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Duel In The Sun Review

note; no time for a note, I started after the movie and gotta catch up
duel in the sun
this is my review on duel in the sun(40s ver)
its set in the 80s
in texas
after a long prelude and overture the narrator talks about how its based on real cr-p
btw this is fullscreen
no black bars
after opening credits naming Gregory peck, Lillian gish and king vidor as director, a new narrator sez a half indian made a legend for himself or something
in what looks like mexico some guys play cards and one smokes chronic (I think) as a girl dances
guys in the place cheer and fire off bullets
I think this is a bar
btw this is by david o selznik, who did gone with the wind
one guy (Chavez) goes after the dancer after she leaves
as hes out his daughter wants to go to the bar but he sez no
hes the most brittish sounding Mexican ive ever seen
chaves then wastes his wife (the dancer) and her butt buddy
he pleads guilty and sends his daughter to her second cousin b4 hes put to sleep
btw I hate that term
2nd cousin
imagine if I said; i'm 128/256ths done the game
or if when someone asked my age I gave it in hours
I got a distant European cousin
our grandmothers were cousins
our grandmas had the same grandma
we had the game great great grandma
5th cousins 4x removed or w/e is gay and must stop
so rather than help his daughter he chooses to be put to sleep and ditch her by going to h-ll
so she arrives at this town after her dad is drawn and quartered and a guy hassles her
she avoids him but finds out he knows her cousin and goes after him
he does to her what she did to him and she gets b--chy about it
they carriage ride to the cousins place and chat about fashion
shopping and shoes and miniskirts and boys!
on the way there they find some high rank guy owns much of the area and puts his logo on everything
they eventually arrive home and Lillian gish greets her
she don't look so bad for 50
if she were polis she'd look better
walter huston (I think) is a wheelchair geezer and is racist against her indian blood
gish sez hes been sour since his accident
I assume some Indians b0ned him crippled
then she meets gregoryu peck and hes nice to her
also hes gay for her
later butterfly McQueen (not Melanie Macqueen from Robotech) comes in as a female butler
from now on I use her initals cuz her name is long
bm wants to get married
gish talks with main girl about boys
she sez she wants to be a good girl like gish
someone never saw the scarlet letter
or way down east
peck and huston talk about main girl and huston implies he likes fat chicks
oh, huston is the high rank guy(senator)
and peck wants to be like him
good thing hes in texas
lotsa fat chicks to check out
huston comments on main girl(pearl)'s ancestry to her
she talks to the guy who drove her (driver) and wants to be a real lady
she also likes him blowing smoke rings
this is like a reverse Robotech
pearl into peck and driver
like rick into lisa and Minmei
their hair even matches
greg and pearl are dark haired like rick and Minmei
but driver is lighter like lisa
greg peck makes out with her but she didn't consent and gets p-ssd
in the real version I think he b0ned her
later bm and pearl take inventory and bm cant write
then peck shows pearl some horse tricks
driver advises greg peck not to corrupt pearl
he don't wanna and shows her more horse trix
she rides his horse but it goes nuts and runs off
so peck chases
she gets lightly thrown off and peck realizes she never went bareback with a horse b4
after some talk he gives her the horse
later huston is disgruntled over driver letting people from the railroad on his land
also drive might not wanna inherit the land
hes the huston guys son with gish
later we get another semi romantic moment with driver and pearl as greg peck sings
later after a cattle thing greg peck catches pearl swimming nude
he starts getting undressed and she turns away
then he throws a rock in to make it look like he jumped in
hes trolling her
like Rhett butler in gone with the wind
after dark shes still in the water IN THE NUDE and peck is still there wanting to see her t-ts
later she arrives later and gish thinks she b0ned greg peck
but she explains itoh greg peck is also lilian gish's kid
he sez he saw her swimming and she assaults him with jam and bread
later its night and bm gets pearl to go see gish
crabbe (a minister) is there and gives her prayer and advice to avoid sin
pearl is only wearing a blanket btw
shes got a big a55
later huston sends a buncha men to a place armed
good landscape shots of horsemen running across the open area
I think its the train guys
huston goes off on horseback like a daimyo leading his samurai into battle
they meet at the fence and the train guys have legal cr-p on their side
walter huston is gonna stand for his property rights against big guv but driver turns on him
huston is still gonna cap anyone who goes on his turf but then the union army arrves
rather than fight the union(which he served under for some reason(I thought texas was confederate)) he lets it slide
but he casts out driver as long as huston lives
also his horse goes ape sh-t and drags him
oh and apparently huston didn't show up for a court date and they decided to take him land w/o his consent
greg peck arrives home and everyones gone except bm
after putting  up with her for a bit, he goes off and finds pearl
ohhhhh hes gonna a55 b0ne her!
