same as being 6)
high rank cop is bummed but his main man sez its the moms fault(it is)
high rank guy goes out to the hospital to see new girl and main his man and interviewer follow
the teens who b0ned her are in the hospital saying "what makes dat chick better than the rest of em?"'
high rank cop wails on em
he sez he couldn't help it after they drugged and b0ned his daughter
and interviewer is gonna tell everyone cuz "its news"
what is this? cnn??
high rank cop sez "what if i'd been carrying my gun?"
me; we'd have 3 less problems in our city!
make that 4! (the 3 punks, and the interviewer!!)
high rank cop sees his daughter and she goes mental at him thinking he don't care
then his main man comes by saying the sunset strip is gonna go nuts
they heard what happened at either the hospital or drug house and theres gonna be a riot
she goes mental on him for not caring and high rank cop goes
interviewer reports the "assault" of the raepists and names the high rank cop as being the once enemy of violence and once friend to teens
good to know the media and malcontent teens side with raepists
the teens have a protest and think writing rhyming signs is funny
this is why I don't do drugs
high rank cop goes by the protest and tells the cops not to be hard of those little c-cksuckers
I say they just open fire on the malcontents
btw this whole "bad guy gets "wronged" by cop and protests break out in his honor" is how the London riots started
when high rank cop gets to the station new girl is there and sane
she wants to go back to living with her dad
the riots have cooled off and the teens are gonna go somewhere else
narrator (who hasn't done anything since this film started) sez in a few years (from 1967) half earths population will be under 25
me; no wonder the 60s were so f'd up! the human brain don't finish developing until 25!
narrator; where will they go?
me; straight to h-ll!!
the end
that was good
I like how the cop was the good guy and the teens were mostly the bad guys
good color and feel
i'm not big on hippies but diss film reminds me of Austin powers 2
dat 60s
for riot o sunset strip 2 i'd like for the malcontent teens to have a violent uprising and take over California. the responsible people leave and the teens spend all their time b0ning and doing drugs and don't work or clean up. without anyone doing anything, the trash piles up and no dr's or cops let disease and killing to break out unchecked. soon California has become a 3rd world wasteland with lusty cannibal teens roaming for food and butts. once they start wandering into Arizona the Arizonans defend themselves and open fire on those animals. this causes all of California to rise up and attack Arizona. Arizona sends a tough bada55 and his female bodybuilder gf to California to set a nuke that will sink California into the ocean. its also a beat em up with one player as the bada55 and the other as his bodybuilder gf and they fight their way through druggie cannibal teens and several have fused with demons from the drug use corrupting then(they are the bosses)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

From The Earth To The Moon Review

warning; my typing is as scientifically accurate as this movie
from the earth to the moon
this is my review of from the earth to the moon(50s ver)
its based on the jules verne book
my dad read me the classics illustrated comic in the late 90s
after the credits are done by looking through a book of em, we get narration saying its in 1868 near new York(new Sodom)
I like 1800s  stories and movies based on books
2 guys meet and go somewhere
one is victor(i'll call him vic after Michael vick)
later at a dinner theres more people and they are there to see something
btw this is in color and fullscreen
no black bars sodomizing the screen
the people are from a guns club
vic sez he has the secrets of the universe
one guy thinks hes into black arts
aka Yugioh
vic sez they made a lotta cash off the war but w/o it they need a new source
and he has a plan to get em new weapon orders
he has a thing called power X that can fire something across countries
thus every gov would want one
and power x is so strong it can destroy the world
is this synchro summoning?
it f'd the planet in Yugioh 5ds
vic wants to use the stuff on da moon
as in shoot at da moon and the burst would be seen from earth
didn't this happen in sonic adventure 2 (battle)?
is power X the chaos emeralds??
vic is pumping his whole fortune into this cr-p
one guy sez vics like Columbus in 1492
elsewhere, George sanders is working on something for general Robert E Lee
a guy asks sanders not to have a duel with vic
oh and sanders is a hero to the south
he and vic have a yugi/kaiba or Goku/vegeta or coke/pepsi thing going
sanders made the hardest metal ever but it couldn't survive vic's blast
the unstoppable force vs the immovable object
the vic stops the duel and sanders (his name in Nicholl) prays to The Lord for help
then we get Nicholl going on a tirade against vic about vic being the bad guy with his power x that can nuke a city
Nicholl made a suit of super armor harder than anything b4 it
this is like sega vs Nintendo
each trying to one up the other
vic accepts
they set up the duel
but instead of Yugioh cards they see if this piece of super metal (cho-tetsu) can withstand power x
is power x antimatter??
it can wipe out a city so... maybe??
btw if it can take out a city then why are they in the area?
get miles away and remote that sucker!
vic sez to get to the bunkers but Nicholl sez its gonna be ok
they fire
son of a b--ch!!
it took off the whole hill!
Nicholl is horrified by its destructive power
later vic has 7 plants making this stuff
well... there goes the planet
it had a good run
btw this may be historical to us in this future century
but jules verne made it for the present
his present
like power rangers being 90s
vic makes a cup of power x and it can take out manhattan
maybe working with something that strong isn't meant for man?
later vic is at some reveal thing and a major gives him a letter
we don't see it but he goes to see the president
I think its Ulysses S Grant
maybe grant sez the non American countries are worried vic's experiments might go wrong and nuke em
vic sez its gay to stop progress cuz it might be used for war
and it might make earth a paradise
didn't that happen in Urotsukidoji?
