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Madam Bovary Review

note; is this French? I don't do French!
madam bovary
this is my review on madam bovary (40s version)
I think I saw it b4 a while ago
its about a strpper or something
I keep thinking of Yugioh season one with mai as madam butterfly or w/e in the virtual world
this stars Jennifer jones from duel in the sun
ooh, henry morgan from mash is in this
its by mgm s its probably gon be good
in 1857 a book is found to be offensive the censors want silenced
just like korea, chi na, Germany, ussr, Australia, new Zealand, Canada, cuba and England
the prosecuter wants it banned for the title hero being a bad influence
the author sez its deeper than just good or bad
like Urotsukidoji
also shes based on real people so it should be ok
then the author tells the story of the book
emma bovary b4 she met her husband and became mrs bovary lived on a farm with her dad
then mr bovary came
oh hes a dr
like dr light and dr wiley in mega man
emma (not the blonde malcontent from degrassi next gen) is nice to dr b and they get along
btw is in in france
oh dr is there to look at emmas dads leg
author talks about her hopes and dreams
sounds like sailor moon or wedding peach
also emma went to a convent to learn about cr-p
also this swiss seamstress sang love songs and let them have forbidden romance novels(p0rn0es??)
she dreamed of being a high status chick in love with a cool homie
kinda like those Disney movies
after the convent she went home
and that's where the story starts
later dr b gets a home in yonville and they give him a garden for his woman
but hes not married yet
so emmas dad is almost healed and dr b asks her to marry him
he lets her know hes not flashy or rich
but shes gay for him and they marry
at the wedding the frenchies are loud and obnoxious
oh and they get drunk and lusty
I think they're b0ning eachother a lot
me;if my kid drank, i'd sell him to a 5KANK!
sailor venus; well... i dont have much cash... but isnt there some... OTHER way i could pay for him????
they move in and this guy sez he kept the homies from having a reception for her
shes happy
oh and he sez the place they live is a dump
i'll call him proto after protoman from megaman 3 cuz I don't know his name
so emma don't like living in a dump
her expectations of a fancy like were too high
she tells dr b she wants to give the house a make over
she blows a lotta cash on expensive cr-p for her home
typical chick
shopping with her husbands cash
while her husband works hard for his money
later she has a get together with some homies and plays piano
he party ema goes mental for some reason
also she wants a son
and has issues about feeling enslaved
cut to her after pooping out the baby and its fully dry w/o any amniotic fluid(uterus  juice)
its a girl
she starts watching the hood and timing everyones daily actions
this is getting kinda serial killer
dr b is content living there in peace
but she wants more
like the little mermaid
I was just looking up her voice actress on Wikipedia
shes catholic
like me
emma notices theres a party coming
the marquis is coming
the marquis de sade?!
he was like the Castlevania version of the guy who wrote the human centipede
so the bovaries go to the party and dance
what about their kid?
did they eat it?
the guys play pool in the backroom
dr b isn't comfy with it to the dance
I assume they were b0ning in the real version
btw proto is really named leon and has been growing closer to emma
man this dance scene has been going on for a while
wtf they start breaking windows
dr b tries to dance with emma but she books it
at home leon/proto goes up to see emma and tries to b0ne her
but she runs away
leon/proto's mom comes by and sez leon/proto is going to paris
hes not coming back
is he getting put to sleep and this is cover?