oh and theres a storm
then they b0ne
the huston and the men return and driver sez bye to gish
he goes to say bye to prearl but finds greg peck in her room with her
she sez shes trash and driver sez not to be like dat
he sez hes going and will be back and she sez shes trash over and over
driver smacks greg peck and I think theres blood(D-HERO BLOO-D) and he books it
later she thrashes around in bed and recalls driver saying he'd never forget her b0ning peck
then tries to look sexy
later greg peck tries to wrestle a horse
this is kinda bada55
just slug the horse out like in blazing saddles
he gets the muzzle on it and it cools off\
after it he tries to shoot the ding dong off a bell
that sounds wrong
she goes to have a swim but really just b0nes greg peck in the plants
also she wants to get married
peck tears off the medal from the preacher and chucks it
now shes gonna get aids
later theres a party
good camera work of showimg the whole party in one shot
gish gave pearl a dress and cr-p
huston confronts peck over him b0ning pearl
at the party the preacher sez drive is gonna be governer of the whole state soon
she dances with peck and making a stink about wanting to announce their wanting to marry
he tells her off and she runs out
a guy named pierce finds her and they go back
then the dance is ladies choice and she snubs peck over pierce
later he offers to marry her
word gets to driver and its revealed he has a wife
she knows driver loved pearl but he sez its over
later pierce is confronted by greg peck over pearls honor and greg peck caps his a55
greg peck is on the run for being a killer
gish and huston talk over who's fault it is he wasn't raised right
huston helps peck get away
later greg peck sabotages a train track and a train goes over the trax and down a hill
he goes to see pearl but she pulls a gun on him
he wins her over and I think they b0ne
the sherrif comes by and checks his property for peck
he checks her room but she sez she wants him iced and sheriff leaves
but greg peck was there the whole time
the killer is inside the house!
later hes gonna go and she clings to him as he gets away
women are so mental
they say hey hate you, then say they love you
this is why so many guys go queer
later gish is biting it and its revealed she was b0ning Chavez
they admit their love and gish bites it
btw gish was the 2nd cousin
driver returns to see gish but shes bit it
driver goes to see pearl and shes bummed over not being good
he offers her a school place to learn to be a real lady
later driver agrees to face greg peck
they meet and peck gives driver a gun to fight
then goes away
he wants pearl
driver warns peck not to keep killing but peck caps him and books it
later train guy talks to huston over his kid trying to ice his other kid
huh, driver didn't bite it
drivers woman comes by and invites pearl to live with them
a homie of peck comes by and sez peck is waiting for her b4 he skips town
she goes there and caps him with a shotgun
but hes still kickin and he caps her above the b00b
she caps him again and he sez hes done
but she don't buy it
he sez he loves her and she crawls to him
she sez she loves him and they hold eachother and make out
imagine if they were b0ning ads blood flow increases and their wounds gush
they then bite it and the camera shows the same shot as the prelude
the end
that was pretty good
not as good as gone with the wind
but not bad at all
although the final scene was kinda over the top
buty this is the 1st tome I saw it and it wasn't as bad as it would be if I knew what would happen
they did drag it out though
for a duel in the son 2 i'd like for Indians to have found them and used their magic to heal their wounds. they are then placed into a stasis coma in a magic area for 30 years and awaken in ww1. they then have culture shock at te advanced tech and amazing science of the 1910s (including Lillian gish films)also they see how England is being awful in ww1 and decide to try to get America to help zee Kaiser to save Europe from the evil king and his cannibal army

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