maybe grant sez to not have a charge in the cannonball (which defeats the purpose of doing it as they cant tell if it hits or not)
and 22 countries say its considering America doing this an act of war
typical big guv stopping hard working citizens from achieving their full potential
also grant was a yankee so that makes sense
he stops his work and everyone thinks hes a fraud cuz he didn't fulfill his thing
theres an angry mob after vic
at the gun club a guy tries to get da truth outta him
they offer vic 4 million + royalties for power x
he declines and sez no one will ever get it
better take a drill to your brain like in Pi
or go out with all remaining notes and product like in Godzilla 0001
later he works on stuff after the gun club turned on him
he brings a piece of Nicholls armor thing that was fused by the test to Nicholl
the Nicholl super metal (glass and metal) can be used to survive firing and friction to let him go to the moon
Nicholl plans to go to the moon with him and nicholls curvy blonde daughter thinks they're nuts
they make a giant gun and bullet to shoot themselves to the moon\
how American
also nicholls daughter is into some guy
shes worried about them incase firing themselves in a giant gun might go wrong
oh and her bf is going too
his name is ben(like ben Cameron from birth of a nation)\
the into the bullet and into gas chambers which slow their heart to 5 beats per minute to reduce shock and help them survive
also the gas chamber tubes spin
holy cr-p that's spinning like a beyblade fast
after a long countdown the chemical x asplodes and the bullet fires off
once far enough into orbit they come out
wait, how would spinning em fast make em slow beat?\
the walk around despite being in space and look out the astrodome to see da moon and stars painted on the background
they have booze and Nicholl is kinda grim
the gyroscope goes f'd and they have gravity issues
this could be used for training in higher gravity to gain strength
its revealed Nicholl sabotaged things to make people fear vic's power x
then these a gas leak
they find the blonde chick in a space suit
shouldn't the launch have iced her?
if not, what was with the spinny thing??\
shes ok and sez she came cuz she worried him and ben wouldn't come back
shes got esp
turns oit the bullet is boosted by rockets that fire in order
Nicholl took out a metal thing and it f'd it all up
they gon aspolode
he did it to save the world
vic gets on a power suit and connects 2 hooks on tubes with sparks
but Nicholl screws it up
blonde sez he decided to nuke the bullet cuz he was jealous  of vic
he attempts to justify himself saying its for the best
she tells vic sorry for her dad and he meant well
hey man, sorry my dad tried to waste ja. he didn't mean it. we cool? homie?
she sez if they gon bite it, at least they bite it cool by getting nuked in space
vic sez if theres anther space flight it should have a chick on it for bravery
spoiler; that don't happen on the alleged moon landing!
they land on te moon I think
they wait to blow apart and vic and Nicholl leave the blonde to b0ne ben
after b0ning, they talk for a bit
nicholl sez vic only wanted to use power x to get rich
and sell it to all countries
but then the next war would wipe out da urth
vic sez with everyone having power x there would be no next war
and countless lives would b saved
and now they all gon bite it and its nicholls fault
they notice the earth and moon are in different places
turns out they only hit an asteroid
the reactor goes mental and electricity beams burn the walls
Nicholl saves vic by shutting off the reactor
thechange their speed and are heading for da moon fast
the Nicholl knocks out the ben and puts the blonde and the ben in a part of the rocket to return to earth
vic smokes a cigar on a space ship(like captain gloval and his pipe on Robotech)
the reactor goes and the rocket hits the moon and the burst brightens the sky
cool moon shots of going over the surface
the news gets word of it and plan to say it was all faked and vic is alive somewhere
blonde and ben survive as the rocket part they are on came off
vic sets off flares on the moon to show hes still alive and made it
but its on the other side of the moon and its meant to show blonde and ben they live
what if blonde and ben were asleep?
at earth gun club guys disagree if vic made it or faked it
they ask one guy who sez he deals in imagination
hes jules verne
what a twist
the end
that was good
I mean after Robotech we got higher tech sci fi
but this was a good period piece about retro sci fi
good story and acting
I recalled some stuff from the book almost 20 years ago
put this on the history channel
its actually good
for from the earth to the moon 2 i'd like it to be about vic and Nicholl on the dark side of the moon and finding space demons living there. they use their wits and science to evade them while waiting for ben and the blonde to make another ship to rescue em. turns out, they had a space ship built b4 incase the 1st one got f'd. no. it was the prototype ship and its not known to be fully working. also the space demons on the moon want to use vic's power x to wipe out da urth. then in from the earth to the moon 3 I want the space demons to have remade power x from the remains of the space ship and are sending troops with power x blasters to wipe out da urth. but the countries have banded together to ake power x powered suits made of nicholls super metal and its an all out war between humans and moon demons. also several countries have betrayed earth to fight with the moon demons to gain power and status as the new rulers.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rattlers Review

note; my cousin has a pet snake. and shes a little girl!
this is my review on rattlers (1975)
after a cheesy title for the company, these kids go out to the canyon b4 dinner to check out a skeleton
are they necroqueers?
are they gonna b0ne it?
b0ne da bones!
they gotta get back b4 dinner
I notice the lighting changes a lot
sometimes its sun bright
other times not
they climb over a ledge but don't notice the rattlers in the area b4 they are inside
they fall and the snakes b0ne em dead
the end
for rattlers 2 I want the snakes to crawl up peoples a55es and control em
this snake specialist is given 200$ to check out snakes
one guy at the university he chats with sez he's gonna stick with birds cuz they don't attack
spoiler; Canada geese assault people
nuke Canada
those geese gotta go
birdman does experiments to stress out birds and finds they eat more under stress
our tax dollars at work
next they might find fat people have bigger butts
the janitor accidentally hits a snake cage and a cobra gets out
the cobra nears birdman and snake dr tells him to hold his a55 still
snake dr does snake kung fu to catch cobra and cage it
he should use his ki to control the snake
the sherrif brings in snake guy sez a geezer was covered in snake bites
then he shows them the kids
we don't see em but I think the snakes ate their eyes
btw this is LA
needs more rotting streets and purvoes
snake dr sez its not uncommon to find up to 100 snakes together
also snakes don't attack sleeping people
rattlers anyway
and horse hair rope wont keep em out
snake dr and sheriff go to where da kids got iced
they hear rattling and sheriff gets out his gun
he nearly caps snake guy
they find blood but no snakes
elsewhere on a farm a teen finds his dog dead
to quote a black guy
I got 1 less problem w/o u!