so later theres a science thing at the village
people b--ch about a man holding emas arm
they go into a building and talk
in the real version they might be b0ning
she stops making out with him when dr b gives a speech about science
the only good science is creation science
later a scientist / pharmacist is whining about his dumba55 teen helper who brought a pan from the lab that might be filled with poison
emma comes by and talks with him
later emma wants her husband to do leg surgery on some guy but he knows its beyond him
so she gets whiny and acts like shes a victim
he goes to do the thing (harry morgan from m*a*s*h* is the patient) as the pharmacist eggs on harry saying it will make him better
after hearing harry say he wants to dance with the girls, dr b cant bring himself to do it as he knows he'd f it up
harry limp runs away and everyones p-ssed at dr b for not risking crippling a guy
later emma has been horse riding and returns home
I think she was out b0ning a guy\
dr b tries to talk to her but she goes upstairs
later shes chatting with the arm guy about wanting to spruce up his place
they kiss but I think its really b0ning
he sez hes gay for her and its revealed he had a lot of chicks b4 her
hes got mementoes of em but she makes him burn em
that doesn't undo the crotch diseases you might've got from b0ning all of em
emmas daughter doesn't like emma and freaks out when emma holds her
she can sense her moms purvursion
later her and arm guy wanna go to Italy
that's where napoleon is from
later she kisses her daughter bye and is gonna go to Italy with arm guy
but he goes w/o her
she goes home and finds the arm guy left a basket of fruit with a note
she runs upstairs and reads it finding he ditched her a55
she starts freaking out and nearly jumps out the window
but dr b saves her
dat 5kank went nuts!
he brings her to her room and tells her he still hasn't read it
then he burns it
hes a good man
he respects his 5kan wife
even if she cheeted on him with guys who had lotsa chix
if this were today she'd have da aids
so shes like a vegetable and months later is better
later they watch a play and reunite with leon/proto
she fights with him in a hotel room but they make up and b0ne
later dr b's dad bites it and some guy tries to use emma to get his cash\
also emma has burned through a lotta cash
dr b returns and she tries to get him to sign cr-p
proto/leon finds the estate isnt worth anything and swears one day he'd bring her to paris
later the guy who wanted his attourny powers comes by and reveals he sold her power of attourny and home dee or w/e to a guy
she insults him but he counters and beats her dead
he really tells her off and sez shes worse than him (spoiler; its true)
she takes it hard despite being all full of p-ss and vinegar when bashing him
if you cant take a punch, you shouldn't throw a punch
she to da guy who owns her cr-p and hes gonna tAKE IT and sell it to pay back debts
but he tries to b0ne her instead
unlike the other guys she b0ned, she don't wanna b0ne this one and runs
oh and he knows of her b0ning all those guys
she runs to proto/leon for 1500 franks but he reveals hes just a clerk
they public auction her place
she he goes to the italy guy but he turns her down
she kisses him but he pushes her off
he sez he dont got 1500 franks for her
she breaks into the pharmacist and steals some arsenic
she goes home takes it and dr b comforts her as she bites it
if only she was happy with what she had
instead of trying to grasp what was beyond her reach
oh and b0ning all those men
btw she still could've came back and risen up from not having cash
Donald trump recovered from several bankruptcies and became richer than ever
plus her husband and daughter needed her
what a b--ch
suicide didn't help anyone
the husband and daughter are where they'd be w/o her seppuku-ing
only w/o her
the priest gives her last rites and she bites it
the author sez truth is needed and even if the law tries to make the truth illegal it is still needed
sounds like words the liberals need as they deny truth like rappers do drugs
text sez the author was acquitted of all charges and a century later his book is a classic
the end
btw Vincent Minnelli directed this
that was pretty good
good acting, writing, and art
editing was well done
and it was fullscreen
no black bars
I liked it
classic 1800s story
fore madam bovary 2 i'd like her daughter to be a bada55 teen who everyone thinks is a sl-t cuz her mom b0ned all those guys. she goes around Europe fighting werewolves and wearing some kind of battle bikini for easy movement. also her dad has gotten into the supernatural as he needed cash and one experiment he did turned people into werewolves and now she and her dad (with magic cr-p) go across Europe fighting werewolves and after wastying em, the humans are revived free of their disease. they use silver weapons and the boss of each level is a werewolf with a power gem that once beat, blasts a wave that un-werewolves all in town. its also a 16 bit beat em up on sega gensis and snes and one player is the daughter and the other is the dad(dr bovary)

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