the dog was black btw
he goes in da barn and hears rattles
he thinks its dad and the rattler gets him
he drops a lantern and the barn goes up
the snakes get in da house and theyre everywhere!
mom freaks out
once when I was like 4 I was on my grandpas farm and caught a garter snake with my bare hands
I showed it to mom and she ran inside
be a man!
snake dr gets a call and sez he gets 10 days off for spring break later
that's 5 weekdays and 2 weekends
does he get Friday of too??
mom goes to the sheriff and he sez snake guy is in charge
oh I think shes teaming up with snake guy
I'm not sure its the mom though
just a chick cuz all movies need one now
snake guy don't want her but sheriff sez the feminazies are up their a55 over gender equality
in other words; hiring people over genetic traits instead of skill and character
they go to the hospital and she b--ches about how men have it easier
she criticizes him over being a man and he tells her a55 off
I prefer bimbos over feminists
they are happy, fun, attractive, and like men
the opposite of femninizts
they interview a guy about his getting bit
oh the guy was a plane guy
wait, glider
they go next to the place his glider went
later at a hotel a female has a repairman fix her water heater
if this were a p0rn0 she'd try to seduce him
repairman goes under the house to fix it and the snakes get his fata55
she makes a bath with oven heated water and gets in
we don't see her t-ts
the snake that iced repairman goes up a pipe and in he tub
she freaks out and bites it
the next day I think, the chick tells her backstory of being the 1st of 7 kids
her mom worked but it was rough on her
she don't wanna give up her career but wants a family
when my mom started working I hated it
I had to eat lunch at school with those c-cksuckers in my class instead of going home for a home cooked meal
and less walking home and back made me fatten up
snake guy uses locations of other attacks to find a fort is near all the attacks
they go there and go up to meet colonel stroud
wasn't that Jamie lee Curtis's chick name in Halloween 01 and 02?
colonel sez he lost men to snakebite
why wasn't there a snake themed 90s show?
we had street sharks, ninja turtles, battle toads, extreme dinosaurs, cyboars, biker mice from mars
h-ll the troll dolls had a tmnt thing called stone protectors
but no snakes??
that's racist!
turns out the army guy who bit it had a girl and went out to meet her
snake guy asks col stroud for a chopper and he consents
the chick stays behind with the army dr to get info
also army dr is straight and likes the chick
then she goes out to look for cr-p
snake guy in chopper goes to look at sites with a pilot
pilot sez a month ago he had a mission to bury a container in a mineshaft and under concrete
the chick is taking pix and hears rattles so she books it
as she drives he hears rattles and pulls over and gets out
an army guy helps her but finds nothing
sake guy goes to see col stroud but hes busy for several hours
if this were the 0s he'd have a Gameboy
but he gets let in anyway
he confronts col stroud over whats in the mineshaft but styroud don't say
btw stroud sounds like a texas
snake guy goes and tells chick of it
she jokes about b0ning the army dr
also army dr is into biomed
she took pix of forbidden buildings and can develop em at night
remember film?
col stroud asks pilot about the trip he took with snake guy and tells him to keep it on the downlow or he'd bust his rank and a55
at night shes doing film and she sez she sensed something evil after her
also at night 2 army guys drink and drive a jeep on patrol
a tire blows and they think a snake did it
then a snake gets 1
he opens fire as the other guy b00ks it
then an army guy wakes up snaske guy at 4 am to check out the snake victims
both of em got it btw
they check the bodies but we don't see em
I assume they turned inside out
they go to the site of the incident and find tracks of many snakes
the only time they in groups is to defend a next
they find a thing to a mineshaft and go in
they find some snakes and try to get away
they get out and go to a fancy place for a date
wait it might be a dream
also I think they b0ned
I should be paying attention
instead of looking up tommy wiseau
they wake up in the tent and its surrounded by snakes
the snakes get in and they kick and nail em with a stick
then an army guy guns em
col stroud wants to see em
col stroud is burning papers and army dr confronts him
the thing they buried was a chemical meant for war or something
also some containers went to the ocean and army dr sez when it rusts through its gonna f the sharks and orca
also army dr was drunk and caused someone to bite it and col stroud used this to keep him under control
but hes had enuff
army dr locks them in so col stroud caps him
when snake guy arrives a general sez co stroud ran out with contaners
the chemical was meant to be nerve gas to make the enemy ice eachother and the good guys can come in and take over
col stroud was in charge of it but after it ended he was sent to LA to be with it
col stroud is fighting da army with grenades and guns
but he gets blown apart in a fire blast when his grenade goes off or something
later snake guy and the chick are returning and apparently she was bit but is ok now
I think they're a couple now
they drive away and the camera shows the mineshaft and rattling happens
the end
that was good
nice 70s horror movie
low budget but they did the best with it
I like how the feminist turned non-malcontent and the army was good except 1 malcontent
for rattlers 2 I want it to be where the ocean gets infected with the poison and it turns giant 100 foot long squid nuts and they go around eating whales. its from the squids p o v and its an underwater slasher with huge squid hunting whales like serial killers do teenagers in 80s films. also its a 16 bit sega genesis/snes/gba game where you play as squid and you hunt huge a55 whales in various places and work your way up to bigger badder whales until you fight the bloop (a whale the size of the Eiffel tower that made a sound heard once in the south sea) 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Nanny Review

note; this isn't the 90s show about that jewish chick
the nanny
this is my review on the nanny (1965)
it stars bette davis who was the rotted hag in whatever happened to baby jane
ooh its by hammer studios(the Christopher lee Dracula guys)
it starts with kids at a 60s playground
its widescreen
gag me with a spoon
bette davis walks through the park(its black and white btw(that's racist)) and carrys some box
she goesw to some home and a couple is disgruntled
the moms crying and dad trys to help her
man bette davus is a rotted hag
she looks like a bad crossdresser
the couple are brits
gag me with a spoon
the dad yells at the mom cuz brits aint manly enough to smack em
she tells bette shes afraid her boy was away from her too long and wont like her
as da boy is returning home after a thing
mom don't feel up to going somewhere so bette davis goes
mom has viet nam flashbacks of her daughter
the head of the school sez to dad that you gotta be able to tell the difference between kids healthy and mental phantasies
he also sez the boy joey (joyey jeremiah from degrassi jr high) isn't normal
the cleaner walks into joeys room and hes hung himself
she freaks out but he was faking it by having another rope around his torso
oh dat crazy kid
headmaster hears of it and sez joey hates old ladies
his dad takes him home and he refuses to sit with bette davis
she might rot on him
on the ride home joey sez he hated the cleaner cuz shes like bette davis
but davis tries to play nice with him
at home joey is given a room but he wants the small room and moves his cr-p over
my wisconsion friend would like the mom
he likes not ugly brit chicks
spoiler; there aint many!!
joey wants to do things on his own but mom wants bette davis to do it for him
ur candying his a55!
dad acts like joey is normal
his dads kind of a d-ck
no emotion
brits never evolved that
or souls
evolution is fake!
dad talks to joey as joey makes a noose
joey wants to be independent but dad sez bette davis was his joies moms  and aunts nanny
he looks outside and theres a stairway on the building side
I think I saw this b4
or to quote Zelda
strange, it seems somewhat, familiar
later mom and joey talk with a chick and she sez shes got health cr-p
I think its the aunt
they reveal after grandma bit it and an accident, nanny stayed with em
is aunt is scared she might bite it
joey asks if bette davis has the same condition
this kid sounds like a serial killer
at dinner btte davis (nanny) made dinner but jorey don't eat it
dad sends him to bed w/o dinner
mom has emotions and dad sez stop
whart a d-ck
later joey sez theres no key in the bathroom door and he wants a bath
just turn the thing in da knob ja dink!
mom isn't feeling good but joey sez if its not fixed he wont have a bath
then don't have a bath ya c-cksucker!
 don't need one every week!
joey makes nanny swear she wont do anything
is this a child mo les ter movie?
is bette davis gonna b0ne him??
as nanny brushes moms hair they talk and nanny sez it gon be ok
joey locks himself in his room
what if theres a fire?!
later joey sees a girl on the fire escape and they talk
they bet faegs over if she has a b4
at 1st I thought it was currency but then I remembered its smokes
they talk and he reveals his sister bit it and hey blamed him
he goes in to get smokes and dad sez hes going out
joey eats dads breakfast and nanny sez she made it
joey sez he knows she wont poison the dad
I just wanna say that in all these movies its never the one who looks crazy being the bad guy
its always the one he suspects that's the rea bad guy
joey and girl drop a flower pot on a milkman and he tries to beat joey's a55
but nanny tells milkman off and saves joey
joey goes to girls apartment and sez he'd have ratted her out if it would help him
they talk about the nanny and he sez he can prove shes scare-able
he puts a doll in the bath and leaves the water running
when nanny sees it she has an episode
mom gets slightly mad at him cuz brits are wieners but he talks his way outta it
nanny makes steak and kidney pies and puts a J on one of em
hamburger is better
if you have to cut it up its not worth eating
gag me with a spoon
at dinner they eat pie but he wont eat it
nanny sez he was in the kitchen but when joey calls her a liar mom flips out and sends him to his room
punished for saying something true about someone?
what is this?!
well, it IS England
might as well be Sodom
nanny feeds mom pie and she gets food poisoning
she put aids in the pie!
you ever hear of an AIDS burger?
its with an aids carrier takes a needle and injects his aids blood into a burger and cooks it.
then he serves it to you, you eat it, and get the AIDS
dr asks joey if he put anything in her pie and nanny finds poison in joeys room
joey sez if hes left alone with nanny he'd run away
so they get the aunt to come by
so what if he runs away?
let him!
learn him some manners!
he might get b0ned by some homie!
aunt takes sleeping pills but joey tries to talk her outta it
kinda defats the purpose of having her come over
oh yeah, they took mom to get her tummy pumped
imagine if they hooked a hose to her a55 and pumped her pipes full of butter
joey plays checkers with aunt
joey makes nanny swear not to come in
you know, cuz killers have honor
brit logic; law breakers obey the law
its why they have unarmed cops
in America everyone has guns
in Canada the cops and crooks have guns
in England only crooks have guns
so something scares aunt (I think a dream) and she freaks out
but nanny saves her
it wasn't a dream
joey was wet and said nanny tried to hold him under the bath water
so she slaps him
joey goes to chat with the girl
joey reveals years ago how nanny went out when not supposed to and his sister saw him playing with a knife and said he'd out him
joey told her to play with dolls and she did... in the bath tub
doll falls in, she goes in and hits the thing
nanny comes back and comes in to the bath tub
joey sez she iced the sister
nanny sez joey did it
they believed the nanny
joey and girl talk about frying nanny with x rays as they have an x ray thing
joey reveals after sister bit it, nanny bathed her like she was alive
and joey didn't trust her after dat
so they sent him to the school
dr returns and finds joey in his place so he sends him back to nanny(hes the girls daddio)
joey sets up cr-p in his room
later aunt wakes up and finds nanny by joeies door with a pillow
aunt realizes nanny was gonna suffocate joey
and she poisoned the mom
nanny denies it and when aunt gets too stressed she bites it
it takes a while though
and nanny keeps her from her smelling salts
nanny dabs her face with a moist cloth and reveals she took a taxi to some place the day the sister bit it
she went to see this chick who was biting it
oh its her kid
and the daughter was preggers
with an illegitimate kid!
and she had it killed and her body as damaged by it
this gets worse and worse each thing they add
what next? she ate her kid?!
if its not considered human life then its not cannibalism to eat
as many chicks eat their placenta
so this shock snapped her and when she got home she turned on the bath w/o checking it
she thought sister was alive but really she bit it b4 nanny got back to the tub
after hearing that awful story the aunt finally bites it
nanny comes after joey but his ropes he rigged up alert him of her coming
he runs but slips and knocks out
nanny carrys him to the tub and throws him in
as she holds him under she snaps and saves him
she goes and collects the pictures of the family
then joey reunites with his mom and they somehow know everything
the end
that was pretty good
it keeps you guessing a bit on who the bad guy is
it uses good editing and the b/w art style is a nice touch
plus its not gory
but England rated it X cuz they s-ck
for the nanny 2 i'd like for her to be on trial and its a court case about her mentalness. she goes in and out of her mentalness and she sees crazy things and alternate things to reality. turns out, her mind was shocked by her dasughters awfulness and it weakened her barriers between her and reality and she became unhinged in a Schrodinger's cat thing where she can see the other world where things are ok. during the trial she weakens reality and various abominations from other realities come in and start wasting the courtroom and she becomes a walking dimension distortion.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Charge Of The Light Brigade Review

note; I play Yugioh but this isn't that card
charge of the light brigade
this is my review on charge of the light brigade(1936)
its got erol Flynn and Olivia de haviland
ooh Michael curtiz did this
it starts with a dedication to the officers who fought in 1856
then says this guy who wrote the poem was important
ooh Donald crisp is in this
then it sez its based on actual events but some parts are made up
then more text saying something about brittish lancers
not the brits!
they're the bad guys!!
errol Flynn leads men on a mission
a horse busts a leg and they ice it
nowadays they'd make it look bad for it
one guy nearly shoots a bird but errol Flynn sez its property of the ruler of the area
the highest rank men meet the ruler
he remembers errol Flynn
btw one guy is called Charles Barclay(not barkley)
so the ruler's dad got payment from brittish taxpayers
but now hes in charge and they need a new deal
one guy sez a falcon once busted a lambs back
get the myth busters
later they go on a leopard hunt and ride elephants
nowadays some animal supremacists would b--ch about it
animal rights?!
what next?!
plant rights?!
Donald crisp(I think) takes a shot but missed. so the ruler caps the leopard
an elephant he's riding goes nuts and drags the ruler
another leopard nearly gets him but errol Flynn saves him by capping the cat
hes thankful
later its 1854 in Calcutta
Olivia de vaviland talks to errol flynns characters brother
there a love triangle between them
after like 40 secs of talking she leaves
then some high rank guys talk about a mission
errol Flynn is sent on a mission to deliver horses to the black sea
that's racist
errol lfynn reunites with his bro
the high rank brits talk about how the ruler is doing stuff the czar is doing
then theres an 1800s party like in all these 30s-40s films
erroland Olivia dance and chat
they switches partners with bro and sez she hasn't gotta chance to tell  errol
the ruler arrives and hes got a Russian count with him
I like how these guys have those frilly shoulder things like Michael Jackson or zeches merquise did
olivoia and bro wanna tell errol about their love
but her dad comes in and tells him to gtfo fro being with his brothers fiancée
her dad is a colonel and threatens to misuse his army powers to make bro suffer
ad tries to get Olivia to go back to errol
but shes totally gay for his bro
she dances with errol and hes gay for her
later bro tells him hes and Olivia are in love
errol gets p-ssed at him
bro sez the f with the army and errol
later errol sez bye to Olivia
he sez bro loves her but hes still into her
then he travels by horse's a55 to Calcutta
they mention turkey wars with Russia and the English and French (being the bad guys) side with turkey
we done shots of them leading horses around the wasteland
then wasteland warriors attack and the take cover and fight back
errol has a plan to drag a thing by horses to raise dust to look like reinforcements are coming
also he knifes a guy and takes his clothes/scalp and wears em for some reason
the wasteland warriors book it and Flynn riding in warrior clothes gets shot at by his own guys
but it missed
after his mission he passes by his bro
both get sent on the same mission somewhere
errol don't believe Olivia loves bro
he arrives back at or from Calcutta and tells of being attacked
the higher rank guy sez there were orders not to fire on anyone
wtf England!?
an army not meant to fight?!
that's as dumb as unarmed cops!
errol Flynn teaches a kid a weird salute
he finds Olivia has returned home b4 he arrived
some people talk about which bro she loves with her'
bro comes by and talks with her about how she really loves him
shes gonna tell errol soon
they smooch and it fades to the next scene
did they b0ne?
later Charles barklay sez the ruler is preparing for an attack
errol sez to attack 1st as the ruler knows about England gonna war with Russia
I prefer the czar over the queen
although I'm polish and both countries hate my kind
but back then Russia was good
later they get orders to do maneuvers
I don't know what that means
errol sez his area is undefended with the guys on maneuvers
but they have orders and that's more important than common sense or logic or reason
they di maneuvers to "put up a display of force"
I've played nobunaga's ambition and find sending all your troops isn't good unless ur desperate or super confident
errol Flynn chats with Olivia about gayle olde englande
she almost tells him her thing but right that moment, an attack happens
we get a good shot of distance and men scrambling
oh and of the attacking force ridin in with many horses but dust behind em to show theres more than we see
like d w Griffith in birth of a nation
they battle and are overwhelmed
so they fall back to the barracks and pick e off as they climb the wall
looks like they're f'd
oh f theres women and children in there
they're gonna get f;d dead
they have plenty of bullets but little water
and its warm
well, it IS a wasteland
they need help from the forces sent out
at night the moon hides behind clouds
1 guy gives errol an item
errol goes out and hides on the ground between cloud moon shots
why don't they have a secret escape in it?
like a hidden tunnel or back way out?
he sneaks out but gets capped and falls in water
the next day the enemy troops are gone
but someone comes by
its guys from the ruler
they want a truce and errol
wait wtf
I thought errol bit it
oh it was Randel who bit it
ruler wants to spare errol cuz errol saved him
they chat and he wants em to surrender
erol don't consent and goes to tell his commander
commander surrenders (what is he? french?!)
man theres a lot of phallllic pillars holding up the walls
and they look circimcized!
real d-cks have skin
like real faces have noses
the brit forces put the injured ad women ad children on boats
but the rulers forces go j fk and sniper em
errol tries to save olvia
then the ruler takes over the base
errol and Olivia need to get reinforcements to save the women and children the ruler is b0ning
btw the ruler is called the khan
like Genghis khan?
he b0ned more chicks than anyone!
makes errol Flynn look like bill gates!
they get back to another base and get reinforcements
at the taken over base it looks empty
so they go in
they find everyone iced
in the real version they were probably chopped up and b0ned
so text sez that England went to war with Russia (who would totally kick englands candy a55 irl)
Olivia hears bro I think ids headed to battle
she talks a bit but I wasnt paying attention as I was reading about Phineas Gage
later some high rank guys talk about what to do
errol writes an order to send the light brigade to some place
he sez he wants his men to fight to avenge the base of the kids b0ned dead
but the higher rank guy sez no and for errol to deliver the letter to the light brigade
errol goes kinda spazzy and seems to snap
he recalls all the people b0ned dead
good acting btw
he changes the order but I can hardly rrad it in that squiggle rapper graffiti style hand writing
changing orders?
I'm surprised hes not drawn and quarted for that
the guy he letters to is glad to get the order and actually might be the guy who surrendered I think
errol has his bro sent off to hq to keep him outta the fight
btw errol survived the attack b4 by order of the ruler
errol gives a mel Gibson speech about avenging those who kill women and children
oh and ruler is working with the Russians
bro delivers the letter and the guy he gives it to sez the light brigade is fighting Russian artillery and are done for
so bro is sent to try to save em
the loight brigade crosses a valley and charge
the Russians blow em apart with cannons
and theres cannons surrounding em
but they keep going
huh, they really killed horses to make this
just like they really kill crabs to make sushi
the light brigade breaks through and figfhts the Russians
ruler caps errol flinn and errol Flynn spears ruler
then we get the brit flag waving and words saying to honor them
the guy who gave the real order is issues cuz for giving the order to fight
he rads the letter the bro gave and its errol confessing to faking orders
the order guy burns it to protect Flynn\
the end
that was pretty good
btw Donald crisp was olivias dad
I liked it
and I hear its popular in japan
plus I heard in the transforms the movie (1986(the GOOD one)) they wanted to kill off season 1 and 2 toys by a charge of the light brigade attack of them getting blown apart
what they did was good too
I liked this despite its brittishness
for charge of the light brigade 2 i'd like for the kahn guy to have survived but his stomach was removed and his esophagus was connected to his intestine so he has to eat a lot to get the nutrition. he turns to eating people and starts capturing people from other places and devouring em alive so he can get more nutrients. soon his cannibalism makes him the most feared man in the area and it starts an uprising for thre people joining him to avoid being eaten. they go around capturing more areas for him to eat people and soon England has to pull out cuz they cant stand seeing their men being eaten alive by him(he makes one captured guy watch and sends him back to tell).

Friday, September 15, 2017

Mary Of Scotland Review

note; I'm not Scottish, i'm Slovenian!
mary of Scotland
diss iz ma review on mary of Scotland (1936)
its got Kathrine Hepburn(who I'm not fond of) and Fredric March (from the 30s Jekyll and hyde)
its by john ford who is usually great
I've never seen this b4
I like historical films and rko so this looks like it might be good
ooh its got Donald crisp and john carridine
Donald crisp was general grant in birth of a nation
after long scrooling credits we get text saying in 1500s England some cool thing happened
the brits bow when the queen comes in
In America, all men are created equal
but 1 chick, the real successor of the throne, is coming over
and shes coming to Scotland
so the queen wants her men to get her on route to Scotland
also they wanna fake it being pirates so the queen wont be blamed
just like with daiana getting iced by the qween in da 90s
I usually say englands been the bad guys for 200 years
turns out, its been longer
so the real ruler arrives and thanks the Lord for letting her make it
I like her
the true ruiler's brother is told of her coming
apparently he rules Scotland
he tells his unelected lords who are the real power of scot land, to stfu
then he bows to the true ruler
btw his name is jimmy stewart
I call him jimmy now
they reminisce on their childhood
then meet the unelected lords
she sez its been 13 years since she left and will rule the best she can
the unelected lords wanna remove the foreigners but the italiano guy is her homie so he stays
but the unelected lords don't support her being catholic
and jimmy is working for another faith
she doesn't bend to their hating her faith
what is with this catholic hate? is this tumbler? cnn? yahoo??
her husband, the French king, bit it
so she can marry now
but they want her to marry some homie they choose
arranged marriage?! what is this? the 1500s?!
she tells em to get f'd
the unelected lords b--ch at eachother over who they side with
that was 20 mins btw
it flew by
later a buncha scots come by cheering about liking her and wanting to be free
but 1 malcontent hates her for being French
and having it easy in france
a quick wikipedia search sez hes john knox who hated catholics
that's racist
they drown him out with bagpiping
the true ruler takes time to listen to him and hear his side out w/o censoring his malcontent hate
and sez other regents might execute him for saying it but she wont
but he still hates her
its tumbler all over again
for the 1st time
the queen gets word of the true ruiler and is kind of a b--ch about it
she wants to declare war on Scotland and beat the true ruler despite all thre good people biting it that she don't care about
also I hear she may be illegitimate
a bast-rd
does that work for chix?
later this fruity guy tries to see the true ruler and flirts with 4 chicks
hes trying to turn straight
hes also been promised something in return for going somewhere
the queen sez if the true ruler marries some dink then the true ruler will be seen by the queen as the leader of England
if you eat this garbage, i'll let you keep your Yugioh card I stole from you
true ruler tells the queen to get f'd
later the true ruler is gonna marry someone but this guy who likes her tries to talk her outta it
I think its jimmy
she agrees to marry the fruity guy
after the offscreen wedding, fruity guy gets up the a55 over his being king
also hes drunk
some guys are plotting something
I'm not sure
I was reading a wikipedia article on rectal prolapse
later the scots come in to get her italiano homie
she wants him to get a fair trial
they just shank him and throw him out the building
I think the fruity guy did it\
the scots force her to sign a full pardon for their assassination
she sez no and she gets word someone she likes is coming
she signs it b4 they waste him too
fruity guy sez he only did it cuz he wanted her back
oh I forgot to mention she wouldn't b0ne fruity guy
if u don't b0ne him hes gonna turn
she wants to escape with him
later she b0ned the fruity guy offscreen and had a son
while the queen has no womb and the scots and unelected lords se had wack the italiano ae banished
uncle jimmy gives the new boy a claymore from his and his sisters dad
fruity guy returns and his son freaks out
he can sense the fruity guys black ki
fruity guy is going mental over the true ruler not liking him
maybe if you didn't wack her homie she would
also maybe stop being so fruity
oh I think they're living out of a secret base
later fruity guy wakes up and sees gunpowder sparking along da floor
the whole place goes up
john knox gives a sermon about hating the guy getting blown apart
I think her son bit it in the burst
later trure ruler and Fredric March (who I think I mixed up with jimmy)have a romantic moment
they see a shooting star(dragon in attack mode)
they go on about their back stories
she marrys Fredric March and jimmy (I think) snaps a sword on his leg(not possible)
oh and theres uprisings in scot land
but the malcontents are 5x as many as the true rulers forces
strategy can make up for that
oh, Fredric March is the guy she liked who she signed the pardon to save
Fredric March agrees to leave if she gets to keep her rule
just like with yuria and Kenshiro In fist of the north star
oh and jimmy leading the uprising
later the jimmy orders the true ruler to sign the cr-p he sez and to make him high rank
she sez no and is imprisoned
meanwhile, Fredric March wants to fund a freedom force to beat back the malcontents
go to Portugal
they're good catholics
the jimmy makes himself regent as true rulers son (who I thought bit it) is new king
true ruler asks for help from brit queen
if the scots rebel now, the brits might later
brit queen sends her a ring but plans to do nothing
she also hates rebellion
good thing for America
btw queen Elizabeth 1 reminds me of freeza from dbz
later true ruler (its mary btw) is taken to England but is taken prisoner
oh and Fredric March is imprisoned in Denmark
and he bites it
true ruler is put on trial for trying to take the English throne
she cant even face her accuser as the queen is there symbolically(her items on a chair)
they have fake evidence against her
but she has hope for Fredric March to save her
they have a chained Scotsman tell her Fredric March bit it
she gives up and lets them execute her
after praying, she sees the queen in her room
queen feared true ruler was gonna take the kingdom she didn't own
true ruler sez the queen isn't even a woman
is she a hermaphrodite?
its la blue girl all over again
queen b--ches about her cr-ppy issues like it excuses her ruining the true ruler
queen sez if true ruler renounces her rule then she an live
true ruler tells the queen to get f'd and her son will rule England
after praying one more time she gets executed by the brits
b4 she gets it, the camera pans up and thunder sparks
the end
that was good
john ford does it again
its over 2 hours and worth it
if you like films set in the Castlevania days, this is  good one
even Hepburn like likable in it
for mary of scotland 2 i'd like for her son to have been raised to be another dark ruler but an angel appears to him and cleanses his mind of brittish nobility and he returens to his true self of being a good scot. he uses his new wisdom to redirect funds and forces to his own gathering to plan for justice. eventually he wears a tomato based outfit and leads attacks on England in key points to weaken the queens control and regain jewels that keep the brits bound to her will. its also a 6 bit platform action game where you play the son and go through levels fighting brits loyal to the queen and beat the loyalty to her outta em with high tech gadgets from bible times and collect the jewels to stop the queen. also the queen has the black master jewel that gives her demon powers and lets her fight on par with tomato hero and have black magic attacks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Madam Bovary Review

note; is this French? I don't do French!
madam bovary
this is my review on madam bovary (40s version)
I think I saw it b4 a while ago
its about a strpper or something
I keep thinking of Yugioh season one with mai as madam butterfly or w/e in the virtual world
this stars Jennifer jones from duel in the sun
ooh, henry morgan from mash is in this
its by mgm s its probably gon be good
in 1857 a book is found to be offensive the censors want silenced
just like korea, chi na, Germany, ussr, Australia, new Zealand, Canada, cuba and England
the prosecuter wants it banned for the title hero being a bad influence
the author sez its deeper than just good or bad
like Urotsukidoji
also shes based on real people so it should be ok
then the author tells the story of the book
emma bovary b4 she met her husband and became mrs bovary lived on a farm with her dad
then mr bovary came
oh hes a dr
like dr light and dr wiley in mega man
emma (not the blonde malcontent from degrassi next gen) is nice to dr b and they get along
btw is in in france
oh dr is there to look at emmas dads leg
author talks about her hopes and dreams
sounds like sailor moon or wedding peach
also emma went to a convent to learn about cr-p
also this swiss seamstress sang love songs and let them have forbidden romance novels(p0rn0es??)
she dreamed of being a high status chick in love with a cool homie
kinda like those Disney movies
after the convent she went home
and that's where the story starts
later dr b gets a home in yonville and they give him a garden for his woman
but hes not married yet
so emmas dad is almost healed and dr b asks her to marry him
he lets her know hes not flashy or rich
but shes gay for him and they marry
at the wedding the frenchies are loud and obnoxious
oh and they get drunk and lusty
I think they're b0ning eachother a lot
me;if my kid drank, i'd sell him to a 5KANK!
sailor venus; well... i dont have much cash... but isnt there some... OTHER way i could pay for him????
they move in and this guy sez he kept the homies from having a reception for her
shes happy
oh and he sez the place they live is a dump
i'll call him proto after protoman from megaman 3 cuz I don't know his name
so emma don't like living in a dump
her expectations of a fancy like were too high
she tells dr b she wants to give the house a make over
she blows a lotta cash on expensive cr-p for her home
typical chick
shopping with her husbands cash
while her husband works hard for his money
later she has a get together with some homies and plays piano
he party ema goes mental for some reason
also she wants a son
and has issues about feeling enslaved
cut to her after pooping out the baby and its fully dry w/o any amniotic fluid(uterus  juice)
its a girl
she starts watching the hood and timing everyones daily actions
this is getting kinda serial killer
dr b is content living there in peace
but she wants more
like the little mermaid
I was just looking up her voice actress on Wikipedia
shes catholic
like me
emma notices theres a party coming
the marquis is coming
the marquis de sade?!
he was like the Castlevania version of the guy who wrote the human centipede
so the bovaries go to the party and dance
what about their kid?
did they eat it?
the guys play pool in the backroom
dr b isn't comfy with it to the dance
I assume they were b0ning in the real version
btw proto is really named leon and has been growing closer to emma
man this dance scene has been going on for a while
wtf they start breaking windows
dr b tries to dance with emma but she books it
at home leon/proto goes up to see emma and tries to b0ne her
but she runs away
leon/proto's mom comes by and sez leon/proto is going to paris
hes not coming back
is he getting put to sleep and this is cover?
so later theres a science thing at the village
people b--ch about a man holding emas arm
they go into a building and talk
in the real version they might be b0ning
she stops making out with him when dr b gives a speech about science
the only good science is creation science
later a scientist / pharmacist is whining about his dumba55 teen helper who brought a pan from the lab that might be filled with poison
emma comes by and talks with him
later emma wants her husband to do leg surgery on some guy but he knows its beyond him
so she gets whiny and acts like shes a victim
he goes to do the thing (harry morgan from m*a*s*h* is the patient) as the pharmacist eggs on harry saying it will make him better
after hearing harry say he wants to dance with the girls, dr b cant bring himself to do it as he knows he'd f it up
harry limp runs away and everyones p-ssed at dr b for not risking crippling a guy
later emma has been horse riding and returns home
I think she was out b0ning a guy\
dr b tries to talk to her but she goes upstairs
later shes chatting with the arm guy about wanting to spruce up his place
they kiss but I think its really b0ning
he sez hes gay for her and its revealed he had a lot of chicks b4 her
hes got mementoes of em but she makes him burn em
that doesn't undo the crotch diseases you might've got from b0ning all of em
emmas daughter doesn't like emma and freaks out when emma holds her
she can sense her moms purvursion
later her and arm guy wanna go to Italy
that's where napoleon is from
later she kisses her daughter bye and is gonna go to Italy with arm guy
but he goes w/o her
she goes home and finds the arm guy left a basket of fruit with a note
she runs upstairs and reads it finding he ditched her a55
she starts freaking out and nearly jumps out the window
but dr b saves her
dat 5kank went nuts!
he brings her to her room and tells her he still hasn't read it
then he burns it
hes a good man
he respects his 5kan wife
even if she cheeted on him with guys who had lotsa chix
if this were today she'd have da aids
so shes like a vegetable and months later is better
later they watch a play and reunite with leon/proto
she fights with him in a hotel room but they make up and b0ne
later dr b's dad bites it and some guy tries to use emma to get his cash\
also emma has burned through a lotta cash
dr b returns and she tries to get him to sign cr-p
proto/leon finds the estate isnt worth anything and swears one day he'd bring her to paris
later the guy who wanted his attourny powers comes by and reveals he sold her power of attourny and home dee or w/e to a guy
she insults him but he counters and beats her dead
he really tells her off and sez shes worse than him (spoiler; its true)
she takes it hard despite being all full of p-ss and vinegar when bashing him
if you cant take a punch, you shouldn't throw a punch
she to da guy who owns her cr-p and hes gonna tAKE IT and sell it to pay back debts
but he tries to b0ne her instead
unlike the other guys she b0ned, she don't wanna b0ne this one and runs
oh and he knows of her b0ning all those guys
she runs to proto/leon for 1500 franks but he reveals hes just a clerk
they public auction her place
she he goes to the italy guy but he turns her down
she kisses him but he pushes her off
he sez he dont got 1500 franks for her
she breaks into the pharmacist and steals some arsenic
she goes home takes it and dr b comforts her as she bites it
if only she was happy with what she had
instead of trying to grasp what was beyond her reach
oh and b0ning all those men
btw she still could've came back and risen up from not having cash
Donald trump recovered from several bankruptcies and became richer than ever
plus her husband and daughter needed her
what a b--ch
suicide didn't help anyone
the husband and daughter are where they'd be w/o her seppuku-ing
only w/o her
the priest gives her last rites and she bites it
the author sez truth is needed and even if the law tries to make the truth illegal it is still needed
sounds like words the liberals need as they deny truth like rappers do drugs
text sez the author was acquitted of all charges and a century later his book is a classic
the end
btw Vincent Minnelli directed this
that was pretty good
good acting, writing, and art
editing was well done
and it was fullscreen
no black bars
I liked it
classic 1800s story
fore madam bovary 2 i'd like her daughter to be a bada55 teen who everyone thinks is a sl-t cuz her mom b0ned all those guys. she goes around Europe fighting werewolves and wearing some kind of battle bikini for easy movement. also her dad has gotten into the supernatural as he needed cash and one experiment he did turned people into werewolves and now she and her dad (with magic cr-p) go across Europe fighting werewolves and after wastying em, the humans are revived free of their disease. they use silver weapons and the boss of each level is a werewolf with a power gem that once beat, blasts a wave that un-werewolves all in town. its also a 16 bit beat em up on sega gensis and snes and one player is the daughter and the other is the dad(dr bovary)